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  1. Captain lauffer finds an invitation delivered to him via bird “Report at once to VES for conscription and equipment draw.” A large bird delivers a letter “Report to the city of Ves for conscription and equipment draw.” A large bird delivers a letter “Report to the city of Ves for conscription and equipment draw.”
  2. *A bird once again delivers a thick carded letter* “Report to the city of Ves for equipment drawing and training.
  3. *Birds Fly Delivering each peasent farmer and nobleman alike a thick card letter* “As per your willingness you are hereby pressed into service with the 2nd Regiment of Grenadiers, report to the city of Ves for equipment draw and orders.”
  4. FULL NAME: Ser Henry Marshall AGE: 37 RACE: Human RELIGION: Owynism ((MC name)): Taketheshot56 ((Time zone)): PST
  5. ((IS this non descriptive noblen person Antonious AKA Milenkov?????))
  6. Henrie Stanton addresses the latest group of recruits after witnessing the stunning defeat for those against them. “You're at home now, my lads,' this is your posting. Welcome to the Poor Fockin Infantry.”
  7. “I thought the dragon knights all offed themselves?” Henry prosed.
  8. Taketheshot


    Ser Henry smirked as he read the letter in his study “Funny words from the dragon, when we first met on the field he swore he would have my head, and the fort, and here we are back again, me having taken his.”
  9. Ser Philip Wonders from the seven skies why he wasnt properly included as the 10th Captain.
  10. Ser Henry says farewell to his Bee Sancturary as he grabs his arablest and joins the marching formation to liberate the honey!
  11. REQUEST OF REAFFIRMATION OF KNIGHTHOOD Name (and House if applicable): Henry, House Marshall of Eastwatch Degree of Knighthood (Squire, Knight Errant, Knight): Knight Age: 33 Liege Lord: Adrian I Date of Accolade (if possible): 1718 Chapter/Order (if applicable): Kaedrin
  12. Henry squints “Didnt you lads flee everytime we showed up, refusing to fight and otherwise causing a ruckus? I sure do remember hearing by word of mouth from the peasants the fit you threw when the Emperor refused your calls for war. Very entertaining i might add.”
  13. Ser Henry continues to hand out weapons and uniforms to the GOOD MEN OF GOD! Who report for duty!
  14. Ser Henry curled his lips into a smile as those corrupted by vice and degeneracy fled the hall almost immediately after before quipping “Two species of rats we have routed in recent days.”
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