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  1. ((You literally put a reference for Mars as Saint Sebastian, what is this? ?
  2. Diane peers to the space between the words only a few moments to disbelieve what she had saw, then to heed back to the little infant, speaking in her direction despite the child unable to understand her words “Seems your father is not fit enough, was a shame. Though expected, as he fornicated with my mother. No sane person moves to those depths.”
  3. Diane moves her fingers over the words to confirm them for herself of what she wrote to disprove of it being an illusion “Oh, Mother...at it again” She says only as she sets it down upon her end table, before taking her two Index fingers to rub her temples.
  4. Diane unfolds the parchment of interest to take a quick gaze at its contents written, then setting it down as she looks to her Lady-in-Waiting. Her eyes glance at the girl with much peculiarity in them “Looks like it is tea time!” She stands with a cheery façade, not wanting to worry the girl.
  5. Diane readies her perfect opportunity to visit the city, her steps tremble from her deluge of glee “I love weddings! I would certainly not let it pass up behind me” she folds her fingers into each other as she beseeches her mother in allowing her to go.
  6. Alexi_

    I did a Bad

    honestly, I did not expect anything more?
  7. I’m late as **** but still, this is ******* awesome +1
  8. Reina, an old crone, now reads over the letter with a glint in her eyes to be able to bear witness to her granddaughter’s youthful union “I cannot believe what I am seeing. I better not see a single wrinkle on her face on her wedding day!” She then takes herself to walk upon her cane to drink bountiful amounts of wine from the cupboard.
  9. Reina readies her plans of retirement with her family as she sits upon her seats, then receiving the missive while looking at the various paintings hung in her parlor of a landscape of Presa de Madera and a depiction of her aunt, Yanalia Horen. Her glances give heavy trepidation to her breath as she then realizes her sight over all her life now in her thoughts “And for what? Bureaucracy is a frightening thing, yet the wheels turn still. A pathetic game this all is and how unfortunate that it must to desperate measures. May St. Catherine and the wife Julia bless my family’s hearts”
  10. Adrian Union of 1708 A depiction of the newly engaged couple, Reina di Montelliano y Kavietsby and Timeo de la Baltas having their marriage blessed by one of GOD’s chosen. To all respectable citizens of Ves and the Empire of Man, Much joy is to be brought for these two in their years to come. The union of these two souls shall be displayed and available for the whole of humanity to gaze at in awe with the sheer eminence of such a fine pairing. The great Countess, Reina di Montelliano y Kavietsby shall be married to the Troubadour and Lord of Love, Timeo de la Baltas in perfect splendor to celebrate their unremitting love in the eyes and hands of GOD. The ceremony shall be fully recognized under the holy faithful Church of Canon and shall oversee that the marriage is a divinely respected sacrament placed only by GOD’s will. After the ceremony, A magnificent celebration shall take place with much respect to the occasion. It is with great pleasure of the two and of the citizens that they shall bring all the festivities and entertainment for everyone to enjoy. Flowers shall be given upon arrival into the theatre in remembrance of the love that we all hold for our families and each other in hardships. A prodigious feast that shall serve all types of Illatian and Auvergnian Cuisine and endless glasses of wine and other drinks, provided by the tavernkeeps of the Bird and the Bard. Gifts to the newly wedded will also be accepted at this time if the attendees would be so generous and kind to do so, although this is optional. The groom himself, Timeo shall perform a poem for the bride and all guests to express his love for their matrimony. All members of the Hibou Plongeant Musical Troupe shall also perform their tunes and hymns all throughout the wedding that will fill the air with joviality. While the two exchange their vows, a choir shall play for the guests. -+- The couple truly wishes a wonderful time to be had for every single guest that would attend the glorious event of this pairing and bids everyone a good conscience while the celebrations are taken place to ensure the happiness of the entire occasion Signed, Reina Lina di Montelliano y Kavietsby, Countess of Aldenburg Signed, Timeo de la Baltas, Lord of Love and Count of Auvergne
  11. Reina sits in the Adrian Tavern, looking quite pleased as she wipes off a nonexistent bead of sweat off her forehead “By Julia, gracias. I can have more help around mi casa”
  12. Helena Isabel sees the letter as she looks through the mailbox out of pure boredom, a puzzled look on her youthful cherubic face “Ma-er?” She’d gasp once coming to a conclusion in her head “Maybe they can help me go to other places, I’m practically trapped!” Now her face was of a dramatic nature, almost a bit appalled
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