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  1. Alexi_


    Eléonore Josephine’s face crinkles inside itself around her chin area as if she had bit into a bad pear, a clear bout of displeasment “Sis just sounds like se elfe sympasizers giving semselves se reason to let se capital to fall into ruin”
  2. Alexi_


    Eléonore Josephine let’s her grin reach the sides of her face slowly to express her fascination of the traditional canonist values the party so brings Name (RP/Mcname): Eléonore Josephine Residence: Markev Race: Human Age: 22
  3. Eléonore Josephine claps lightly at the performance of the poem, her mouth sighs of joyous splendor as she had the privilege of hearing it from his own voice “Exquis, as always, mon meilleur ami”
  4. Alexi_

    RP Item Giveaway (222 Items)

    Hi Hello! These are really all really cool items and really interesting 🙂. I wish I could have a collection like yours. IGN: Orkidd_ my requests would be: Flower of Happiness Faithful Flora ALL of these are really interesting it’s hard to pick XD. Happy Birthday, I see and have a great day and have fun with the giveaway💗:3
  5. Alexi_

    Happy Birthday, Tarrebear!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tarren! You are the greatest and we all love you soo much! Let your day be the greatest and spend time to enjoy it however you like, cause you deserve it! 💖💗
  6. Alexi_


    Eléonore Josephine sees the papers as she makes a quick haste for her things as she readies to leave behind her home for the right moment to leave for the capital “Only se conflict has happened since se High Prince’s sickness and se Ser Jacques has been se regent, sis is no place for moi anymore”
  7. The Kadarsi and Farfolk in general mostly are a really interesting culture and a good choice in variety when it comes to having human RP as there really isn’t many reliable choices nowadays when you want to delve into these unique and fresh ideas than just having something European based and would hate to see even more of variety in human RP opportunities go away with some of the other human kingdoms. Keep the habibis going 😊 +1
  8. Alexi_

    Hibou Plongeant - Musical and Acting Troupe!

    Eléonore Josephine reads over his ambitions, making a joyous smile yet having an underlying feeling of anxiety “Zees performances will make se most of se time in se places oser zan Rosenyr, Je wonders if mon chant will be good enough to preform everywhere!” She would continue on with her fellow Rosnians as they discussed other topics of the arts and literature.
  9. Alexi_

    T'was the night before Krugsmas...

    Perfect for the festivities of the year! Such a Wholesome thing!😁 ~Happy Holidays and Merry Krugsmas~
  10. Alexi_

    An Adrian Poem

    Eléonore Josephine claps onto her palm, a small smile to go along with a light giggle as she tries to take notice of any of those who would have given applause. “Se garçon is un wonderful poète! très magnifique!” She’d look to her sister, a glimmer of awe in her orbs of Sepia. @roseways
  11. Alexi_


    A red haired lady covered in black illustrious robes smiles with some joy, thinking to herself of only how the new Empress is faring at the moment “I wish I could have seen the day this would come for mi amiga, but....no more” She continues on, her countenance now expressing a moment of grief before following after another unnamed lady.
  12. Alexi_

    On The Anti-Pontificate

    Eléonore du Moreau responds with a quite thoughtful yet highly confused mind of what this new land has to offer “Zis is all so étrange! Seems zis Empire’s drame politique et religieux is everysere!” A young girl said as she shrugged and went back to tending to studies of etiquette.
  13. Alexi_

    [Accepted] Aquaquean's Application Team Application

    Omg please allow her to be an AT. She is truly a friendly person and all around cheerful and happy to speak with people and very Considerate but can get business done when she required to do so +1 :3
  14. Alexi_

    On Imperial Godhood

    ((Mmmmm the flavor, the spice
  15. Alexi_

    Court Etiquette of Rosenyr

    Eléonore du Moreau struggles with in the middle of the time span between the year of the coronation of Louis II with providing the BEST finery that you could ever have. She takes a deep breath after reading over the parchment quickly “Se courtly mannerisms Iz strictly important! Without zem, you will give more ze reason to think we are les barbares.”