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    I enjoy slaughtering rebel scum as well as stopping plots against the Dukes life.
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    Balgruff Frostbeard

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  1. Do you want...to do YOUR part? As we speak, the forces of Mordring’s march upon humanity and the other descendants? What will YOU do about it? STRONG and BRAVE men should report to the city of Bastion IMMEDIATELY! Good MEN are needed to quell the undead threat, are you one of them? Take the cart from the docks and keep your wits about you, the undead could be watching...
  2. "500 minas buyout!" The man shouts once more!
  3. "400!" A man shouts
  4. Its time this man be given the position he deserves. +1
  5. "Warden o' teh north huh?" Balgruff thinks to himself..... "Wonder wha' will happen tae 'im?"
  6. Phillip gasps at the squatter "Get out of this house! You dont live here! Go now before I call the guards!"
  7. James Montoya succeeded as maer, he can succeed as Gm! +1
  8. Ser Walter flicks Philips head "Not like you can execute me..."
  9. "I dont drink" Comments Phillip
  10. "War is hell"
  11. Looking for a purpose in the world?

    Sign up here to save the world


  12. tell me, will you die if i remove the mask??
  13. you're a big guy...
  14. I ignore the rain.