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  1. Hello my username is Yung_N_Hung and I have 2FA for LotC. Got a new phone and my codes disappeared on my app. Can I get a new key or just have 2FA removed in game?
  2. hey stop bullying the reivers please theyre roleplay pioneers

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    2. Johnny_Fat


      Reivers are sinners and so the Reformed Gamer League can't support their actions.

    3. Thornz


      im reformed zhulik I swear! 

    4. Johnny_Fat


      If you go against the bible you aren't reformed

  3. Jobless? No gf? High school bullies zip tie you to the bus? No problem, just conquer 300 lbs brain dead slimes like yourself on minecraft! And then when you’re done post the video on YouTube with a completely unusable soundtrack! Nailed it!
  4. @mitch dharma ily too bro
  5. unable to comment on forum posts, what am i doing wrong


  6. Word of warning to all female Asians, do not post pictures of yourselves, there’s this creature called heerozero, it contracted yellow fever. @Heero
  7. Since the map is ending the minas aren't really valuable, but for anyone who wants custom music made in exchange for his skin please let me know, tryna help a brother out!
  8. Looking for a talented armor skin maker, will pay 1k per skin. Hmu in pms if interested.

  9. Hey Ricky I submitted a few requests last week when anotherday posted that link. Should I do them again or am I good to go?
  10. Does the Dev team still have a need for a beta testing team? I remember being on one long ago with warhead as the lead. You could consider one, might be worthwhile having some players test out plugins for quality.
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