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  1. So if a clip to come up where I, who hasnt been banned since 2015, laughed and said lets ddoss, say @Hero_Prodigy I would recieve a talking to, whereas someone who has gotten into alot of trouble over the years, might get banned?
  2. So If I make a joke to threaten to Ddoss another player I wont be banned for community guidelines and be allowed to do so freely like ioannis? Legit question here.
  3. Hmmm I am but a simple minded man as many of you know, and even I can see through this masquerade, its almost as if....and bear with me here.....its almost as if Ioannis is being protected by staff, while DPM is being punished because he speaks the truth. But I dont know just my opinion, if I get a community guidelines ban here shortly, you'll know why.
  4. Taketheshot

    The Daily Dunshire, Issue 2

    *As the cannonist shrine is built....the bandit attacks stop.......surprising...*
  5. Taketheshot

    Recent Rule Change

    See I remember back in vailor we actually captured a courlandic leader for over 5 IRL days because we had a 24/7 RP guard, now there is no point to a prison at all.
  6. Reservation form ((IGN:)) 7lo Date arriving (if not immediate) (( date and time, 7 days in advance maximum )): Immediatly Names: His Majesty Aurelius Horen of Renatus-Marna How many rooms will you need: All of them Do you and those with you promise to read the welcome board when you arrive: No how many elven days will you be staying, 1-3: Permanently you will become our vassal
  7. Taketheshot

    Remove Freebuild (please)

    If you want freebuild make it FREEBUILD not, freebuild but protected from everything OOCly, its stupid. If an established nation wants to go around torching freebuilds it should be up to the freebuild to defend itself not OOC rules.
  8. Taketheshot

    A Feast of Honors

  9. "You need better sheriffs" An Asterwaldian Commando notes.
  10. As a good man of Renatus and a loyal soldier dedicated to the fall of Norlander I call bullshit. Its ******* bullshit that we got to bypass your forts, none of us would've had any problem lengthening out the war by another month or so and quite frankly today's siege was boring for us due to a number of reasons and mostly due to the fact yall got screwed by staff out of a fort worthy of a siege despite your best efforts.
  11. Taketheshot

    Renatian Citizenship Act, 1662

    BASIC INFORMATION OOC MC Username: Taketheshot56 Discord Username: taketheshot56 Have you joined the Renatus Discord server?: Yes How active are you?: Very IC Name: Roger Surname: Whitt Title: Ianitor Corona Liege Lord: King Aurelius Horen Gender: Male Date of Birth: 19 years old. Race: Human Subrace: Heartlander Culture: Heartlander PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION Height: 6,2 Weight: 187 pounds Eye Color: Brown Skin Color: White Hair Color: Brown Markings: None PERSONAL INFORMATION Residence: San Marnantine State Penitentiary. Occupation: REDACTED CITIZEN’S OATH OF LOYALTY I, Roger Whitt, hereby swear my loyalty to the King of the Crown of Renatus-Marna, and to uphold and obey the laws of the Crown as its loyal citizen. I understand the penalties and punishments that shall be incurred should I violate these laws.
  12. Taketheshot

    The Age of Mysteries [RP]

    Kingdom of England The Year Our Lord: 1498 _______________________________ King Henry read the missive coming from Scotland with a nod toying his long beard with his hand, his heir and eldest son Arthur sat across from him. He set the letter down and spoke as his son of 16 sat watchingly. “Son, you understand that one day you will be King of England?” He sat back in his chair as his son responded “I do Father, like you told me every day of my life, I know I am to become King.” Henry nodded slowly “I've received word from King James of Scotland.” Arthur raised his eyebrow. “Father?” Henry continued. “You will wed a woman of his choice, more than likely his eldest daughter.” Arthur gasped “Scotland!? WHY!” Henry slammed his fist down on the table “God dammit boy, because I bloody well say so!” Armed with a musket at the door, one of the guards looked to the king “I shall wait outside your Majesty?” The King nodded waving the soldier out as he leaned back towards his son. “You know well, better than I the way Scotland has been, you have read of Edward Longshanks and you have read of Scottish kings carving their way through England, this marriage by alliance will be the pillar from where we build a United Kingdom of Britain, Ireland will fall within the year and Scotland, in time will fall in line and we will form a union. The BEST chance we have at succeeding in this union is for you to produce an heir that has the claim to the Scottish and English throne, by marrying into their family you unify the kingdoms, you know this..” Arthur grumbled “I've only just reached my 16th year though father, i'm not ready to be married.” Henry sighed once “I was married at 16, produced you and your siblings by 25 and won the crown at 28” Henry continued “You will marry his daughter and that is the end of it, your sister will marry his eldest son, as has been decided!” Arthur was about to continue with a rebuttal before there was a loud knock at the door standing Henry called out “Enter!” The Lord Chamberlain strode in bowing before speaking. “Your Majesty, John Cabot is in the throne room as per your request, he…..would like to remind you without trying to be a bother but he must return to his ship before it departs for the new world this eve.” The King nodded “Arthur follow.” The King departed son in tow through the halls of Westminster as he entered the throne room, he turned and spoke. “Squire bring me my sword…” The eldest son of John de Veres and his squire quickly rushed off to the armory. Sitting on the throne he beckoned for John Cabot to come forward “Approach our great explorer…” John Cabot a graying venetian man who had come to England for a better life approached. His squire returned handing the King his sword “Kneel before me Cabot.” The explorer nodded following the King's command “Of course your Majesty.” The King stood before the explorer “You have served me and this realm with great satisfaction, courage and honour, for that I see fit to bestow upon you the rank of Knight elevate you within the societies of England, let this be the last time you kneel before anyone not your King." The king tapped his sword on each of the explorers shoulders. “I name thee Ser John Cabot” With that the king sent his fist in an uppercut to the explorers face. “Let this be the last blow that you take Unanswered. Arise, Ser Cabot.” And with that the Explorer turned knight stood for all the court to see. ___________________________________________ The exploration flotilla lead by John Cabot would gather supplies near their landing site before setting off once more to continue charting the new world hoping to gain a large enough chart to sell eventually. Scotland's offer of a marriage of alliance is agreed upon and Crown Prince Arthur, having come of age. King James of Scotland is advised to choose a suitable woman preferably James’ eldest daughter to tie the alliance and become Queen of England, meanwhile the English also send one of the Princesses to scotland to marry a prince of King James’ choice preferably his eldest son. 5,000 is spent to send a colony to the original landing site of John Cabot 5,000 gold pounds are sent to Sweden. 1,000 is spent raising another artillery regiment of 10 cannons. These cannons would be Lauko cannons, the tech being given to england by good ol’ Lithuania. 3,000 is spent on training the navy. Following the kings commands the army once again mobilizes to seize the kingdom of Leinster in southern Ireland. ((See details below)) Seeking to continue to improve relations with the French, they gift the cannon tech received by the Lithuanians to the French. Continuing to promote Scottish-England relations, King Henry orders that a large caravan of food be sent to the Kingdom of Scotland to help the King of Scotland feed his people. __________________________________________________________________ In a two pronged attack on the kingdom, the English would invade with the same commanders as the previous years, each prong would consist of 5,000 cavalry and 25,000 infantry and 20 cannons each. Each prong would be accompanied by 250 Swedish advisors hoping to improve the English’ ability in combat. Building off the invasion a few years ago, the English edit their tactics to base of that, hoping to lower any guerrilla warfare casualties such as before, while also making it clear to the Kingdom of Leinster that they will be given the same terms as the Irish kingdoms to the north and that surrender would be most beneficial for all sides. The Royal navy begins to blockade the Kingdom of Leinster, preventing any seaborne supplies, trade or putting their ships out to sea. CB-Protection of borders against possible Leinster aggression. Goal-Capitulation of the Kingdom of Leinster to the same terms as the northern Irish kingdoms. ________________________________ Military https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bzZ8qU-HEwGegadFumE7FZt4q0qfv2nynEIaYdrOLqo/edit?usp=sharing Tech: Early Wheelock Facilities: -Gold mine -Two Iron Mines -Low value mine -Coal mine Treasury: 0k reserve 14,000 per turn Trade partners : Ottomans Aragon Byzantium Lithuania
  13. Taketheshot

    Changes in the Raid Rules!

    Quite frankly the staff team has gone out of its way to limit conflict or fighting of any kind on the server, using the guise of "Warzones and warclaims guys!" Yet you make it unattainable without a CB which YOU the staff team rules on. Furthermore youve essentially taken what was supposed to be free build and turned it into this retarded clusterf-uck of buildings and tiny abandoned villages which due to the supposedly "free" build rules as well as your new raid rules, are unraidable and unwarable. Not to mention invincible from destruction. DPM sums alot of good points up here. Get it together.
  14. Taketheshot

    Travel Distance Feedback

    GAS all freebuild.