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  1. -OOC- Minecraft Name: Admiral_Frank Skype (Preferred, not required): frankmat000 Nexus Professions: Adept Chef, Adept Fisher, and proficient or adequate in most other things. I don't choose a single profession so I can be adept at everything Will this be your main?: Yes it is currently -IC- Name: Anduin Frank Race: Human, Heartlander Male Age: Near 43 years of age Where do you live?: Sutica Combat skills of note, such as a former mercenary?: Was an Evocatus / 1st Brigade Cook in Legio l loannes and is currently a Sergeant in the Mardon Kings guard. (and yes this is the guy who had that bakery and smoked his pipe a lot in J-berg)
  2. The leather is not damaged, nor the other person i asked, and they are normal iron ingots yes, i asked in ooc and otehrs said it happened to them. i can try again now to see if it wasnt just the server needing a restart or something
  3. So at 9:40 AM CST on 6/25/17 i made a iron chest plate using 8 iron and a fully repaired leather tunic. Then i tried to make leggings and I have the materials and everything and it says i don't have the materials, i made sure i had the materials and tried again still didn't work, i tried making a helmet and that didn't work. Then i asked my friend who logged on who is a blacksmith to make it for me, and he said when he tried to do it it said he lacked materials. So for some reason its saying you lack the materials to make iron armor even though you have them. Not sure if its only iron armor. "You don't have the materials to craft that." yet everyone who tries it does, and it doesn't work. -thanks, Frank
  4. *Franklin Downsgrove happily signs the paper* MC name: Admiral_Frank
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