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  1. Post your playlist

    Playlists are for peasants. A true man only needs one tune to keep him on his feet.
  2. Your View: 6.0 Creature Discussions

    Speaking of creatures, how about taking into account the fact that the continent is largely desolate? The flora and fauna should be wild and uncontrolled. Maybe make that noticeable through the ET, have them organize more and more beast attacks, perhaps turn it into an early-map server-wide eventline where boyos have to drive never-seen-before, vicious monsters back from their settlements? Also, yeah, get rid of some of the unused, outdated beast lore. The bestiary is already cluttered enough with creatures that no ET is going to play anytime soon.
  3. The Exotic Animal Hunting Association

    "A man needs his money. . ." A lowly hexer grumbles, ripping the peacock contract off the board.
  4. [Bounty] The Memory Of Atlas [Hard]

    Sighard ponders, old tales of ghostly riders swooping in from the skies now flooding his mind for no particular reason. For sure, these were but folk tales, aimed to scare the little nippers that refused to heed to their parent's words. . . Right?
  5. The Hydra of Halstaig: I

    "Hulking..." Sighard repeats as his mind drifts to Alfred, looking up to his brother-in-arms' glorious gains.
  6. [Bounty] Vodnik Nest [Moderate]

    "This'un is mine." A figure blurts out, ripping the notice from it's board and trudging off into the distance.
  7. [Denied] [Actor] Swgrclan

    Oh god please yes
  8. [Denied] [Trial][Game Team] Balthasar's Second Application

    Good man, would have him making me roll for door breaking any day 1++++++
  9. [Pending][Actor] Temp

    Would have this man's imps following me into battle again, this time with a green badge. 1+
  10. [Bounty] Vodniks at the beach [Average]

    Sighard would grab ahold of the bounty note, his other hand moving up as to tug on his baldric. The two hilts protruding from beneath his shoulder would briefly wriggle with his movement. "Ergh. . . Time for work." The large brute murmurs, tossing the crumpled piece of paper into his satchel.
  11. [Racial/Creature Lore] The Vermeinka

    Just wait, man... Just wait.. As for thread, I like it. Unfortunately, there's too many playable creatures running about imo, it already destroys the fantasy and unique vibe. I root for them as event creatures, not as playable ones, though.
  12. A Racial suggestion

    LOTC is slowly becoming a furry community.
  13. RP Default - Times changed

    You have to admit that most RP fights usually devolve into OOC clutter and powergaming attempts. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for RP over PvP, but sometimes, it just saves time and stress. People usually antagonize one of either sides, but both can be (And are) abused by many players. You've got pixel-hungry PvP maniacs on one side, and Powergaming, salty players that can't afford to lose one RP fight in the other. There's a certain balance that must be reached.

    "Hmpgh. . ." The orcish brute grunts, slouching in his chair as he'd grip a tankard. He'd narrow his eyes at the orkos and the humans around him, all arguing over things they'd never change their minds about. Seemingly unphased, he'd get up from his seat, trudging off towards his home, from where he'd grab his prized axe. He never was much of a talker.