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    From Ruination [FRP]

    Kingdom of Icefeld ____________________________ His Ancestor has chosen the system of the pillars for a reason, whether it was out of necessity or simply the easiest choice at the time, Havvard knew not. It was only his system to follow. Havvard ran his gloved hand over the crude pine casket, feeling the intricate carvings along the face. As he swept his cloak behind him he turned to face the crowd within the temple “He served long, he served well. Vrokaar, Chief of the Miners put his pillar before all else.” Havvard set the gold encrusted pick onto the top of the casket as two soldiers lashed it around. “His time in this realm is done. And now he returns to the God of creation. Take this pick man of Icefeld, and complete your life” Havvard leaned over the chasm in the center of the temple, unending darkness going down further than anyone could comprehend “He makes his journey back to the rock and Ice.” The crowd echoed “ROCK AND ICE” Havvard lifted his boot going to kick the casket off the slab of rock, a faint whoosh as it disappeared from sight into the darkness of the chasm never making a sound when it hit the bottom, if there was a bottom. The Icy mountain air burned Havvards throat as he stepped out the temple and into the snow. The sky above was a clear blue but the wind blew fiercely through the mountains. “My King” The Chief Builder Oskar Slette worked his way towards the king passing the axe wielding guards with ease as the old man carried an arm full of charts “Our suspicions were correct my King, there is another nation on the edge of the Icefield now.” The pair slowly began walking down the street as people parted way by the force of the guards ahead of them, most eager to get back to their guildhouses where the next Chief Miner would be selected. “I see, the cartographer Ragnar has spent his time well.” Oskar added “And the gold well too my King, he completed our charts early and on budget. He will make a fine Chief Builder one day i should hope.” Havvard stopped in his tracks to study the charts “Perhaps we will dispatch an envoy to these neighbours then.” Oskar nodded “Im sure such things can be discussed at the next council meeting, but take leave now to the mines my King. We have discovered something interesting outside the soapstone chasm. Something you will be interested in.” The paths were icy and treacherous but for King Havvard and his retinue, they made good time arriving at the mine, down in the caves they passed farms of mushroom as they reached a site guarded by soldiers. “And what is this?” Havvard asked of the soldier at the front who raised his fist to his chest “My King, we discovered it clearing stone last week.” The soldier parted revealing a frosty glass protruding from the rock below. “Glass?” Havvard asking leaning down to touch it. “MY KING DON'T!” the young soldier ripped the kings hand back at the last second. One of the household guards drew his axe lunging forward at the soldier before Havvard stopped him. “Frostbite…” The soldier nodded with a gulp axe on his throat “Throngvaar touched it sire and his arm had to be amputated….” King Havvard waved his hand as his guard stepped back he reached down to pull the young soldier to his feet, “What is your name warrior?” the soldier nodded rubbing his neck. “Jan Hedstrom. My King.” Havvard nodded “Do not be alarmed Jan, you have done well.” Havvard turned to leave as several of the builders guild entered the cave “Im sure we will speak soon.” The King said as he took his leave. ____________________________________________________________________ Actions & Expenditure 70,000 Gold is poured into 14 mushroom farms 7,500 gold Into iceglass mine 18,000 is spent on two merchants guilds 5,000 spent on a settlement (Put in map change) 7,500 is spent on a factory 3,500 gold is sent to the treasury An expedition of 500 explorers, diplomatic envoys merchants and guards are dispatched to the nation to the west across the Ice fields in the hopes of establishing diplomatic contact. {MOD} 200 Explorers and guides are sent into the lands surrounding the new settlement to gauge the newly added territory A diplomatic envoy of 50 men depart to Blackmarrow to learn of hopefully new nations and gauge the culture and political interests of the area {MOD} Population 2,500,000 Base 750,000 Growth Treasury 3,500 gold Financial Base Income: 3000g Economic Points: 6000g Population: 18,000g Late bonus: 45,000g Economic start bonus: 45,000g Upkeep: -3000g Military 2,500 Icefeld Raiders 2,500 Medium Infantry 1,000 Icefeld Sappers 1,500 Archers
  2. Taketheshot

    From Ruination [FRP] [OOC]

    Nation Name: Kingdom of Icefeld BRIEF History: In the year 700 the Enlightened Kingdom of Auldhau had dispatched the nation's finest craftsmen, miners and builders into the far northern ice fields above The Greenthroat. The promise of wealth abound, resources and new discoveries drove investments into the project. Originally consisting of some 20,000 men the Kingdom of Auldhau had then deported prostitutes and female criminals to the far north to make up for the lack of women in the expedition. In the year 768 the final expedition departed the Kingdom of Auldhau to join their countrymen in the icefields. As the Auldhau ships departed to return to their crumbling homeland it was the last they would ever see of another nation for hundreds of years. Upon the revelation they would be on their own, the people of the Ice fields expedition turned their conflict inwards. In the early months of 769, the expedition camps along the coast were lawless. Thousands clashed in raids as groups of their own formation struggled to horde food and supplies. Villages burned and what little agriculture could be sustained lay salted as groups continued to clash. In the fall of 769 however a change swept over the land. Foreman Johan Rike who’s party of 3,000 had spent the past three years prospecting the Silver Peaks mountain range to the west. Exited the snowy passes into the plains along the coast. Well fed, organized and spared from the conflict of the past year. The men of Johan Rike’s party clashed with the feuding groups and carved out a figurative line in the sand. Foreman Rike proclaimed in what is a now common call in Icefeld “We are the men of rock and of Ice.” and Johan Rike forced the population to make a choice, they could remain on the windswept, snow battered northern coast and freeze to death as winter came. Or they could join Johan and his party in the sheltered passes of the Silver Peaks, pledging their loyalty to him. While not fully known how many joined him, the historians of Icefeld estimate some 5,000 chose to freeze while the rest took shelter in the passes. Establishing the city of Kaldvask. Foreman Rike was proclaimed King of Rock and Ice in the year 770 and the House of Rike has ruled the Silver peaks ever since. Nation Culture: The Icefeldian people are proud, stubborn and strong. The harsh climate of the northern arctic has put a strong focus into the necessity of the Kingdoms needs, the four pillars of Icefeldian society are the Miners, Builders, Soldiers and the Farmers. Each of these pillars are supported by their respective guilds and led by their chiefs. The most common and honorable pillar are the Miners, a key aspect of Icefeldian society and dating back to their original purpose of the Ice Fields Expedition centuries ago. The Miners toil away in underground tunnels, chiseling out passages and hauling raw metals and jewels out of the rock and ice. The Miners consist of, quarrymen, drillers, supply haulers, smiths, foundrymen and prospectors. Without the miners carving out new resources on a daily basis the Kingdom would’ve fallen centuries ago. The Builders are considered the smartest of the four pillars and work closely with the Miners on a day to day basis. The Builders guild comprises of carpenters, stone carvers, scientists, doctors, teachers and architects. The Builders are responsible for some of the finest structures in the Kingdom such as the Redmont Stronghold, seat of House Rike. Or Ivorgord’s Foundry, the largest smeltery within the Kingdom. With Wood as scarce as it is the majority of the Kingdom is constructed of stone and iron. The Soldiers are the lawmen of the Kingdom, from Palace guards to the fire brigade in small towns, these men train with sword and shield, bow and arrow to defend the Kingdom of Icefeld from any threats the King deems forefront. These men take the security of the Kingdom into their own hands on a daily basis and are considered the hardiest of the four guilds as well as the most rowdy. It is not uncommon for Lawmen to be placed in the stockades on their night off only to be released and pick up their swords in the morning to return to their patrols. Finally are the Farmers, often overlooked in the annals of Icefeldian history most of the farmers stick to their own and avoid the cities and towns. The lack of arable land in the Kingdom of Icefeld has led the Farmers to develop unique ways to cultivate food and drink for their homeland. The most common are farms of mushrooms along underground river beds deep in the mountains. The guild consists of growers, lumberjacks, hunters, waterfetchers and irrigationists. The Kingdom of Icefeld proudly worships the God of Creation, though he is oft’ referred to as the lord of Rock and Ice within Icefeldian literature. Human Or Humagi (Describe Humagi): Human Nation Government System: The Kingdom of Icefeld relies on a simple form of Monarchial Bureaucracy. The King which consists of the eldest Rike son descending from the legendary Johan Rike is crowned king when his father dies. There consists four main pillars of Icefeld society. The Miners, The Builders, The Soldiers and The Farmers. Each of these groups elects a Chief, and the King approves them with the help of their councillor. Upon the death of a chief the professions will reconvene for one month and elect a new chief to represent their pillar. The duty of the King is to oversee the Chiefs council and administrate the Kingdom through the help of his advisors. He is responsible for directing the Chiefs with orders, as well as making and overseeing directly the laws of the Kingdom. Economy: 6 - The foundries and smithies of the Kingdom roar as they churn out weapons, jewelry and other goods to sell to nations. Education: Education is important in Icefeldian society, each boy is expected to choose for himself a job to pursue at the age of fourteen and is then sent to the respective guild for training. 5 Size (include rough area on map): {5} The Kingdom of Icefeld stretches across the Silver Peaks and expands slightly along the eastern and southern coasts Military: 3 Five Companies of medium Infantry 2,500 Five Companies of heavy infantry 2,500 Two Companies of Icefeld sappers (Light infantry) 1,000 Three companies of Archers 1,500 Mysticism: 2 Offerings are typically made to the God of Creation weekly to preserve the safety of the mines and pray for newfound wealth. Key Figure 1: King Havvard Rike Key Figure 2: Chief Miner Sven Wagle Key Figure 3: Chief Builder Oskar Holien Key Figure 4: Chief Soldier Mikkel Bohler Key Figure 5: Chief Farmer Olivar Slette Unique Unit: Replacing Light Infantry is the Icefeld Miners. The Icefeld Miners are some of the finest miners the Kingdom has to offer, their only difference however is they do not mine for gems or jewels, but for tunnels. The Icefeld Miners are experts in construction, mining and explosives. The Icefeld Miners stalk silently through hastily dug tunnels within the mountains and underneath the battlefields. Their expert abilities afford them a wide range of skills when it comes to asymmetrical warfare. Hidden Fruit: ilichi
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    God Save the brothers Barnett!
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    Removing The Shrouds of Gold

    Removing The Shrouds of Gold _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ As morning sun rose over the city of Helena from the east, so raised the executioner's axe in the city bastille. The Baron Henry Osmangulu had made no secret of it. His arraignment in quick fashion by the men of the legion, led him to a panic. Hoping to avoid a sentence of death Henry Osmangulu admitted his crimes. Raising the Golden Legion to seize power for himself in the Empire. His own tongue which weaved the web of lies quickly began to unravel his plans. In short fashion he found himself turn to insults when he realized the situation would not go in his own favor, with resisting fashion and lashed tongue he spoke out towards towards Marshal Rozmeo “Fool” He cried out to Rozmeo “The Emperor is false, my legions will place a true leader upon the throne of the world! Myself!” He proclaimed through gritted teeth, a visage of anger washed over the mans face. The admission was clear, his raising of the Golden Legion as a guard force, using Imperial forces to train his own private army. Plans to seize the palace in Helena and slaughter the Imperial Family in the dead of night. Such cloak and dagger did not go unnoticed to the legion nor to the good men of the Empire. His justice was swift. Henry Osmangulu stood silent upon the headsman block, his last words were not spoken as he chose to take his fate silently. The city of Helena continued to stand firm as Henry’s head rolled along the bricks staining it red as the lifeblood flowed down, taking the Golden Legions plot with it.
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    Name (RP/Mcname): Ser Phillip Marshall/taketheshot56 Residence: Cstadt Race: HUMAN! Age: 98!
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    Ser Phillip laughs as he proudly posts an Imperial Preservation Party poster.
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    [Reformatting]The Portable Arcane Relay

    I think you should take a look at accepted lore submissions before posting these.
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    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    United States Of Arcturus Arcturus system 2160 IN GOD WE TRUST ______________________ 2161 “Reactors at peak efficiency” Sounds continued to be emitted from the control room below him as the leadership of the United states stood looking out the large video panels that showed the target in sight. “Targeting array information uplink established” Admiral Jones stood next to President Cuthos as they studied the data-pad “The expected effects on a world with atmosphere are amplified at least 20 fold.” James nodded slowly as the rest of the group comprising of different congressmen and military officers looked back to the viewing monitors “Initiate power coupling sequence.” The lights throughout the station began to dim as everyone began to grow silent. The Fire Control Officer continued running down his checklist. “EXS Primed, power conduits green.” “Initiate loading sequence.” Deep inside the massive station yellow lights flicked as a large magnetic lift slowly began lowering a 100 ton itoron-dakite projectile into the chamber a laser quickly scanned the outside in a final check as the breech sealed and air was evacuated from the loop. “Beginning projectile runup.” The floor beneath President Cuthos began to rumble deeply as the massive slug begin to go around its electro magnetic loop carefully guided along as it made its way around the 300km loop, first once then faster and faster. “Beginning final target solutions check.” Even so far below them James could hear the sound as the projectile traveled in its loop, looking up to the monitor he watched at its velocity increased .10C then .20C, Looking out at the planet below it was covered in rock, ice and dirt. He looked back as it slowly crept up .70C .90C. “Standby for firing.” Everyone in the room held their breath as the velocity display finally hit .99C “Firing” As the Projectile went around the loop for a final time the magnetic fields changed and instead of being guided around the loop once more the itoron slug travelling at 99% of lightspeed flew out of the station. The flash as the projectile hit the planet with the force of a 45959954 megatons momentarily reset the cameras, there was an audible gasp in the room as the video feed returned. The entire side of the planet was stripped from its blue icy surface as truly massive crater could be seen at the point of impact. Rock debris and ice could be seen travelling away from the point of impact at ludicrous speeds, the ‘planet’ if it could be called one anymore was a shattered cracked cratered ruin. Several battleships, cruisers and a carrier disembarked from the stations well protected docking bays as they began to perform scans of the system. “Take us home” President James said calmly Admiral Jones nodded “Of course Mr President” The admiral stepped towards the control room as the ships reactors once again began spewing out power to the FTL and the station warped away from the test site quickly as it had come. Leaving an eerie scene behind. ________________________________________________________________ Fleet maint 8AP 100AP Construction of 10,000 strike craft are contracted off to other companies in the US-Skellar-Libellan confederation 24AP for Four Carriers 16P is Also contracted off for two battleships In addition to its projectiles the new battlestation would be loaded with more weapons consisting of 10 Xyrolite WMDs 100AP 147AP is spent on the final iteration of project infallible ____________________________ https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Pwr9qUoWTKhFiMbZzH0ee9C8GvHJimcAqQz50a0t9wE/edit?usp=sharing ________________________________ TRADE PARTNERS -Skeller -GTFO -Kyber Core -Libellan -Armawraithe -H.E ___________________________ Defenses 15AP on Civilian Bunkers (Capital system) 45AP on PSDI (Capital system) 8AP on PSDI (Vulentum system) 8AP on PSDI (Harrow System) ______________________________ SHIPYARD LEVEL 4 Population 1,200,900 Humans 101,230 Da’nor 18,850 Human-Tijerian 97,490 Skellar 110,360 Libellans 29,350 Ceri 7,200 Ascardians 92,450 Krib 41,980 Ymorian 10,700 Korosi Total Pop 1,710,510 _______________________________ Industry 25AP Business 100AP National Mentality Expansion ____________________________________ Military -25,000 US Navy sailors -15,000 US Marines -500 fighter craft -100 Hunter-2 bots -15,000 Defender droids. -12,000 Tithonus MK2 droids _____________________________________ Mining 2AP Itoron 2AP Xyrolite 6Ap Dakite ______________________________________ Arcturus System _____________________________ Valentum-1 ________________________________________ Harrow System _________________________________________ Fomalhaut system _______________________________________________ Kapteyn B System ______________________________________________ Zeta-Reticuli B ___________________________________________ AP: 5AP from pop 6AP from colonies 2AP from industry 4AP Base 4AP from Expansion 2AP from trade Trade Fed bonus 3AP HE bonus 1 Business 96AP Itoron 2AP Xyrolite 2AP Dakite 6AP 12AP from agriculture 250AP from Baltic confederacy TOTAL: 395
  9. Taketheshot

    [Complete]Old Man's Giveaway/Trade

    Form to mail to Nunya’s Business Stall – Name ((and Username)): Phillip Marshall (Taketheshot56) Giveaway Item #1: HoarFrost Battle scepter Giveaway Item #2:Wyvern Scale Armor Giveaway Item #3: Storm’s calln Hammer of the Thunderlord
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    A Candidate Rises

    SER Phillip Marshall a Knight of the Realm would comment loudly “Yet you are only an errant and not permitted to don the title of Ser, so why do you flaunt it for campaign! Using your errant hood to further political goals, how distasteful.”
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    LotC Cards Against Humanity

    Black “Not again why does Oren always have to (____)!” “Fuckin GM, all they do is (_____) and then (______).” “@everyone QUICKLY! Bandits are (_____)!” White The Holy Orenian Empire Biased GM Another Norland Capital sacked One Orenian halted five more show up Orc RP Telanir has zero hours played The Administration feels you are not yet ready to rejoin the community Lets take this to skype Pocket GM ET pex abuse
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    RP Item Giveaway (222 Items)

    Taketheshot56 Savage Claw Basilisk scalres thanks!
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    1700 Carolustadt By-Election

    Full Name: Ser Phillip Marshall Political Party: Independent Address: Adelheid circle three
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    when you don't play lotc

    Come back to me Your Imperial Majesty we know John II is still out there, boiling folks in milk and drinking mercury.
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    Charter System [Your View]

    Its ET + LT becoming one team I heard, cant wait to see the nexus reintroduction thread though. Been a long time since ive seen a Zhulik feedback post.