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  1. Ser Phillip nods as he says to himself " "
  2. "Ave Orenia" Philip says to himself
  3. #TalAzwyrForLife
  4. Not just humans but the whole server in general, nasty business that sort.
  5. We have an antag its Oren, duh.
  6. This is really good, reminds me of the old days in orcs when we used to be blood thirsty savages.
  7. Veteran is not a dumbass. He is actually a pretty smart guy, I dont know why you feel the need to get agressive over this. You used to be really chill man, I remember running and gunning with you in the legion, what happened man... :(
  8. Its actually a good meme, not only does it offer me and the folks Ive shown in teasmspeak a hearty laugh. It also expresses the attitude of the dwed. very nice.
  9. Quite honestly the best man for the job +1
  10. That wa actually an invalid ruling on the GMs part. I look at the rules as often as soon as they are updated. If you could link me the rule of "not being permitted to open a door in Roleplay during roleplay without any combat taking place" please send it to me. And we better watch out. If opening doors is against the rules there are going to be ALOT of bans.
  11. Being involved with the situation I just want to comment. The whole situation is a mess, rules were completely ignored on GMs part and tensions were indeed high. I can easily see the frustration eddy faced seeing as me and Vetren put alot of work into getting him to safety. He was TPed back as he was asked to and so was myself and some others. Now the problem began to arise when Hiebe refused to allow us to open the doors, despite the Emperor screaming for help I was not permitted to open the doors to let loyal Orenian forces in to join the RP. We played this scene out about 4 times with hiebe pausing the RP and restarting it. On the final time he out of the blue told me I had to give the dwarf mage time to respond because somehow he would need to respond to me walking down a corridor to open the door. Now of course at this point the dwarf mage knows what Im going to do, all surprise lost seeing as we had completed the scene a good four times. At this point he just raised his staff and threatened to shoot anyone who moved, something he was not doing on the original RP. Needless to say the entire RP was a complete and utter disaster on the side of the players and staff alike. Miscommunication was rampant and it was 3AM. We all have our limits to dealing with bullshit, especially when something you were promised to happen, didn't and the situation is completely changed. Again rules were ignored by staff and broken by players alike but in my honest to god opinion the entire thing was a mess and deserved to be voided, not culminating in Eddy's ban. I do hope you see that the situation deserved no ban but a voiding instead. Cheers.
  12. United States Of Arcturus Arcturus system 2124 ______________________ The red and blue regalia draped off her hull as the great hulk of itoron in the form of the first carrier sat on various magnetic slides within the large drydock, surrounding her had to be 1000 people ranging from congressmen, governors key officials, naval, army and airforce officers as well as engineers and ordinary citizens seated on the steel benches provided. The newly elected leader of the US, President Calvin Jenkins stood at the podium as he began to address the crowd “Governors, congressmen, distinguished guests, VIPs, Ladies and Gentlemen. For many years now the goal of a true carrier strike force, capable of defending our interests at home and abroad has been the hopes. Goals even, of many for close to ten years now. With the recent aggressive acts led by the Terran Federation, against us and our allies in their hopes to reign unopposed over all humans in a junta like hegemony. We must be able to respond to their threats in any means necessary. This carrier will be one of many, defending the freedom and rights of the people of the United States and her allies against the forces of SATO and notably the dictatorial Terran Federation. For all the People of the United States, I christen thee, the USS Valley Forge. May God bless this ship and all who serve on her." With that, the champagne bottle held from a steel cable on the roof was allowed to fall, swinging silently before shattering against the hull. With that the slides unlocked and the ship began to slide through the plasma membrane door of the drydock out into space as the band began to play. After many years, it was finally complete. Pride of the US Navy and a true asset to defending the United States and her allies. A new age had begun for the United States and the HCF. They would defend their homes from all who were foolish enough to try and take them. ____________________________ ACTIONS -3AP for the production of 250 F-92c Fighter craft, 25 VC-9 bombers, 20 y-111 Assault ships and 5 F-92g direct action ground strike craft. 2AP for project infallible ________________________ Naval Registry https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Pwr9qUoWTKhFiMbZzH0ee9C8GvHJimcAqQz50a0t9wE/edit?usp=sharing SHIPYARD LEVEL 4 Population 200,000 humans 2000 Skellar 500 Da’nor ____________________________________ Military -7000 US Navy sailors -2500 US Marines -12,000 US Army soldiers ______________________________________ Arcturus System Valentum-1 ______________________________ _________________________________________
  13. ******* finally, a competent GM.
  14. I mean, the title is pretty darn clever. I will give you that.
  15. OH NO! Whatever will I do!