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  1. my entry 4 the artwork category is my helf water mage faieya !! theres a version w/out a background in the spoiler (hopefully) :D!
  2. On the poster closest to the library, proudly declaring the competition, a vandal had scribbled something foul in pencil! It read, in swirling letters – “May wasps bite you everyday!” Beside it, in pale grey lead markings, a crude wasp had been drawn with a triangle for a stinger. A second wasp seemed to have been begun, but it had been abandoned mid-sketch! Bizarre.
  3. Pansy, local rowdy youth of Brandybrook, struggles through the pamphlet’s contents. On getting to the end, she beams at the written words, eager to practice more at this mighty event!
  4. Pansy gasps in horror on hearing of arson in the village, her mother having read the missive over second breakfast. The halfling girl hurries to her feet, setting off to Brandybrook. “’ow could t’ey? Oi dun’ ge’ it a’ all..” She mumbled during the travel.
  5. See u around :< (The lack of communication or anything regarding the fwitch lore was/is v difficult, tbh. Chihiros has v clearly been trying her best with keeping up w/ rewrites despite it all though so big props to her buut the rewrite every1 worked on was left unreviewed for close to a year before the issues with it were brought up by another LT. Flam obviously has one heck of a lot on his plate, but that long without any form of communication (or the ability to make more frost witches/frost mothers) turned out to be too much for the fwitch community to take in conclusion; in future, a direct decision or allowing LTs to vote on rewrites would likely be best, to delegate some responsibility to others. this mistake being learned from (and also Flam’s feelings bc he is still a person + lore isn't something 2 insult over) ?? important ily all)
  6. +1 !! This is such an interesting take on centaurs, I’d love to see people rping them again!
  7. Areln

    Weed Farm?

    We do have rules here! All of them are in this forum, if you want to read through it https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/forum/440-rules/ Weed farming is not against the rules though, as there's an rp equivalent called Halfling’s Grass (which is likely what they were referring to :p)
  8. Welcome to the server!! for the ama, what's your favourite part about the server?
  9. Hope you feel better soon and as Themeatrics said, you'll always be welcome on lotc if u ever feel like returning Cya around + good luck with things!
  10. Areln

    Drawing Headshots!

    Kry these are so pretty aa !! Your art looks amazing
  11. these are so pretty omg Tiger ur incredibly skilled
  12. Bye Chesh!! Aa good luck with moving and all your future things!
  13. !! Holy heck ur art is amazing!
  14. Laethesia, an almost elf, grimaces at the auctioning of the young girl. "..Gross."
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