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  1. Taketheshot

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    United States Of Arcturus Arcturus system 2156 IN GOD WE TRUST ______________________ It was all over the news. “Celebrations erupt all across the southern galaxy this week as the war with the Keerim comes to a close. In complete surprise to almost the entire Galaxy. The former fringe nation of Arcturus has managed to do what the former leader Franz of the LC failed to do. In many circles and forums throughout the southern galaxy, many wonder just how James Cuthos managed to take his nation from a failed occupied state to forming and founding the Free Southern Alliance alongside the Skellar and the Libellan as well as negotiating a long term peace agreement another aspect at which the LC under its former leadership failed to do. While The rising nation of Arcturus continues its journey upwards, many are wondering just what James cuthos has planned next. And ho-” James paused the television in his office above Artemis the shutters rising and revealing the stars outside the large windows to the sides of the large screen. Slowly turning in his leather chair he faced Vice President Jefe along with all his senior members of staff. Mouth agape on everyone James spoke. “Holy….****, how has it worked out this good. How did it work out this ******* good….” Across the room sipping water from a straw Jefe looked up from his datapad speaking nonchalantly. “Polls are rating Arcturus at a threshold of 97% higher. We are rising steadily each day in almost every category. Relative to a human nation of course.” James thumbed his chin. He turned to the window behind him. Although the LC had withdrawn the amount of trading ships now passing through Arcturus and Gateway Station was immense. “And what of our issues regarding our good friends the Solarin’s?” James placed his hands behind his back looking over his shoulder as he spoke. “They've displayed contempt before, the last time they were powerful they launched a foolish attack on the Han.” Jefe tapped once more on his datapad. Bringing up a projection on the screen displaying fleet mockups. “The solarin fleet on its own is much similar to ours in capacity and numbers. With the slavs joining them their numbers grow tenfold in that capacity… However.” Jefe smirked as he brought up the next slide. “Where the Human Federations ships number in a few hundred.” A massive assortment of several hundred fleets popped up. “Our federation the Free Southern Alliance. Maintains a navy in the thousands of ships range.” James smiled once more. “Where the old regimes were weak my friends, we are strong....” ________________________________________________________________ Once again the Arcturans complete a large contract on time, the citadels defenses significantly boosted the engineers leave a large holosign in front of the station before departing. Bidding all who pass by to seek contracts with Arcturus Defense Solutions. Much the same occurs in Kyber Core space, the planetary defense ring now ready for added defenses. Of course that would have to wait another year. Across the USA thousands of farms arise, from the icy permafrost of Iris, the desert sands of New New Mexico and the expansive fields of Eytani. The new Krib Refugees quickly seize the agricultural sectors, proving to be capable farmers. The agricultural investments begin to immediately bear fruit. Literally. 75AP to Agriculture (Doubled to 150 for 2% boost) More and more advertisements go out across the galaxy. The Krib already with a large presence within Arcturus are encouraged to immigrate for freedom, liberty and honest work. The Vice President of Arcturus the Krib known as Jefe addresses the Krib scattered throughout refugee camps in the northern galaxy in his native tongue. “My people, for too long have you suffered in the north of the galaxy, enslaved, abused, and beaten at the hands of those who would take advantage of you and after the fall of our own nation. But that time has come to an end. The colony of New Oregon in Arcturus. A colony solely of Krib, a planet for our people! A fresh start and a new home for us all to call. The Arcturans have accepted me as their second in charge, they embrace our people and wish to offer us another chance, my friends, i urge you all to accept this offer. Contact Arcturus through your galactic terminal and you will receive pickup to take you to your new home.” The video cuts to scenes of Kribs going about their daily business in Arcturus. Farming, selling expensive items, and living their lives happy. The scene returns to Vice President Jefe in his office. “My people, accept this offer, make a change for yourselves, make a change for good. Join us here in our new home.” And with that the video is broadcasted to every Krib refugee camp in the galaxy reaching billions of Krib. And other refugees. With peace now finally had, Arcturus braces and extends its arms to a massive influx of Krib. 1AP to boost broadcasts across the entire galaxy. (MOD) With its position solidified. A small base is constructed in the Ursa Minor Galaxy. The first foothold for Arcturus in another galaxy within the Korosi nation with their permission of course. Furthermore With an understanding of each others languages finally. The Exploration ship gearing up for its second return back to the Milky Way. President James extends an offer for the Korosi Crown Princess to visit Arcturus for a two year stay. (MOD) 1AP for Fleet maint. With the flagship company of Arcturus Defense Solutions now having completed numerous large projects across the galaxy. It extends its services outwards to more and more alien nations including members of the New Southern Alliance for the chance to purchase efficient defenses for cheaper than your average contractor. (MOD) The Statue of liberty recovered from Earth is installed in the capital system of Arcturus, a beacon of hope and freedom for all new immigrants. (MOD) ____________________________ https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Pwr9qUoWTKhFiMbZzH0ee9C8GvHJimcAqQz50a0t9wE/edit?usp=sharing ________________________________ TRADE PARTNERS -Skeller -GTFO -Kyber Core -Libellan -Armawraithe -H.E ___________________________ Defenses 15AP on Civilian Bunkers (Capital system) 45AP on PSDI (Capital system) 8AP on PSDI (Vulentum system) 8AP on PSDI (Harrow System) ______________________________ SHIPYARD LEVEL 4 Population 720,683 Humans 54,696 Da’nor 5,582 Human-Tijerian 40,111 Skellar 40,398 Libellans 9,116 Ceri 3,027 Ascardians 22,897 Krib 10,800 Ymorian Total Pop 907,310 _______________________________ Industry 25AP Business 100AP National Mentality Expansion ____________________________________ Military -25,000 US Navy sailors -15,000 US Marines -500 fighter craft -100 Hunter-2 bots -15,000 Defender droids. -12,000 Tithonus MK2 droids _____________________________________ Mining 2AP Itoron 2AP Xyrolite 6Ap Dakite ______________________________________ Arcturus System _____________________________ Valentum-1 ________________________________________ Harrow System _________________________________________ Fomalhaut system _______________________________________________ Kapteyn B System ______________________________________________ Zeta-Reticuli B ___________________________________________ AP: 3AP from pop 6AP from colonies 2AP from industry 4AP Base 4AP from Expansion 1AP from trade Trade Fed bonus 2AP HE bonus 1 Business 24AP Itoron 2AP Xyrolite 2AP Dakite 6AP 20AP from Czar TOTAL: 77
  2. Taketheshot

    Starfare [Sci-Fi Nation Strategy FRP - RP]

    Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 2102 With the arrival of a new year, so does the Edonian battlefleet, with no ships to speak of the Union quickly surrenders. It is full and unconditional with the planet coming under full annexation in the first few months.
  3. Taketheshot

    Starfare [Sci-Fi Nation Strategy FRP - RP]

    Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 2102 __________________________________________________________________ AP: 18AP into business 4RP into t2 ballistics _______________________________________________________________ 50AP into universities 75AP into Business 75AP into Agriculture ________________________________________________________________ Breakdown: 3AP from agriculture 6AP from business 4AP from base 1AP from colony 4AP from population 1AP from trade
  4. Taketheshot

    Starfare [Sci-Fi Nation Strategy FRP - OOC & APPS]

    OOC: Username: Taketheshot56 Skype: (Pm if you want.) You know it Ideas and Suggestions?: None RP (Humans preferred, for other races (from the doc or else) notify me): Humans Nation Name: Union of Soviet Socialist Republics First Planet Type: Plains History: (Assuming it's a bit of a custom nation.) After President Putin bent President Trump to his will in the early 20th Century, the Russian Federation having strengthened themselves much through 2015 to 2025. It seemed President Putin could not loose an election, business moguls throughout Russia grew tired of Putin's hoarding of wealth and hardliner policies that put Russia first before their investments. On July 14th 2026 elements of the Russian Air force and ground forces led by corrupt generals stormed the Kremlin and took President Putin hostage, expecting swift surrender of loyalist forces and a quick return to the corrupt Russia that put money first. Instead Putin refused. Held in chains in the Kremlin. After three agonizing days of fighting throughout Moscow as loyalist forces attempted to recapture the Kremlin and with it control of the government Loyalist VDV forces parachuted into Red Square and although taking heavy casualties successfully liberated the Kremlin and restored Putin to power. What followed was a surrender of most of the rebel generals and a purge took place eliminating all of so called businessmen who attempted to orchestrate the coup. On January 15th with countless lives lost and the damage in the short civil war extensive. President Putin a firm believer in the soviet Union of which he served in his youth. Formally reestablished the USSR without much complaint from the people. The rich gone, the poor believed the way forward was in Communism many remembering the dark times of the early 2000s where Russia was a laughing stock. They were finally ready to take their place in the world. in 2105 several decades since the passing of General Secretary Putin the USSR from Siberia to the Baltic ascended to the stars to spread the Peoples might and the glory of Communism. Map location: (Remember, fill a square and send it to me privately.)
  5. Taketheshot

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    United States Of Arcturus Arcturus system 2156 IN GOD WE TRUST ______________________ “As you can see here Mr President the entire LC force is in complete disarray. The blunder at the hands of the Maltese truly has incapacitated the entire federation.” James grimaced looking across the holoscreen projected in front of him. Taking a slow drag of breath as he scanned left to right, The Maltese were under attack from all sides. Even the feeble han and their tools in the south had invaded. “And what about us?” James asked mildy turning his eyes back towards Admiral Moore. The command center deep inside the bunker where the men stood looking over the holomap shuddered gently with vibrations from above, testing of the railguns. “Well Mr President, the Skellar and the Libellan are both under attack. It is expected they will attempt an attack during the year, when, remains to be seen.” James nodded slowly gazing across the room where men and women of all races were hard at work. A far cry from the chaos and hysteria that plagued the nation before. “And our commitments to fighting the incursion? The ones we promised the Empress, I suspect those will have to be stopped have we switched the training objectives around to focus on defense?” Admiral Moore nodded “Of course sir, its a shame as well, a greater foe knocks on our doorstep the Maltese ignore it in favor of adding to their….what do they call it? Some Earth fruit, an orange?” James Cuthos folded his hands behind his back. “A banana admiral, they just had to expand their god damn banana.” ________________________________________________________ Bill Jennings slowly closed his locker for the day as he finished his work day. A mundane but well paying job with good benefits he strode out of the backroom smelling of grease and oil. The 19 year old had just spent an 8 hour shift preparing point defense guns to be shipped off to the newest defense project across the galaxy. He got in line with the rest of the workers per usual on a Friday afternoon. Sophie a girl of much the same age sat at the front of the line at a desk handing out the pay cheques to the workers, eager to spend them on drinks and a late night on the town. Cheques were perhaps a bad way to describe them. Arcturus had phased out cheques and money long ago, everyone had a digital wallet. Bill handed the girl his timesheets as he stared at the clock quarter to five PM. “Right so your same rate coupled with your profit sharing which has come through today for last quarter….here you are…….” the woman keyed in a few numbers and the machine which Bill had inserted his wallet into ejected it and he picked it up. The 20 virtual 100 dollar bills bearing the face of a scornful Obama joined the several 5 dollar Trumps and 1 dollar Hillary’s in his virtual wallet. “Thanks Again Sophie, seeya on Monday.” The girl smiled back at him “See you on Monday Bill.” Bill Jennings walked out of his workplace which sat in the industrial park to the east of the city core. New Reno was growing but still large in his own right. He walked past several Kribs lingering in a nearby alley. Despite the best efforts of Immigration and customs several refugees fell through the cracks and ended up on the streets. These two Krib wore matching bandannas, The Trent Park snail brothers. They had been responsible for several robberies in the area but the police did not have enough evidence to charge them yet. They slithered aggressively and slowly towards Bill who sped up walking. After a few minutes he arrived at the local train station. The buzz of activity made him wish he were already home as he scanned his transit card and boarded a nearby train. The Suburbs were a short 10 minute ride but between all the other folks and crying children it felt like eternity. Zooming through the city core past tall skyscrapers and then out into the tropical countryside. After getting off the train he leisurely walked down the street to his home. He had heard the horror stories of Earth in the late 21st century. 5000 dollar rent on a one bedroom apartment, though that were still the case in expensive apartments in the city he still lived well in his two bedroom house in a nice neighborhood. As did most people his age, the free market adjusted itself perfectly within the galaxy and he was already paying a steady mortgage with plenty of money left over for utilities and anything else he wanted. Sitting on his porch sipping a beer illegally he thought he wanted more. Doesn’t everyone? ________________________________________________________________ As the year ends so does construction on Aurora, As the engineers pack up they leave a convenient sign on the front lawn of the busy government building where they had just installed some of the new defenses. Hopeful to catch the passing eye of potential investors. As soon as the last team of engineers arrives home on Arcturus another massive contract needed to be filled. Once again the Arcturan’s and their superior defense engineers depart, this time for Kyber Core in the south. A defensive ring around the planet, what some would regard as impossible the Arcturan’s see no such obstacle, After talks they agree with Kyber Core officials that the orbital defense ring will be completed in four segments complete with railguns long range missiles and shield generators. They set to work to complete the first segment of defenses that year. ((20AP for 30AP worth of defenses)) Another group of engineers from Arcturus Defense Solutions are dispatched to the Citadel in Trade Federation space. A massive overhaul is organized and begins to be implemented to make the Citadel an even harder nut to crack. Massive armor plates are added alongside newly constructed hangar bays for fighters. Across the surface thousands of point defense cannons are installed alongside backup Xyrolite generators. The Citadel also receives several detachable mine laying pods alongside thousands of railguns, laser turrets and swarm missiles. A massive overhaul to an already well defended station. ((20AP for 30AP worth of defenses)) Once again an investment into Arcturus Defense Solutions is placed, all across the galaxy signs go up as more and more factions and nations come to do business. As such the Arcturans host what will be regarded as the first Arcturus Defense Expo. Companies from all across the galaxy are invited to show their wares to potential buyers. Hosted in the city of New Reno in a massive convention center along the Tropical coast of the Arcturan Capital. (25AP to Business) Several human Companies are invited as well to attend and sport their wares alongside the massive defense contractors of the galaxy. -Hephaestus Enterprises. -Kyber Core -Edonia -Hephorstus -Trade Federation -Armawraithe Across the USA New refugees are appropriately homed. As more and more space in the nation needs to be filled Arcturus spends mass amounts of resources and money towards advertising a brighter tomorrow. The Krib especially are targeted in the advertisements, encouraged to contact Arcturus at their nearest network terminal and receive pickup for them and any other refugees within a month. 6AP. Two South Dakota Class Battleships are launched 16AP 4Ap for a colonial freighter 1AP for Fleet maint. Significant resources go into the field of exploration and archaeology Large amounts of resources are spent investigating the TCs of Arcturus for minerals or otherwise. 5AP With kanata, Edonia, and the Han falling. Arcturus offers refugees from their nations the chance to live under a free human government (MOD) ____________________________ https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Pwr9qUoWTKhFiMbZzH0ee9C8GvHJimcAqQz50a0t9wE/edit?usp=sharing ________________________________ TRADE PARTNERS -Skeller -GTFO -Kyber Core -Libellan -Armawraithe -H.E ___________________________ Defenses 15AP on Civilian Bunkers (Capital system) 45AP on PSDI (Capital system) 8AP on PSDI (Vulentum system) 8AP on PSDI (Harrow System) ______________________________ SHIPYARD LEVEL 4 Population 648,270 Humans 52,092 Da’nor 5,317 Human-Tijerian 38,201 Skellar 38,112 Libellans 8,682 Ceri 2,883 Ascardians 16,201 Krib GARRISON 200,000 Ceri 100,000 Ascard 10,000 Skellar Total Pop 809,758 _______________________________ Industry 25AP Business 100AP National Mentality Expansion ____________________________________ Military -25,000 US Navy sailors -15,000 US Marines -500 fighter craft -100 Hunter-2 bots -15,000 Defender droids. -12,000 Tithonus MK2 droids _____________________________________ Mining 2AP Itoron 2AP Xyrolite 6Ap Dakite ______________________________________ Arcturus System _____________________________ Valentum-1 ________________________________________ Harrow System _________________________________________ Fomalhaut system _______________________________________________ Kapteyn B System ______________________________________________ Zeta-Reticuli B ___________________________________________ AP: 3AP from pop 6AP from colonies 2AP from industry 4AP Base 4AP from Expansion 1AP from trade Trade Fed bonus 2AP HE bonus 1 Business 20AP Itoron 2AP Xyrolite 2AP Dakite 6AP 22AP from Sneaky 22AP from Eric TOTAL: 97
  6. Taketheshot

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    United States Of Arcturus Arcturus system 2153 IN GOD WE TRUST ______________________ The Star of Arcturus slowly arose in the dawn skies. Waves crashed onto the waterfront as the city of New Plymouth Rock on the capital of Artemis slowly awoke to a new morning. This day was truly the first for which Arcturus had seen peace, nearly three decades of constant war and strife all now to be defined by one nation under God. For the first time without struggle a people awoke from their nightly slumber the masters of themselves. No longer would any state attempt to claim control over this nation. One by one tens of thousands of people began to file past the gargantuan monument sculpted of Dakite of which the Arcturans now held a vast supply of. Nestled in a small coastal inlet to the North of the large capital the memorial would have nearly 400,000 names etched into it. As the monument prepared for its grand commissioning men and women alike filed along the shoreline to hear their leader speak, the sounds of exotic alien birds filled the otherwise silent air as the distant crashing of water upon rocks echoed in from the massive ocean to the east. Soldiers, sailors and marines lined the side of the monument as President James Cuthos made his way up to the grandstand to speak at the podium the massive monument towering behind him in all its green glory. “My Fellow citizens, it has been nearly half a century since we departed from our home in the Sol system. Life has gone on much the same as it will continue to go on, but we as a people have suffered much in our pursuit of freedom and liberty. While the founders of our great nation may have never intended for what we have become. But we must never forget our roots as we push forward into the future.” The large crowd stood stoic the usual cheers and clapping absent during this tense time. The pauses between the speech leaving nothing but the distant sound of water fresh in the ears of those gathered. “We have struggled as our forefathers struggled and theirs before them. Struggle, that means a lot in the past and present of our great nation. While we may not be the largest, the richest, or the strongest. We certainly hold one trait that is unique and that we will continue to hold until the star of Arcturus burns out millions of years from now. We hold freedom my friends, the freedom to choose, the freedom to believe and say what we want, the freedom to do as we wish. But as so many have laid down their lives in this quest, it's been proven time and time again. Freedom is not free. Freedom and liberty must be paid for in the most honoured blood of our sons and daughters, as we have paid with our blood, and our fathers before and their fathers before them. All the way back to the Battle of Concord and the shot heard round the World at the Old North Bridge” Another silence lay hung in the air as the crowd waited once more. Tears evident on the face of many, but most importantly determination. Determination to do what had to be done. “Four hundred thousand names are carved into the dakite of this monument, four hundred thousand sons and daughters who fell so that we may be free. We owe everything to them and as such we must be prepared to do what is necessary in order to survive. We must fight for our nation. For our freedom, four ourselves. Let us take a moment to remember those who gave their lives so that we may live free.” The silence came and went and the remaining people, human and alien alike filed past the monument once more. Fully aware that more blood would have to be spilled in the near Future. ________________________________________________________________ Thousands of Engineers and contractors flock to the Aurora colonies in Hephaestus space, they quickly set to work across the planet constructing tens of thousands of Anti fighter/Anti-missile, point defense emplacements around key installations and cities. As well as creating secure bunkers for their ammunition and crew. 4AP for 6AP worth of defenses for the Aurora Colony 25AP into massive business advertising offering superior defenses for cheaper prices! ((25 to business)) 1AP in fleet maintenance 0AP to colonize the Desert world to the east of the Capital system, doing a mineral scan upon arrival Four new Swordfish Class Stealth Corvettes are chrisinted 4Ap Four Vancouver Class Frigates undergo construction 8Ap 20AP for SL5 The massive Exploration ship known as the USS Rhode Island departs with its 2000 man crew for the Ursa Minor Dwarf Galaxy (MODDD) A call goes out across the galaxy, the Krib who have had their homeland destroyed and are being enslaved left right and center are offered safety. Brodcasts go out to the many refugee camps housing Krib, they are offered safety and security in the nation of Arcturus. No enslavement only freedom and liberty. (MOD) ____________________________ https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Pwr9qUoWTKhFiMbZzH0ee9C8GvHJimcAqQz50a0t9wE/edit?usp=sharing ________________________________ TRADE PARTNERS -Skeller -GTFO -Kyber Core -Libellan -Armawraithe -H.E ___________________________ Defenses 15AP on Civilian Bunkers (Capital system) 45AP on PSDI (Capital system) 8AP on PSDI (Vulentum system) 8AP on PSDI (Harrow System) ______________________________ SHIPYARD LEVEL 4 Population 617,400 Humans 49,612 Da’nor 5,064 Human-Tijerian 36,382 Skellar 35,955 Libellans 8,269 Ceri 2,746 Ascardians 1 KRIB! GARRISON 200,000 Ceri 100,000 Ascard 10,000 Skellar Total Pop 755,429 _______________________________ Industry 25AP Business 100AP National Mentality Expansion ____________________________________ Military -25,000 US Navy sailors -15,000 US Marines -500 fighter craft -100 Hunter-2 bots -15,000 Defender droids. -12,000 Tithonus MK2 droids _____________________________________ Mining 2AP Itoron 2AP Xyrolite 6Ap Dakite ______________________________________ Arcturus System _____________________________ Valentum-1 ________________________________________ Harrow System _________________________________________ Fomalhaut system ___________________________________________ Kapteyn B Sytem ___________________________________________ AP: 3AP from pop 5AP from colonies 2AP from industry 4AP Base 3AP from Expansion 1AP from trade Trade Fed bonus 2AP HE bonus 1 Business 16AP Itoron 2AP Xyrolite 2AP Dakite 6AP 5AP from mith TOTAL: 47
  7. Taketheshot

    World in Flames [Alt-history FRP | OCC/APP]

    Nation: Dominion of Canada Discord: Taketheshot56
  8. Taketheshot

    Modern Nations RP Thread

    Canada 2088 Britain's surrender in the latest conflict was expected from the start, Canada would repatriate all POWs and thanks britain for seeing the peaceful resolution. But war still loomed on the horizon, Hundreds of jet fighters would continue to deploy to Saint Helena and Ascension island working with the American Air Force and the Canadians own hypersonic bombers in attempts to wrest air superiority away from Rhodesians. With the entire naval threat gone, several Canadian destroyers work their way closer the coast alongside their missile submarines and begin to launch attack after attack. Cruise missiles fired at random day or night, rain or shine as fast as they could be replenished. Military targets all over rhodesia continues to be bombarded with the cruise missiles hoping to simply wipe out any airfields that could field military aircraft. Over Mozamgascar the situation was much the same, The CB-42 hypersonic bombers relentlessly hammering rhodesian positions and supply lines all across the front. From their island bases the bombers would continue to sortie day and night stopping only for maintenance after each flight, refueling and rearming. Crews took to sleeping in an empty hangar on cots while their bombers were tended to before once again taking off on another 30 minute run. As a war for freedom raged across Africa, a small team of Canadian Astronauts finally arrived at their target. The planet Mars. With much fanfare the group descended to the surface and became one of the few nations to walk on another planet. “Wow look at this view folks!” Mission specialist Fellows pointed the camera up at the sky revealing to a watchful nation at home what he was seeing. “As you can see my friends, the atmosphere here is much thinner as such you don't get the sa-” The camera suddenly shut off on him and he looked up to see Mission Commander Chen holding the connection to the camera in his hand having pulled it from the inflatable habs outlet. “Commander what are yo-” He was cut off again as the Canadian born Chinese man spoke. “Unfortunately due to solar radiation the feed was cut off. That's the story back home at least…” Fellows looked puzzled and gave a quizzical look under his visor “Im sorry Fellows, not everyone in the crew knew. We have a secondary mission here. Head inside.” A few minutes later the entire team of 10 astronauts were standing outside the Hab amd ready to go. Grasping their C18 Carbines the group then set off on their objective...
  9. Taketheshot

    Modern Nations RP Thread

    Canada 2087 The Canadian Government praises the United Kingdom's want for peace. However they caution them as Rhodesians continue a massive offensive whilst at the same time offering an olive branch. This brash and wanton aggression would immediately be condemned by Canada. Canada would continue to demand a full withdrawal of all Rhodesian forces. At the completion of all of Canada's projects so far and the entire nation now using renewable energy. With its intense Aerospace research and multiple aircraft having been produced Canada looks towards a new generation of stealth carrier fighter aircraft. Utilizing its previous knowledge to hopefully fast-track it. However rather than starting from the ground up, the Canadian Scientists and aerospace engineers join the Americans to merge their efforts and hopefully speed up the joint carrier fighter. With the Mars Mission almost at its Destination. The Canadian Space Agency begins to launch a more direct effort to bring more and more supplies to the red planet. Several re-usable drive sections to haul cargo and supplies for a permanent small settlement on the surface were to be constructed in low earth orbit. Canada also joins the UN launching its own craft to the station to populate its office. As Nearly 40,000 Rhodesians begin to push on the Mozamgascarian capital from the north. Bombers begin to sortie almost every night. The Hypersonic jets would spend less than 10 minutes over hostile territory as their stealth and super speeds outran any supersonic missile the Rhodesians could fire at them. Carrying anti-personnel cluster bombs and laser guided anti armor bombs. The CB-42s hammer on the new Rhodesisan division as it pushes further into Canada’s ally, looking to cause more destruction. Although the protesters continue to wave flags and signs demanding the Canadian Government leave the nation to its fate, even the conservative party which constantly opposes the Liberal party government and was gaining traction due to recent events agreed with the Canadian effort in Africa. To protect one's ally's is the highest order. Peace must be kept. The Prime Minister releases a short statement, but a powerful one to the nation. “It is within our Anthem, ‘we stand on guard for thee’. Mozamgascar is a Canadian Ally and a friendly nation that has been brutalized by Rhodesian aggression and racism. We have been lulled into a sense of security in never having to support allies because we have never had one attacked. But true to our word we will NOT abandon our allies as the United States did to us. If we break our word now and allow Mozamgascar to be conquered and enslaved by Rhodesia. Then all our nation has stood for, is worth nothing. Remember my fellow citizens, If we do not stand for those who cannot protect themselves, we do not deserve to stand at all.”
  10. Taketheshot

    Modern Nations RP Thread

    Canada 2087 Cool sea breezes rolled in off the dark ocean near the coast, moonlight illuminating the runway. Engineers had been hard at work extending and repaving the airbase at Ascension island. The Royal Air Force station there would be used for a new mission over the warzone of Southern Africa. Captain Anders spoke to his fellow Captain Peters as they continued to check off lists. Sitting on the runway at Ascension island. The Brand new CB-42 Hypersonic Stealth Bomber sat waiting. “Flaps?” Anders asked manipulating the flaps, Captain Peters looked out the rear camera as the aviation tech gave a thumbs up. “Okay let's get rollin here Peters make the call.” Nodding as Captain Anders continued to flip switched. Captain Peters stowed the flight plan checklist and keyed his radio. “Tower this is Nighthawk-1 requesting departure, radio silence after 10,000” The radio cackled to life in the cockpit. “Nighthawk this is tower, cleared 2-4 right at your discretion, copy radio silence through 10,000. Happy hunting over there boys.” Captain Peters turned back switching off the radio and radar transponder behind his seat. “Okay let's push.” Anders said. The two men put each of their hands on the throttle pushing it all the way forward. The engines began to emit a bright white glowf as the ultra efficient ram jets went up to full power and the bomber shot forward down the runway. Captain peters could barely see things moving past as the stealth bomber catapulted down the tarmac at immense speeds. “Anddd V-1 Rotate” Captain Anders spoke cooly as he pulled the stick back and the bomber shot off the edge of the island and into the dark January sky. Captain Peters pulled on one of the levers from his co pilot seat as he called out “Gear up.” Banking east the bomber continued to circle the island as it climbed higher and higher into the sky as it reached its cruising altitude of 80,000 feet. “Stand by for Hypersonic set heading 0.60” Captain peters called as he changed the course from his seat scaling some dials as he began to open the fuel lines. Captain Anders in the pilot seats switched the master throttle on and began to slide it all the way forward as the bomber began to accelerate to Mach 6. “Passing through supersonic, stand by for hypersonic.” At 7500 kph the stealth bomber began shooting across the sky and within 20 minutes were over the african coastline. Captain peters swiveled his chair back and around facing the targeting console as the crafts advanced targeting suite began its work analysing the situation on the ground. They quickly found it. The Rhodesian and british frontline where there troops had been halted by Mozamgascarian forces. “Targeting solution plotted, standby for drop.” Captain Peters called from his console as the stealth bomber careened across Rhodesia coming on on Mozamgascar. Within four minutes they were finally over their allied country and Captain Anders reached down. Pulling on another lever the stealth bombers payload bay opened into the cool night sky and he called out to the back. “Bay doors open on your mark.” Captain Peters gripped the switch as the guidance computers in the cluster bombs activated. With a squeeze of the trigger they could here the ‘***** ***** *****’ as the bombs left their rack at high altitude and began their long journey to the ground. Closing the payload bay doors the bomber banked west and sped back to Saint Helena to land at an exuberant hypersonic speeds. In the air the 60 cluster bombs shot towards the ground before seperating into a combined 12,000 bombelts to cover a near 30km of Rhodiesian and British supply vehicles and support troops on Highway 1 of Mozamgascar.
  11. Taketheshot

    Modern Nations RP Thread

    Canada 2086 With a burst of blue light the chemical ion engines of the Prometheus mission ignited in low earth orbit. Slowly but surely the craft began to accelerate away from the planet as it plotted its course into the interplanetary void. Constant navigation updates were continuously uploaded to the craft from Earth, as many Canadians watched on tv as their hard work over the past years finally began to pay off. The reuseable ship that would carry 10 astronauts, a rover and habitation for 8 months began to soar away from the planet earth towards the Mars planet. As nations like the American Empire who had betrayed the Canadians and the French expansionists looked to the moon for their space programs. Canada’s had already begun to soar. On Earth however, troubles continued. Britain still refused to make peace and verhementaly continued its imperialist assault on Canadian Allies. After the surrender of Saint Helena and the falklands islands Canadian Forces go ashore via landing craft, the new Quad Tiltrotor, and conventional helicopter. Marching into Stanley via the same Iconic route the British commandos took in 1982. The Canadian forces quickly secure both islands immediately beginning to dig in. The Governors of both The Falklands and Saint Helena are quickly detained at their respective government houses and are forcefully boarded onto their RAF transport planes back to South Africa. Meanwhile all British Soldiers are quickly taken as POWs and flown back to Canada. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ At RAF Mount Pleasant the entire airbase is quickly reconverted for Canadian use. On Saint Helena and the island of Ascension the airports receive much the same, the Canadian Air Force taking it over for use of fighter craft and supplies. The Canadian Military quickly sets up ground based anti air and missile defense. Constantly on alert for any counterattack. But the actions of the Canadian government were not yet done, they continued to call for Peace and for an end to British Aggression. Meanwhile The Canadian navy, resupplied and ready for action once more launches another mass cruise missile attack. Once again South Africa comes under bombardment from the stealthy Canadian Submarines in the Atlantic ocean, at 5AM this time another 256 Tomahawk block III are launched from just under the surface of the Atlantic and within two minutes they once again slip under the waves and make their way back to the Canadian Battle group in the west. Civilian centers are still not targeted. This time South Africa's gold mining facilities come under direct attack as well as South African Deep Water ports. A single missile is fired at the small island of South Georgia and it is programmed to explode off the coast of the small island, the governor and his population of roughly 100, are called on to surrender. Again Canada requests an immediate withdrawal of Mozamgascar and pleads with Britain and Rhodesia to cease their actions. On the Ocean of the Atlantic, south African Naval forces which had been deployed to hunt down the Canadians are quickly countered. 60 attack jets armed with anti Ship Munitions begin to hunt the atlantic for the Five South African Frigates and their nine submarines. The Canadian Battlegroup near the Falkland islands is also put on high submarine alert, destroyers and corvettes constantly patrolling the parameters for any foolish British Submarines that may attempt an attack. The Argentinians are sent a few rocket scientists to bring the nation up to speed.
  12. Taketheshot

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    United States Of Arcturus Arcturus system 2153 IN GOD WE TRUST ______________________ The inside of the shuttle was quiet. A lone Krib looked around in the darkness as several men armed with rifles surrounded him. The Krib let out a slow sad whine like sound. He had come so far and been through so much. Driven from his homeland and then sold by the Alduu'uuraneans to the race Arcturans. He had braved weeks in an Alduu'uuranean ships hold before finally boarding the dark shuttle. A rough bumping jolted him back to his senses as the shuttle came to a stop. The door slowly opened and he was blinded by the sunlight of star known as Arcturus, ushered forward by the men behind him he slithered down the ramp as the loud noise of people overwhelmed him. As his eyes began to adjust to see clearly his senses once again returned and he found himself at the bottom of the ramp on a red carpet. The sounds echoing in the air were cheers. Looking around he saw tens of thousands of people lining the sides of the square holding signs and cheering. But cheering for what? Him??!?! He slowly slithered forwards and peered upwards. A large banner hung between two skyscrapers reading ‘WELCOME KRIB!’ he slithered even more until he was met by President James Cuthos on the carpet. Beckoning him to follow the Krib made a confused noise and followed up onto a large stage. President James began to speak into a microphone as the Krib slithered up next to him. “People of Arcturus! My fellow citizens!” The cheering began to quiet as he spoke. “For nearly thirty years we have been in conflict. We have fought and clawed our way to survival every day…no matter the price. Our nation has made mistakes. It has blundered. But we have made great strides. The first Humans of the original southern nations to find the Northern Galaxy, The first humans to visit another Galaxy. We have continued to push the realms of possibility despite the great hatred and disdain other nations may hold for us. With the end of this war there will surely be a new enemy on the horizon. But for kow we have finally achieved peace! With the help of the LC we have advanced as a society and will continue to do so on our own. The first major step in doing so is to welcome new faces into our nation. My fellow Arcturans. We have scoured the galaxy far and near. My friends. I give you the newest addition to our great nation. The first krib of Arcturus! JEFE!” Jefe looked around again as the massive crowd began to cheer chanting his name. James Cuthos put his arm around the Krib as cameras flashed around him. Jefe finally began to realize they were celebrating him. A normal Krib abused and sold like a common product after being driven from his home world by war. As he thought the band began to play and what he assumed to be his new friend or master. He wasn't quite sure yet, beckoned him to follow to a nearby car. Guiding him up inside the car James sat beside him and spoke. “I promise you Jefe, we will do everything in our power to ensure your race suffers no more.” The car slowly began to move down the road with the band marching behind. Confetti thrown from the rooftops and windows of buildings fluttered down on the motorcade from above. Lightly and slowly Jefe began to smile. Were his troubles finally over? ________________________________________________________________ 25AP into the Company known as Arcturus Defense Solution. For continued advertising across the galaxy for more reliable and cost effective defenses. ((25 to business)) 1AP in fleet maintenance 0AP for sending the colony ship out to colonize the Dakite rich world previously discovered 1Ap is given to a certain organization to deliver them one Krib A lavish mansion is constructed for the Krib custom tailored to his races every need 2AP With the end of the Keerim war and perhaps closing one of the bloodiest chapters in Arcturan history. Vast sums goes towards constructing a large memorial. With nearly 400,000 names of all US civilians and military personnel killed in the war 4AP Arcturus reaches out to several nations across the southern galaxy. Offering sale of the first Shipment of Dakite out of the mines next year. (MOD) ____________________________ https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Pwr9qUoWTKhFiMbZzH0ee9C8GvHJimcAqQz50a0t9wE/edit?usp=sharing ________________________________ TRADE PARTNERS -Skeller -GTFO -Kyber Core -Libellan -Armawraithe -H.E ___________________________ Defenses 15AP on Civilian Bunkers (Capital system) 45AP on PSDI (Capital system) 8AP on PSDI (Vulentum system) 8AP on PSDI (Harrow System) ______________________________ SHIPYARD LEVEL 4 Population 588,000 Humans 47,250 Da’nor 5,775 Human-Tijerian 34,650 Skellar 33,920 Libellans 7,875 Ceri 2,615 Ascardians 1 KRIB! GARRISON 200,000 Ceri 100,000 Ascard 10,000 Skellar Total Pop 720,086 _______________________________ Industry 25AP Business 100AP National Mentality Expansion ____________________________________ Military -25,000 US Navy sailors -15,000 US Marines -500 fighter craft -100 Hunter-2 bots -15,000 Defender droids. -12,000 Tithonus MK2 droids _____________________________________ Mining 2AP Itoron 2AP Xyrolite ______________________________________ Arcturus System _____________________________ Valentum-1 ________________________________________ Harrow System ____________________________________________ Fomalhaut System ___________________________________________ AP: 2AP from pop 4AP from colonies 2AP from industry 4AP Base 2AP from Expansion 1AP from trade Trade Fed bonus 2AP Business 12AP Itoron 2AP Xyrolite 2AP TOTAL: 33
  13. Taketheshot

    Modern Nations RP Thread

    Canada 2086 At 2:15AM African Central Time, all 8 of the submarines with their payloads having been fired Dropped below the thermal layer and into the deep, Spreading out across the atlantic they sail home. With a near 3 hours before the first missile would have hit the targets And the British Navy 2000Km away in south Africa. Slowly having to scour the deeps for Submarines as they went would most likely miss the Canadian subs who started off with a massive head start before becoming invisible in the great blue. Of course, due to how the Tomahawk Land Attack Missile works it is very difficult to detect until it has gone full throttle and ascended to its cruising altitude, about 20 minutes into the flight. Due to the Canadian Submarines having already descended 10 minutes before the most probable radar detection. Of course something else would be detected. Steaming at a rather fast speed of 33 knots. An Entire Canadian Naval battle group comprised of every ship not in the Arctic is steaming towards the south. The Aircraft Carrier HMCS Bonaventure and her battlegroup consisting of 20 destroyers, 30 Frigates, 20 Corvettes and 10 Landing Platform Docks. The fleet would be full steam ahead for The Falklands Islands. Britain is once again reminded and pleaded with to end its attack on Mozamgascar, as the Canadian Fleet Air Arm would begin to launch attacks on the lone Falklands air base of RAF Mount Pleasant. The Canadian Ally of Mozamgascar is told to hold on! Canada would not let the Rhodesians and the British enslave their newfound African brethren! @LPT
  14. Taketheshot

    Modern Nations RP Thread

    Canada 2086 For the past three years, Canadian Engineers worked hand in hand with Mozamgascarians to better their future in Africa, for three years, their friendship and partnership as Nations grew. As the United Kingdom Returned to their Imperialist ways, promoting racism and hatred. Canada grew sad, their mother nation had abandoned the values she held dear for such a long time. But it was worse than that. British and Rhodesian Aggression led them attack the Peaceful nation of Mozamgascar who merely wished for a better future. Canada had watched as Rhodesia mistreated its minorities. Canada watched as the United Kingdom threatened their own aircraft. Canada watched as Rhodesia continued to level threat after threat after threat. But Canada would watch no longer. Its Ally had been attacked and its freedom threatened. With the entirety of the Royal Navy blockading the small nation of Mozamgascar. 8 of the Canadian Navies Victoria Class Missile Submarines would ascend to firing depth, 300KM off the African Coast At 2:00 AM Central African time. At 2:05 AM Each Submarine would each begin to launch their 32 Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles. By 2:15 AM all 256 Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles would be cruising at 900 Km per hour 50m off the ground. Each Submarine would strike at several targets with multiple missiles. Targets would include British and Rhodesian military bases across South Africa and Rhodesia. Shipping ports at key coastal cities and Military runways. One Submarine out of the 8 however launches its missiles towards the Port Stanley RAF Base in the Falklands, Ascension Island and St Helena. Unlike the British and the Rhodesian strikes against Mozamgascar. No civilians population centers are targeted. The United Kingdom and Rhodesia are given a STERN warning. Continue your aggression against the peaceful nation of Mozamgascar and the situation would escalate. For the sake of peace the Canadian Government pleads with the two nations to cease their attacks. In response to the clear aggression. 30 C21 Northstar transport planes are sold to the eager buyer of India for an undisclosed price.
  15. Taketheshot

    Modern Nations RP Thread

    Canada ((A shorter post but a needed one)) In Response to the political betrayal of the Americans and the ending of the one of the longest standing alliances in modern history. The Canadian Government quickly begins to set things straight. In american defense centers across the country, all of their sensors would immediately and without warning go offline. All tracking north of the Continental United States would be completely cut off as Norad installations across Canada, the Pinetree defense line, the Mid canada Line and the DEW line in the far north have frequencies switched and cut off their transmissions to Norad HQ in Colorado instead providing only Canada with Air defense. Thousands of american soldiers and airmen who manned the stations alongside the Canadians are evicted forcefully and sent to the border in buses. A stern warning is given to Trump and he is cautioned going forward.