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  1. APPLICATION Name: Hanekin of Zaluzh Age: 28 Race: Human Prior Relevant Experience: Hunting, short time as a sellsword
  2. I. Name: Ragnur Iumas II. Age: 33 IIa. Date of Birth [If Known]: IIb. Location of Birth [If Known]: III. Race [Human/Elf]: Human IIIa. Culture [Heartlander, Highlander, Wood Elf, etc.]: Highlander IV. Status of Blood [Nobility, Gentry, Commoner, Former Nobility, etc.]: Commoner V. Place of Residence: Erochland VI. Martial Knowledge [Trained in Weaponry, Archer, etc.]: Weaponry, not bad with bow VII. Skilled Labor [Farmer, Lumberjack, etc.]: Breeder OOC MC Name: Mr_Chapi Skype ID: EvaristoElCojo
  3. OOC/RP Application MC Name: Mr_Chapi RP Name: Ragnur Iumas Skype Account ((PM me if you wish for it to be private)): evaristoelcojo Timezone: CET Profession: Currently no one Do you have Teamspeak?/Are you willing to download it?: PK Clause Agreement ((Yes or No)): Yes
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