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  1. ‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒ Ghoraza has witnessed the coming age. In his time, Descendants have squandered the gifts of their ancestors to wage war and exploit one another. Krug, Horen, Malin, and Urguan were brothers, blessed after surmounting the wrath of Iblees. Why then, do we waste that resource, our strength on one another? What good is there in unending mortal wars? Our strongest weapons are not our magic, nor blade, but goodwill and almsgiving. A forge may make kin-slayers, but is better served warming and protecting the cold and downtrodden. This is true of all good and evil within this world. In wielding the strength of the Spirits, the Elements, Alchemy, and further practices in my own blind pursuit to make the world a better place I recognize my arrogance. What good is there in hoarding strength when it is best served with my friends? Ghoraza will share the secrets and strengths of this world to any capable should they pledge themselves to protecting and serving others. Ghoraza is no leader, and instead seeks those willing to make the same sacrifice Krug did long ago. The Crucible is a formation of all descendants and their allies, the honorable and true who seek a greater path beyond wanton bloodshed. I call upon the blacksmiths, the merchants, the soothsayers and diviners to impart on us the blessings of their trade. Ghoraza will travel between all nations in hopes of finding those willing to bolster descendant-kind. If you are interested in exchanging wisdom, resources, and kinship- then receive this missive and find Ghoraza within the Mortal Realm. ‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒ There is no greater strength than Mortality, and no greater weapon than Peace.
  2. Gonna make a post requesting merchants, guilds people and crafters soon, if interested dm. any race/persona/morality accepted.

    1. Mannamannaa



  3. Ghoraza is reminded of the strength of his kin through the good words of his friends. Hopefully he will get a chance to play his part in the weekly.
  4. Official Aengul Tier List

    F: All of them. they all suck. 


    Brought to you by xionist and shaman gang

    1. Luvvy


      i really like ibees

    2. ClassyBells


      Praise the spirits

  5. Slightly after lore games to kill a problematic shaman the age limit was firmly to 400, but m'glimmerpoints and old-heads canonically living longer means it doesn't really matter unless you're making a new orc or being obnoxious.
  6. Also @Lhindir_ @Smaw @Catarrh @Travista @Samoblivion @2samspan @𝕾𝖙𝖆𝖗𝖌𝖚𝖘𝖍 @Burkester @Dragonslayerelf @Boomzerang @VonAulus
  7. Kulgarok - Originally the first Rex of Axios, Kulgarok was forced to kill another orc to receive Earth Elementalism. After this percieved betrayal, and losing the Rexdom to Drokon'Ugluk, he became a dark shaman who only sought vengeance against the lesser earth spirit Gardholog, and the many Spirits who had slain uruk after Orgon's proliferation. As a dark shaman, he only wielded this one Spirit, still holding respect and reverence for others, and carving the path toward orcish Xionism alongside the other Ish'urkal. He loathed their greed and obsession with power, and so while many Ish'urkal succame to Ixli and joined the Moz, he and a few other dark shamans became Ulua'mirzgai, Spirit Slavers of Leyd who sought to condense the power of the Spirits and make it mortal, rather then to be absorbed and corrupted by it. Kulgarok, having eaten and later imprisoning Gardholog arguably cements him as the strongest Earth shaman (I see you Ross), having raised a mountain out of the ocean to form Devirad, the home of Xionism alongside Kurag. Gardholog was the primary Earth spirit many elementalists pacted to, and so the strength they poured into this betrayer spirit was given to him. Kulgarok lived for centuries, though inexplicably left the mortal realm to aimlessly seek truth within the Spiritual, his end fate unknown. While his body may be gone, The False Rex, The Truthseeker's legacy still remains. Kulgarok would probably sit somewhere between lesser and greater, having performed great feats like Kharak, but his morality and "honor" is skewed by the Spirits slaughtering countless of his kin. I can always show up when he needs to be RPed, but if you just google, look at the wiki or check the forums more information on him will come up.
  8. if we have to make amendments for every dark CA to not be ERP-able why not just remove FTB and change to stork lore for everyone

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    2. Mannamannaa


      Agreed, Sexual FTB is unneeded, and I am speaking as someone who was led into a scenario using it in my first week on the server. Even if it doesn't lead to grooming (which it often does) the idea is still uncomfortable and unnecessary.

    3. femurlord


      Why not we go further and extend to Deific/Dark MA holders

    4. Panashea
  9. Ghoraza does not understand why or how the Bronze Band who revered this Brazen Bull and housed them within their city is now blaming such upon the Rex who aided in defeating Cloudbreaker- an inferi plaything. If such knowledge was known, why accuse the Rex who has already been to Scorthuz's lessers? Why did the Bronze Band not attack, and instead worship the vile beast in their midst, and why would allowing them to siege a nation of innocents do anything but cause more bloodshed? Are YOU claiming to speak over their word and will? YOU, like us all are Uruk. You claim to be Scorthuz's chosen, yet ally with those who sheltered and protected the Inferi since their city has stood. Ghoraza will NOT spill blood for claims made when the Spirits have already spoken. If you seek reconciliation for our Rex, then do so with the Spirits, not with a dull blade and hypocritical accusation". The disfigured Hobgoblin descends into the depths of the jungle, dredging forth his ire and strength for the times to come.
  10. didnt even get to rp with u...
  11. How y'all doin?

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      do u want ankle pics

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      yeah good thanks bestie how r u 🥰🥰

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      COVID has me

  12. "Rise great Rex ob Blood, agh usher in a new Age." Ghoraza affirms, praising the Akaal. "May the light bi wielded once more."
  13. "Ghoraza hopes this discourse can be blahed upon without missives. The need to slay dark spawn am far greater then politics between nations. Let uz hope this ends well..."
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