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  1. Ark

    retirement AMA

    I really enjoyed moderation, I know it's just a game but I really appreciated the management we had. Especially Mirtok, I learned a lot from working under him and I definitely think it will help with future professional endeavors. i dont think we've ever roleplayed. im doing good very busy That the person you're interacting with is a real person behind the screen. It's easy to get caught up in character and all of that, but I think a lot of people use the anonymity as an excuse to be an ******* sometimes and I don't like that. I'm still around in RP mostly taking a step back from staff. I'll be around to play league and ****, won't be the last of my Renekton. Honestly, I just want it to be an inclusive community where anyone who has a good attitude and works hard can rise up through the ranks and help in the cooperative environment you all are working on together. I know there is a lot of drama in regards to me and Haense and i'm not trying to claim any type of moral superiority here but the saddest part of everything that happened in Haense was that I felt that attitude was gone. We would all fight and we would all argue but there was a vision of creating a really good community that went past just LotC but made long term friendships. Some of my best friends in the world i've made through LotC and Haense, that was always the beauty of it to me. I just hope you guys keep the tradition of being a community first and an RP Kingdom after.
  2. Ark

    retirement AMA

    Funniest RP moment i've had in recent memory was when they started the world ending events in last map and Peter Max made a bunch of people get different food items then forced everyone to eat the kibble rations he made. Achievements? There's so many, I wouldn't know where to start. Haense, Gold Corps, the friends i've made. I've really done a lot over the years i'm real proud of. Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one. - Marcus Aurelius no me CST is the best timezone. love u 2 king my dms still open Ark#0952
  3. Ark

    retirement AMA

    my life is over never whenever
  4. Ark

    retirement AMA

    no i havent met him, who is parodies?
  5. Ark

    retirement AMA

    I am doing great, i'm in an amazing place in life. New job, new environment, looking forward to the road ahead. no thanks those are for @da_emperors i have no idea what this means I think my favorite character has to be Rickard Barrow. He was the character embodiment of all of my ideas and ambitions on LotC. I also learned a very important lesson about being apart of something greater than myself through playing him, a lesson that I believe is important for everyone to learn at some point in their life. I don't think i'm leaving I just can't afford the time commitment as much. @ 1 speed this might take a while.. you get some really weird nani pings as a mod, won't go into details but *vaguely gestures at all of those*
  6. So if I do a leaving post i'm bound to come back, so I think a good compromise is an AMA. I honestly just like chatting with everyone and getting a little last capstone onto my stint on lotc. Due to work and irl stuff I don't have as much time for LotC but I really would like to chat with everyone one last time before I dip. These are always fun so toss any questions you have this way.
  7. Peter Maximilian only patrons the Novellen Tavern.
  8. sitting in a dorm room with this nerd named @Eddywilson2when @cruzazulcrowned him King of Haense, it was really dope
  9. Name: Aetius Age: 48 Race: Wood Elf Prior Relevant Experience: I shot at a scary olog once!
  10. A DEBUT PATRONED by THE STARS 1803 | Year 7 S.A. Lady Victoria of Kaphro by Msr. Jacques von Gwynon _____________________________________________________________________ As the stars align in anticipation of the constellation Mahara Major, The Comital Household of Kaphro is pleased to announce the debut of Lady Victoria of Kaphro, daughter of HIH Prince Peter of Oren, into society. The evening shall begin with speeches regarding the lifetime and accomplishments of Lady Victoria, and wishing her well into the future as she sprouts from a girl to a woman. Then there shall be a dance where revelers are welcome to drink and be merry in celebration. Midway through the dance, there shall be a costume contest where both a male and female winner shall be chosen amongst the participants. The dress theme of the evenings shall be evening sky. _____________________________________________________________________ ITINERARY ♜ Congratulatory speeches of reflection shall be given for the Lady Victoria by three of her close relatives - firstly her father HIH the Count of Kaphro ( @Ark), then her grandfather the Count of Susa ( @Dyl), and lastly her aunt HIH the Princess Imperial ( @Ivorey). ♜ The first dance of the evening shall be a private dance between Lady Victoria and her father, where the floor shall be vacated to only be available to them until they have concluded their dance. Party-goers are welcome to observe and spectate this. ♜ After the floor has been opened to the rest of the party-goers and some time has passed, a costumed contest will begin - with three other judges of her choosing, the Lady Kaphro shall determine her favorite attire and dress from amongst the participants. A gentleman and a lady shall be selected from the ranks respectively, and the winners shall receive a prize of Imperial marks as well as the honorary titles of Hierophant and Hierophantess of the Moon and Stars. ♜ After the costume contest, the festivities shall continue until the masses tire - with much drinking, dancing and celebration to be had! _____________________________________________________________________ INVITEES HIM, The Holy Orenian Emperor (@Hunwald) and his esteemed household. The Ducal Peers; HIH, The Duke of Helena ( @KosherZombie) and his esteemed household. HIH, The Duke of Crestfall ( @BenevolentManacles) and his esteemed household. HG, The Duke of Cathalon ( @Fishy) and his esteemed household. HG, The Duke of Sunholdt ( @ErikAzog) and his esteemed household. The Comital Peers; HIH, The Count of Kaphro ( @Ark) and his esteemed household. HIH, The Count of Aldersburg ( @Maur) and his esteemed household. HIH, The Countess of Rosemoor ( @Ivorey) and her esteemed household. TRH, The Count of Susa ( @Dyl) and his esteemed household. TRH, The Count of Pompourelia ( @Scipp3r) and his esteemed household. TRH, The Count of Rochefort ( @Draeris) and his esteemed household. TRH, The Countess of Halstaig ( @Asutto) and her esteemed household. TRH, The Count of Mordskov ( @Mirtok) and his esteemed household. TRH, The Count of Leuven ( @edelos) and his esteemed household. The Viscomital Peers; TRH, The Viscount of Pruvia-Provins ( @Bawg) and his esteemed household. TRH, The Viscount of Pruvia-Albarosa ( @ausubung) and his esteemed household. TRH, The Viscount of Rillsworth ( @calculusdesola) and his esteemed household. TRH, The Viscount of Valles ( @grnappa) and his esteemed household. The Baronial Peers; TRH, The Baron of Carrington ( @Sporan) and his esteemed household. TRH, The Baron of Woldzmir ( @Lhindir_) and his esteemed household. TRH, The Baron of Stahl-Elendil ( @Braehn Elendil An'Hiraeth) and his esteemed household. TRH, The Baron of Artois ( @Lyonharted) and his esteemed household. Personal invitations from Lady Victoria and her family are extended to the following: HL, Robert Foltest Helvets ( @Proddy) The Lady Helena Augusta Basrid ( @Axelu) Mister Anthony Alexios Basrid ( @BobBox) Mister Cosimo Antony Falcone ( @Motherchild) Miss Inariel Vethrai ( @kujo) Mister Ruben Artanis ( @Lockages) The Hon. Basileous Baelius and his honorable household ( @MCDVK) Mister Ciprian de La Baltas, Lord Mayor of Providence, and his honorable household ( @Publius) Mister Ledicort d'Azor ( @Da_Emperors) Mister Fredrick Teufel ( @FredrickTeufel) Mister Iskander Alexios Basrid ( @KBR) All citizens of the Holy Orenian Empire and its allies are extended an invitation beyond the aforementioned. _____________________________________________________________________ Dearly, HIH Prince Peter, Count of Kaphro HIH Princess Elizabeth, Princess Imperial and Countess of Rosemoor _____________________________________________________________________ OOC: Friday the 15th; 5:30 PM EST The Augustine Palace
  11. Ark

    Come Join CT

    Hey everyone, I’m aware CT has been quiet as of late, however, we have been making some changes to the team over the past couple of days. Snoopie and I have stepped up as the new CT managers and we are excited to get things moving. In lieu of this, we are looking to keep the momentum going and bring on some new members to the team. Currently the team is becoming overwhelmed with the influx of application and we need more help. However, we are looking for people that are interested in doing more than just that. If you’ve ever been interested in doing applications, community outreach, or assisting with the wiki, please feel free to apply. We plan to reach out to new applicants within the week. Thank you! https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forms/51-community-staff-application/
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