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  1. Areln

    The Dancing of The Roses 1703

    Laethesia begins mentally planning her outfit the very instant the invite is handed over!
  2. Areln

    A wild Artist has appeared

    these are so pretty omg Tiger ur incredibly skilled
  3. Areln


  4. Areln

    7.0 - Item Conversion Thread

    Ty in advance to whoever does these!<3
  5. Areln

    7.0 - Vaults and You

    Oh awesome, thank you!
  6. Areln

    7.0 - Vaults and You

    Will we get a separate vault type thing for written books like we did last time? 18 slots for all our signed items AND books seems like not a lot Ty + thanks for ur hard work on this! Edit: @Bananasaurus Try /edit !
  7. Areln


    ((Whoops, ignore this!))
  8. Areln

    Pun of the Week

    G l o r i o u s
  9. Areln

    [Accepted] Unwillingly's Event Team Actor application

    Good luck! +1 !! An excellent rper and very active! Seriously, they did SO MANY EVENTS
  10. Areln

    Mystery Tries Again For ET! (Event Team Actor App)

    PLS LET HIM IN He would do so many great events +1
  11. Areln

    WanderingFriend's Lore Moderator Application

    +1 !! V knowledgable in lore as far as I've seen also best grandma
  12. “Holy ****, all this time I've been wearing lingerie? Why did no one tell me!” Asked an astonished Lae who'd just read the piece, covering herself in a thousand more layers. For GOD. ((im ded this post is amazing))
  13. +1 HE CAN DO IT Provided one hell of an event line in Senntisten so I have faith in him
  14. Areln

    [Pending]Archipelego's Lore Moderator Application

    he knows his stuff about druids like too much pls let him be ur lore man +1
  15. Headband man will lead us to triumph +1