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  1. I didn't actually finish writing this submission so I'm unsure why you reposted it again and then credited me without asking since the last time you posted it you ended up hiding it immediately. I am confusion
  2. "Brudda nub'azh gruks who latz am.Yellers are Raguk-speak."
  3. A new missive is melted over the old one, some mix of blood, sinew and congealed soot allowing it to be molded over. A disappointing lie from a disappointing uruk. You willingly choose to omit every detail. 1. Destroying Spirits? Did your trials teach you nothing? Why would we teach others shamanism and establish shrines if the clan sought to remove the Spirits? Why would they make the Gate of Dom and other artifacts if they sought to remove that connection from the world? Why would you sew further distrust when it is our clan that has proliferated shamanism more than any other? This Ascension you speak of is the same ascension any shaman undergoes. We explained such to you and choose to lie again, perhaps that is why you so brazenly fail your duties as a Witchdoctor. You willingly ignore the Spirits in hopes of causing more bloodshed. An Ismuth Anchor is an invention of LEYD, a feat impossible if Akaal sought to destroy the Spirits. 2. You claim blood ritual but fail to see that countless orcs have risen in times past. You claim these fears of the Stargush while an Inferi who has died countless tiems over seeks to become Rex. Why are you afraid of people who have sacrificed themselves to Krug? Is this a joke or merely a cry for attention? 3. The "rituals" you speak of is a mural in the center of the goi- something made by the Yazgurtan and approved by all before the city was even built. Akaal is made of three clans, Ram, Mog, and Izig. Gadhaal is his grandfather. These "deceased dark shamans" you speak of are the same as murals decorated all over the city. One of Krugmar's many murals is etched here. 4. Another strange lie. Borok died defending against the Mori, the same as countless orcs and descendants. While you were never in Almaris(and so I wonder how you assume this), he held far greater honor then posting a cowardly missive and running away. How do you claim to protect and honor our kin when you sew falsehoods in the midst of conflict? 5. All orcs are related to dark shamans, whether Lur, Lak, Dom, Azog, or Akaal. Is this empty claim some attempt at tying a connection between them? 6. YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE WHO DESTROYED A SHRINE BECAUSE YOU FAILED TO UNDERSTAND THE TRIAL. You claim sanctity amongst our people yet create this vile rumor in hopes of allowing a known Inferic demon to become Rex. He has been slain countless times over by the other nations yet you welcome this corruption with open arms. Your cowardice will be met with the same fate of the dark shamans- for it is Skaatchnak'Akaal who killed them off. Ghoraza is glad your darkness has left the Goi. KAAL'AKAAL
  4. the premium roleplay experience is creating redlines to prevent dark CAs and magic users from romance and ERP! Tbh i think its hilarious how every dark CA has needed this added into their lore - something that reflects more on the nature of how we spend our time on LOTC and our attitude toward romance on a kid's server than any actual lore submission. This is good, but romance rp should generally just be removed all together for everyone's safety/OOC experience.
  5. please help, i'm locked out of my persona slot since I lost my pex so all my items/details are locked away on the third persona

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    2. AndrewTech


      I had the exact same problem a while back. I can't remember exactly what I did, but I'm pretty sure I used a free nitro trial to boost the LotC server to get an extra persona slot. Then I got my stuff off of it and deleted it I think.

    3. Panashea


      deleting spare personas didnt unlock the third slot, its the third slot i need unlocked

    4. riorr


      That's strange, those are what Admin told me to do when I had the same issue and that one worked. I didn't try the other

  6. MUSIC[Photosensitivity Warning]: In the desolate, scorching expanse of the desert, where the sun bore down with an unrelenting fury, a group of orcs embarked to expunge themselves of their shadow. Rumor and superstition had bred disharmony within the clan, and so the Flame sought to expunge it.Swathed in the bone armaments of their clan, they trudged forth with a sense of purpose emanating from a force larger than themselves. They chanted hymns to their Spirits and Ancestors, guttural voices rough with a fervent zeal. The oppressive shadows that danced upon their minds revealed themselves in the shadow of the darkened sky. The night offered no respite, shrouded in a darkness deeper than the blackest abyss, where the howls of their secrets resonated through the sands. The light of fire granted them the clarity to unify over a greater cause. A war in which the chaos of their souls themselves would be tamed, and the shadows extinguished. In the quiet moments beneath the vast, star-studded canopy, they whispered a covenant to the unseen forces that guided their footsteps. The Shamans must ascend to meet with their Spirits. Prophecy calls out to the children of Krug. THE PROPHECY[Photo-sensitivity Warning]:
  7. i am balling i am faded

    1. Nug


      help me to breatheeeeee (weed)

  8. "Betrayed?" A burned figure replies with pained surprise. "A hug is a betrayal for lat kin? We hold no anger for the grieving priest, but confused on why lat wished to describe we akin to the worms. Even still, lat infighting will never prevent we from helping achieve greater ambition." Blood and Flame.
  9. If anyone is into Fear and Hunger pls dm me i have big brain ideas.

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      @Cobblerand he fears a salad, im sure the game was made for him

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      @cobbler please dont encourage vermy to eat even more


    4. TreeSmoothie
  10. A burned orc labors over mounds of salt, using its Spiritual powers to boil seawater away into massive mounds of white powder. Its hands smolder with flame as he turns from his task to read over the missive. "A glorious day for grizh to be spilt."
  11. How Did Your Orc Die? Kharak’Raguk, the Worldbreaker. Felled by the Spirits who he ushered into this Realm. The Stargush’Stroh is one of the few places on LOTC where PKed players may be spoken to, and in visiting Lesser Ancestral Spirits, Lutaumancy is given a greater purpose in looking back to the many amazing characters of the past. With the Lutaumancy rewrite on the horizon I’d like to gather the many fallen orcs of the past so that the Lutaumancy playerbase may contact/reference older players, as well as share in the decade of stories of fallen heroes(or villains) in ages past. Please leave your stories here, or if you’re available to play one of these Lesser Ancestrals for the current playerbase. MY STORY How did your orc die? Do you think it was a justified death? Are they in the Stargush’Stroh? Are they able to be contacted by Lutauman? Clan/Name:
  12. This is a bad precedent. No magic should have no resource requirements and be a catchall for any kind of healing. Shamanic healing in its current state has no exhaustion, no caveats, or redlines or real requirements. It invalidates all injuries, and essentially makes any lingering effects pointless. Shamans shouldn't be the best healers, the best offensive/defensive casters, and the best support mages all at once. Having reduced healing options and the ability to use it in combat makes it more practical, especially when you could do the same thing in one session in combat rather than 3. It's unclear whether you can even conduct different sessions in combat, or if that part of the spell is something entirely different. It's not just cursed healing, as cursed healing was basically the Farseer spell watered down and made worse. There's no reason for the archetypes to share the spell, and so Spirit Binding is for giving people limbs and augmented bodies moreso than being the catchall healing spell with extremely loose redlines and conditions. This is a better alternative to permanent curses, and requires ST intervention the same as adding any other magical/supernatural limbs onto someone. Having it be curable means that these limbs have value in being protected and utilized as significant artifacts, rather than a convenient after combat eraser or a worse version of a spell that already exists for a Farseer. I'm completely lost on what you mean by the combat stuff in comparing it to void magic which has entirely different rules, drawbacks, lore, mechanics and ability compared to Shamans. I linked the redlines earlier, but the 5 emote curses that strike three targets can't be used in combat, and hexes are so poorly redlined and outlined it's basically been a guess as to what actually works and what doesn't. There's no way to know how the lore is actually supposed to work because its constantly contradicting itself. I already agreed with you on this, so I changed Farseer's rift to essentially be the the stand-in for Spirit Walking in addition to allow it to be performed on Consecrated Grounds. I slightly amended pacting too because having a PK clause over someone just to start learning is inane. I'm still waiting 5+ months on the Lesser and Greater Spirits Submission as a more Spirit interaction is given there as well. Using the current system is not a good precedent. It describes being capable of removing voidal magic yet voidal magic is the complete anthesis to Shamanism. How would a Shaman remove a voidal tear in a place where their magic doesn't work? I don't think anything you listed has any description of being capable of being purged/removed by deific magic, so I'm confused why it would extend to those areas. It only affects areas that possess afflictions of the soul or stagnant life force, druidic magic manipulates lifeforce but it doesn't corrupt it(as far as i know), and so it'd be unaffected. Curse can have multiple targets affected with Circle Magic in addition to it being redlined to make soft-pking people impossible. It's always stated that you can't put people to sleep indefinitely and the like- while the old variant does not. I'm confused on what you mean by non-griefing uses compared to the old one when has had multiple issues because of the lack of redlining and soft-pking people. I don't think its also beneficial or necessary to have people endlessly cursed- and the choice is there with Spirit Binding. That's not how prophecy lore works, not all prophecies are accessible even if a Farseer has the ability to see them, and so "debunking" a player made prophecy would be as credible as "it came to me in a vision". There's no way for a Farseer to actually provide evidence on whether something is true nor not. Chain, Bubble, and the others were just minor tweaks or clarifications.
  13. I already explained how cursed healing and farseer healing was buffed and simplified in the previous comment. The current Farseer and Witchdoctor spells are even more mild and slower, so it's not true that these are somehow nerfed. Curses are pretty much the same without the complex infographic or skirting around the nonsensical redlines. I'm unsure what you mean by certain curses but more often than not, the only practical Farseer and Witchdoctor abilities were ones where people would ignore the general redlines, or find someway to subvert the confusing rules. https://imgur.com/a/i1FaUYS This was an ultimatum made by ST. While I don't fully agree with it, traveling between dimensions for any magic is a PK clause according to the ST, even for Spirit Walking. Regardless, there are plenty of submissions I've written to interact with Spirits in the mortal realm without needing to Spirit Walk or holds the same PK clause(Remnant Hexes, an Animist's Commune, Spirit Pacting,etc )My hope is that it encourages Shamans actually utilize these lore pieces rather than defaulting to Spirit Walks. A tough change, but one that can be leveraged for the better. The PK clause will be something part of every rewrite unless you foundationally want to change it to not interact with the Spirit Realm. You didn't specify what vagueness there is in the submission, but feel free to talk in shaman chat or outline your specific concerns here.
  14. Witchdoctor and Farseer are just straight up slot investments to get the extra spells, it doesn't involve pacting. Yep, you can go from Witchdoctor to Farseer and back to Witchdoctor. No real need for a limit since you're spending time to relearn the magic again. WD and Farseer are just 1 extra magic slot within base shamanism, so it doesn't affect who you pact with. The old healing contradicted itself in stating that it could reattach limbs, and instantly heal life-threatening wounds, yet that any wound greater than "minor" required multiple sessions. I would describe the use of critical to be synonymous with fatal: Injuries that won't immediately kill someone but if left untreated will eventually kill the individual. Things like blindness or physical disabilities are more a Witchdoctor's craft with Spirit-Binding than a Farseer's catchall. We increased the time to reattach limbs in addition to removing the multiple session clause so that it's more logical and practical to use in combat and rp. I think increasing the timer even further might be useful since I know schedules lining up is often difficult. I like the idea of Circle Magic being used to improve/empower spells but I'm unsure it'd fit the scope of this submission. Added, appreciate you looking everything over.
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