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  1. Sir Henry Shouts Loudly as he shouts towards the Rubren wall the old man holding the severed head of a Rubreni Bandit and hurling it at the ugly city ”RUBREN ***** WE ARE COMING FOR YOUR LAND!”
  2. Sir Henry nods as he purchases the first watch “Helena will be the capital of the world for fine goods such as these”
  3. “This woman knows what she is talking about obviously, time to vote blue.”
  4. “Mr Elendil quit the ISA after his first battle and less than a full year of service, He claims to be a veteran and a war hero he is not. Mr D’Aryn does not claim to be a war hero miss, that is the FLAW in the logic you explain here and I respond unbiased and nonpartisan, what Mr Elendil is doing is WRONG.”
  5. “Vote Josephite if you want four years of pandering and useless sessions of commons where only the opposition shows up.”
  6. Sir Henry Nods “The Everardines have given me the tools to properly combat crime, the Josephites mock my fellow soldiers and I. I know who Im voting for.”
  7. Imperial Crown Jewels And Fine Goods Est. 10th of the Deep Cold, 1751 __________________________________________________________________ “The key to maintaining economic prosperity in this Empire is to properly provide the people with a source of finery and wealth from which to breed success” -Ser Leopold of Marna, Archchancellor of the Imperium Quintus, 1576 __________________________________________________________________ The market of higher end goods had been relatively undisturbed since the fall of Johannesburg in the last Imperial golden age. For centuries Kingdoms and empires struggled to remain foremost in the world and the luxuries once known to the Imperial elite fell out of favor and style. In the mid 1700s when the Imperial economy began to boom once more, hundreds of thousands of citizens began experiencing periods of great economic uplift, it is in this Imperial golden age that Imperial Crown Jewels And Fine Goods was established. It is the firm belief of our founder Sir Henry that every true orenian in this day and age can afford the finer things that Imperial life has to offer, through jewelry, gemstones, tinderboxes and other fine goods the average Orenian citizen can truly enter into the higher classes of society. Establishing a gross revenue of nearly 190,000 Imperial Marks since its inception in 1751, Imperial Crown Jewels And Fine Goods has been able to secure the highest quality products for less and pass the savings on to the humble consumer. Whereas before only the wealthiest nobility of the empire could afford jewelry and other fine goods, now every true Orenian man and woman can indulge in this luxury. Imperial Crown Jewels And Fine Goods prides itself on its flexibility and creativity when it comes to producing the finest goods for its customers as such the limits of our products are relatively endless in terms of customization, expense and artistry however for our humble consumer we have provided a list of some of our most commonly purchased products. -RINGS- For your wife? Betrothed? Sibling? Your lord? Friend or even employee. One of the oldest facets of Orenian jewelry remains the ring. For man, woman and child the styles and constructions of rings are endless. Imperial Crown Jewels And Fine Goods is able to offer customized rings for almost every price range. From simple bands of silver bearing a house sigil, to extravagant gold bands with inlaid stones of immeasurable worth. The possibilities are endless. -NECKLACES & AMULETS- A key accessory to any fine ball, dinner, party or other social affair is the draping of the neck in either a fine necklace or amulet. Using the absolute finest stones and minerals the dress of a noble woman can be immensely highlighted by the perfect necklace. Much like the ring the necklace relies on hand drawn custom designs at time of order to ensure its quality, uniqueness and your approval. __________________________________________________________________ -TOBACCO BOX- With the advent of tobacco becoming more prominent within the empire, many noblemen, knights and private citizens have taken to purchasing tinderboxes to hold their prime Kaedreni, Carrington or other favorite tobacco securely and dryly. The advent of newer metalworking techniques allow for intricate patterns, house sigils, names or other engravings and styles to be etched into the metal of your tobacco box. __________________________________________________________________ Averaging a gross revenue of 10,000 Imperial Marks, you can be sure to trust Imperial Crown Jewels with your business and affairs. The duty falls upon us to take your will, ideas and design and wrought these into existence through skilful craftsmanship, fine work and Orenian pride. Located at Rupert’s Row 4 within the Imperial capital of Helena you will find our place of business overlooking the busy canals of Helena directly upon your left past the Hospital. Our building is also home to the Headquarters of the Livery Company of Drapers & Haberdashers as such we proudly advertise our fellow Drapers & Haberdashers with an address book to the rear of the store. __________________________________________________________________ Our Grand Opening is the 12th of Godfrey’s Triumph 1769. All are welcome to attend, and commemorative gifts will be given out while supplies last. ((FRIDAY MAY 22 6:00pm EST.))
  8. “The purpose of this bill is already covered by the municipal Livery commissions which have been running in full force over the past three saints days.” “Establishing the mark which has already been established?” “Low cost housing already exists in both Helena and the rest of the empire, a small home costs about 300 Marks in the capital.” “Greater powers? The Imperial State Army and MOJ Constables already have full authority to enforce Imperial Law throughout the Empire...” “How does this at all function to improve the life of every day Orenians? How does this ‘REBUILD’ the economy. Oh wait it doesn't and we already have these, its called Crown land.” “Are you daft? Slavery INCLUDING indentured servitude has been outlawed for centuries, if you known your history you will remember we purged almost the entire uruk race to stop it.” “Imperial judges have a broad amount of power to assign fines and levies after judgement including the ability to do this.” “The Josephite Party has taken things that already exist in one form or another, are stealing these ideas and repackaging it into their own brand and trying to resell it to the Orenian people. To be quite honest, I expected nothing less.”
  9. Sir Henry shakes his head as he tosses the missive into the flames in his room. “What a crock, Elendil was a coward who cut and ran after the first battle. And he claims to be a veteran. Good to see the josephite shills dragging out the cellar for people to whine about it.”
  10. An old man shouts out at the veteran talking so loudly from her home.
  11. Sir Henry nods firmly with a smile “These fine men ensure I have the tools to do my job, the only way forward is to vote for them again!”
  12. A man would shout out to this blonde witch
  13. [!] A much nicer more official looking letter is posted upon every single poster. “By Order of the Imperial Crown an Imperial writ of warrant has been issued for the capture or killing of one Goblin known as Anethryn, the presenter of this false bounty. This Goblin is responsible for a vicious and savage attack upon the Lord Mayor of Helena in a fit of rage. The sum being offered for the capture or killing of this goblin rests at 4000 Imperial Marks. This sum can be collected within the city of Helena upon the carrying out of the warrant and either deliverance of the subject or proof of demise of the wanted individual. BE ADVISED, This goblin is to be considered mentally unstable and dangerous, approach with caution, flight of the suspect is likely.” GOD SAVE THE EMPEROR! [!] A sketch is tacked upon the bottom of the parchment.
  14. “Again your words here go against your very own policies? You wish to protect people from undue evictions but want stewards to evict without cause or investigation? Shameful really, If you cannot bear a response to a difficult question perhaps you should not be mayor....”
  15. “Again you seem to advocate for eviction without proper investigation or anything of the sort, that goes directly against what the city stands for. I wouldnt wish to be a property holder with you as mayor if I might get evicted without any investigation evidence or cause...”
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