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  1. What happened to event broadcasts(or events as a whole)? It was done for years and now I rarely rarely see it, even for world/story events. Wouldn’t make sense to have player-driven events broadcasted again so people actually know whats going on, rather than spamming in OOC?

    1. SquakHawk


      the current inferi event was heralded with a week straight of global emotes

    2. NotEvilAtAll


      Staff have ligma now, that’s what changed.

    3. Panashea


      Thats cool, but i was moreso talking about player-run events, I don’t really think one eventline is reflective of the state of the events on the server. In the times I’ve been on the server for this map(and to some extent the map before) I’ve never really seen any eventlines to the same extent. I get staff reforming, drama, and the cycling out of a lot of crucial members, but I think if there’s a void in the quality and variety of events, it’d be really easy to give players the ability to communicate to the server about the events they’re running. Just a thought.       

  2. Imagine being so bored you copypasta a new player, this server dead

  3. Haven’t you seen the news?
  4. What are people looking for in Orc RP or in new groups from the server? I feel like there’s not much going on from the server as a whole and a lot of people are bored.

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    2. Urara


      i mean I could give my input as an old orc if you want it (I’m talking like way old tho I was an orc in aegis)

    3. Panashea


      I’m an aegis baby too, although I haven’t seen you around till recently. I’m curious to see what anyone will say, including you.

    4. Urara


      Well, what I loved about the orcs in Aegis was that we had a very tight-knit family feeling to the RP. There maybe weren’t a lot of us, but we were always hanging together and doing fun, wacky stuff like building obstacles courses, giant cacti, setting up toll booths along the roads, and just hanging out and having a good time. 


      Idk what the orcs are like now, but that feeling of closeness is what kept me with the orcs for a long time. 

  5. I never got a reason to why my olog amendment was denied 😞

    1. AlphaMoist


      Try joining the lore discord and asking about it there; you may be able to get someone to talk to you about it https://discord.gg/nd4SN6

  6. A burned orc, Skaatchnak, raises the Zok banner.
  7. Panashea

    The Zok Clan

    ] ZOK CLAN [ ] RITES OF PASSAGE [ When a Zok is born, or invited into the Clan, at an early age they are forced to fight with their older clanmates till they are able to stand equal with them in a match of fists. They are marked with two wounds across their arms, and until they complete this task, they are not truly a member of the clan. The first grevious wound a Zok receives is celebrated with a small feast. The Zok is then taught to forge their own tool, a GRISH-DULUM, signifying their right as a warrior within the clan. This weapon represents the orc’s way of life, and is buried with them when they die. The conflict the weapon has seen, marks the value of its wielder, whether it is a sword coated in blood, or a hammer forged in smithing great tools. After the Zok has created their blood weapon, they are brought before the elders and members of their clan. They are tasked with felling a great beast with their weapon. Once completed, the remnants(bone,flesh, or blood), are mixed with the clanmates blood as well as a mixture of alcohol and pungent cactus green. The concoction is set aflame, and the initiate is baptized in it, washing them of their past history, and bathing them within the collective strength of the clan. There are more rituals to befall a Zok, though their knowledge is reserved to members already in the clan. ]ROLES[ [War Machine] A Braduk role, someone second in command to the Wargoth..They organize the War Boys and dictate in the Wargoth’s stead. [Grish-Hun] The Grish-Hun is the leader of all of the trade, exports, and production with the clan. They oversee future projects, and manage finance within the clan. They lead hunts, and are well versed in the ceremonies and rituals of the clan. [Skalper] Skalper is a step above a Skraper They seek to increase the finance within the clan, manage tribute. They fight not with fists, but compete with wealth to prove their worth to the clan. Anyone who becomes a Skalper is honored within the clan as someone skilled in their craft. [Skraper] A Skraper uses their GRISH-DULUM and serves within the clan. They are the craftsmen and masons that work in creating great works. They aspire to become Skalpers, and recognized in their work. [War Boy] A leader of a small band of orcs within the clan. They help to organize small groups of orcs in battles, skirmishes, training and enlisting orcs into their warmachine. They also ensure that everyone is armored and has a weapon. A War Boy is made when the orc has moved in numerous battles. [Nob] Nobs are above the grunts in the military. They oversee the flow of tribute into the clan and ensure that the grunts remain honorable.A Nob is made during a special ceremony when their Grish-Dulum is soaked in blood. [Grunt] An unofficial role within the Zok. Grunts are simply those seeking to advance themselves within the military. ] TRADITIONS [ Ponytails- A Zok, no matter their preferred hairstyle, will usually grow out a long ponytail from the crown of their head down, braided or bound with calfskin or blue cloth. The ponytail is only to be cut off in the event of humiliating defeat. Grish-Bulum- A blood weapon forged by the orc to represent them. Killing with his weapon is a great honor, and to lose it would shame the orc for years. Anthropomancy- The entrails of a corpse are studied, for its death explains as much about the slayer as it does its victim. The wounds are studied, and the overall life of the cadaver is examined. This practice is often examined by haruspex or wisemen within the clan. Mounts- Members of Zok ride atop Braduk rhinos and bears. They are pacted with their mounts around the same time they forge their weapon in a test of trust and rider.
  8. All the points you mentioned are addressed within the second paragraph of the post. In fact, strength and weight-lifting are a redline already which makes a bit confused on why I need to be doubly redundant. There’s never been a race or construct able to lift gates or destroy them within settlements without PRO consent on the server, so I don’t understand why ologs specifically need that redline when there are constructs with the same level of strength on the server already. I do understand that people try to bend the rules so I’ll update the redlines.
  9. I agree that ologs should just be basic creatures like every other descendant race. They’re a subspecies of orc, however lore/staff don’t like the idea because they don’t feel that the caveats of playing the race outweigh its strengths which is why they’ve had a CA for a while. There have been more good ologs than bad ones, but I think the image of the race won’t change in staff’s eyes. This post doesn’t change anything about current olog players since their current height is only 8-10ft(correct me if I’m wrong), and allows them more characterization. The entire subrace isn’t weak to sunlight, only those above 10ft because of their trollish blood. Trolls haven’t been able to be rollplayed in a while and sort’ve giving them this space would allow for a broader range of characters rather than being forced to play a violent, nearly mute giant. My post allows ologs to speak more than sentences, and read at a poor level, rather than being limited to a few words in their current iteration. I don’t think orcs have lived in a desert consistently since Vailor either. We’ve been living in a Savannah for the past two maps and a Jungle as well.
  10. I really appreciate the feedback. I’ve had multiple versions of this doc and some past renditions and mistakes come through. I’m fine with removing the forging part, and I’ll clarify more about the transformation part, and allow for non-people eating methods to obtain it. Not all ologs live within Krugmar and that sort of practice of worshiping nature and the elements is reserved for more of the isolated troll-ologs that live by themselves. Thanks for the help in making this post better.
  11. I plan on writing a bunch of submissions about orcish lore and quality of life improvements to the race try and make it more inviting for players, and engaging for the players who are here now. I’ m starting with the olog amendment, but if you’d like anything written or would like insight on what I plan on doing, shoot me a message on here or on discord!

    1. Tato






    2. Pieman


      *thumbs up*

  12. Origin Trolls were born from Iblees. He envied the strength of Krug and his people, and sought to recreate them as monsters of his own. He took the blood of Krug in their battles, and mixed it with stone to create beings that would serve him. The trolls were born, colossal beings that towered over orcs.Serendipitously, the blood of Krug kept them from serving the Daemon, and they turned against him. In response, he cursed them, making their bellies endless so that they would crave descendant flesh, and ruined their skin so that they were forced to hide from the sun’s light. Many were culled for their monstrous appetite, as their unending hunger led them prone to eating descendants. The few that remained became allied with orcs, as they held heritage together and recognized their shared hate toward Iblees and the undead. Few trolls remain in the world, though their offspring, Ologs exist as a staple within orcish communities. Physical Description Ologs range from 8-11 ft, depending on the mix of Orc and Troll blood. Their weight ranges from 650-1100 pounds. The dumbest of ologs will struggle to comprehend dialogue and instructions, while the most intelligent of ologs are able to read basic sentences(no writing), and possesses the mental wherewithal of a mentally impaired adult. However, the larger and more troll-like an olog is, the further removed they are from their orcish kin, suffering the weaknesses of the trolls, as well as developing stone-scales that pain the olog and break away their flesh when struck. Even in their smaller renditions, bright harsh sunlight is anathema to their small beady eyes, and so one might catch an olog donning a helmet or cloth over their head, or find them hidden within the valleys and caves of the desert. Mental Description A troll’s mind, made from stone, was too small to contain all of the stories and thoughts within the world.This is not to say a troll is stupid, but limited in the amount of information in can hold in its head. Once it reaches that threshold, either through age or in experiencing the world, it may sprout a second head. The trolls of old were said to be able to sprout more than three heads, though the ability is lost to their more diminutive offspring. Ologs closer to their troll-kin have a great reverence for nature and the elements of it, and often find the great pantheon of spirits too complex to understand. Instead they practice a more basic form of spirit worship and elemental worship. Those that choose to worship the spirits adopt Freygoth and Arwa, Ankrus, and other Immortals who take hold within the natural world. Their worship stems from crude totems and animal sacrifices, donning pelts and hides in hopes that they honor and revere their more bestial progenitors. Ologs closer to their uruk brethren are fatter and lazy. Large, and bloated, they are soaked within the curse of Krug, angry and violent, seeking little more than to eat and kill. The combination of unending hunger and thirst for battle leads them to be siege units or smiths of crude clubs and maces. Abilities The trollish blood within the olog allows it to grow multiple heads. It is a natural process of trolls, and thus ologs are affected by it too. As its mind swells and grows, the olog’s brain reaches its limits. As it begins, an olog will experience intense migraines, a period of blindness, and synesthesia. Itts anger will grow, as well as any other emotions that it seeks to pride itself in. As this is going on, the olog’s skull risks rupturing. Its transformation is slow and tedious, taking a month(irl week) as it battles and wrests with this tumor of information, details and facts, people and faces, all of which coalesces into a new entity: A second head. This comes with a host of issues the two now face. Arguing and bickering, the olog now faces the peril of dealing with two dim-witted beings in the body of a thick-hided giant. The days following the formation of the new head would be some of the most difficult for the olog as it becomes accustomed to being controlled by two clashing personalities. Each personality controls half of the olog, and without proper control, leads to them constantly fighting and bickering between themselves. The two mental forces would clash on even grounds, with many of these mental battles having no winner, thus causing the Olog to cease functioning properly for moments at a time. There is no way for an olog to overcome its new partner and companion. Once present, if the olog wished to remove the second head, it would a host of motor functions, complex thought and eventually perish. When fighting, if one of the heads were to be severely injured or maimed, it would cripple the olog, though once healed, the personality would eventually begin to reform. The second head grants better hearing and senses, as two heads are better than one. Magics that afflict the mind are more taxing against the olog, as it requires involving both personalities. The olog/troll is not stronger, and may only grow a maximum of three heads, requiring a CA for each additional head, as well as explaining the reason of such growth. Redlines -Ologs are a maximum of 11ft, and a maximum weight of 1100 pounds. -Ologs above 10 feet will develop stone scales in sunlight, inhibiting their movement slightly as well as making blunt wounds more severe, breaking away bits of flesh and bone along with it. If left in sunlight for long enough(30 minutes or a few hours irp), their entire lower body would become petrified. -Ologs cannot learn magics, though understand how shamanism and other basic forms of magic work, and can practice faiths and creeds in their stead. -Ologs can lift a maximum of 1200 pounds. -Although they are large and generally lethargic, they are able to charge quickly(20mph), though are limited in the speed of complex motions or actions. Multi-head Redlines -Multi-headed ologs or trolls require a CA that detail the impetus of their change -Fatally injuring one of the personalities greatly cripples the body, as half of it is now ‘dead’ -The heads do not offer greater strength, but may enhance general senses slightly -They may grow only a maximum of three heads, each requiring a CA Purpose The purpose is to essentially give ologs the ability for character development beyond smashing and eating, as well as more flavor to the relatively underplayed race. This was originally posted a while’s ago, although was denied without any real reason. I’m hoping resubmitting it will allow more for fleshed out Ologs and for more players to take part in playing these wonderful giants. Ye_Haw helped me write this originally, and I’d still like to thank him for it. Edit: I added an origin for trolls as well as explaining how ologs came to be.
  13. How do i stop from just timing out? I’ve tried switching between 1.14 and 1.13

    1. Tigergiri


      server is cureently on 1.15.2 

      if all else fails try loggin in from the lobby first then doing ./server main. 

      if that fails people who are having big big connection issue say that a vpn works 

    2. SquakHawk


      vpn works

      for me i just log in 3 or 4 times if people stop moving or commands dont work i just relog, usually works 3rd or 4th try


  14. What makes you apprehensive about making an orc? What aspects of Orc RP interests you, and if there were events/things to do, what would you like to see?

  15. Are people looking for new rp groups, or are they looking for new forms/areas RP within their current groups?

    1. Ankan


      Come on over to Haelun’or for some really good and active High Elven cultural roleplay! Add Ankan#7215 for guidance!

    2. Panashea


      I wasn’t asking to be recruited, and none of my characters can get into haelun’or. Just asking about the state of the server and its community.

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