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  1. Faction/Leader Name: Emperor Stenvas Empire of Vallera Constitutional Empire, Emperor works with senate to pass bills. Emperor may pass bills with a majority vote in the senate. Senate is a democratically elected body. He is allowed to exercise all actions permitted in any passed bills at his discretion. Emperor may veto any bill passed by senate. When the Emperor dies a new one is selected from among the Senators. To be nominated one must have served 20 years in the Vallerian Legion and have served 10 years as senator. The 10 nominating senators required to nominated a candidate must have served the same length in the senate and legion. Once nominated a simple vote is held in the senate the candidate with the most votes becomes Emperor. Skype Name (Optional): Taketheshot56 Race Name: Humans Race Description: Simple humans -Traits Resiliant, particualry good at surviving situations and adapting to circumstances Greedy, the lust for human power is as old as all mankind. Flag (Optional): Religion/Beliefs (Optional): The Vallerians worship a god known as Arturos. He is said to have been the one who founded the empire and the spirits upon viewing the work he did for Valleria and mankind ascended him the spirit planes to stand alongside them as a creator. Every year at a different day in the summer months depending on the alignment of the stars it is known as ascension day. On this day all skip work and attend the festivals that spring up around the land. At night they feast on the numerous foods provided by the church. It is common to give gifts to loved ones on this day as well as giving up an item of value to be sacrificed to Arturos in the midnight bonfire. Short Faction Backstory: His Imperial Highness Emperor Stenvas First of his name ordered it. With the Vallerian Navy on the other side of Nadaria and with no time left to dally the Emperor sent his scribes throughout the capital and nearby towns. Upon study and collection in the few precious days a total of 1200 men woman and children were selected to embark on the few merchant and naval vessels left in the capital harbor. With them they took little personal possessions and the cargo was mostly farm equipment, materials and weapons aside from of course the blade Forerunner wielded by Arturos during his conquer of western Nadaria. After a long sail they landed on the southern coast at the mouth of a river in the plains near a large forest. With the location selected the small population quickly set to work using materials from the cargo holds of the ships as well as the ships themselves to build a small village to live in. A massive step down down from the once prosperous empire that spanned thousands of miles with millions of citizens thought Stenvas. However this was his chance to make his reign glorious. Perhaps the gods would choose him to stand alongside the great men of old and Arturos himself. ((just place me somewhere in the far right archipelago
  2. "A man who lies with a cow is no man at all!" An angry courlander would scream through his yellow teeth in front of the ever growing crowd. "We need a strong leader, someone who will lead this city to great heights! Higher than Riga! We must elect James Montoya!"
  3. The guy knows how to build. What else is there to say +1
  4. The peasent beside him nods "James Montoya is the best possible man for the job."
  5. ((Poor rep farm harold. But Aeldin...do must give rep
  6. Wow I would vote for this man.
  7. No better man for the job +1
  8. ((This sword will make a fine addition to my collection....
  9. "For Vasili..." The young boy muttered as he stood watching the waves crash against the rocks "For Vasili...."
  10. ((**** Haria right my DUDE? ??? Wanna REBEL???
  11. Philip Marshall watches in awe as rich Harian goods flow north.
  12. 07 T'was an honour to have been slapped by you and to have slapped kids alongside you many times....
  13. I concur
  14. Report to Bastion to speak with an officer
  15. Philip ascends the steps of Old Josesppi staring out over the vast city below as more and more men pour into the gates eager to save the world.