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  1. I think it's unusual that all descendant races are now seemingly equal in strength in wielding the boomsteel update, as it states they all can wield no more then a longsword without being encumbered when orcs are 2x stronger, and then bar ologs from using it as well when the intention was to prevent it from being gated by an arbitrary race mechanic. I think a better alternative would be to just use actual numbers then 2x its gold counterpart, similar to rokodra flame units. I.e A dagger/small item weighs 20 pounds A longsword/helmet/gauntlet weighs 50 pounds Two handed/ fullbodied mail costs 100 And so on.
  2. Thales was an epic time I love you too.
  3. Cookies and cream is the standard but turkey hill has a flavor called double cookies and cream thats even better. I love fudge and cookie dough to the point i could eat them raw and on their own. The small week and a half you had an orc. Then you left to go do oren foot-fetish minor rp
  4. I miss nexus buffs for orcs a little, I miss when shamanism was more coherent, but the server is still a good place.
  5. From Athera to the end of Vailor orcs had a wide amount of active clans, shamans of all subtypes, event members and staff to support them. This fell off during my first Rexdom(awesome right), when many people left the server and the transition to jungle killed most of the playerbase. The biggest factors were leadership, in which each clan had their own independent groups of personality, roleplay and general interaction with the server. Different clans performed and behaved differently inside of the orcish community and with the rest of the server, rather then just labeling all orcs as orcs. Clans had a host of elders and leadership to reference from as well as build ideas and support from, rather then just individuals forming smaller cults of personality and try to steer RP for their playerbases. Shamanism Lore was held by a larger council of people rather then just a few disconnected old heads and it was possible, though difficult to attain shamanism. Despite this, the magic was relatively active and held an important part within the orcish community. Orcs had a great number of powerful pvpers and community members to help us stay alive and relevant- something we struggle with now. Orcs as of now are in an excellent spot compared to the last 4 years and that motion only seems to be moving forward. Much of the meme aspects and toxicity have been cut entirely, and shamanism is definitely gaining a resurgence, as well as new people to figurehead and write lore(I appreciate your efforts). I think the next steps are just bolstering the community and making sure new players feel welcome and ready to take on the larger responsibility of playing an orc beyond day to day stuff.
  6. I've tried human and elf roleplay but a mix of multiple factors gets me. For one, all of the drama, controversy and honestly repulsive behavior turns me off. The orc community is mostly sheltered from that (no one really wants to **** an orc and we're generally too abrasive for pests to stay long term). Just thinking about social season, elves dating minors, etc makes me uncomfortable because it IS literally part of their cultures through the perversion of other players. I don't really care for political rp on LOTC because 99% of it is the same people doing the same RP, primarily off the server. If i wanted to do human chivalry and the like, I'd just play a 4X game and have a much better time. The religions and cultures of both elves and humans are pretty boring and boilerplate, and when looking at elven culture a large majority of the aspects are stolen from shamanism/spiritualist/orcish lore: see seeds or Mani. When I play LOTC i play for the engaging stories waved together by other parts of the playerbase. The human and elven communities go out of their way to squash those kinds of experiences so that you can suck toes and follow their cult of personality. Everytime I play an orc im bombarded by a host of unique roleplay, cultural, and magic opportunities that none of the races really have. An orc that worships Laklul is entirely different from an orc that worships Leyd; they look different, they roleplay different, their headspace and ideas are worlds apart. Most elves and humans play exactly the same to the point where elves clip their ears or humans ignore their age limit. It's just a boring waste for me. I can't find it engaging when a more freeform, impactful, and liberating existence as an orc has always been better for me. Most human and elven characters are just dull self-inserts or attempts at getting mineman power. That rat race isn't for me.
  7. Jenspaleo, Austinpowers999 and Travista. Austinpowers got me into roleplaying an orc properly, jenspaleo with clans, and travista with shamanism. All great men, even if the last one my have some icky ooc things about him. I think with the inherent zealotry of shamanism, and the current cannon being that Spirits were made to surmount the Aengudaemons it's easy to fall into tropes of being "evil" in the server's perspective. However, I don't really think it makes sense to make broad generalizing sweeps in what is good or bad on the server. That is part of the fun and intrigue of the server and its cannon. For example, all void mages are quite evil yet many work with aengudaemons or align with their ideals rather then spooks. It's not necessarily as cut and dry. I could use blood magic to summon inferis, or I could use it to make the axe of krug. It really depends on what the origins of the magic are and what you intend to do with it. In the same vein a farseer could use their lightning to murder an orphanage or to kill dark shamans like in athera. The only reason i work with dragons is because i want to surmount them with shamanism + teach azdro the way of Krug, as their stories parallel each other. I haven't done anything spooky beyond that, and my use of blood magic has only been to spread the spirits/make spiritual artifacts. But thats just me. I think all good characters, whether "evil or good" should be able to provide good rationale for what they do.
  8. If I'm not mistaken I think you had an orc once? What stops you from returning to the orcish community and why do you think a lot of older orcs haven't either?
  9. The arc of my dark shaman, though Skaatchnak's path is slowly becoming more and more enjoyable to me. Nothing stands out more then me fleshsmithing Pok's Rex and butchering everyone who stood in his path with dark shaman earth elementalism as well as creating constructs and spies to fulfill his machinations and pursue his greater Truth. Part of me wants to include Kulgarok and some of the other relevant dark shamans in newer submissions. Kulgarok had all the power in the world, and yet struggled to convince his kin of the "proper" path. I enjoyed that dichotomy and spiritual discourse. I don't really have an issue making blockman decisions but the Azdro/orcish Asioth stuff has been really hard for me to work with and tie into orcish cannon/acceptance. Part of me regrets how I introduced it and followed through on it, but I will try to do my best and make it better. Once Skaatchnak dies im about to switch to doing more technical/alchemy stuff so I'm excited to actually try my hand at making cool inventions and items. In my entire time on the server I've never really made signed items or things of that nature despite being an alchemist and a blood mage. Pretty soon actually, once the general backlog of shamanic stuff is addressed- elementalism muyakelgs fixing dual-typing and shamanic feats/making the path towards different shaman archetypes more logical describing spiritual conflict better the interaction between shamanism and other magics mortal realm shamanism and utilizing upon items/artifacts etc shamanic corruption describing how lessers can become greaters for all types of spirits I will address all aspects of dark shamanism and it's renditions, and what the Ish'urkal, Ulua'mirzgai and gen 1 shamans have been up to. I have some cool ideas I've already started scribbling out but that stuff comes first.
  10. Tough question as it's changed quite a bit over the years. Dark shamanism has had 3 separate renditions that all work entirely differently, lutuamancy became a feat and the Stargush'Stroh has been changed. Current farseer is basically gutted druid-lite, and witchdoctor is one of the few magics that has stayed relatively consistent. The order would probably be something like this: 1. Lutaumancy as the history of the orcs and past characters are the most significant/important/interesting and actually going to the Stargush'Stroh means something far greater then talking and slaving for esoteric deities. Muyakelgs and all their variants are also here and shamanic constructs are some of my favorite parts of shaman lore. 2. Gen 3 Dark shaman- My rendition (Mordu only posted it while me and Lhindir wrote the majority of it), I love the idea of spirit slaving as orcs have practiced slavery for centuries(until I abolished it)- why not the same for their gods? It holds a stronger thematic resonance with me since it aligns more with xionism(Cringe i know), and actually utilizing certain spirits and interactions for a greater purpose rather then just being a hyper shamanic lich that could crp aenguls with ease like Ishurkal was. 3. Elementalism - Not so much the avatar the last airbender part, but the terraforming and worldly influence it had over the mortal realm. Being able to create deserts, mountains, and other natural landmarks was something I did often, and I think its a crucial part of shamanism and making it feel lasting and impactful. Keep ur eyes peeled for a submission in about a month or so for something along similar lines. 4. Farseer - the Shamanic reformation version, and not the current one. I think farseers hold a really important position in the diplomacy with spirits, other nations, and orcs as a whole. Its a shame the current rendition is so watered down. 5. Ishurkal- ULTIMATE POWER is pretty epic, but I think exploring something as unique as shamanic wights was a really cool concept. I wish it was more fleshed out and somewhat restricted to force people to make better choices IRP as well as keep some consistency in the scope of shamanic powers. Never had a super big interest in playing a witchdoctor, but I love working/collaborating with them.
  11. mi am burz fur da greater bubhosh. to surmount da burzhom wit urukish might am t' do wub Krug did, wid transformed flesh latz am stronger- latz am uruk. Wi am ob Ibleesfire, agh yet stronger den any daemon, Azdromoth, or their shitty followaz.
  12. My first real character was most likely Kugar'Gorkil, although the orc had joined many different clans(something forbidden back then). The orc was noteworthy for slaying a dreadknight, raising up clan Gorkil in Athera, and killing anyone who so much as looked at him funny. I loved CRP, banditting, and sacrificing to the spirits so much of my time was taken up by that. Kugar eventually lost his arm and got it replaced with a golem limb as well as using an early rendition of blood steel before Raguk's eventual proliferation. Funnily enough, his "death" was mostly caused by a ban I received for xraying, in which I took a break from the server and started a new character that would eventually become my dark shaman, Kulgarok. The orcish community and lore is some of the most impactful and enjoyable time I've had on the server. Much of the server lore and mystery is held far beyond a normal player's reach and spiritualism is one of the few religions/culture's/magics that is actually influenced 100% by player involvement, and rarely needed ST influence or buddybuddy's with staff to have a good time. Other religions are isolated to cliques or just copy-pasted from IRL while shamanism and spiritualism is freeform and as expansive as you so chose. It is the best religion and magic because it is all religions and magics. It's existed since the dawn of the server and despite it's recent decline is still tightly wound with much of the server's cannon and events. I will always be an advocate for it and always find interesting things to do with it because of how impactful its stories have been. Orcs are the main keepers of shamanism, and we're removed from much of the toxicity of the rest of the server. Even though some people may have bad blood with me, its not to the extent of elves, humans, or dwarves where people will dox or kick eachother out from communities, or refuse to work together. Orcs are a family and there's nothing on the server like that. We're a strong community genuinely focused on roleplay or providing fun experiences for each other, despite what other people may say. I don't have to worry about getting groomed or shadow-couped, or some oil-baron descending upon the RP i have with an iron fist. I don't have to worry about getting land or following someone's notions of CK2 RP or elven tea time. I just orc. Orcs don't have weddings we have a big klomp honeymoon where everyone jumps in the pit and fights for days on end.
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