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  1. We've been over this before staff, free him now or face constant free kincaid status posts. This is your warning, I suggest you heed it.
  2. *******
  3. Vallera ________________________________________ With the introduction of cannons Vallera now had a means of defeating the giants, that had so plagued them in the last attack. They would need to be built and for that they needed a forge, the construction workers and engineers immediately set to work building the forge within the city. It was once again time to prepare for the next attack and to soon hopefully counterattack, the army began to train day and night, drilling in combat to prepare them to fight and practicing shooting to hopefully perfect them all as marksmen. It was a busy time in the kingdom, when the attack came they would be ready. ______________________________________ ACTIONS -3AP on large forge -2AP on further training of the army STATS -Population 1970 -Armed forces 245 Legionnaires armed with matchlock rifles, iron swords and shields. -1 large ship STORAGE (Materials or weapons & equipment not being used) -295 matchlock rifles -400 bows and arrows -150 swords -50 spears -200 shields FOOD -3770 STRUCTURES -4 farms -4 silos -stone walls with upgraded battlements and embrasures -Moat and drawbridge -240 wooden buildings -1 mine -1 lumber camp -1 trapping lodge
  4. United States Of Arcturus Arcturus system 2113 ______________________________________ As the ship returned from warpspace a new chapter was entered into human spaceflight, just over two hundred years ago man had first lifted off the earth into the sky and here they were now, the capability to travel between stars at the tips of their fingers, ahead of the the galaxy awaited daring to be explored. With the completion of the first stable and workable generation of warp drives it was now time to create a platform from which to explore the galaxy. The USA commissioned the Rhode Island class exploration vehicle to be built in orbit above Artemis, Featuring the standard complement of sublight drives as well as the 1st generation warp drive the vessel maintains a crew of thirty, the vessel features two Stanford torus wheels, the fore wheel is comprised of two decks and contains the crew's living & sleeping quarters. With the size and rate of spin of the wheel the crew experience a comfortable .5 Gs through a central tunnel it is connected to the main truss, the main truss also spinning but being much smaller in size only maintains 0.2Gs. The second stanford torus at the aft is much the same as the first, instead of living quarters however it contains a fully equipped infirmary, science lab and the ship's farm providing fresh food for long voyages. The fore block of the ship contains the bridge, hanger bay and storage deck. Due to zero spin the crew uses mag boots when operating in that area, the ship's sensor and communication suite also resides here. Between the the two wheels sits the ship's two cargo bays, maintaining .4Gs the pods are used for extra storage of necessary equipment and supplies. The Aft block much like the fore has no gravity, the aft contains the ship's fusion reactors, engineering shop, fuel tanks and engines. The Ship contains several smaller craft, the main craft the ship operates for surface to ground exploration missions are the two Yukon light transport, capable of ferrying crew and supplies between the surface and ship. Also located in the hanger are two Camel LRV’s and a 12 ton truck. Still the issue of FTL communication remained, it would still take years for transmissions to reach home. As a workaround the government engineering and physics institute designed communication probes. Twelve communication probes are on board the ship, reusable and roughly the size of a bookcase the probes contain a warp drive as well as a full communication suite. When necessary the Rhode Island class vessel can deploy a probe program in a message and warp it back to Arcturus where it can relay information to the ground there and vice versa, through this courier type of communication the time it would take to send a message and receive a reply went from years to an hour or two. As work began on the Rhode Island class exploration vessel several problems still remained throughout the nation as President Hallsworth entered his second term he was still much focused on the issues at home. Time and resources were beginning to be funneled into further upgrading the mines on Iris to keep up with the colonies demand for raw materials and minerals. Another key point was that of the population, the recent boom they had received in the last year was still not enough, last year there was a child born for every 28 citizens, it was the hope of the nation to lower that to at least a margin of 18, and so more resources were put into encouraging the general populace to ‘get it on’ ____________________________ ACTIONS 2AP for construction of a Rhode Island class exploration vessel 1AP for upgrades of the current mining facilities on Iris 1AP on get knocked up ads ________________________ Population 117,500 Military -900 US Army soldiers Vehicles: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BAQlXjZQkX5d59e8o3pXE36MWKZ5GLt2sYx6wD6Ksvw/edit?usp=sharing
  5. United States Of Arcturus Arcturus system 2112 ______________________________________ Life continues on. Such was the motto many were taking as the colony came into its fourth year. Four years since they had left, four years on their own in the dark abyss of space. But like they say life continues on. More and more citizens went to work as another generation left school and joined the workforce. When previously the average age for child birth was 25-35 the standard had drastically changed. The average age for child birth was now 19-27. Couples no older than 18 were rapidly marrying their significant others and what would 10 years ago be a cause for population concern was something that was now needed. To succeed as a race they needed a strong youth generation, It was time to get the population ball rolling. _________________________ Work on the jump drive was….unsuccessful, the drive just simply couldn't be replicated at this time. Notes were taken, it was studied and documented and then it was sealed in a vault on Iris until time could come in the future where they could uncover it's secrets. However as the research was underway scientists discovered, quite by accident. An anomaly being caused by the device, it seemed to be distorting space and time around it. With this new possibility on the table research and funding was poured into it at the end of the year they finally had something to show. A working prototype warp drive. Although tests had been successful, engineers and scientists pressed for an interstellar flight. _____________________________ Featuring a large externally mounted power plant to house the necessary power to maintain the warp bubble the x-502 a small scout ship carrying one pilot prepared to set out on its journey. Having warped from one end of Arcturus to another with ease it was time to test it out, a course was plotted on the ground as the pilot gripped the control stick tight. Sitting in orbit above Artemis the engineers on the moon waited hopefully. With the target set for the nearby Juno system 3 light years away the warp drive kicked in and the x-502 disappeared from sensors. With the coordinates for Arcturus still plugged into the ship's computer they could only wait until their ship came back. If, it came back. ____________________________ ACTIONS 1AP for test of the warp drive 1AP for the promotion of child bearing throughout the planet encouraging families to grow and to repopulate the human race 2AP into researching automatic assembly lines for the Vantage shipyard in hopes of lowering construction time. ________________________ Population 112,000 Military -900 US Army soldiers
  6. "Ave Horen! Ave Orenia!" Phillip shouts
  7. Fine we wanna get serious lets get fuckin serious. I remember a time when I used to love LOTC i enjoyed getting on to play everyday, it was an adventure. For the short time when I started playing things were fair, numerous times I had an oren biased GM leave a ruling to a neutral party as he/she did not want to seem bias in their desc ion. This kinda thing happened very often. And it was good. Staff made appropriate decisions and and took advice to heart. I remember last april, I hated nathan barnett with a passion and would do everything in my power to piss him off and get him in trouble. During this time he was extremely toxic and I had evidence, upon taking it to a GM they said "If you have a problem compile the screenshots and make a ban report, i cannot shadow ban someone." What happened to a ruling like that? What happened to giving people chances to defend themselves. Nowadays bans are decided in a skype group far from the public eye, this has got to stop. Enough of the shadow desicions. If you have a problem with a player make a BR and go out into the open with your claim for all to judge. This hiding of decisions by GMs is honestly one of the reasons Ive lost interest with this server all it does is promote the OOC ideals, people like nathan cannot RP without fear of being struck down by a courland lord who has decided to clearly favor his nation. We need accountability, a player has EVERY right to ask for a non bias GM and for the bias Gm to say otherwise, they are wrong. So very wrong. This needs to stop. It needs to stop now.
  8. I do not care! If I must recieve a warning point to speak my mind on this matter so be it! I am ready to receive 10 warning points for you my friend. This isnt just about you anymore, this is about the server. This is about GM power going unchecked for too ******* long, about how the snakes and rulebreakers rise to the top immune from repercussions but how good hardworking GMs and players alike are cast into the abyss of the bans for their strength to speak out. Once more we will once again be fighting for our freedom… Not from tyranny, oppression, or persecution… but from annihilation. We are fighting for our right to live and post freely. To exist. And should we win the day, the server will declare in one voice: We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight! We’re going to live on! We’re going to survive! Today we take back our forums!
  10. Free nathan barnett!

  11. United States Of Arcturus Arcturus system 2111 ______________________________________ The Hawk class shuttle docked with the station that orbited above Artemis now three times larger than it originally was, the station possessed a wide array of docks and hangers, in nearly a year the USA went from having nearly no fuel to a thriving colony with ships travelling back and forth between the moons. As several workers stepped off the shuttle they quickly found the correct path and followed it. Through several corridors they finally reached a large hangar filled with activity as the final pieces were being fitted and machines calibrated. This was to be their new workplace a massive shipyard hanging lazily in orbit. The workers moved through another corridor reaching their rooms. Eager to get to work they stowed their luggage and moved to the prep room putting on their jumpsuits and magboots as they made their way onto the hangar floor. _______________________________________ As President Hallsworth entered into his last year of his first term he was determined to leave a lasting impression on the citizen that they would hopefully remember in november. Enjoying a 82% approval rating his reelection was hopefully an easy run. Some of the citizens however had other priorities. The vocal minority constantly criticized him on TV, mocking his foolish plans for expansion they believed humans should stick to one planet. That however was not going to happen. “So Mr President given the chance what would you say to these...very angry, citizens. They believe you are getting to ahead of yourself and will harm the nation in doing so, I'm sure our viewers would enjoy to hear your response.” James laughed and cracked a smile as he confidently adjusted his tie sitting up to make eye contact with the host “Well Jerry, we are. We are getting ahead of ourselves. We are pushing against boundaries, and there is NOTHING wrong with that.” The host nodded as James continued “For centuries on Earth we were subject to the whims of the world having to please everyone else, for once we can focus on ourselves as a nation. Yes we are getting ahead of ourselves because nobody ever got anywhere sitting at home.” Jerry Man the host of Artemis nightly nodded in agreement “I agree with you Mr President along with a majority of the population. My father covered a lot of presidents in his days back on Earth and most would cower from a question like that, it's good to see that you are willing to take issues head on not avoid questions Mr President.” James smiled reaching out to shake the hosts hand “Thank you for having me on tonight Jerry, it was a pleasure.” ______________________________________________ The colony was progressing well, they had for the time being settled in quite nicely, but the best scientists of the colony decided to focus on other projects. With the knowledge received by the reverse engineering of the jump drive it was time to dive back in. The parts were intricately being studied as engineers and scientists poured over the notes as a project began to develop a prototype drive. ____________________________________________________ Actions 4AP for research into a prototype jumpdrive using knowledge obtained during their reverse engineering 3 years ago. Population -108,000 Military -900 US army soldiers Vehicles https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BAQlXjZQkX5d59e8o3pXE36MWKZ5GLt2sYx6wD6Ksvw/edit?usp=sharing
  12. just give the man GM already
  13. Berental and several of his haensetian brethren dance around the fire of their mountain hideout as they cheer and sing
  14. United States Of Arcturus Arcturus system 2110 The clanking of machines and sound of construction echoed through the dense pine forest, James Hallsworth wiped the falling snow from his goggles as him and his entourage toured the under construction refinery. He hoped it would be finished by the end of next year, then the fuel tanks on the now docked arks could be refilled and focus could be put into other things. The placement of the fuel refinery on Iris was one of economical and strategic importance, the Keshum crystals being mined would only require an hour drive to the refinery to be made into fuel rather than a six hour spaceflight to Artemis. Already halfway into his term James had done much good. However the critics still reigned and cursed him for the lack of trade. There just wasn't enough time to build industry and produce ships by hand. It was clear that new steps would need to be taken to improve the building capacity of the system. A shipyard was needed and it was needed soon before they really needed more ships. With the platform for creation already built it was merely the act of hauling the components needed to the already operational space station and installing them. These next steps would be necessary for expansion throughout the system and hopefully in the near future, the galaxy. Population had continued to grow but at the current rate it would need to move alot faster. The goal of the USA was that of a colonized system, immune from a large disaster such as that in Sol, it was going time but time is fortunately something the USA had lots of right now. _______________________ Actions 1AP into finishing the fuel refinery on Iris 3AP for construction of a shipyard on the Vantage orbital station __________________________ Population 105,000 Military 900 US Army soldiers
  15. Its broken, fix it. It only does text color and pictures. Sizing, spacing font all broken It wasn't always like this. People could make and then paste amazingly formatted posts. Fix it please.