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  1. Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    United States Of Arcturus Arcturus system 2144 IN GOD WE TRUST ______________________ “Tell me, do you know what the term ‘Call of the void’ means?” President Whitmore said to the young man taking notes beside him. “N-no sir I don't? What is it?” James Whitmore bit the tip of his tongue a little bit as he swallowed the last drops of drink from his crystal glass. Staring out the window of the vantage station in the direction of Keerim space. “You ever find yourself in a tall place, say the ledge of a cliff or a building and think to yourself, that to jump would surely mean death. But you are compelled to anyway?” The aide paused his writing with a stumble snapping the lead of his pencil “I suppose sir, I never really thought of it.” James Whitmore set his glass down on the oak desk behind him. “Its called the call of the void, and now you know.” Several seconds of silence passed by. “You weren't born on earth were you son?” Looking up the young man shook his head “No sir, my parents were but I was born on Iris.” James nodded “I should've thought so, we are a dying breed, I was but a boy on Earth. Tell me, Phill is it?” The younger man nodded “Yes sir, Phill, Newmann. I started here last week.” James nodded “What do they tell you about the United States in school, the old states of Earth?” Phill paused “Enough sir, we were taught that it was power-” James cut him off. “Not just powerful, a superpower, coast to coast, millions of people, democracy, apple pie. A far fall, we are not them anymore. We are barely a democracy, if you could even call it that.” The two men stood side by side as they stared out the large window “But times are changing, in the near future big things will happen for us Phill, just you wait and see.” ____________________________ ACTIONS With major changes taking place within the nation, a large number of sailors are discharged from duty in order to allow them to enter the civilian workforce. A thorough and intense scanning program takes place with the US wishing to fully document their resources in both CS and TC. 5AP With the new path for the US clear a vast amount of resources are placed into the Planetary Surface Defense Initiative once more. A focus is made on fortifying the many moons and asteroids surrounding the lush capital world of Artemis in order to protect the capital from any future incursions. The focus is placed on heavy railguns, PD emplacements and long range missiles. 10AP Han Shipyard-5AP 2AP to the Dominion of Man ________________________ Naval Registry ________________________________ TRADE PARTNERS -Skeller -Han Dominion -Malta -GTFO -PAR -Silver Knights -Libellan -Confederation Of Xaplonius -H.E. ___________________________ 20AP on PSDI SHIPYARD LEVEL 4 Population 275,000 Humans 20,000 Da’nor 7,000 Human-Tijerian 18,000 Skellar 12,000 Libellans 2,000 Ceri GARRISON 50,000 Ceri 15,000 Ascard 20,000 Da’nor Total Pop 334,000 _______________________________ Industry 25AP=1Ap ____________________________________ Military -25,000 US Navy sailors -15,000 US Marines -500 fighter craft -100 Hunter-2 bots -15,000 Defender droids. -12,000 Tithonus MK2 droids ______________________________________ Arcturus System Valentum-1 _____________________________ ________________________________________ Dominion of Man “As we step into this new era, I am proud to be chosen by the members of the Dominion to lead this federation for the next term, the next five years will see great increase in trade, military and population growth of the Dominion, to that I promise. But we must remember those who made this great federation possible, a great many people died to preserve humanity in the fight against Eadn, many lost their lives driving back the tyranny of THC and protecting the affiliation against the purge that many nations worked so hard to facilitate. Therefore, my first act as the Arbiter of the Dominion of Man is to declare today, June 21st. Thule day, in honor of the brave men and women of the Thulean Navy who put their foot down and tried to stop the THC northern battle group from purging the peaceful citizens of the Affiliation. Even though they all died in their endeavor their sacrifice allowed us the time we needed to intercept the battle group, their action undoubtedly saved hundreds of thousands of lives, and so this day, will be a federation holiday in memorial of those who helped it form.” ________________________________________________________ The first act of the Dominion of man is to create the first interstellar highway comprising of numerous quantum anchors being constructed. 6AP ((Ill send the locations to you czar)) The second act of this year is to assist in the fortification of the Beijing stronghold. Numerous heavy rail gun cannons are constructed around the massive Han Shipyard to protect it from threat. 1AP Establishing June 21st as Thule Day throughout the federation. 0AP
  2. Who would win, An island fortress

    impervious to all attacks, or some

    weird podracing guys boat.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. oblivionsbane
    3. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      its not impervious to attack if it was attacked

    4. UnitedSnakes


      was rough. 30 good men fighting to the death!

  3. Stop "Thinking" On Roleplay Threads

    Breaking news. Forum team now restricts independent thought. How long until the tyrannical FM's are stopped.
  4. The Slaughter of Vjorhelm - A Lucienist Perspective

    Phillip stood with his brothers in the order at the steps of the temple. Across the square the giant Ashwood tree that had once stood proudly in the square teetered and rocked before coming crashing down into several homes. Norland was vanguished.
  5. Blood and Ashes

    Phillip raises an eyebrow to The woman, seeing as she had been present in the battle wearing carbarum armor.
  6. In regards to bluesteel lored items that have significance and say are inside peoples vaults as of now, are they being allowed to be grandfathered in so I dont have to leave behind my cool items? Furthermore will the adminshop still remain?
  7. Hey Uhhh could someone unban my good pal Dewper?

  8. Freebuild tile rules poll

    good, but the ban thing still stands, it needs to be made clear that if you cant build a somewhat aesthetically pleasing build, dont do it. The most immersive breaking thing would be walking into the wild to find a 5x10 wood plank hut.
  9. Freebuild tile rules poll

    Okay. Let's add in freebuilds. However. Nation leaders invoke the right to destroy anything g free built in their tiles for ANY reason. And somesorta no noon dirt huts. A one week ban for poor building should be enforced
  10. @Harrison I want you to know the

    kawaii girl anime poster you got me

    for Christmas is going to Atlas.

    Edited by Taketheshot
  11. Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    United States Of Arcturus Arcturus system 2144 IN GOD WE TRUST ______________________ The craft plunged spiraled out of control as it neared closer to the treeline, spinning and spinning the last thing that was seen, was the tips of the jungle canopy before a jarring shock and then nothing. And then a light, bright, piercing through the darkness, and then again. It went black. As she awoke again, this time is was not for a millisecond. Slowly opening her eyes the woman looked around her surroundings. No longer in her gear she was in a blue hospital gown. Laying in a bed of a small room with steel walls. The blinds were closed but she could hear commotion in the hallway outside. She struggled to remember where she was. As she lay back in the bed the door opened and what looked to be a doctor stepped inside. Followed by another man who looked strangely like a soldier of some sort she struggled to speak “Wh- where?” The officer nodded “I'm sure you have a lot of question, and don't worry we will answer them all. But for now you need to rest. It is very important.” She nodded as the doctor injected something into her IV and she once again slipped unconscious. An unknown amount of time passed before she awoke again, gazing through the same familiar room she found even more men in military clothing and a few women, all watching her. As she rubbed her eyes the man she spoke to for a brief moment stepped forward and sat down on a chair facing the woman in the hospital bed. “Do you know where you are?” He asked curiously as he studied the woman. She shook her head “Its all foggy the last thing I remember was going down….” The man thumbed his chin with a slight sigh. “You are on board the aircraft carrier USS Valley Forge.” she nodded slowly thinking to herself how unfamiliar this was “Did you pull me out? Out of the wreckage?” The man bit his lip before pausing. “No, we didn't.” She gave a confused look as she thought to herself “Well how di- how did I get here?” The naval officer took an even deeper breath as he looked to his colleges behind him, silently studying the interaction. “You are aboard the USS Valley Forge, currently orbiting the planet Hermes in the Arcturus system.” She chuckled trying to rationalize what the man was saying “Hermes? Artur what?” The man nodded to his aide who began pressing buttons. And he responded to her. “The year is 2145, you are in the Arcturus system of the United States of Arcturus, successor of the United States of America....” He paused as the aide finished pressing a button and the shades began to open revealing the view from the hospital room of an Ocean of Stars. “You have been in stasis, for two hundred and seven years…..Miss Earhart. You never died in that plane crash….” With a gasp Amelia looked out the window next to her bed, and fully grasped the reality of her situation. ____________________________ ACTIONS 7AP to the HE for a truly massive order 2AP to dirty, the greedy bastard! 0AP for sending out the colony ship to the southernmost sector. As well as scanning it upon arrival 4AP The US begins to take the 2000 out of stasis and returning them to their nations. Barring of course, those who wish to remain either with the US or the Han. 4AP for construction of 4 Stealth corvettes ________________________ Naval Registry ________________________________ TRADE PARTNERS -Skeller -Han Dominion -Malta -GTFO -Eadn -Silver Knights -Libellan -Confederation Of Xaplonius -H.E. ___________________________ 20AP on PSDI SHIPYARD LEVEL 4 Population 250,000 Humans 17,500 Da’nor 6,500 Human-Tijerian 15,500 Skellar 10,500 Libellans 1,250 Ceri GARRISON 50,000 Ceri 15,000 Ascard 20,000 Da’nor Total Pop 301,250 _______________________________ Industry 25AP=1Ap ____________________________________ Military -50,000 US Navy sailors -20,000 US Marines -1,000 US Army soldiers -500 fighter craft -100 Hunter-2 bots -15,000 Defender droids. ______________________________________ Arcturus System Valentum-1 _____________________________ ________________________________________
  12. What items carry over next map?

    Usually you get to transfer over 16 or so items that have been signed, usually lore items not diamond or iron etc. Also books.
  13. [RP Thread] Nightfall II

    Canada The CSA had finally made its decision. MDA Aerospace had put forth quite the option, the Vulcan-7 multi stage launch vehicle was a massive behemoth capable of carrying 25,000 tons to orbit. It was the jewel of the CSA, sleek, powerful and sturdy, its advanced highly capable engines allowed it to break free from the surly bonds of Earth with great ease. It was to be put to work immediately. Astronaut Michael Haines floated silently in the cabin of the crew capsule, built to carry eight the first test carried only three and with his companions doing tests up on the flight deck he stared out the window of the spacious cabin area, a far cry from the apollo capsules and others of yore. It featured a spacious area for 8 astronauts but with only 3 onboard there was much more space between the astronauts. It was much more peaceful up here, Michael thought to himself as the craft soared above a sleeping middle east. At 100 km up the astronauts could see all the way to asia from their point on the coast of Africa. While Canada and Germany looked to the stars, nations like Russia, almost seemed to go backwards. The paper tiger had reared its head in the form of a monarchy and blew away in the wind. “Haines! Come on man get up here!” Michael pulled himself away from the window in zero-g and over to the tunnel floating to the command area “We starting yet?” Michael asked, Commander Carlise nodded as he strapped himself into the chair and flight engineer Flansen did the same. Michael floated into his seat as he fastened the straps, punching various buttons and hitting various switches the rocket's engine ignited as it burned to slow itself down to the velocity of the orbital platform. “Look at that Gentlemen, isn't it something?” Commander Carlise noted as he pointed towards the structure. The early stages of the platform were nothing but support beams, wires. But still a feat for the budding space agency. And of course it really was something, the troubles a hundred kilometres below were of no concern to the men in space, however they were troubles….nonetheless... Actions 1AP for investment into the mining industry to allow easier access for southern companies into the mineral rich northern mountains. (Growth my nignog) 4AP In conjunction with the German space program Canada once again offers another large contract with MDA to help build the orbital platform, (growthhhhhhhh) The CSA offers the use of its rockets launched from Canada so Germany can assist with construction of the orbital platform. With the large surplus of oil reserves being produced by Canadian oil refineries in the tar sands, Canada once again look to the world hoping to sell off the surplus of oil accumulated in recent years. (MOD PLEASE) The advisors in Italy and Spain return to Canada their mission complete Task Force 31 previously deployed in the northern mediterranean streams south to patrol along the north African and Israeli coast consisting of. The Halifax Class Frigates: HMCS Halifax HMCS Ville de Québec HMCS Toronto HMCS Montreal HMCS Fredericton HMCS Charlottetown HMCS St John’s The Victoria Class Submarine: HMCS Windsor Kingston Class Patrol Vessels: HMCS Kingston HMCS Glace Bay HMCS Moncton HMCS Summerside Canadian Armed Forces GDP/INVESTMENT 1,140,000,000,000 50 billion growth this turn. TRADE PARTNERS -Chile -UK -Australia -Germany
  14. Gunpower lore the third

    Lol lol I cant offer anything to the discussion either lol!!! Seriously though some damn fine writing Harahan, hopefully they actually listen to what the community wants.