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  1. Laethesia, FAMED steward of one of the destroyed cities, starts throwing rocks at the sky in her grief
  2. Areln

    MamaBearJade's Application Team Application

    MamaBearJade is genuinely one of the kindest people I've met on lotc, for sure she'd be awesome at helping people get settled in/trying to make them feel welcome! So this is a rly big +1
  3. Areln

    Stargazzerology's Event Team Actor application

    !! Ok bear ending is amazing, so definite +1
  4. Areln

    Stargazzerology's Event Team Actor application

    I've only rped with you a few times, but from what I've seen you put thought into your emotes and make them very clear. My only note for this app would be that the 3 event ideas u listed are a little vague; the first two don't have endings, being the main problem. What would happen if the group went in the tower or the castle? If you fix those, it'd definitely be a +1!
  5. Areln

    Year 1

    Rumours had spread throughout Sutica as they always did, the news of Mystery having been locked away reaching Laethesia before his full year had passed. An afternoon spent alone drew her thoughts to him once, the bustling noise of the trade city all around her allowing steady thought. Like Aldonza, she found herself recalling the horrors of Senntisten's famed killer and how idiotically far she'd been willing to go to see him caught. In typical bad habit, she found herself musing her thoughts aloud to the closest tree or flowerbud - softly, mind you, so her words shouldn't be overheard. "For all the trouble he caused, I never really did find out his motivation. His cause. With Aurora alive, my theory was ruined, and his 'confession' was no more truthful than anything else he'd said." A moment passed. Then another. "I mean-" She hurriedly began again to fill the quiet. "What use is it, not knowing?" "I wonder if Cy'd let me into his cell."
  6. Areln

    Later, Alligator

    Bye! Good luck with other endeavours, and I hope you feel less stressed soon<3
  7. Areln

    Ragnio's Lore Master Application

    !! A really skilled lore writer who has shown that he rly does know lore on multiple occasions. I have faith in him!<3
  8. Areln

    Zoe's Art/Commission Thread

    !! Holy heck ur art is amazing!
  9. Areln

    raphael/lothryc ask me anything

    what's ur mashed potato SECRET ??? ur under oath to answer sry no backsies
  10. Areln

    Hello! :3

    Hi! :0 Floof is the cutest bunny name I've heard in my life, pls tell ur rabbits they're perfect
  11. I'll for sure ask and edit my -1 if that is the case, I just saw his initial reaction to all of it + thought it was rly bad
  12. Hi! Having rped with Otaku a few times in the past, they seemed like a nice enough person. However, with the recent name change in mind - a group effort made to make fun of one singular player - I have to admit, I'm extremely disappointed. I think you have further to go in maturing if you can't even recognise how your actions could upset someone, so for this app I have to give a -1 I hope in the future you'll speak with Suit and make amends!
  13. Areln

    A New Ruler

    Laethesia, unlike the other edgies, cheers and applauds proudly for her beloved friend! "Cyrene, I'm so proud of you!" She practically shrieked at the coronation, mightily excited.
  14. I think she'd make a good ET! +1 ?