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  1. Horvath takes a break from tending his solemn fields of wheat as he reads the missive shaking his head before muttering. "What an issue, now where do I sign up to kill the elves?"
  2. Look at all these LOSERS roleplaying on mineman!!!! O- oh wait.....Im one of them......
  3. ((Gotta say im definitely a fan of these posts man, nice to see good scholarly articles and stuff, always a treat and very interesting to see one of the basrid papers pop up on the sidebar.
  4. Sir Henry frowns as his friend arrives in the seven skies "Too good this world was for you my friend, too early were you taken. T'is the going way of those who work so hard these days,"
  5. No need to thank me fellow staff team member, your mere presence is thanks enough.
  6. I think the real meme here is if Orenian WT members hadn't pushed the boundary and started doing it, it never would have become a thing allowed on the server for everyone else to have. So really, as an Orenian. You are welcome. Now we all get map art.
  7. RP Name: Phillip RohdeMC Name: Taketheshot56Voted: Yes :)
  8. Phillip Rohde smiles as he eats the free bread. "Brought to me by the Halcourt for mayor Miller's.... true Imperial bread for true Imperials!"
  9. Phillip Rohde in his burlap shirt leans across the table in the Providence Tavern grumbling to the group seated across from him. "Its always the fockin magic men, ALWAYS." He shakes his head before returning to his drink.
  10. IGN: Taketheshot56DISCORD: Taketheshot56#2728SKIN: HeritageBID: 400
  11. The End of Sir Henry It was a normal day for Sir Henry, a day of victory, a day of celebration. With the reveal of his magnum opus a hand drawn map of the Empire and a seat in the house of commons the man had done so much with his life In his years of service and he was determined to do more. Walking out of his shop to speak to Frederick Tueffel about a new sword he sought to be made, it was then the sounds of scuffle and shouts rose from Helvets Six. Sir Henry and Frederick Tueffel rushed inside to see a wounded Solicitor General Wick standing against the stairwell with a
  12. Sir Henry Smirks Savoyardly as he witnesses Samuel's protest arrive via courier in his shop. "I think not..." He exclaims out loud.
  13. The Holy Orenian Empire in The Year 1805 Foreword: Once again I find myself having travelled by foot the entirety of the Empire and the surrounding lands, though not as expansive as the original Imperial survey done upon arrival in Almaris I find it prudent to offer this one as a more detailed comprehensive map of The Holy Orenian Empire including all settlements, major highways, waterways and an accurate drawing of our borders at the present time. It is my hope that through this map, those who travel the Empire or even those who merely wish to study its
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