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  1. “God I just hate Haense.”
  2. Man this was an absolutely amazing thing to come back and see this weekend. Love you bird, I’m glad youre back.
  3. Continuing to work on exploring their lands and continue growing their farms the good people of New Andalusia. Through sweat, determination, and grace of Allah things seemed smooth sailing for the most part. Focusing more inwards and continuing on the expansion of farms and other civil projects the month of Ramadan resulted in lots of feasts and growth for the colony. Population: 2102 -> 2209 3/40 in farm[2] Adding another 18 in farm. 21/40 in farm[2] Military: Army: 300 Frontiersmen Navy: 2 Frigates
  4. The men and women of New Andalusia continued their expansion with little troubles, crops were grown and trade began. Ships were built and men were trained. Things were looking for the colony and as the first mosque was finally finished the people cheered and celebrated as its construction coincided with the holy month of Ramadan. With the colony stable, the colonists to continue their expansion and look for more land. Taking their hatchets and wagons they trekked through the swamps looking for any land that was suitable to begin construction of new, smaller secondary settlements in order to support a larger New Andalusian economy. 19 points this turn: 18 and +1 from militia refund: 4 new spots for 16 points 3 points investing into another farmland Population: 2000 -> 2102 Military: Army: 300 Frontiersmen Navy: 2 Frigates
  5. The proud Andalusian's, looking to create a better future for their people found refuge on the edge of the Pontchartrain and on the banks of the Mississippi. With water on both sides it provided a great defense from any would be invaders. The leader of the expedition, Rashid Mustafa, laid ground and declared to his people that Allah would have not created such fertile lands had he not intended for the Ummah to inhabit. As such, work began in setting up farms to get through the first winter. Rashid was a clever administrator back in the Kingdom of Morroco and first sought to create great walls to protect his people and bazaars for them to work in. Within the year the colony had stone-walls, a flourishing marketplace and enough farms to feed them well into the winter. As soon as the colony had become self-sustaining, he sought to scout the surrounding area for anything out of the ordinary. Population growth: 2000 -> 2102 AP this turn: 18 3 Frontiersmen for 9 points 1 New spot for 4 points 1 Militia for 1 point 2 Frigates for 4 points
  6. Colony Name: New Andalusia Nation of Origin: Morocco Religion (Catholic, Protestant, or Othordox): Sunni Colony History: As the Andalusian's were driven out from their land by the crusading Spanish, many found haven in the Kingdom of Morroco. Large populations created urban centers and when the opportunity for a new world to discover was found the Andalusian's decided to venture forth and create new lands for themselves. Starting Location: (fill in a square & PM to either mod) Already PM'd to Ave Initial 200 AP investments: One Farmland, Two Markets, and Stone Walls Unique Military Unit: Fariqata! A Frigate, but better! Discord: Suggestions:
  7. Ark

    The Southgarde

    Sigmar smiles, approving!
  8. where are all the ppl i havent talked to in 2 years hmu

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