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  1. A burned figure laments the loss of another shaman, adding it to the scores of countless others who have fallen in his centuries. His mind looks toward the future, a means of rebuilding what was lost.
  2. The target, if directly struck, suffers a stinging, lasting pain akin to being set aflame that holds true for [2] emotes. This pain will always prevent the target from casting, but grant no wounds or deeper harm. A target is still free to move or defend themselves by other means even during the duration of the pain. If the target is wearing plate-mail, or other heavy plated armors (Laminar, Lamellar, Brigandine, etc) they will find their casting disrupted for [1] Emote. Half-Plate is not sufficient in blocking from the Echoes, and they too would suffer a [2] emote burn. Its a spell that stops someone from casting and ignites them for two emotes, even if someone is "tough" they can't cast. CC on lotc is extremely unbalanced and preventing people from moving, taking action, or being able to defend themselves is just powergaming. If this spell had greater effects it would mean anytime it went off anyone would immediately lose the conflict- worse if there were multiple Lutaumancers. Spells that instantly kill people or provide the ability to do so are in poor taste. Keep in mind Lutauman is only a 1 spell magic slot that's compatible with a ton of other magics, doesn't impact strength or armor requirements, and is backed up by all of the supportive material for Shamanism. It doesn't need to be as powerful as Necromancy or Mysticism because it doesn't suffer from the same caveats. Plenty of magics cause supernatural fatigue, harm, or physical restriction from using their abilities. Tawkin and even Animism are have abilities similar to this, but almost all voidal and dark magics have physical weakness constantly, its kind of insane to have the expectation that Shamanism should have insta-kill boons but also no caveats either all for being a 1 slot magic. You can move while casting the spell, you're only restrained by a block, and even then its a close ranged ability. It's not supposed to have long range. If they run away from the conflict you won. Writing out a flowchart to fully flesh out what creatures a single spell works on is completely unnecessary purely to gain combative advantage. Every ghost and undead works differently and expecting both the Lutauman and target to be fully aware of their lore when basic mistakes about spells or Shamanism being able to work on everything like this is why it's simplified. Shamanism isn't just an end all be all to dark creatures. What do you think the vibe of the magic is? You haven't been able to interact with Greater Spirits for months without ST intervention, so I'm confused how the style of the pact would really matter to anyone. The current Lutaumancy submission doesn't have anything to do with pacting with Kor, nor could you have made one when Spirit Pacting came out. I'd really like to hear more of your thoughts on this because I'm definitely concerned with how some of the new players see Shamanism and are conflating it with the ability to become hyper deity mages with no drawbacks or penalties. If you are doing cost evaluation on magic you should really rethink why you want to be a playerbase of the community you're a part of. This is a creative space with the purpose of creating good story and narrative. I worry that your focus on needing a ton of combat ability is kind of overlooking the whole purpose of why we create magic and lore on the server. It's never been about how many emotes you can kill someone in or how much damage you can do. No one remembers that. No one has fun from casting long range deific spells that works on all undead and ghosts, its just ego-fulfillment. Magic should serve to create good narrative. Writing overpowered spells is not good narrative. Lutaumancy is engrained with Ancestralism and Spirit Lore, its literally the place they base their power from, so there shouldn't just be a way to ignore the burden of such purely to be a murderhobo. If you're not a fan of lore why would you take up the magic, or any magic for that matter? If there's more shaman stuff you have in mind in discussing, let me know. None of the people I credit with helping me write are responsible for what I submit.
  3. Eating ghosts was an ability written before Mysticism even existed, as the current version of lutau is a bastardized rendition hedge and I worked on pre-2016. It doesn't make sense conceptually as life-force and ectoplasm have become their own resources and rules that can't simply ignored simply by a Lutauman snapping their fingers. It was a very lazy combat ability reflective of very early years of lore.
  4. This lore has been denied. You will be sent a forum PM regarding the reasons for denial within the next 24 hours.
  5. As we all hop on the forums I'd like to remind you that orc and shamanic characters are engaging and interesting and that if you're unsure what kind of character to play next map, an orc or shaman is definitely a good choice. DM me if you need help making a character or understanding shamanism!
  6. can we ban romance rp if combat rp is banned this temp map

    1. TreeSmoothie


      +1 stop locking all the houses and then romance rping in them u freaks go explore

    2. ThatFunkyBunch


      Lat wanna...hold grabbahs...?

  7. Preface: Echoes of The Matumdâg Echoes: The resource required for Lutaumancers to cast specific spells, representative of the connection to the Ancestral Realm. A Lutaumancer may pact with a Lesser Spirit of Kor, allowing their soul to channel their power and utilize their deific power from the Ancestral Realm. This pact marks the Lutauman’s soul and allows them to undergo transformation as they progress in power. In return for service to this Realm, and guiding that which should be dead to the Ancestral Realm, these shamans are gifted visitation to Stargush’Stroh and unique power. Echoes may be represented in a variety of aesthetics, so long as they are attributed to Kor or his Lesser Spirits, a greater Ancestral Spirit, the aspects of death, or some material aspect of the Stargush’Stroh itself. These aesthetic effects may change for the Lutauman as they interact with its denizens and explore its areas. Lutauman are limited to casting a certain amount of spells per day with their spell usage returning every 24 OOC hours. T1: Incitement {Unlimited} T2: Spectral Sense {2}, Spirit Walk {2} Mundane Item Usage{5}, Final Rite{2} T3: Invoke Echoes{3} T4:Weapon of Kor creation {1}, Activation {3} T5: Ritual Banishment {1 per day} Creation of Banishment Site {Once Per Month per ST approval} Regaining Echoes A Lutauman may recover their spells before the 24 hour timer by performing service to the Spirits out of combat. In the case of ET or LT events, with an ET or LT's permission, these rituals may take place in combat during an event. Prayer: A six emote ritual that will regain Tier 1 spell uses. Offerings upon a shrine: A six emote ritual that will regain Tier 2-3 spell uses. Sacrifices: Offerings of blood, destruction of items, animals or mortals over the course of six emotes to regain Tier 4-5 spell uses. This must be done at T2 Shrine in accordance with Spirit Pacting Lore. [T1] Incite/Incitement: At T1 the Lutauamancer is able to incite the Echoes in their body. This appears in a variety of ways, through smoke like mists erupting from their form. To harmless flames which reflect their aura, in addition to the Lutaumancer’s veins igniting and burning brightly in their skin. Or the ethereal faces and voices of Ancestral Spirits in Stargush’Stroh. Or crackling ethereal energy in the color of their aura rumbles around them like lighting in a storm. This is done in tandem with chanting Old Blah, with initial effects beginning after the second emote, and manifesting themselves fully on the third, even if the caster should stop chanting or move. This effect only applies to the Lutaumancers' body during Tiers 1 and 2. At Tier 3 the Lutaumancer may have these effects spread around them within a three block range. Burning veins ignite along the ground they walk. The ethereal form of ancient spirits rises from them and the ground, or mists move up like smoke from a fire, or crackle like lightning across the air. At Tier 4 these can extend five blocks from the Lutaumancer. At Tier 5 these can extend seven blocks from the Lutaumancer. Incitement may be performed indefinitely, so long as the Lutauman continuously channels the spell. Incitement will allow a haruspex’s divine ink to activate while being cast, allowing them to weave magical stories in tandem with their casting. Certain abilities require Incite/Incitement to be invoked before they can occur, as Incitement serves as connection to the Ancestral Plane. Redlines: The cosmetic effects from Incitement must be emoted in #rp or greater, clearly visible to all around them, but the extent of them do not have to meet the block range at higher tiers, however a clear sign of connection and casting must be displayed as the Lutamancers casting Tell. The effects of Incitement themselves are never combative nor interact with the world beyond illusory appearance alone. Incitement serves as the Lutaumancers casting ‘tell’. [T2] [Passive] Spectral Sense Lutauman develop a passive ability once they reach Tier 2. This develops as their Pact matures within their soul. This strange sense plagues the Lutauman’s mind with horrible dreams and superstition, only abated by utilizing the Mundane Crafts of Kor successfully once an IRL month. This ability allows for the identification of wayward or untouched souls in objects through direct touch should they channel Incitement for three emotes. Lutauman commonly use this ability to find wayward souls to send to the Stargush’Stroh. Should an object be identified, the magical reaction would bring the Lutauman great pain, in addition to blinding them for two emotes. This blindness would be guaranteed even if granted vision by supernatural or alchemical means. Redlines: A Lutauman can only use Spectral Sense on objects. This ability does not tell the Lutauman the source of the magic or the creator of the object. The lutauman cannot identify whether the magic is “good, or bad”. This only sense only affects wayward souls or objects with untouched souls in them. Items enshrouded in other magic sources(blood runes, voidal enchantments, etc) will have Spectral Sense fail. Objects that have converted souls into other resources (maleus,geist, etc) will have Spectral Sense fail. Phylactery and similar holdings will fail to activate Spectral Sense due to the soul inside being warped, or the object’s enchantment. This ability can be used to look at NPC menhir, event objects, or shamanic artifacts, but cannot be used to track down player character’s phylactery or similar soul-housing artifact. [T2] [Non-Combative]Spirit Walk At Tier 2 the Lutaumancer is able to invoke passage to the Ancestral Realm of Stargush’Stroh. This is done through meditation for {2} emotes, invoking Old Blah for {3}, and tethering souls with {1} emote. To directly manifest within a specific realm in Stargush’Stroh the Lutaumancer must utilize a Mundane Item of Kor, invoking the place they wish to travel and chanting for an additional two emotes. Once a Lutaumancer reaches T3, they are capable of summoning themselves into different portions of the realm so long as an additional emote of chanting or ritual is performed. If no direct manifestation is attempted, the Lutaumancer and those waking end up within the domain of Gundâr Broshan. A Lutauman may bring additional members along the Spirit Walk, increasing the number of people with tier, to a maximum of an additional 5 at T5. When attempting to find specific Ancestral Spirits, a Lutaumancer must have a ‘relic’ of said Ancestral Spirit. Relics must be enchanted items made from the individual, or an item made in their likeness at a T2 Shrine in accordance with Spirit Pacting Lore. An Ancestral may respond to an item forged from a Spirit associated with them, for example a Ram- Leyd, the Spirit of Strength, or a Raguk- Gazigash. MArts already associated with specific Spirits are capable of being used as relics should the Lutauman perform the ritual near the object. Visiting Greater Ancestral Spirits will always require a MArt as a tether and ST approval. Lack of a relic will have the Lutaumancer wandering aimlessly through Stargush with no way of finding the spirit they seek. Redlines A Lutaumancer may only spirit walk to The Ancestral Realm. A Spirit Walk is merely a travel of the souls to another plane, and so weapons, items, and other physical objects do not travel to the Spirit Realm while Spirit Walking. Items and objects may not be brought back for the same reason. The Soul Tether acts as consent to the spirit walk. It spreads from the shaman to the souls they wish to bring to Stargush. If the persona fears the Tether it will not connect to them. Information gained from PK characters, or Kor/Lesser Spirits must be approved from Staff first, unless it pertains directly to areas of Stargush’Stroh. Requires RP consent to use when bringing other individuals, as the shaman is bringing a target’s soul into the Spirit Realm. When in the Spirit Realm, the nature of the soul blueprint is entirely visible. This may result in revealing disguises, the true identity of a tawkin klone, or one’s corrupted nature and so the target may choose to flee or refuse the tether before being ushered in. The Lutauman is capable of ejecting those brought along their journey at any time through touch or chanting for three emotes asking Kor/Krug to usher them back to the Mortal Realm. This is to prevent trolls, or people from abusing the PK clause within the Spirit Realm. A Lutauman abusing the tenants of a Spirit Walk and killing someone within the Spirit Realm will have Kor intervene, locking the shaman away (PK), and returning the victim. At Tier 3, a Lutaumancer can bring additional 1 person, at Tier 4, a Lutaumancer can bring additional 3 people, at Tier 5, a Lutaumancer can bring additional 5 people. If used in an ST scenario, this number can be bent with approval of the presiding ST. Cannot be used in Combat. Any player character that exists in Stargush requires that person's permission to roleplay them or have them be roleplayed by said player. A Lutauman is incapable of bringing targets to the Ancestral Plane if their soul is incapable of being moved or brought into deific realms. The Spirits would find grievance with permanently transmuted and warped souls along the likes of [CA] like Inferi, Frost Witches, and Wights, and Azdrazi and so these creatures would be incapable of traveling. Dark arts incompatible with shamanism and other aengudaemonic magics would receive the same treatment. [T2][Non-Combative]Mundane Items of Kor [Player Signed] The Lutaumancer is able to craft mundane items embedded with their Echoes. Their activation will require the Lutaumancer to use Incitement. These items may be found below. The Lutaumancer is able to craft three mundane items every OOC day. Censers of Kor The Lutaumancer is able to imbue a crafted Censer with the Mark of Kor. With invoking Incitement for a single emote, these Censers begin to produce a deep vapor in the color of the wielder’s aura. For each block the Lutaumancer passes over, the Censer spreads this vapor 1x1x1 blocks from the Censer. Censers after incitement may produce these effects for six emotes, unless combat is initiated. In such cases, the vapor from the censer recedes rapidly into it over the course of an emote. The Lutaumancer may begin to shape and weave the vapor to their liking and even invoke visages of Ancestors within it, old battlefields, great hunts. {Additionally, Haruspice may use their divine ink to add other senses to the experience by adding it to the censers during creation.} {Effects on Spiritual Enemies(Undead, Inferi, Mystics,Frost Witches, etc) or the Dying} If not in combat, an extreme sense of calm washes over them, only fading if their ire is invoked. The longer someone remains in the vapor, the deeper this ethereal calm fills them. Over time, they begin to hear the soft whispers of Kor lulling them to the Soulstream. The censers can be used to temporarily abate the common negative mental effects of dark magic or undead existence. A Lutauman with consent may issue Last Rites with the censer, and bring the soul to the Stargush’Stroh immediately through the rising vapors of the censer. Kor graciously accepts these willing beings into his promised paradise. Redlines: Censers of Kor can not be used in combat. Roleplay of creation of a Censer must be done for the item to be used. Activation of the Censer takes two emotes of Incitement. Censers of Kor with Divine Ink added during creation are able to invoke small amounts of sounds, smells and colors during the active manipulation of the vapor. Said effect must be noted in the item description and state it was made with haruspexy. Effects on Undead/Specters do not work in combat. Nor do these effects make the Undead/Specter fully docile. It will however, make them calmer, and harder to upset. This does not mean that a Lutaumancer will not be able to make the Undead/Specter angry and provoke ire, it simply requires more to do so. Should combat start within the Vapor, or an Undead/Specter grows angry enough to try and attack the Lutaumancer, the vapor recedes instantly into the Censer once more. Undead that are willingly banished by a Censer of Kor are instantly accepted into Stargush’Stroh. They appear within Olû Tiil Frautal- The Walk to Final rest and become an Ancestral Spirit during their journey with the ferryman Matum’Lur. Beings locked to the Mortal or other Realms through magic and other clauses would be incapable of traveling performing Last Rites. The effects of the Censers of Kor cannot be used to meta-detect magic affiliation or sense emotions from a target. The feelings from it are at the discretion of the affected. Disguised characters would have no reaction to the censer. {OOC Notice: These Censers are designed to help Lutaumancers setup areas of banishment if they are smart enough, or meet with the Undead/Specter of even ground to try and convince them to accept Banishment, barter with the Undead/Specter, or just talk in general.} Ancestral Mask The Lutaumancer is able to imbue a crafted mask embedded with their Echoes. By invoking Incitement for two emotes, these masks are able to invoke the visage and voices of the Ancestor they are linked to for so long as Echoes are fed into it. The visage and voice of the Ancestral is an ethereal thing, wrapping around the Lutauman while words are spoken through their mouth. The way in which they may manifest reflects the nature within their past life. The effects of Ancestral Masks to last for {6} emotes. A Lutauman can invoke Incitement for another two emotes, and continue the effects. {Additionally, Haruspex may use their divine ink to add other perceived senses to the experience by adding it to the mask during creation of the mask} {Effects on Spiritual Enemies(Undead, Inferi, Mystics,Frost Witches, etc) or the Dying} If not in combat, a sense of fear washes over them while they look at the mask, only fading if they seek to challenge it. The longer someone looks at the mask, the deeper this supernatural fear fills them. Over time, they begin to hear Kor’s anger goading them to the Stargush’Stroh within their mind.A Lutauman with OOC consent may issue Last Rites with the mask, and bring the soul to the Stargush’Stroh immediately through the holes in the mask. Kor graciously accepts these willing beings into his promised paradise. Redlines: Ancestral Masks do not give any combative or magical effects, protection, or advantages. Ancestral Masks require Incitement to be activated. The visage of the Ancestral spirit called upon appears as a faint ethereal form over the Wearer. The voice of the Ancestral Spirit called upon echoes before and after the Wearer in both common and Old Blah. The Wearer's voice is still heard beneath these overlapping voices. Masks with divine ink added from A Haruspex during creation are able to alter the physical form of the wearer of the mask to minor degrees. From tattoos appearing on the body, to wounds that wear bared. To more bizarre attributes such as horns, spikes along bones. These effects will disappear once the masks' effects cease to function. Said effect must be described in the item description, or state it was made with Divine Ink. Masks with Divine ink will never fully alter the body, change skin hue, or the wearer’s race. They may, to those unaware of the wearer, be a thinly veiled disguise while the effects are channeled. The effects of the Ancestral Mask cannot be used to meta-detect magic affiliation or sense emotions from a target. The feelings from it are at the discretion of the affected.Disguised characters would have no reaction to the censer. Ancestral Mirrors The Lutaumancer is able to create two way mirrors which grant communion with a Lesser Ancestral Spirit. Respectively, a Mirror is tied to a certain area in Stargush’Stroh. This will allow any who witnesses the mirror to speak to ancestors on the other-side upon its activation. Lutauman must construct this Mirror from or within a reflective surface, though may enchant it to take on other features through the aid of other shamans. This is done by a mirror being created within the Mortal Realm, and a mark of Kor(some rp symbol or sigil) being etched on the back of the surface. To connect a Mirror to Stargush’Stroh, the Lutaumancer must go into Stargush’Stroh, find the location of where they wish to connect a Mirror, and manifest their echoes, which will manifest the mirror within the Spirit Realm. Ancestral Mirrors in the Mortal Plane may be enchanted with Haruspexy to allow for the sounds and visuals associated with the Lesser Ancestral Spirit to eminate from the mirror in the radius from which it speaks. Witchdoctors, Animists, and Farseers may enchant the mirror and allow it to adopt the aesthetics of the Spirit it was forged with. An Ancestral Mirror of Fiarza may float or fill the room with gusts of wind, or an Ancestral Mirror of Gazigash formed from a blood pool. These effects are purely aesthetic, allowing the mirror to suit the culture and craft of those who use it. Enchanting the mirror requires a ritual where a Pacted Shaman or Haruspex (of any tier) calls upon their respective spirit, performs ritual, or sacrifice for 6 emotes. :Active: The Lutaumancer is able to channel {4} emotes into the Mirror to try and establish contact with any Lesser Ancestral Spirit in the Stargush’Stroh for a maximum of {8} emotes. This will not give the Lutaumancer a direct location, but will allow them to speak with the Ancestral briefly. A successful ritual is determined by at least a 3 from a d6, with failure only resulting in the Lutauman utilizing one of their daily spell uses. Should a Lutauman sacrifice one of their relics, they would be guaranteed to talk with a Lesser Ancestral Spirit. Lesser Ancestral Spirits may speak from the mirror in a maximum of #q. Redlines Ancestral Mirrors do not act as alarms, warnings, or the sort. They will never be able to give personas information of what has happened in the world around the location of the Mirror. No information of the world may be metagamed through an Ancestral Mirror. Ancestral Mirrors are not capable of tracking Greater Ancestral Spirits without a MArt. Ancestral Mirrors may be as large as 3x5, requiring a MArt to be larger. Ancestral Mirrors, when not used with Active Activations, will never let anyone passing by interact with a specific Ancestral Spirit regardless of the Ancestral Spirits stature. This is Roleplayed by interacting with Random Ancestral Spirits that pass by the Mirror. Should a target not be in the Ancestral Realm, or have the means to remain hidden, the Mirror would either reveal a random place in the realm, or no image at all. Ancestral Mirrors are only capable of being created in the Mortal Realm or Ancestral Realm without a MArt. The Ancestral Mirror within the Mortal Realm can be destroyed by any mundane means [2 emotes of attack] or magic, requiring the Lutauman to rebuild it. The mirror cannot be used for a Lutauman or others to talk from the Spirit Realm to the Mortal Plane. The Spiritual mirror is reserved to Lesser Ancestral Spirits. A Mirror must be anchored to a Counterpart in the Stargush’Stroh. No mirror can be connected to more than one mirror in Stargush, or vice versa. Communication is bound to Ancestral Spirits that frequent that Realm and no others. Mirrors may still be able to be used to locate a realm an Ancestral Spirit is within should the ritual be conducted twice, or the shamans create a relic in roleplay to sway the Ancestral’s favor. Each Lutaumancer can only make one Mirror. Ancestrals Mirrors are broken if their reflective surface is fully damaged or half of the total construct is broken in the Mortal Realm. [T3][Non-Combative] Last Rites Should a soul be completely unbound or a ghost without any means of being kept upon the Mortal Plane, A Lutauman would be capable of using their Echoes and directly usher them up into the Stargush’Stroh. A Lutauman cannot banish a ghost forcefully, utilizing the Mundane Tools of Kor to provide them the alms and prayers to cross over. This ritual may also be used to carry up the dying, as a form of last rites. This ability would always require OOC consent, and may be performed through freeform ritual with the Mundane Tools of Kor. Redlines Last Rites will always require OOC consent. Last Rites cannot be used on a ghost or soul that is bound to another realm or the Mortal Plane by other magics or clauses. Last Rites would PK the target, allowing them to become a Lesser Ancestral Spirit. [T3][Combative] Invoke Echoes: At Tier 3 the Lutaumancer has the ability to strike a single target with a manifestation of their Echoes, casting a projectile capable of striking from [x tier] blocks away. This is done by invoking incitement for one emote, then the wrath of an ancestral spirit in Old Blah for two emotes, then striking the target on the fourth. During this, the shaman has a limited range of movement[three blocks per emote]. An invocation of Echoes will always start from the shaman and travel to the target, taking on any shape the shaman desires, whether a ball of condensed Echoes, or a spear of Echoes that travels to its victim. This spell can be disrupted like any other magic user with the breaking of concentration via effects like Hound’s Howl, being shoved over, or extreme pain. The range that the Lutaumancer can throw these echoes depends upon tier. T3: Echoes - 4 blocks from self. T4: Echoes - 6 blocks from self. T5: Echoes - 8 blocks from self. EFFECTS Physical Effects: Regardless of appearance, Invoke Echoes will always travel at the same speed and effective range. The attack itself has no concussive or piercing force, washing a target in Kor's wrath rather than throwing them back. A target is always capable of dodging the attack regardless of its aesthetic, so long as they are able to freely spend their action dodging- moving half the distance or more away from the attack. Echoes travel to their target on the [4]th Emote. If the target is able to put a solid object between themselves and the manifested echo on the [4]th emote, such as a door, a window, a full body shield, iron bars, a tree. The Echoes will collide with it instead of them. Echoes will still pass through permeable objects like leaves, cobwebs etc. The target, if directly struck, suffers a stinging, lasting pain akin to being set aflame that holds true for [2] emotes. This pain will always prevent the target from casting, but grant no wounds or deeper harm. A target is still free to move or defend themselves by other means even during the duration of the pain. If the target is wearing plate-mail, or other heavy plated armors (Laminar, Lamellar, Brigandine, etc) they will find their casting disrupted for [1] Emote. Half-Plate is not sufficient in blocking from the Echoes, and they too would suffer a [2] emote burn. Direct Effects on Ghosts/Undead/Soul-Altered: This attack leaves no lasting damage to descendants and other mortal creatures, though ghosts, undead, and similar may emote the effects of supernatural damage purely for aesthetic purposes(burned form, ashen body, etc). Echoes’ deific power restores the sensations of mortality within the undying or those who have forgone their mortality. Senses normally lost are returned with a disorientating clarity, both physical and mental. Creatures with lost souls anchored to them feel this effect to be extremely painful based upon the number of souls within their body. {This effect is purely fluff, Echoes will affect them in accordance with [Physical Effects] mechanics set above.} Echo Location Should the Echoes directly strike the target, it would mark the target for the Lutaumancer, allowing them to be seen through their Spectral Sense. Without taking up their primary action, a Lutauman is capable of invoking their Spectral Sense and have vision of their target regardless of status for {4 emotes}. A Lutauman may see the target for these emotes should they be obscured through magical haze, alchemy, or if the Lutauman themselves are blinded during the encounter. Once these effects end however, the Lutauman would be blinded for 1 emote, even if granted vision by supernatural or alchemical means. Should the target displace, leap, or move supernaturally and attack the Lutauman during these 4 emotes,the Lutauman would be capable of defending themselves as if the attack was made point blank from the Lutauman. Weaknesses: Echoes are capable of being snuffed or canceled out by stronger or equal magical spells, especially those of Mysticism, Naztherak, Voidal, soul-manipulating and Aengudaemonic magics. A practitioner of these arts or similar who is capable of coating, enchanting, or shielding themselves, a weapon, ward, or another character with these magics or their sources of appropriate tier(Malflame, Ectoplasm, Lifeforce, Xannic Mists, etc) is able to defend themselves. Should they cast a spell of matching tier or greater that meets this requirement, or the spell is intended for defense, these forces would eat away the Echoes before they were capable of having their effect on their intended target. Invoke Echoes would have no effect on constructs or creatures without a soul or powered by some fuel made from its substance. Redlines A target is always capable of dodging the attack regardless of its aesthetic, so long as they are able to freely spend their action dodging moving half the distance or more away from the attack. Invoke Echoes has no effect on flora and animals beyond Lutaumancers must remain within block range of their target depending on tier by their third emote or the invokement fails and travels nowhere. If Invoke Echoes strikes while a Persona is casting, this will fully interrupt their casting. Ergo, after the effect is over, they can begin casting anew. A Lutauman is not immune to Invoke Echoes of other Lutauman. A Lutaumancer may only use Incitement for Invoke Echoes with the intent to cast Invoke Echoes. Invoke Echoes requires Incitement before hand, and will never allow a Lutaumancer to ‘Sit’ on a casting. Lutaumancers must maintain line of sight on the target for the duration of incitement, and two emotes of chanting Old Blah. Lutaumancers are not able to cast other Magical Abilities or make use of Active Enchantments or other Magical Items while casting Invoke Echoes. Lutaumancers may not access their full movement while invoking Echoes, limited to three blocks per emote. Moving beyond this speed breaks the Lutaumancer’s concentration. Lutaumancers are able to decide what tier they will cast Invoke Echoes at by indicating at the start of the spell. This allows them to freely choose the range of Invoke Echoes, so long as they describe its range within the emote. [T4] [Combative]Weapons of Kor Lutauman are able to quickly cast Invoke Echoes upon their physical weapons, granting them the effect of Invoke Echoes upon contact. Weapons of Kor possess the same effects as Invoke Echoes, causing great pain and allowing the Lutauman to invoke Spectral Sense upon a target. The Lutaumancer is required over the course of {2} emotes to feed Echoes into the weapon. The weapon may warp and twist unnaturally as it is enwreathed in Echoes, taking on the visage of old ancestral weapons or infamous tools of the past. Active Invokement The effect of Echoes will occur with the next {4} successful strikes from this weapon. The Lutauman must perform the spell again should they wish to have the effects continue. Redlines Weapons of Kor may not be Lanterns, Torches, Bows, Crossbows, or thrown/ranged items. Weapons of Kor cannot be used on enchanted weapons incompatible with Shamanism. Weapons of Kor cannot be “double buffed” with the effects of alchemy or other salves. Weapons of Kor may be used with ST and Open Materials so long as the material is compatible with Shamanism. Weapons of Kor still adhere to all the redlines of Invoke Echoes. [T5] Purgation At the fifth Tier the Lutaumancer is able to banish ghosts, specters, and unbound undead from this realm and into the Gundâr Broshan directly. Banishment is done through the creation of a Site of Banishment, which requires a ritual to produce. Banishment follows displacement lore of the respective creature, removing them from the Mortal Realm as if they were killed by Holy Magics. These souls are sent to Gundâr Broshan to await judgment from Kor in the Ashlandic Purgatory of Stargush. Within this land, they either earn their right for passage into Stargush, aided by a Lutaumancer to gain approval from Kor to enter. ST creatures, special event characters, and large/unnatural creations through MArts that contain a soul or some derivative may be ushered to Kor for purging through Purgation so long as the Shamans receive ST Approval for playing/interacting with the character in question or a MArt is created. Shamans may not use banishment within events without explicit permission before the event. Targets are free to resist at the discretion of ST. Should a victim choose, they may consent to a PK, or if the shamans are capable of fulfilling the PK clause of a creature during the ritual(i.e, destroying their mortal anchor), they are liable to PK. All magics capable of resummoning or recreating the target of a Purgation would be capable so long as they fulfill the requirements of their lore, pulling them from the Gundâr Broshan and back into the Mortal Realm. Lutauman may perform Purgation by creating a Site of Banishment. Redlines: Soul-bound or Soul-anchored creatures by Necromancy, Mysticism, or similar future magics cannot be purged from them unless their shackles to the Mortal Realm are destroyed. Physical means of destroying the Sites of Banishments suffice in allowing the evil to escape it early, mundane tools or magic capable of undoing the seal. Mystics, Necromancers, Blood Mages, Frost Witches and Naztherak gain an awareness of the general direction of a banishment site within {50} blocks of it. It would produce an unnerving aura, felt like a sixth sense. This aura can be represented with rpsigns or event area messages. Destroying it frees the creature banished early. This may serve as a PK if the player in question so desires it to be so. This is done by either the player deciding to PK, having the Lutaumancer guide the spirit in Gundâr Broshan to Kor’s Gate for judgment. This should serve as further RP and the Lutauman should OOCly explain the process first. By default, a banished undead or player not wanting to PK will only be bound in Gundâr Broshan for as long as their own 'displacement' lore. If the player wishes to have the character remain longer until freed, this is perfectly fine. Sites of Banishment can not be used as Meta-Detectors. Should someone try to bring an unknown or non undead/mystic, etc within the sites of banishment as a means of identifying them, no answer will be given and the ritual will fail. Repeated infractions will lead to a blacklist. Both Ritual and Site Banishment Sites adhere to the above in addition to their own Redlines. Once a target is banished, they may not be banished again for another two weeks without OOC consent. [Site of Banishment] [ST Signed] Led by a T5 Lutaumancer with at least three other Lutaumancers of T5, each site of Banishment requires a build at least 4x4 showcasing some magical representation of spiritual imprisonment. The site created reaches a 10x10 area of effect, showcasing Spiritual binding, an aspect of the Stargush’Stroh, or the Lutauman’s Echoes. Lutauman may also enchant this area with the help of other shamans. A target may be brought to a site of permanent banishment where the ritual is conducted, subjecting them to Purgation should they be subdued and present for the entire banishment. CREATION The ritual to create the site is completely freeform, with the only requirements being at least 4 T4 Lutauman inciting Echoes, and a symbolic conduit of power that will banish the creature in question. This conduit provides the area with its aura, and would free the entrapped upon its destruction. These sites are ST signed. A Site of Banishment may be enchanted with Haruspexy to allow the story of the banishment to be evoked upon its container, recalling the sounds and memories required to take part in such an ordeal. Great myths were born from these canopic jars, of great evils sealed away to be labeled by fateful haruspice. Witchdoctors, Animists, and Farseers may respectively enchant the Site of Banishment by allowing it to adopt the aesthetics of the Spirit it was forged with. A Site of Banishment enchanted with Fiarza may float or entomb the victim within a magical tornado, or a Site of Banishment enchanted with Gazigash formed a blood prison from which the target can never escape. These effects are purely aesthetic, allowing the Site of Banishment to suit the culture and craft of those who use it. Enchanting the Site of Banishment requires a ritual where a Pacted Shaman or Haruspex (of any tier) calls upon their respective spirit, performs ritual, or sacrifice for 6 emotes. USAGE Using a Site of Banishment to cast Purgation requires 7 emotes of Incitement from at least one Lutaumancer at T5 Banishment to occur. The target must be fully subdued for all 7 emotes, before the effects take place, with any interruptions in the casting requiring the Lutauman to start from the beginning. Redlines Banishment Sites require documentation and ST signature to be created. Should one of the four pillars or more be fully destroyed the Banishment Site requires at least three Lutaumancers who are T4 to repair the damage. Banishment Sites require an ST sign stating it is active and approved. A Banishment Site can be used twice needing a cooldown of 1 OOC week before it can be used again. Tier Progression Teaching: A Lutauman must be taught Old Blah, Spirit Walk, Invoke Echoes, Mundane Items, and Purgation. Spectral Sense is a passive effect that develops over time, and Weapons of Kor is an implementation of Invoke Echoes. A Lutauman must have all the spells learned in order to make a [TA]. Self Teach Clause: In accordance with Spirit Pacting Lore, A Witch Doctor or a Farseer is able to visit Kor’s Immortal Realm themselves and make a Pact with a Lesser Spirit of Kor. A Pact with a Lesser Spirit of Kor will allow them to self teach Lutaumancy, granted they submit an MA and provide screen shots of the Roleplay of meeting a Lesser Spirit of Kor and pacting with them. This will follow all guidelines of any Self Taught magic. CREDITS ColonelSoberFunk,M4nnam4nnaa,Evonpire
  8. I've decided to compile what I've written over the years of being an orc in addition to pieces that have inspired me. I hope that this collection of lore, culture, and ideas inspires more people to make orcs and to use these resources when developing more nuanced characters. If you have any questions, or interested in having your submission featured here, leave a comment. GUIDES: Need to know how to play an orc or a specific role within society? DAILY LIFE: Need to know what to do during the day and how to roleplay? WILDLIFE/EVENT RESOURCES: Need to know what you can use freely for events? ARCHITECTURE/CRAFTSMANSHIP: How and What Orcs build. CULTURE How is orcish society different from others? LANGUAGE How and Why Orcs speak a collection of differently languages. SPIRITUALISM Spiritualism is the cultural practice of worshipping the Spirits SHAMANISM Shamanism is the magical practice of utilizing the Spirits
  9. I'm going to make an orc hub compiling all of the culture I and others have written over the years soon

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  10. Good post, I think if there was a easily place new players had resources like this to understand roleplay better (rather then taking from video games/anime), it may improve the quality of RP for everyone.
  11. Ghoraza's hands still smolder and drip with embers, made flame by the gore and entrails it now studied. The orc rarely sleeped, and now the creature had been drawn up into the machinations of something greater. Twisted circles lattice around the orc and enchanted entrails, forming more rituals to higher powers. "The wheel will be halted by our hand."
  12. A lot of orc books were lost to the book bug, like 2-4 centuries of stuff is just permanently gone :(. I highly encourage everyone to try and preserve server history. It's more important then you think.
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