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  1. How many cats would u own if u were able?? What shade of purple is ur favourite?? are u glad u joined lotc? :0
  2. o, sweet! my discord is areln#5295 if u wanna send over some refs then? :0 seriously love the another elf’s outfit aaa
  3. these skins are amazing :0 aa, would it be possible to do an unconventional bid on ‘Another elf’? i dont have a mina 2 my name but i’d be happy to paint a headshot of ur char in trade?? lmk if that’d be something you’d be down for !! (if you only want minas, that’s totally cool btw<3 the skins are incredibly well made + you absolutely could get em) edit – forgot to add like a single art reference smh sorry
  4. Thanks!!:D The music absolutely slaps, amazing work btw! @feebis
  5. my entry 4 the artwork category is my helf water mage faieya !! theres a version w/out a background in the spoiler (hopefully) :D!
  6. +1 !! This is such an interesting take on centaurs, I’d love to see people rping them again!
  7. Areln

    Weed Farm?

    We do have rules here! All of them are in this forum, if you want to read through it https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/forum/440-rules/ Weed farming is not against the rules though, as there's an rp equivalent called Halfling’s Grass (which is likely what they were referring to :p)
  8. Welcome to the server!! for the ama, what's your favourite part about the server?
  9. Hope you feel better soon and as Themeatrics said, you'll always be welcome on lotc if u ever feel like returning Cya around + good luck with things!
  10. Kry these are so pretty aa !! Your art looks amazing
  11. these are so pretty omg Tiger ur incredibly skilled
  12. Bye Chesh!! Aa good luck with moving and all your future things!
  13. !! Holy heck ur art is amazing!
  14. Laethesia, an almost elf, grimaces at the auctioning of the young girl. "..Gross."
  15. ur insults are questionable but I cannot falter ur art :0 do you do art trades? ?
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