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  1. Joseph d'Azor frowned as he read of the news of his brother in laws death, though no tears, no sadness came to bear. Only a demure look washed over his face as he tossed the missive into the fire and spoke out loud to himself, his thoughts drawing back to youth as he remembered an interaction with the man. "If only you had made true on your earliest promise to me. You promised never to let my dearest sister down, you vowed it with every fiber of your being and swore it to be true." Joseph watched as the paper curled, blackened and turned to ash in the fire. "God rest your soul Kelhus..." The man spoke simply signing the Lorraine, though he could not help but think the man deserved it.
  2. Joseph d'Azor set the missive upon his desk as he pursed his lips, looking to the window the rain was falling in sheets, seeming to shatter against the glass with vigorous fury. As the man stared out into the muddy countryside north of Providence he could not help but be taken back to a battle many years before, where Simon Pruvia had fought at his side with the Count of Susa and many others. "Simon made his choice, his choice goes against GOD and the Empire." Joseph seemed to assure himself with careful reminder. "He fought for the Empire at one time, he bled alongside me but now he has taken solace in the arms of lizardkin, I pray he sees the light, and that GOD is merciful upon his soul. But the Emperors justice will prevail..." The Heir to Azor folded the missive and paced along the wooden floor to a nearby shelf, depositing the missive among other important documents.
  3. SURNAME: d'Azor FIRST NAME: Joseph ADDRESS OF RESIDENCE: Selm 11 DISTRICT/MUNICIPALITY/ARCHDIOCESE OF CANDIDACY: National YEAR OF BIRTH: 1801 Are you registered and eligible to vote in the Municipality or Archdiocese you are running? Do you have any other title, peerage or military service that may conflict with becoming a Member of the House of Commons, as per the Edict of Reform (1763)? No If yes, do you understand that you will be required to resign or abdicate from this position should you be elected to the House of Commons, and if this does not occur your seat shall be considered to be vacant?: Yes ((MC NAME)): Taketheshot56
  4. Joseph d'Azor thinks Representative Melphestaus needs to learn to listen better.
  5. Joseph d'Azor squinted at the invitation with a light nod before looking up and raising a brow. "Isn't my name supposed to come before your name on our invitation?" He mused out to the woman. "We will of COURSE be attending the wondrous wedding though!"
  6. Joseph d'Azor frowned as he read the missive "My Emperor, you were the leading figure of our Empire... I hope you find peace in these last days." He nodded Tucking the missive away with a frown.
  7. Joseph d'Azor stood in the garden with his family as he read of the departure of the Duke and Duchess of Furnestock. A demure look washed over his face as he felt unease for the first time in a long while, the man handed the missive to his wife as he looked over his children, blissfully unaware of the affairs of state that unfolded around them. The way forward was what was ahead. "The future is unclear... all must pull together for this next chapter, may Philip and Anastasia find peace abroad... the hopes we had for them are gone now, but at least they are together in their journey wherever it might lead them, at least they are not alone..." The man crossed his arms as he looked to the gardens around the small family, worry washed over him internally but the man offered a light smile for his friends who would not feel the pressure of the Empire. @Azie
  8. Joseph d'Azor closed the copy as he took a sip of gin "An interesting end to the season to be sure." He tucked the copy within the bookshelf as he downed the glass with a puff of breath.
  9. Joseph d'Azor read the copy of Petitie Potins within his home with much enthusiasm as he flipped through the pages tending to a bruise along his face with ice. "My goodness all of this interesting gosi-" The man paused reading the part which concerned himself as he pursed his lips. "Well..." He spoke unamused as he closed the tabloids at that. "Seems I will need to converse with whomever is writing these lies." He uttered rising from his seat going to enter another room in the house...
  10. Joseph d'Azor offered a sigh as he read the letter shaking his head at such. "I knew John for a long time... whilst we may not have conversed in much detail, I was proud to call him my friend." The man tucked away the missive. "You did not deserve this..."
  11. Ser Walter smiles down from the seven skies. _______________ Joseph d'Azor nods with a smile. "What a wondrous piece of writing!"
  12. Joseph d'Azor read the seasons opening tabloids with just as much enthusiasm as the first time.....and the second time.... and goodness he was glad he did not have to go back for a third season! Setting the paper atop his table he gingerly nursed his cup of tea taking a bite of buttered bread for which was his breakfast. "Oh... My dear nephew Louis, and the Princess?" The mans tea was spilled everywhere as he read that, not out of shock but out of his children bumping the table with their antics. Joseph d'Azor continued to read the details of his nephews Imperial encounter before being bumped yet again. The early retired statesman let out a puff of breath as he realized he had become a stay at home father. "I need another job." He mused tucking the petite potins under his arm, as he sought refuge in the cellar of his home.
  13. Joseph d'Azor sat within his office rapping his fingers upon the desk in methodical fashion, he had dispatched investigators of his own to track down his supposed attacker, the man peeled through report after report, which all detailed the same, nothing. It was as if the man had up and vanished, a thousand marks spent and nothing to show for it. "Where have you gone Anton d'Amato..." The man mused out as he let out a sigh stacking the papers upon one corner of the desk he leaned forward onto the polished mahogany his throat irritated by an incoming cough, reaching his handkerchief up the man continued to cough hoarsely before clearing his throat. Joseph was not a boy anymore, time moved ever onwards, but a thought continued to burn in his mind upon the location of the fugitive who had sought to do him harm, Anton had spoken of Josephs sister and about justice and more questions flooded to the mans mind. Joseph looked to the picture of his wife and children upon the desktop letting out a puff of air as he somehow knew Anton would most likely never be found. Yet the thought continued to burn clear, where was the man who was perhaps the only one to know where his sister had gone... Joseph d'Azor blew out his candles as he rose. "Perhaps some questions, lead to merely more questions."
  14. Joseph d'Azor frowned as he puffed out a breath at such a missive shaking his head "Poor Elizabeth, she deserved a longer life." He thought back to the social season which she had done so well in and their interactions beyond that. "She deserved so much more..." He mused.
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