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  1. hey stop bullying the reivers please theyre roleplay pioneers

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. General_Wartface


      Reivers are sinners and so the Reformed Gamer League can't support their actions.

    3. Thornz


      im reformed zhulik I swear! 

    4. General_Wartface


      If you go against the bible you aren't reformed

  2. Vamoose

    Equal Numbers

    Jobless? No gf? High school bullies zip tie you to the bus? No problem, just conquer 300 lbs brain dead slimes like yourself on minecraft! And then when you’re done post the video on YouTube with a completely unusable soundtrack! Nailed it!
  3. Vamoose

    Recruitment Drive

    @Sporadic ur my favorite dev
  4. Vamoose

    Messy Medieval Workers' Union

    @mitch dharma ily too bro
  5. Vamoose

    Messy Medieval Workers' Union

    Reporting for duty
  6. In-depth lore, atleast it's not a playable race
  7. Vamoose

    [Your View] Freebuild

    The world development team is currently preparing regulations and guidelines for free build. We have standards that we expect to be met. We understand that without explicitly stated standards players don’t know what to and what not to build. However, if you see any poorly built structures in free build please message a world developer. As for my opinion, I think free build should have extremely strict regulations. Decentralization, abandoned settlements, poorly built structures, land scars; all of these are visibly evident on the server and it’s only day 3. I’d imagine players would have some mutual respect towards one another and actually strive to keep the free build areas well kept and attractive rather than attempting to make a city for their clique of 3 players. I also think that free build should be something like a bad lands, like the wilds of runescape, but instead survival rates would be much lower. Which makes sense as industrialized human settlements like cities are full of people and the necessary defenses to ward away possible threats. Make it difficult to survive in freebuild. Free built settlements should be subject to and not limited to the same standards nations are held. If a player suddenly disappears for whatever circumstance for several weeks then their free build settlement should be subject to subjugation with all that follows. It’s really frustrating looking around everyday for poorly built structures only to find someone making sandstone boxes, towers with glass roofing, riverside underground taverns and the like. I understand that players want to express their freedom and build capacity, but there absolutely needs to be a standard.
  8. Vamoose

    [Denied]GM App Dragonayr :)

    From my experience, Dragonayr has the habit of getting banned every so often either due to toxicity or some exploit. He also forgot to mention that he has an alt TartanSpartan98 which he uses for alting. Definitely not a mature player who wants to help the server. Everytime this kid comes back he gets banned for the same thing. It's like a broken record playing over and over.
  9. unable to comment on forum posts, what am i doing wrong


  10. Vamoose

    Lotc Show Yourself Thread II

    Word of warning to all female Asians, do not post pictures of yourselves, there’s this creature called heerozero, it contracted yellow fever. @Heero
  11. Vamoose

    Mitch's Wiki Team App

    I’ll be honest here, most of the people on this server are average writers, including myself. Go read Mitch’s posts and you’ll see the work of an artist. Very few like himself who can write like a proper pro around here. Give my boy yellow or I conjure the combusting spirit of rogvir.
  12. Since the map is ending the minas aren't really valuable, but for anyone who wants custom music made in exchange for his skin please let me know, tryna help a brother out!
  13. Vamoose

    [Accepted] [Trial]Stigwig's GM App Mk 2

    @Altiak come back
  14. Vamoose

    [Accepted] [Trial]Stigwig's GM App Mk 2

    turnip turnover last season was low but this guy's still in good shape +1