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    I enjoy slaughtering rebel scum as well as stopping plots against the Dukes life.

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  1. An Orenian Kitchenmaster confronting a novice Kitchen aide having burnt the Kings Iron ore and lentil soup.
  2. Leufroy Olivier reads over the missive with a curt nod. "Good writings, but not enough pictures!" The young boy declared with a huff going off somewhere to spar something or another.
  3. The Aged Duke of Azor read over the public missive within his estate with a scoff. "Grace? Not a chance..." The man grumbled, remembering very well the last investigation and the conscience of the Romstun woman. "I am sure she's done nothing wrong."
  4. The Former Archchancellor Joseph d'Azor pursed his lips as he read over the missive, his mind spun as he considered the woman's hard work, truly Odessa had been one of his closest allies during his time in government. "A Giant indeed, It will be many a year before anyone comes close to filling her shoes..." He took out parchment inviting his friend over to crack open a cold one.
  5. The Duke of Azor groans as he reads of the plague. "Fake news, this is just the Media hoping to control the people! It wont work!" He shook a fist at no one in particular, returning to the copy of FAX News he read on his desk.
  6. The Duke of Azor dipped his head upon reading the missive, they seemed to come without end lately, another poured drink, another set of memories, another life lost too soon...
  7. Azor Garden Party Published 19th of Sigismunds End, 1875 Through the recent years despite the trying times that have erupted across Almaris, the lands of Azor flow rich with gold, jewels and finery abound. In celebration of this newfound success, Azor will open its halls for the first time in over a decade to the public for citizens of The Kingdom of Oren and across the realm to partake in revelry, festivities and joyous merriment. The Gardens of Azor have produced an ever plentiful bounty from this summer’s harvest and it is wished to be shared amongst the peers and company of Orenians alike. I T I N E R A R Y GRAPE STOMPING COMPETITION With the latest grape harvest comes the need for wining and dining amongst the echelons of Orenia. To have everyone feel apart of the process of making the wine, there will be a grape stomping competition. The person to stomp the most grapes in the specified amount of time will win fifty mina. FEAST OF THE HARVEST In the Gardens of Azor, there will be a large feast hosted with foods relating to that of this seasons harvest being served along with the finest of animals being imported for roasts. Servants shall serve the meal as a grand evening has been prepared by the House of d'Azor for the milling around the gardens rather than the traditional and dated way of feasts at tables to encourage socialization. At the start of the feast, the men will be given orange blossom corsages to deliver to the ladies they favor after an evening of conversation. (Children will be given ‘make your own garden kits’ to make with their friends.) CHEESELAND TEA PARTY During the Feast of the Harvest, the children of the kingdom have a different soiree on their plans. Mariana Antionette d’Azor shall be hosting a tea party amongst the children of the Kingdom of Oren as her first ever event going into society. The tea party shall have all sorts of sweets that are favored by the Orenian youth and other games such as hide and seek played after. [[OOC: THURSDAY JUNE 9TH AT 4:30 EST]] [!] A special invitation would be delivered to Felder’s Rock, and the gracious Lector neighbors of Arentania @Islamadon Penned and signed by HIS GRACE, Joseph Ledicort, The Duke of Azor HER GRACE, Philippa Antoinette, The Duchess of Azor TRH, Edmund Ledicort, The Count of Azor Mariana Antoinette d’Azor, Heir to AZOR
  8. Hot take, like ******* hell, I hate freebuild, but please staff. I should be able to modreq to get a region in the wild made and if I show its not a dumpster fire of a build like a farm or cabin, I should be ALLOWED to do it, and then if a nation takes over that tile, I can deal with it IRPLY
  9. Discord: Taketheshot56#2728 Bid: 5 Skin Name: Rogue
  10. The Duke of Azor smiles as he reads the missive. "Thats my daughter!" He shouts to no one in particular.
  11. The Duke of Azor pursed his lips as he read of the girls passing, although they had not spoken in some years he always harbored a degree of respect and care for the young girl who had come to him one day many years prior, simply seeking help. "Rest easy...Vasi... you deserve it.. You went through so very much." The man shed a few tears tucking the letter into his coat pocket as he paced, remembering their conversations long since passed, and her desire for peace.
  12. Taketheshot56 Taketheshot56#2728 14 by zuziee
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