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  1. Areln

    Zoe's Art/Commission Thread

    !! Holy heck ur art is amazing!
  2. Areln

    raphael/lothryc ask me anything

    what's ur mashed potato SECRET ??? ur under oath to answer sry no backsies
  3. Areln

    Hello! :3

    Hi! :0 Floof is the cutest bunny name I've heard in my life, pls tell ur rabbits they're perfect
  4. I'll for sure ask and edit my -1 if that is the case, I just saw his initial reaction to all of it + thought it was rly bad
  5. Hi! Having rped with Otaku a few times in the past, they seemed like a nice enough person. However, with the recent name change in mind - a group effort made to make fun of one singular player - I have to admit, I'm extremely disappointed. I think you have further to go in maturing if you can't even recognise how your actions could upset someone, so for this app I have to give a -1 I hope in the future you'll speak with Suit and make amends!
  6. Areln

    A New Ruler

    Laethesia, unlike the other edgies, cheers and applauds proudly for her beloved friend! "Cyrene, I'm so proud of you!" She practically shrieked at the coronation, mightily excited.
  7. I think she'd make a good ET! +1 ?
  8. Areln

    Unwillingly's Application Team Application

    BIG +1 on this, Unwillingly's incredibly friendly and I think she'd be a great addition to the AT! h
  9. On one of her wanders through Senntisten's streets, Adelheid caught a glimpse of one of the warnings. Her steps drew to a halt, the night's breeze whistling past her ears. The moon lit the pathways and the swaying trees behind her dimly, the scribed message tricky to make out in the low lighting. Still, she fought through, squinting and struggling. "There's a bounty now?" She spoke aloud to none in particular, words verging on immature complaints. "I can't believe this! He's giving away my case!" With this, the steward turned on her heel, returning to her research - and perhaps to her detective's costume, still in the making - with great haste.
  10. Areln

    Name Timer

    +1 It's unbelievably frustrating when you NEED to frequently change character names to avoid meta/confusion. Pls lower it
  11. Areln

    The Cerulean Watch is Recruiting!

    "..I'm still going to complain as long as they're here. And can test sort of innocent people with their magic." Lae returns, making sure to LOCK the door of her house this time.
  12. Areln

    Foraging Plugin

    psst unless u mean actually gathering the flowers right off the bat, you can just right click flowers with bonemeal to get more flowers Also BIG +1 who doesn't love a good Halfling plugin idea
  13. Areln

    The Cerulean Watch is Recruiting!

    "Neutral state but still with clerics running around!" Laethesia complains from somewhere in the city, to herself and fairly well shielded behind walls. "It won't be neutral 'til you've kicked them all out. They're a stain on the city's reputation, you know. In.. in a way. Sort of."
  14. Areln

    A hello to all!

    Hi! Welcome!! If you have any server questions, feel free to shoot over a pm in game !
  15. Areln

    [Complete]-= Cute Noble Slave Girl. =-

    Laethesia, an almost elf, grimaces at the auctioning of the young girl. "..Gross."