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  1. late night ama; ft. pyro

    Why do YOU?
  2. late night ama; ft. pyro

    Why cant you hold an empire together?
  3. Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    United States Of Arcturus Arcturus system 2141 IN GOD WE TRUST ______________________ The large Hephaestus transport made landfall, the hulking beast of itoron and metal landed in the central tarmac at AFB Pierce just 20Km outside of the capital New Plymouth, cracks and shell craters had been hastily filled in with sand as repairs were still underway to the planet. The massive craft touched down and shut down its engines, Several US army officers stood alongside the Ceri garrison and Ascardian garrison commanders. The group of officers watched as the large steel ramps clicked and a hiss of escaping air could be heard as several ramps lowered to ground level, As the sunlight flooded into the darkened cargo bay, several army engineers walked up the ramp and keyed a code into a console. The yellow lights of the droids optical receptors all turned on at once, the first thousand in the cargo bay let go of their legs as they slowly bent their knees coming to a full stand, in unison they raised their heads as they took their blasters from their backpack in swift motion holding them against their chest. Clanking echoed in the cargo bay as the first thousand began to march in perfect step down the ramp, the thousand marched in formation coming to a halt about 20 meters from the group of officers. Taking a few paces forward one droid with yellow markings stopped before the group of officers before presenting himself in a cheery, tinny, mechanical voice “OM-079854b Command model reporting for duty.” The droid touched his right metal hand to the side of his head above his optical receptor. The garrison commanders and the other officers looked among each other in a bit of confusion, after a few seconds of awkward silence an older man of graying hair took a step forward from the group to meet the droid, with his own bionic metal arm the officer returned the droids gesture, the droid lowered his hand, the droid froze for a few moments as to which the officer raised an eyebrow, the droid snapped back before speaking “Apologies sir, all units have not fully undergone the integration updates, I do not wish to confuse you with someone else Major General Randall Holmes, 2nd Infantry division, military ID number D65-804-565.” With a sigh Randall Holmes nodded “Just General Holmes is fine commander.” The droid nodded its mechanical head “Roger Roger.” Holmes looked among the ranks of the first one thousand who stood perfectly still and silent, unusual even for the most disciplined of troops. “So Commander 79” The general was cut off “Correction sir my designation is OM-079854b Command model” The droid stated plainly to which the general nodded “There is going to be some work, starting off not everyone is going to be able to remember your full ID, so you will need to shorten it, at least when speaking with me or the other human officers for example you can be Commander 79, alright?” The droid nodded “Roger Roger, I will now refer to myself as Commander 79 as my unit identification number.” The general continued gazing around “Are your troops always this quiet?” The droid turned his head looking over the ranks of battle droids “Negative sir, almost all units are currently conversing with one another silently, whilst also listening to me converse with you, whilst also scanning the potential terrain for any hostiles.” Randall Holmes looked back to the Ceri, Ascard and other officers before continuing. “Very well Commander 79, you see that hangar over there? With the tables in front, have your units form up there, and ensure the units are listening to this right now.” The droid went silent for a few moments “General Holmes, I am pleased to report all silent conversations have ceased and all units are analysing my conversation with you.” Holmes nodded “Alright, all droids will approach the tables, it is there you will be given a designation and formed into sections, your battalion will be led by yourself, as well as a human liason, you are to be an infantry battalion. Each section will consist of 10 units, five will retain their original weapon and shall receive extra equipment. Out of the remaining five, one shall be the section commander and he shall also retain his original weapon as well as being given special leadership equipment, out of the final four, two shall be given extensive repair kits, one of the four shall be given the A-98 multirole rocket launcher and one shall receive the M-194 Squad support weapon. These sections will form the core of this battalion, all units once receiving their equipment are to report immediately to hangar seven, once in the hangar you are to proceed to runway seven as a group and embark a transport for the planet Hermes. You shall establish a camp from nothing but what you can find there. I expect it to be maintained and completed when I arrive in five days time.” The droid stood quietly “General Holmes my data banks tell me Hermes is a dune sea planet….how do you want me have the units build a camp?” General Holmes smiled at the droid who stood just a few inches shorter than him “Study your data banks Commander 79, you shall find a way. Now get your unit underway, your human liaison will meet you on the runway.” The droid nodded saluting once more “Roger roger.” Before leading the large formation of clanking droids off towards the tables with columns of crates behind him. The General sighed as he looked towards the transport where the next 1000 were marching out before glancing at his watch “Five more hours.” ____________________________________________________ ____________________________ ACTIONS The US formally endorses Kyber Kore as its primary selection of cybernetics today! Buy right, buy Kyber! With recent events the government finds it prudent to assign several teams to survery the moon of Artemis as well as its many other companion moons to locate anything that may have been missed during initial exploration efforts ((mod)) 8AP to Thuleans and Solarins alike 8AP for Project Infallible to hopefully finally make the breakthrough desired ((This brings it to 52AP)) 0AP For Operation “By Dawn's Early Light” ((MOD)) The terms of the peace accord are met in full as agreed upon. The Defender droids are fully integrated into their own division and split into the various subgroups the smallest being a section of 10 droids alongside a Human officer liaison in order to assist and control. On the jointly occupied demilitarized jungle colony of Vulentum-1 the agreed upon one quarter of the garrison, is delivered by way of freighter, 4500 soldiers arrive, if you could call them that, They bear no identifying marks or patches and all wear the same uniform that completely masks their identities. More importantly they never speak. One could make an astute judgement in that these are not US Army soldiers. An apology is made to Hephaestus for purchasing one of their drones at a market to be used as a spy probe, however compliments are given to its engineering having lasted over 30 years without needing any repair. The USA also includes itself with the lend lease program offering it up to be used by the LC ________________________ Naval Registry ________________________________ TRADE PARTNERS -Skeller -Han Dominion -Malta -GTFO -Holy Kingdom Of Eadn -Silver Knights -Libellan -Confederation Of Xaplonius -H.E. ___________________________ 20AP on PSDI SHIPYARD LEVEL 4 Population 165,000 humans 9,500 Da’nor 2000 Human-tijeran 12,000 Ceri 4,000 Ascardian Total pop = 224,250 The below populace are inhabitants of Vulentum one and shall continue to grow but will not affect main population numbers at this time. 7,500 Skellar 4,250 Libellan 20,000 humans 10k neanderthals _______________________________ Industry 25AP=1Ap ____________________________________ Military -50,000 US Navy sailors -20,000 US Marines -1,000 US Army soldiers -500 fighter craft -100 Hunter-2 bots -15,000 Defender droids. ______________________________________ Arcturus System Valentum-1 _____________________________ ________________________________________
  4. Infernic Castors; Firearms

    I agree 100% with this, no ******* circle jerks, if someone can competently create one on their own let them.
  5. Infernic Castors; Firearms

    The only thing I am not liking so far is the rarity aspect, people tossing out firearm lore want it to be this rare thing, gunsmith apps where you have to RP it out, much nicer than having it on the nexus. Nexus is **** we all know that, if you make the guns nexus based rather than have someone rply craft it it will lead to groups of players who grind having firearms and everyone else getting slapped by them. I would very much like it to be an RP based craft, IE the player spends some time roleplaying to produce the item either under watch of an LT/GM or taking screenshots which can then be shown to staff, enabling the nexus grind will just turn these into another thing like carbarum armor. This as well.
  6. Infernic Castors; Firearms

    yes please
  7. Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    United States Of Arcturus Arcturus system 2140 IN GOD WE TRUST ______________________ ((no RP this post folks, I literally have had RP for the past 40 years I'm gonna miss it this one time. ____________________________________________________ ____________________________ ACTIONS 8AP into Project Infallible 1AP is sent to the Han dominion to be used on whatever the deem fit 0AP for the establishment of the Han-Arcturan Friendship and cooperation center in the Han system and USA system alike. 4AP is sent to H.E. for the purchase of 15,000 Defender Droids The US Border and Customs Services controlling gateway station would ensure all trade goods inbound to the milky way are properly inspected to ensure no dangerous virus/superbug/anything else that could harm the milky way unintentionally or otherwise. ________________________ Naval Registry ________________________________ TRADE PARTNERS -Skeller -Han Dominion -Malta -GTFO -Asgard republic -Silver Knights -Libellan -Confederation Of Xaplonius - H.E. ___________________________ 20AP on PSDI SHIPYARD LEVEL 4 Population 169,750 humans 5,000 Skellar 4,250 Libellan 3,000 Da’nor 1000 Human-tijeran Total pop = 183,000 10k neanderthals _______________________________ Industry 25AP=1Ap ____________________________________ Military -50,000 US Navy sailors -20,000 US Marines -1,000 US Army soldiers -500 fighter craft -100 Hunter-2 bots ______________________________________ Arcturus System Valentum-1 _____________________________ _______________________________________
  8. On the State of PVP/Nexus

    Just ******* remove it, for close to two years Ive constantly seen a new thread every week asking for its removal, any sane person would be able to figure out that we dont want nexus, from the NUMEROUS polls weve seen the playerbase does NOT WANT IT.
  9. Gunpowder, Cannon and Arquebus Lore

    Attacking the person in defiance truly shows how triggered you really are, I simply pointed out how your "opinion" and "Well constructed diagram" offers nothing to the discussion and it doesn't, it merely is more evidence of your salt towards an idea you dont like, sorry mate, you aint makin much sense.
  10. Gunpowder, Cannon and Arquebus Lore

    Hi! So on pretty much any lore post having anything to do with cannons/guns/really anything YOU dont approve of, you either post a stale meme such as this or leave a rude comment such as "**** NO." What this is doing is not offering any form criticism or opinions that the author of the lore could possibly work on. All it is, is a quick one liner that offers nothing to the discussion taking place and instead just choosing to mock and belittle the piece of lore written.
  11. Gunpowder, Cannon and Arquebus Lore

    I very much like this idea, but the same thing bothers me and that was the fact you want it extremely hard to make via multi skill system, all this does is put it into the hands of grinders and pvp focused groups which and I am telling you now, will cause a massive ******* uproar when people start raiding settlements with guns because no one else has them. The whole idea of matchlock rifles and other weaponry of similiar nature was that it was easier to make than a crossbow, the industrial revolution sparked this but I still firmly believe it should be a relatively easy to obtain weapon just due to its simple nature, akin to the crossbow we compare it to. What I do NOT agree with, is preloading. No preloads, same as a crossbow either way +1
  12. Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    United States Of Arcturus Arcturus system 2138 IN GOD WE TRUST ______________________ “Francis Scott key went ashore, and immediately went into Fort Henry to see what had happened. And what he found had happened was that that flagpole and that flag had suffered repetitious direct hits, and that it had fallen. But men, fathers, who knew what it meant for that flag to be on the ground – although knowing that all of the British guns were trained on it – walked over and held it up, humanly, until they died. Their bodies were removed and others took their place. Francis Scott Key said what held that flagpole in place at that unusual angle were patriots bodies.” Newly elected President Cuthos, sat at his desk as he looked beyond the camera to in the oval office to the man behind it counting down on his hand, the ruins of New Plymouth, the capital evident in the background. “My Fellow Americans, for too long have been beseeched at the head of a restrictive, and hostile overlord. That time is over, and unfortunately many many lives were given in the pursuit of that most noblest goal, I could attempt to justify it, I could attempt to convince you, that our choice was the right one, but deep down we all feel that what was done was right, We have persevered, we have done battle and we have won. But the war my fellow citizens is very far from over. We have driven the keerim back and took away one of their most used outposts with not only our blood and sweat but the blood of the LC who worked to protect us. A new age is dawning, an age where we will have to work harder than ever before in our society, but we will rebuild, we will prosper, and we will win. It is with great disdain that I had to follow my orders to attack the Solarin Federation but such is the nature of armed conflict, our attack was much the same as the attack on the Han Dominion by the forces of SATO led by the Solarin Federation. They paid the reparations price as did we. But the cost of human lives cannot be redeemed. Regardless the actions of former President Hughes caused an end to many lives both within the federation as well as here at home, a costly price, paid for by the common people for a presumptuous and traitorous man, the forces of the United States are currently engaged in finding and capturing this traitor to humanity. My fellow Americans I plead with you to have faith, I have led the US fleet in many victories, and at the head of this fine nation, I will lead this too, to victory, goodnight, may god bless you and may god bless, the United States Of Arcturus” __________________________________________ Several soldiers of the United States Army stood at the entrance to the Capitol war room. President Cuthos gave the slightest of salutes to return theirs as he walked into the room, the general hullabaloo and commotion came to a close as high ranking officers stopped their talking and came to attention “At ease Gentlemen, at ease. No time for small talk let's leap right into it.” President Cuthos slid into his seat as the other officers took their seats, many were empty. The bloody battle that had occurred dealt a savage blow to the populace and left many government positions vacant, former President Hughes had not been heard from since he boarded his private yacht two days after the attack and departed the system of Arcturus, without a proper line of succession a snap election was called, John Cuthos had no interest in leading the nation at his ripe old age of 74, however the officers under his command as well as the few surviving politicians nominated him and with no competition he ran unopposed and was sworn in as the 79th President of the United States that afternoon. “Well it's very simple Admir-” The General corrected himself with a grunt “Mr President, the Keerim have been driven back across the sector lines here, here and here.” The General pointed to several glowing red spots on the holoscreen “The Skellar and the Libellan’s have once again become free and are assisting in the main axis of advance along the parallel here.” The General ran his finger through the hologram tracing a red line into keerim space. “Overall sir if I were to give my complete untainted and grim analysis, the deaths of 400,000 humans of our nation, were not for nothing Mr President, our ‘victory’ has led to a complete collapse of the keerim offensive and they are now on the retreat.” President Cuthos leaned back in his chair running a hand through his gray hair with a sigh “And what of former President Hughes? That idiot needs to pay for what he has done, throwing away so many lives for his own personal gain, did you gents know he emptied his accounts and sold his stock shares?” The General nodded “At this time sir we are not entirely privy to his location but I am sure we will find him.” _______________________________________________ Janus City, financial district, GTFO “Right there you see him?” Walters young protege nodded as he took Walter’s spot at the rangefinder “That's the guy?” A middle aged man stepped out of the large town car onto the sidewalk, with two men in suits next to him Walter keyed his radio “Okay folks, nice and easy bag and tag.” Former President Hughes walked inside the bank clutching a large leather envelope he stood in line. Outside a small commotion disrupted the regular flow of traffic three black panel vans pulled up along the sidewalk as seven men jumped out the back of each, wielding M-92A Assault rifles and clad in unmarked black utility gear they rushed into the bank, with several quick pops the men guarding Hughes slumped to the floor, several more ran up to the former President tackling him as a sack was thrown over his head and tightened, the plastic grip of zap straps went around his hands and feet, people looked in awe as the small force of men withdrew from the bank and back outside, quickly as they had come Mr Hughes was tossed inside the back of the van as the small force hopped inside, closing the doors they sped off in the black of night. Walter and James packed up their rangefinder as they left their spot on the rooftop and sulked into the crowded alleyways, of Janus city. ____________________________________________________ ____________________________ ACTIONS 3AP on three corvettes 8AP on project Infallible 0AP the mastermind and “Fool” known as former Preisdent Howard Hughes, who caused the deaths of so many Arcturans and Solarins, is delivered to the Solarin Federation for them to do as they please. ________________________ Naval Registry ________________________________ TRADE PARTNERS -Skeller -Han Dominion -Malta -GTFO -Asgard republic -Silver Knights -Libellan -Confederation Of Xaplonius -Britain ___________________________ 20AP on PSDI SHIPYARD LEVEL 4 Population 160,500 humans 3,500 Skellar 2,500 Libellan 1,750 Da’nor 500 Human-tijeran Total pop = 168,750 10k neanderthals _______________________________ Industry 25AP=1Ap ____________________________________ Military -50,000 US Navy sailors -20,000 US Marines -1,000 US Army soldiers -500 fighter craft -100 Hunter-2 bots ______________________________________ Arcturus System Valentum-1 _____________________________ ________________________________________
  13. Techlock and weaponry

    Okay enough of this ****, lets take medeusculors and toss them into a whole other category, THEY ARE NOT GUNS, THEY NEVER WERE. The whole point of magic medeusculors was to take a mages power and trap it into a gem to be fired from essentially a stave. Albeit a stave made to look like a pistol/rifle that's what medeusculors were and they were power gamed to hell indeed, because magic is often power gamed to hell. Medeusculors were literally the exact same thing as magic, having owned one, mine could shoot explosive arcane bolts at the rate of 1 shot per 2 emotes, I took down four people alone with just the medeusculor and that is NOT what we want by adding matchlock/flintlock or whatever type of gun people come up with. It would be the same as fighting with a crossbow except not as good, it would serve to improve RP of groups and open up something the non clique magic circle friends can enjoy. Its not going to effect powegaming at all, will it be power gamed OF COURSE just like EVERY OTHER THING IN THIS GAME. And just like every other thing, its solved by modreqing just as if someone was shooting arrows at the rate of one per emote.
  14. Your View: Techlock

    I along with others disagree, the last thing we need is to complicate yet another possible crafting item with the whims of nexus to the point where only the select few have them. They should be easily available with some work, not locked behind the nexus wall.
  15. Your View: Techlock

    Thats kind of an ******* thing to do. If someone puts time and effort into creating a lore proposal, offer actual feedback not "**** this."