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  1. Taketheshot

    Ban Report on Blago, et. al.

    I just wish to add, the only real rule break, was that of the over cap numbers, even then it was an honest mistake that no one even noticed till you pointed it out during this report. Seems some people followed us despite not being involved. The stuff you are claiming to be poor villiany is members of the group is merely people making fun of you for speaking Latin and us returning insults in kind. Latin is after all High Imperial.
  2. Taketheshot

    Ban Report on Blago, et. al.

    I too was not even aware we were overcap at the time, i was simply following blago and it seems some tagged along, while i was rather verbally forceful in attempting to have you open the door i never once attacked you physically and i was not the person to lay hands on you that started the pvp, i merely initiated the countdown. As for the part of poor RP. Was i shouting at you to open the door many times? Yes. But i also play a senile old man who was getting frustrated by yourself as the elderly do get irritated easily, hence the numerous angry shouts. I was not one to abuse the lock pick plugin either i had no idea any sort of plugin abuse was being committed. Though i was not acting maliciously or in any attempt to break the rules, i would like to offer you my apologies and hope you can take comfort in that it is never my intent to willfully break the rules or role play guidelines and apologize for my actions if they offended you. I was not the one who took your road materials, i too would like to offer you some road materials if you would like them.
  3. Taketheshot

    THANIUM BOMB: Why it should be left un-voided

    Again, its hard to not undermine the LT when they refuse to do their job on a daily basis except when it makes them salty. If you actually took the time to read, you could see where i said “im not involved in this” But plenty of times ive tried to contact the LT to speak on similar things and they’ve directly told me that. To think people actually once considered you looked out for players best interests too drfate. Truly this situation has shown alot of people true colours.
  4. Taketheshot

    THANIUM BOMB: Why it should be left un-voided

    Im not even the one who created it, but considering how many times i try to speak to the LT about something in game and they respond with “Sorry! We dont handle anything in game, our job is to create and manage it! Go to the ET for that because im not gonna do that for you!” Its no wonder they were as you say “undermined” I think the common theme here is the LT refusing to do their job until suddenly it makes them angry because players did something they wanted with sufficient roleplay.
  5. Taketheshot

    THANIUM BOMB: Why it should be left un-voided

    False, Boomsteel is here, myself and many others have mined it under the watchful eye of the LT and the lore creator themselves. Boomsteel does exist. Unless of course, were going to retcon all the items made from it and the mining done six months ago just to mitigate the angry lore team?
  6. Taketheshot

    THANIUM BOMB: Why it should be left un-voided

  7. Taketheshot

    THANIUM BOMB: Why it should be left un-voided

    No my friend, players enjoy being able to affect and choose how the event line ends. first rule of DMing, is not to railroad the damn party. Getting angry and retconning the event cause players went a different way is in my opinion the delusional part.
  8. Taketheshot

    THANIUM BOMB: Why it should be left un-voided

    The LT and staff had no issue when logan did this to Johannesburg, the thanium bomb of jburg spurred RP and continued to spur RP nearly a year after the explosion. Entire guilds and events were centered around this. But certain members of the staff have the gall to decide this should be retconned? No! Its a large player driven choice, something that LOTC claims to want to further and foster in the future. But if you fuckin retcon a large player event of which NO ONE IS MAD OR WISHES TO VOID. Then players are just going to stop trying. TLDR: The last explosion created a **** TON of roleplay and events. This one will probably do the same. Dont get pissy cause the players went a different direction you wanted. Thats the nature of roleplay.
  9. Taketheshot


    Rest in peace my nignog, you shall be missed. F
  10. Taketheshot

    Axios Map Download

    Do we have a download for the Axios map yet? If not is it possible for devs to upload one?
  11. Full Name: Ser Phillip Marshall City of Residency: Caroloustadt Year of Birth: 1607 Address: Adelheid hall 7
  12. Taketheshot


    MC Name: Taketheshot56 Discord: Taketheshot56 RP Name: Ser Phillip Marshall Age: 85 Gender: Male Race: Human
  13. Taketheshot


    Reaffirmation of Knighthood Name (and House if applicable): Phillip Marshall Age: 85 Knighted By: Peter II Sigismund Moniker: The Steadfast  Liege Lord: Emperor Aurelius I Horen Lands: Whitstone Are you willing to reaffirm your vows of chivalry and fealty to the Emperor and Country?: Aye Coat of Arms:
  14. Taketheshot

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    United States Of Arcturus Arcturus system 2160 IN GOD WE TRUST ______________________ 2160 ________________________________________________________________ Fleet maint 3AP Massive amounts of fortifications are built along the northern border of the Keerim Imperium and Tassaran Republic. 667AP towards 1000AP of defenses Massive amounts of resources are spent upgrading the main guns of the US fleet to the maximum tier. Entire science teams work day and night to accomplish this for the end of the year. (360AP for tier 6 railguns) 6 Iowa Class Heavy cruisers are constructed 36AP 2 Vancouver class frigates are constructed 4AP 75AP is spent towards hiring more and more engineers and labourers from the Free Southern Alliance, LE and even the Keerim. In order to speed construction of the USS Liberty Mobile Battlestation. ____________________________ https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Pwr9qUoWTKhFiMbZzH0ee9C8GvHJimcAqQz50a0t9wE/edit?usp=sharing ________________________________ TRADE PARTNERS -Skeller -GTFO -Kyber Core -Libellan -Armawraithe -H.E ___________________________ Defenses 15AP on Civilian Bunkers (Capital system) 45AP on PSDI (Capital system) 8AP on PSDI (Vulentum system) 8AP on PSDI (Harrow System) ______________________________ SHIPYARD LEVEL 4 Population 1,090,800 Humans 88,500 Da’nor 12,650 Human-Tijerian 77,690 Skellar 83,860 Libellans 15,980 Ceri 7,200 Ascardians 74,960 Krib 31,680 Ymorian 10,000 Korosi Total Pop 1,493,320 _______________________________ Industry 25AP Business 100AP National Mentality Expansion ____________________________________ Military -25,000 US Navy sailors -15,000 US Marines -500 fighter craft -100 Hunter-2 bots -15,000 Defender droids. -12,000 Tithonus MK2 droids _____________________________________ Mining 2AP Itoron 2AP Xyrolite 6Ap Dakite ______________________________________ Arcturus System _____________________________ Valentum-1 ________________________________________ Harrow System _________________________________________ Fomalhaut system _______________________________________________ Kapteyn B System ______________________________________________ Zeta-Reticuli B ___________________________________________ AP: 5AP from pop 6AP from colonies 2AP from industry 4AP Base 4AP from Expansion 2AP from trade Trade Fed bonus 3AP HE bonus 1 Business 96AP Itoron 2AP Xyrolite 2AP Dakite 6AP 12AP from agriculture 1000AP from LE TOTAL: 1145
  15. Taketheshot

    The Rise (FRP Thread)

    Baahzuth Jungles ______________________________ 5000 Denarii is spent to restore the second stone fort to working order. 1000 Denarii on military upkeep 20,000 Denarii is spent on New farmland 17,000 Denarii Makes its way to the capital, distributed among the poor of the Capital city. 6IF is spent garnering prospects from the capital to scour Baahzuth for precious metals! _____________________________________ Population Total: 408,147 AP Luxury Resources (Spice) T2: 20AP Base 10AP Mercantile District 4AP Imperial Funds 5AP T1 Foundry 4AP Military 500 Baahzuth rangers, T1 equipment, Elite training 500 Tier 3 Elite Baahzuth Rangers