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  1. Sort of on hiatus? Doing apps when I can! Love you all, ?️‍??️‍??️‍??

  2. I'm so sunburnt :(

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      didn't u already say this

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      I'm so sunburnt :(

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      stop mindfucking me

  3. That's a valid point. What if they didn't get as much land? Perhaps just enough to make a base? These groups (Specifically the three mentioned in the post [Clerics, paladins, and ascended]) are always moving around... proving activity could be on a different scale perhaps? edit: Always moving around as in always roleplaying elsewhere, or at least seeming to.
  4. Religion and its standing: Throughout Axios, religious Roleplay has been, or has been attempted to introduced into the hearts of major roleplay hubs and/or cliques and for the most part, has caused many events of roleplay and long-term event lines. Obviously with the maps end now, we are seeing these religious groups within their “comfort zone” of attempting to once again save the realm from destruction. One thing that Religious Roleplay hubs (Specifically speaking: Ascended*, Paladins, and the Clerics) lack for the most part is: an active place to roleplay. The reasons for this have been debated, and the list of popular reasons are listed below. Not enough players for an active roleplay hub These groups are continuously venturing around the realm to spark RP in other hubs. Religion has a lot of members, just not active enough to play. This debate has boiled into 6.0 and merged with other debates such as: who should and shouldn’t be getting land. This has been conflicted with both players and staff teams and I’d like to provide my opinion and give a chance for everyone to express theirs on an organized thread. My thoughts: Religious Roleplay for player hubs such as Veris contributed greatly to its general Activity and its short-term events. Throughout my time of leading Veris, the paladins, ascended, and clerics played major roles in spook events and were ALWAYS in the city. This obviously means they were sacrificing time away from their “home base” to assist in activity and produce a better form of roleplay for everyone else. This wasn’t just the case for Veris. These three major religious groups were spotted in every major city, small town, hamlet, cart hub, roadside tavern on the server and yet… the activity of their respective regions collapsed. With this being said, I am in affirmation of giving these religious groups one plot of land to delegate themselves, or small pieces of PROTECTED land to house their belongings and short roleplay scenarios at. I believe that, even though my character was against the majority of religion and its attempt to limit evil doing, the leaders and members of these religious groups have persisted and worked diligently to make sure that they provide roleplay. Now, your thoughts! I understand that in no regard does this post, my opinion, or the opinion of others guarantee one side or the other of this debate, however I feel its necessary to get the communities feedback. Remember! Keep the thread on topic and peaceful.
  5. IRP Name: Braylin Ign: AfricanGlasses Irp race: Human Skype: JillyFilled Time zone: EST
  6. Looking for people interested in ROAD WORKS. I'm talking nature to the side, details in the roads, bridges, lighting, you name it: I'm looking for it. Anybody is applicable for this, just shoot me a PM! It's for a good cause. #6.0

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      I have finishd my corrections I hope it is good enugh :)

  7. Ya boy in North Florida fam is safe lit lit lit lit lit lit lit lit lit lit back to mineman

  8. Will be off until Sunday Evening. Getting the fans ready to blow Irma away from my homie home

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  9. Go Flex

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