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  1. Ser Phillip sits on a normal looking chair wielding his own piece of boomsteel
  2. So what happens to the ore Ive spent a long ass time digging up? Is it gone?
  3. For getting boomsteel before these ore things popped out, I had to grab a GM and go RP prospecting for it, am I still able to do that, ore are these mining sites now the only way to get the ore?
  4. Wheres the anti meta aviary plugin that was "Ready to release in a few days" Back in january????
  5. Question, for those of us who have been RPly working the tundra for boomsteel, are we still able to use the more difficult prospecting, or is this now the only way to get boomsteel ore?
  6. United States Of Arcturus Arcturus system 2134 IN GOD WE TRUST ______________________ In God we trust….all others we track. Deathly silent in the black abyss, the USS Baltimore drifted along its course, no engine running. The black painted ship coated in stealth panels continued on its course forward. The boat was rigged for ultra quiet, minimum movement, crews at battle stations or in their racks, the ship continued forward, the NAV officer looked over his screen, a detailed profile of the surrounding space using passive sensors. Above the console printed on a faded sticker was the ship's motto and mission. The space around the ship was empty, not a thing for half a million miles, Captain Ross Looked through his viewscreen. “Nothing here, Chief Of The Boat prepare the jump to warp, this game preserve is bone dry.” The COB nodded “Aye aye Captain, lee helm bring us to warp, helm set course for the next plot” The COB reached up to the one MC sounding the Warp alarm twice “All hands this is the con, warp….warp….warp.” The Ship's engine ignited in a large rush of blue, the ship shot forward for a few kilometres before hurrying off into warp. The navigator kept his eyes on the tracking table it was only to be a short haul to the next point “Captain thirty seconds till warp dropout.” Captain Ross nodded “XO! Standby to rig the boat for ultra quiet!” The stars flying by came to a stop as the ship exited warp. The captain quietly walked towards the nav officer in a low voice “Course?” The Nav officer nodded “Parabolic orbit of a nearby class G star, orbit period is 30,000 years, no sign of external gravitational forces, tracking si- holy mother of Mary, Captain, tracking sixty plus freighters and liners, we just dropped into a shipping lane.” The captain smirked as he sipped his now cold covfeve. He picked up the ships talking comms keying it “Weapons this is the con, load torpedoes in tubes one through eight.” A crackly voice responded about sixty seconds later “Con this is the weapons room, torpedoes loaded tubes one through eight.” The captain paced around the con “FCO give me something to shoot at.” The FCO nodded “Sir transponders show two Triathalon freighters, 30,000 tonnes and 10,000 tonnes respectively.” The ship continued on its course undetected “Get me firing solutions on each of them” Captain Ross said with another sip of covfeve, the fire control officer spent a minute pressing buttons and selecting menus. “Sir firing solutions found.” The captain nodded picking up the comm mic the eyes of everyone in the con looked to him, with a heavy sigh he looked up to the two portraits above the con in plain view, one of the Keerim Emperor and another of President Hayes, crossing his heart he signing the cross he keyed the mic “Weapons, two solutions found, fire torpedos one and two at solution one. Fire three and four at solution two.” The FCO studied his screen, the torpedos also coated in stealth panels streaked away from the ship towards their targets “Captain we have fish in the water, TOT three minutes.” the Triathalon ships continued to amble through the shipping lane, unknown to them their deaths were moments away as four rods of pain streaked across open space, undetected. “Captain, good hits on both targets.” Two bright flashes lit up the space around the shipping lane as freighters all around went to warp. The wreckage of the two freighters began to spread out, nothing more than a centimetre big. “COB, push to warp and take us home.” The Captain went to take a sip but found his cup empty, was it a metaphor for their luck? ____________________________ ACTIONS 5AP for the construction of a Wasp Class Support Carrier 3AP for P.S.D.I Assisting the PAR In their shield research 1AP 0AP In response to the destruction of several US freighters specifically the Ice freighter Manchester. The US takes efforts to sink some Trialithion freighters to equal the amount of tonnage the US has lost. 0AP for the beginning of Operation Lentus 0AP for the sending of an unmanned warp probe to the Triangulum galaxy, only a fraction of a million light years further than Andromeda, the probe would be sent to hopefully proceed without the hindrance of invisible galactic walls. ________________________ Naval Registry https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Pwr9qUoWTKhFiMbZzH0ee9C8GvHJimcAqQz50a0t9wE/edit?usp=sharing ________________________________ TRADE PARTNERS -Skeller -Libellan -Keerim ___________________________ SHIPYARD LEVEL 4 Population 310,500 humans 16,000 Keerim 7,750 Skellar 8,250 Libellan 7,250 Da’nor 750 Human-tijeran Total pop = 350,500 10k neanderthals ____________________________________ Military -20,000 US Navy sailors -12,000 US Marines -10,000 US Army soldiers -500 fighter craft -100 Hunter-2 bots ______________________________________ Arcturus System Valentum-1 ______________________________ ________________________________________
  7. I led legions into battle? Wow. Never knew that.
  8. Gunsmithing would add alot to RP, just make it so that it requires both work and skill to be made.
  9. Feel free to take a look at this for inspiration. But yes, something where a mage isnt required.
  10. Allow me to introduce the Thanic-Mana Cannon... A very hard worked on by multiple people in the Westerlands myself included, we spent, and I **** you not a few weeks, creating this lore, construction testing the whole shabang. We used multiple sources of APPROVED lore and in all sense of the world this should have absolutely worked, I always hear the excuse "Maybe if it wasn't black powder, try to be more creative" How much more creative can one get??? Honestly??? We had plans to once that was accepted move to smaller scale weaponry, and this was a very balanced completely lore approved combustion, the boomsteel alloy would heat the thanium, heat+thanium=mana, mana charged magnetus and then it propels a small magnetus shot. This **** was very creative, and took hard work. For the most part people liked the lore aside from one exception who just posted "no" without any feedback, so a month rolls around and we get the verdict. I got this response "Thank you for submitting your piece! Unfortunately, this lore is hereby denied. Thanhium is currently undergoing a review in the way it functions which directly conflicts with this lore. That, and this doesn't seem to provide much in terms of a difference between other siege weapons (e.g. the explosive ballista) to warrant bringing back actual cannons to the server." Now this is no fault to pink lion as they were just doing their job but we waited, we waited and waited for the thanium edit and other lore edit to take place in order to revise the cannon. So Three months after they said they were on the process of changing the lore nothing happened, so I shot a message to pink lion and asked about it. As it stood there had been no changes and lion never got back to me with the date any changes would be made, its now been about 6 months, and the change they said that would directly contradict the lore has yet to appear. So I ask this....why tell us to be more creative, only to shut down people when they get creative??? The answer? "As for the weapon itself, not many people (LT's) were a fan of the cannon concept." So now, lore that works, makes sense and falls within reason is being denied because LT's were not fans of the idea.
  11. Fishy is right, if you cant preload, why carry 4 guns? easy peasy 2 birds one stone.
  12. No the poll stated, if we had guns, everyone should have them. Or have a way of creating them, what LT gave us was super convoluded mage only firearms, in order to get one (And I would know) It would take forever to find a mage even willing to bestow the tiniest bit magic into your thing, if everyone had access to them so they weren't soley a mage thing with very few non mages having them. It woulda been ok.
  13. Ser Phillip passes a flyer to the Emperor @Tsuyose "I wonder if this has anything to do with the shady folks pretending we didnt see them outside the palace..." Phillip nods at the cunning and constantly stealthy thieves.
  14. United States Of Arcturus Arcturus system 2132 IN GOD WE TRUST ______________________ Fleet Week “Passing by the stands now is the USS Wasp, the USS Wasp was originally constructed as a colony ship by the remnants, it was converted to a light carrier and eventually transferred to the Solarin fleet, captured by the United States Navy it was then pressed into service, if you look closely you can still see the original colony cargo racks on the under belly.” The announcer's voice boomed as the almost kilometre long support carrier gracefully floated by. The crowd cheered as the large white letters of USS WASP floated by the main balcony, the next ship a much smaller and faster one lined up to pass the stands, it slowly engages its thrusters moving to pass by the concourse “Coming up now the USS Baltimore, the lead ship in her class the USS Baltimore was built in 2129 as a guided missile corvette for fleet screening.” The crowd cheered as the ship zoomed by clearly more agile than the rest of the fleet, small but proud. The next ship lurched closer at almost 2km long it slowly picked up speed “And now the show most of us have been waiting to see, the USS South Dakota, lead in her class of the South Dakota class battleships. Constructed in 2131 by Zryka Engineering the South Dakota is the most powerful ship in commision today, and it looks like she is gonna show us her guns…” The announcer's voice was absorbed by the screaming crowd waving small paper flags, the massive 1m railguns of the battleship turned to face a large target. “Complete with deflector shields and armor, this target is based with the same specifics as a Solarin destroyer…” The two 1m railguns began tracking before they each fired one round at the deflector enveloped target. The shells pierced the deflectors immediately and the ship exploded in a brilliant flash of light as the 1m tungsten shells hit true. The battleship fired another salvo of smaller tracer rounds into the black abyss of space. “And coming over now, carrier air wing-1 tactical bomber squadron six, flying VC-9 bombers they are matched out on their wings by escort F-92’s out of the territorial defense air corps based on Artemis.” The small fighters and bombers streaked across the top of the concourse, white blue and red smoke trailed behind them, shimmering in the sunlight. “Sir the 1m are loaded and ready to fire again, another salvo?” Admiral Cuthos looked out the front of the bridge “No FCO, that's enough show for one day, rotate guns to standby position.” The sailor nodded “Aye aye sir.” and keyed a few buttons. A sailor in camouflage quickly rushed up to the admiral offering a snappy salute which the admiral returned “Morning sir, Admiral Benjamin sends his regards sir, he is passing the word for you.” The sailor handed a sealed envelope to the three star admiral. Admiral Cuthos read it with a nod “Sweet mother of Mary, have the flight deck prepare a shuttle for transport.” ________________________________________ With the recent bolstering of the fleet the US government finally decided it was time to strengthen the forces at home, seeing the success of the Hans defenses the US decided it was time to employ P.S.D.I. Otherwise known as planetary surface defense initiative. P.S.D.I consists of five defense modules. __________________________________________________________ The first module of the defense initiative is ground based missile silos, deployed in heavily armored silo bunkers the Surface to space missiles are equipped with various warheads to be used against an enemy. _____________________________________________________ The second module is a fleet of TEL1A1 Tomahawk mobile launch platforms, these mobile trucks are designed to change locations on a weekly basis being able to go from driving to firing the TEL surface to space missile in six minutes. ______________________________________________________________ The third module is T.A.A.W.P AKA Top. The transportable anti aircraft weapons platforms are a mix of mobile anti aircraft missiles and flak cannons designed to be employed around key structures and areas to intercept enemy strike craft. ____________________________________________________________ The fourth module is ground railgun emplacements. These emplacements are designed to be fired directly at enemy ships in orbit and range in size from 500cm to 2m projectiles. Existing in both armored bunkers and hidden emplacements these are mounted around the moon in extremely large numbers. ___________________________________________________ The fifth module is a fleet of MAV-1 vehicles, these massive trucks are mounted with dual 400mm railguns. The trucks constantly change locations and are designed to fire directly at ships in orbit before moving away to avoid return fire. ____________________________ ACTIONS 5AP for P.S.D.I 1AP for 100 strike craft 5AP For a Los Angeles Class Cruiser ________________________ Naval Registry https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Pwr9qUoWTKhFiMbZzH0ee9C8GvHJimcAqQz50a0t9wE/edit?usp=sharing ________________________________ TRADE PARTNERS -Free Human technocracy -Imperium Of man -Silver Knights -Hephaestus Industries -Ceri Collective -Tijeran Principate -Ascardian Principate -New Sephora -Grand Alliance ___________________________ SHIPYARD LEVEL 4 Population 300,250 humans 8,000 Keerim 67,500 Skellar 8250 Libellan 7000 Da’nor 625 Human-tijeran Total pop = 391,625 10k neanderthals ____________________________________ Military -20,000 US Navy sailors -12,000 US Marines -10,000 US Army soldiers -500 fighter craft -100 Hunter-2 bots ______________________________________ Arcturus System Valentum-1 ______________________________ ________________________________________
  15. Ser Phillip nods "We found these things like 20 years ago in the Company of the Westerlands, I ******* told Berengar they were part o' somthin bigger."