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  1. hello I hope everyone is having a nice day 



      You too man, have a good one o7.

    2. HogoBojo


      Howdy, I hope that you’re having a nice day as well.

  2. ark#0952 dainty Blue: 6k
  3. hello thank you for introducing me to so much music last time, I had a lotta fun going through all of the songs and ranking them alongside @Zuziee. we plan on doing it again sometime soon, but we’ll need more music to go through. this time if you guys wouldn’t mind only recommending two songs and if you don’t mind putting the artist and the name we’d appreciate it : ) thanks again!!!!!! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1l9q4bjm89MxOPnFeakIDfQZB_EMN-PLJ4Kf_Ch7599E/edit#gid=0 results from last time! @Urara @GoodGuyMatt @KeatonUnbeaten @rukio @MinaGobbler @Astrophysical @InfamousGerman @SilkieSilky @Zacho @Boomzerang @Ducklingator @Sweet Plants @axelu @MmMonkey @thebigindian123 @Bawg @Temporal @auLune @Arcean @Vorgraven @ScreamingDingo @Knightei @GavinH @ImCookiie @froeggy
  4. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1l9q4bjm89MxOPnFeakIDfQZB_EMN-PLJ4Kf_Ch7599E/edit#gid=0 my favorite song: Ghost by Jacob Lee @rukio zuzie’s favorite song: Your Nobody Till Wants You Dead @Urara thank you for everyone who sent songs I really liked going through them, expect a new post soon 🙂
  5. i hope everyone is having a nice day 

    1. Arcean


      I hope you too lovely person!

      Edited by Arcean
  6. Team Name (be creative!): Peternauts Team Captain (Name / IGN): Peter Max / arkantos1279 Team Members 1 - 7 (Name / IGN): Peter Max / arkantos1279 Peter Baldwin / Erik0821 Alpha Carrington / peachcool Safiye Basrid / zuziee John Pruvia / Bawggie Ledicort d’Azor / Da_Emperors Charles Helena / zombiebman999 Lorena Annabelle / MunaZaldrizoti (All teams must have 8 members)
  7. hope everyone is having a great night : )

  8. Ark

    8.0 Map Teaser

    Looking really good keep up the great work 🙂
  9. i hope everyone is having a nice day 

    1. Suicidium


      Thank you Arkantos. I hope you are having a great day yourself! 😇

    2. Ark


      i am 😄 thank you for asking 

    3. Da_Emperors


      Hope you are doing well brother 🙂

  10. Peter mumbles “Lead paint...” as he thinks of Elizabeth’s wilding out.
  11. hi i need new music really bad: i like this song:
  12. hope everyone is having a nice morning

    1. Sweet Plants

      Sweet Plants

      you cant make me

    2. Ark


      no but i can hope you are

  13. Peter sighs, another marriage to attend. He hoped this one would not take as long, but the boy already knew, he was going to need more coffee. He looked over to Safiye and said “Do I have to attend?”
  14. i hope everyone is having a good night

    1. Malaise


      hope you’re having a good night king

    2. Nectorist


      hope you’re having the best night

    3. Ark


      i am having an incredible night thank you friends

  15. i hope everyone is having a nice day

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    2. sergisala


      indeed. the only problem is that I've only slept 3.5h

    3. Ark


      you should sleep buddy! you’ve been doing a lot around helena and I appreciate it but you gotta take care of yourself too

    4. sergisala


      i agree and ty bro

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