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  1. Barrett reads the missive, "We must go back."
  2. *A small note of paper would be found on the trails somewhere in the Heartlands, if read, it would read:" Hello my loyal readers, this is Barrett from the frontlines of the Petra conflict. These are the facts that I have gathered so far: The archduchess is sleeping with a Haensemen All of the people of Petra support the Archduke But the Cheater side has lots of good lawyers There will likely be a battle soon Barrett, signing out. PUP
  3. This whole thing is crazy said Alexander.
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  6. Sons of Petra 11th of Sun’s Smile 1895 “Dignity in Death.” OOC Intention: Purpose: “All men are not created equal. Some will carve their name into the annals of time, while others die a whisper moments after their passing. The Sons of Petra know no greater fear than being forgotten.” The principles of the Sons of Petra are simple. Dignity in Death - If you live a life worth living, you have no reason to fear death. Honor among Brothers - Our unity is our greatest strength. Be Badass - We are not here to cower, we are not here to fear, we are here to have the world know our name. The Son’s Creed: We are the Sons of Petra! We are the walls of Petra! The spears that impale the hearts of her enemies! To serve Her Grace is our pride! To die for Petra is our duty! Dignity in Death! Ranking Structure: High Command: Commander - Leader of the Sons of Petra. Command of all military matters are final. They answer directly to the sovereign of the Commonwealth. Deputy Commander - Specialized rank, second in command only to the commander. While there may be more than a single deputy commander they have final say in all matters in the absence of the Commander. Officer: Lieutenant - Responsible for training and drilling the troops. They have proven leadership and will ensure that the Commander and Deputy Commander’s commands are done. Sergeant - Responsible for assisting the Lieutenant and high command with training and drilling troops. They report directly to the Lieutenants and ensure that those who join are keeping the standards of the Sons. Rank-and-File: Bannerman - They have earned their skulls and are allowed to don the skull of the Sons. Footman - Someone who has passed the initiation process and is officially a member of the Sons of Petra. Petra Patrol - Those who wish to join must go through an initiation process before they earn their skulls. [OOC] ((How to Join: If you want to know more, come join! Set up an In-character meeting or apply here: Name: Race: Do you live in Petra?: Forum Acc MC Name Discord https://www.lordofthecraft.net/profile/41802-ark arkantos1279 Ark#0952 https://www.lordofthecraft.net/profile/74051-skuke101/ Cuckfederacy Luke#7319 https://www.lordofthecraft.net/profile/77160-gridlock/ _Gridlock Gridlock#1220 https://www.lordofthecraft.net/profile/77705-devoutchorale_/ DevoutChorale_ Chorale_#4767
  7. "READ YOUR HISTORY." Lambert said, handing out the article to people.
  8. Alexander Petrus perked his brow upon realizing this, "Hrmph, maybe I can submit something." he said realizing she lived in Petra too!
  9. "This is not bad ass." Lambert would remark upon hearing the report from some Petra Patrol member. "We just made peace, we're going to enjoy it."
  10. Lambert rallies the Son's to bring this beast to justice! Lambert is tired of being bothered by murders while he's trying to drink.
  11. Welcome back! What's your favorite experience of RP you have had on the Craft?
  12. "Bad ass," he remarks to the Archduchess.
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