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  1. Stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid dumb
  2. "The High Elves are a race of puritans and the dissolute. Their lords are tyrants of a people that claw desperately for victimhood. It is ingrained in their very history that they are a culture of rebels against the unifying way of our Good Father, and they exacerbate their malformed demand for exclusivity through prior acts of barbarism which no other Elven race had committed in these conccurrent, modern times. I condemn the mutant High Elves that follow the doctrines of a foolish woman who thought her pallid flesh bore the fruit of perfection, and come the day the memory of their wretched people is but etchings upon the stonework of crumbling graves atop the last plateau they are to fester on, I will crawl from the precipices of unbound nature with the sole intent to spite the decaying remnants of their society of lifeless stone towers and fabricated racial glorification." So says the Shadow Druid as he read over the missive, seated upon the Monumental Oak which stands in Linandria's center.
  3. Oof.
  4. forsooth, another one into the fold
  5. This Lore has been denied. Topic moved to Denied Lore forum.
  6. I believe instead of stubbornly putting up an argument, I will confide in the collective opinion that the lore is too difficult to pinpoint to one purpose. I will be closing this as "denied" as I take a better approach and rewrite it.
  7. Explained that one to you on another medium.
  8. The intention of the lore was to alternatively explain why holy magic hurts dark beings instead of the inconsistent explanation of because they're "tainted". That idea worked before (Anthos era and prior), when undead/Dark beings were somewhat said to be tainted, but now it doesn't really make sense and doesn't apply to all forms of creatures that holy magic is capable of harming. As it stands, holy magic hurts dark beings just because, and this explains from a half-philosophical standpoint that it harms them because Aenguls made magic to combat mortals turning into something they are inherently not supposed to be. Nothing is really ignored with this work in mind. It still applies to deities that don't give it a **** about being holy, it doesn't disregard deity magic that fights other dieties because that type of magic doesn't exist right now (still wouldn't conflict with this lore), it doesn't ignore the dark deities because it explains why they're dark (primarily Iblees and Asura, not many others to work with), it completely regards Aeriel's failed healing attempts (trying to cure dark/corrupted immaterial beings with light/immaterial magic is a contradiction), it only alternatively explains the original writing so its not inconsistent with current lore, nor does it ignore taint cleaning abilities. A majority of the lore is based on explaining humanity and how it changes when a mortal becomes immaterial as to properly portray what is objectively correct for mortals to be like in the universe.
  9. [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3BtoCvvzaLw ] “Men are craven, base creatures. Darkness is all they have ever known, and when presented with the means to shed their primordial yoke, they seek it, insatiably. For when our Lord, God forged them from His heart, they inherited the burdens of His emotional strain; the suffering of his sacrificial scars; the fleeting weight of His passion. But dark is anchored and corporeal. So many men chase after the resplendence of Light, but do not realize the boundless joy they gain through Light’s acclamation stems from the very shadows it casts. They say those known as the Old Lords accused the Gods of cursing Men with Inhumanity; for by scourging the darkness which life stems from, the Gods planted the seeds that would push Men to become something they are not. Something… immaterial. The Gods fear the dark within Men; these are the roots of our world. By abandoning what makes us mortal, our primeval design shall surge against us, and deny us the means to become deified.” Inhumanity and Immaterialism; The Roots of Our World “Life is blessed; so fleeting and short, but beautiful in its entirety. Some Men are driven by love and purpose to define their lives. Others seek peace and contentment for themselves, and their ken. Men bound by the rot are driven by hunger and madness, for life has yet to release them from its dark coils. If one to to ask truly Immaterial Men what drives them, they shall present you a farce; for they are hollow, empty. They fabricate the path of Gods to walk, but it is not their road to follow.” In the beginning of all things, two spectrums were born in this universe to ensure it an equilibrium; Light, and Dark. With half of His Soul, the Creator conceived the Primeval Ethereal; seedlings of Light comprised of his halved spirit’s countless fragments. With half of His Heart, the Creator conceived the Primeval Corporeal; the essences of Dark, too, made up of many such fragmentations. From the very beginning, the fate of these vastly differential souls were charted -- the Primeval Ethereal were to become the Gods, the Aengudaemons, and all formless spawn which ushered from them. The Primeval Corporeal were to become Men, the Mortal Descendants, and all material life beside them. The one God of Gods did not comprehend that Men would bow to their shapeless brothers, for in this world where both Dark and Light must coexist, one force cannot rule the other. It was the law of Creation, and thus ingrained into the very fabrics of this cosmos. But soon did the Aengudaemons seek to ensure their control over Men after the awakening of their material brothers. An understanding of equality was not recognized by the Gods, but rather a deep, gnawing fear, for through the ages in ancient time, before the corporeal world was even shaped, the Gods fought viciously against what they perceived as a cataclysmic, destructive darkness. The Void and its Horrors threatened to eradicate the luminescence of the Sun - the doorway which the Great Father stepped out from, and that which keeps the twisting Void at bay. Thus, Gods fear Men like they do their ancient enemy. Dark is perceived as the absence of Light to them; that without Light occupying every aspect of this universe, all will unravel and be presented to the Archhorrors beyond for gluttonous devouring-- and this is true indeed, for with no Light, Creation would lie besieged by the very aspects of chaos that it stands to defy. A realm of darkness would be a realm of Old Dark; a darkness that predates the darkness of Men, far more vile than anything that has ever existed in this cosm. Inhumanity There is a term that mortals use to describe what defines them; though the word remains the same, the meaning has changed overtime. Humanity; that is what Men are said to contain within them, and it is what they say is lost through acts of barbarism and terrible, ill nature. Humanity to mortals of this concurrent age is the acknowledgement of mercy, the will to do what is good and right, and to abstain from the evils so easily manifested within the hearts of living Men. In the old ages, humanity as a trait was described as something much more base and reflective to all those who carried the dark fragments of God within them. Humanity is darkness; it is the warmth that occupies the living, the beat of their material hearts, the breaths that escape their lungs. It is their greatest joys and their deepest sorrows. It is their unquenchable rage and their search for vengeance. It is the assurance of death one day, and the contentment found in the moment. It is birth and demise. It is the so-very-real flesh that is wrapped around Men, forcing them to become anchored to an earth that does not heed the commands of ethereal sons. To be humane is to be mortal; and when that is sacrificed, mortals lose their mortality. This has always been the way of things, embedded in every aspect of mortal enterprise, and especially Man’s knack for seeking an escape for what makes them material. In primeval ages, entities known as the “undying”, or the living dead, were the first known mortal beings that had either willingly sacrificed their humanity, or were robbed of it. With undeath, they say, the spirits of descendants are brought far higher than they ever could be in life; higher to the light of the sun, which ever beams the incandescence of the Gods. Though the sun’s rays scorn their kind, the countless species of undead that have come to rise through the eras are more closer to the heavens than any clergyman or holy warrior, and the dire reality is that for this to occur is existentially erroneous. All mortals that transcend to forms greater than what they were experience a “warping” of the soul; the natural darkness within them that defines them as material and perishable is forced to adapt and prolong its own existence, and through this feat a deep, twisted corruption festers. The humanity within undead has been known to “go wild”; that those among their unholy ranks succumb to the most base, vile evils which Men are capable of commit, riddled with the most grotesque obsessions and needs to sustain their “greater” existences. This is because that, by becoming something that defies the natural designs of their souls, this same design becomes confused and malformed and wretched, and is thrown off-balance. Through transcension, the unique psychological aspects of Men are heightened tenfold and thus induces a madness that does not subside. This is because the corporealism that still anchors them is desperate to keep the soul clinging to its natural order; so that some semblance of mortality is retained so a most foul imbalance does not occur. Alas, this existential correction only proves to produce monsters. In the later ages, there are beings that were born of Men that were so abstinent of their material makeup that they were absolved of these twisted aspects, such as Archons, the Gods-blessed Keepers and Itheral, the Wights and all of their spectral ilk. In the place of madness and debauchery and serpentine hunger is deep, harrowing emptiness; the lack of their humanity as the darkness of their souls is distorted to a grayness - an improper limbo between Light and Dark. Or, perhaps better - materialism and immaterialism. The very same emptiness is felt in all forms of undead souls, for they have taken their first step toward mistakenly shedding the warm flesh that made them whole. To be inhumane is to lose one’s sense of mortality. The darkness within Men blackens so deep that it becomes Abyssal and stagnant and foul, throwing their emotions up into a nexus of inner-cataclysmic havoc, and lacking of the perishable nature so true to mortal existence. Hunger and fury and madness is all the demi-immaterial know, and for those far closer to immaterialism, the wrenching hollowness within their bosoms is deepened infinitely as they lose the chaotic emotional drive to consume and feel whole again. But the souls that have truly reached a point of fleshlessness, abandoned of their bones and sinew and blood, are as empty as the inhumanity-riddled Gods themselves. Immaterialism “We are… corporeal. That is what defines we Men. Are we even belonging to the earth we stand upon, if we abandon the darkness that makes us material? That makes us real, and alive? The Gods were fated to be ethereal, immaterial… and when they came down to our sacrosanct plane to take shape, all they wrought was madness and mistakes. The nature of their inner-Light is betrayed as they are forced to conform to the boundaries of our realm of darkness, corrupted. The very same chaos transpires when we defy the natural design of our shadowbound souls, and seek to mimic those of the Light-laden heavens, and be free.” It is not natural for mortals to become what is known as “Immaterial”. Through undeath, the first form of distorted Immaterialism was conceived, for the undead lacked the limitations of the living. Those that followed and evolved these methods only deepened the corruptive nature of Immaterial more and more until they became something other than Men; empty, ethereal husks, riddled with cosmic power, but abandoned of what truly made them mortal. The Gods fear the darkness within Men because they knew that, through achieving Immaterialism, that their darkbound souls would go wild, and that not a mimicry of Godhood would be conceived, but monsters would. That is exactly what transpired. That is why Gods known as Aenguls, who bore the most fear among them all, sought to fabricate deific powers designed to destroy those that escape the limitations of their mortality. But their persecution is flawed, for their righteous ilk have conceived beings of the very same stock as the Dark-crazed spirits they oppose. Though holy magic scorns the Dark and the Immaterial, they do not scorn those that have become so drenched in the light of Aengudaemons that they, themselves, become Immaterial. The error of their virtuous crusades lie right before their eyes, yet the Gods are blind to them. There are those who prove that souls of one spectrum may, by some means, become apart of the other. The Old Gods, who in yore fell from the heavens as Daemons to become what they are now, sacrificed all that bound them to the Light in order to commune with the mortal world. In the end, they became as Dark as any Man that would come to walk the earth. Synopsis Humanity is the center from which all mortal passion, emotion and drive originates from. Inhumanity is the utter lack of all of these things. Mortals have humanity, Gods have inhumanity. When a mortal becomes “immaterial”, they are corrupted by the onset of inhumanity, and thus their natural humanity goes wild, causing beings like undead species to act in emotional extremities or to bear vile hungers for flesh or Lifeforce. Materialism is apart of the universal aspect of Dark. It is what enables things like mortals and their world to be corporeal and “real”. When materialism is abandoned for immaterialism, a mortal being becomes less mortal and more, as aforementioned, inhumane and ethereal. Inhumanity is hand-in-hand with immaterialism, as both are the true designs of Light and the Gods. When either side tries to become the other, their souls are corrupted, but there are few cases of some Gods in the ancient ages of the mortal world having descended to become Dark, or material, beings. Holy magic does not harm Dark entities such as undead because they are “tainted”, but because they embody a form of corrupted immaterialism. Holy magic is tailored by each individual God that grants them in a manner to harms only Dark immaterialism, which involves the entire spectrum of undeath. Voidal and Holy immaterialism are abstinent of these weaknesses. Tl;dr if you have flesh and try to live without flesh, that’s not good because that’s not what your soul is supposed to handle, and the people who exist without flesh (gods) fear the idea of people with flesh equating them in power so they created forms of magic to harm them
  10. the saviour of this garbage community's eviscerated and originality-abstinent storyline
  11. Minecraft Account Name(s): Idolomun Skype: Ask and you will receive. How long have you played on LotC?: Time zone and availability: EST. I will be very free for the next few months, as far as I know. What subgenre (refer to LM specifications list) are you versed in most?: Dark Arts, historical and geographical development, cosmic design and philosophically-involved subjects. Give a summary of any staff positions you have held on LoTC: A couple years ago I was an ET Actor under Kai’s jurisdiction and was placed as Manager of the ET around the Fringe-Era. Later on I quit for reasons I cannot recall (probably because of my usual disappearing acts) and a few years later applied for LT, where I was off and on the team for awhile after acceptance. I was promoted to LT Manager under Tsuyose and stuck to that position for some time before I departed late last year. Have you ever written lore for LoTC? (this will not augment your chances at obtaining the position of LM.): My involvement in lore development in this server is so prolonged and abundant that I feel no actual need to provide proof; everyone is aware of my contributions, whether or not they’re significant. So yes, I have written lore for LoTC. I’ve written far too much. Have you ever received a blacklist or ban?: No. Who do you not get along with on the Lore Team?: Last time I was on the team, I acted as manager. There were a series of instances that led with me being fed up with where the team was going. Otherwise, I don’t really have any reason to “not get along” with anyone in the team, and considering I exist under seventeen layers of irony at all times, I doubt I’d be able to take anyone’s slights against me seriously.
  12. Since Wyrmstalker arrows are designed for piercing, they would have more immediate impact than spells like Clerical Orbs. Several arrows could likely be capable of breaking the aura down completely. The Lifeforce in Soulfire can be best described as temporarily-deified Lifeforce, which functions the same as normal, godless Lifeforce, only under the context of it being involved in Ascended spellcraft. The Lifeforce applied to this armor is Stagnant, however - Stagnant Lifeforce inhabits the Abyss, and in the Abyss, Aengudaemonic magic is either severely weakened or nullified completely.
  13. [Credits to Halycon450] Name of Artifact: Armor of the Ashkeeper MC Name of person(s) currently in possession of Artifact: Idolomun RP Name of person(s) currently in possession of Artifact: Ashkeeper Abdiel MC Name of creator(s) of Artifact (N/A if not applicable): Idolomun RP Name of creator(s) of Artifact (N/A if not applicable): Ashkeeper Abdiel Effect(s) of Artifact: Having used old Iposian techniques passed down from his father, and his father before him, in order to assemble the armor, it was originally built with an alloy that was both very light, yet also very weak and unprotective, to the point where one may compare it to a sturdy form of aluminum. Before, the intent of the Ashkeeper’s armor was not to act as a protective layer for Abdiel, but rather to mark him as lord of the lost sodality of the undead Redshrouds. In concurrent times, he has hexed the armor with the lasting power of his remnant Wraithsoul in preparation for the war in which the Lordmarch, his army of darkness, has ensued. Using his mastery of Lifeforce manipulation in the most meticulous way, he has taken the dark essence of mortality and “stagnated” it; preventing it from flowing as naturally as it should. This has allowed Abdiel to cloud the suit in a thin aura of stilled Lifeforce, of which has effects that align very much with the Xionist doctrines fueling the intent of his forces. With stagnated Lifeforce clinging to the armor, it makes up for the suit’s utter lack of physical reinforcement with a moderate defense against all forms of offensive holy magic. One may compare the cursed aura of the armor to something like a glass shield; with enough force, the surface will gain cracks. More force deepens the cracks. Anymore beyond that causes the shield to shatter. This is how the Ashkeeper Armor’s dark aura functions, in that only so much holy power can be rejected before it breaks, temporarily nullifying the old adornment’s protections. Red Lines of Artifact: The armor can only be properly used by a T3+ Necromancer. If worn by normal people, the armor’s curse will detect the individual’s healthy flow of Lifeforce, and cause the stagnant Lifeforce that comprises its aura to cling to the victim and afflict them with sicknesses and cancers. Undead beings cannot wear the armor within reason. By adorning the Ashkeeper’s Armor, the likes of Ghouls, Darkstalkers or Liches will experience a rapid drain of their Lifeforce stores to compensate for the suit’s demand for fueling, and demand that they either go on a rampage of draining and cannibalism or succumb to demanifestation. Once the aura of the armor is broken by a sufficient amount of offensive holy strikes, it cannot be repaired in battle. This causes the armor to become a “normal” ornamental suit of plate until it is once again reinforced by a Necromancer. The armor is pitiable weak in physical defense, but has good holy magic defense. The protective aura cannot be spun in a way where it boosts the reinforcing properties of the suit’s weak plating. Magical protection is reserved for all magics classified as “Aengulic” or Holy (Clerics, Paladins, Ascended). The abilities of other Godly powers, such as Druidic control of nature, or Shamanistic spellcasting, cannot be repelled by the armor. Explanation of effect(s) (i.e. how it does what it does - slight bending of magic lore is allowed): Because Abdiel was long ago a Gravelord, or Abyss Wraith of Necromancy, it allowed him a unique attunement to the godless magic rarely found among the covenant and more prevalent among the old Wraiths, his brethren. Prolonged experimentation and study on the form of darkened soul he gained through transformation, known as a Wraithsoul or, alternatively, a “Superior Resonant Soul”, enabled him to perceive the anti-deific nature of the Lifeforces that dwells all mortal creatures. By using his discoveries of yore, Abdiel has stagnated Lifeforce extracted from his own living being and bound it to the armor, like clay, in order to form an aura-like layer over it. Because Lifeforce, both stagnant and natural, does not “regenerate” and, in the greater scope of things, is a limited resource, more Lifeforce must be fed to the suit in order to repair it. The equivalent to one individual’s store of Lifeforce, or enough to throw them into a fatal coma, is enough to feed the hex upon the Ashkeeper’s Armor for further use. The way the protective aura works is much like physical plates of metal themselves; spells such as the Clerical Orb bounce off the surface of the Ashkeeper’s Armor like arrows colliding against a knight’s suit of plate, producing lesser damage to the enchantment. The same applies to the projectiles or summoned weaponry of Paladins. The holy fire of Clerics and Ascended prove to be more of a match to the protection that the Ashkeeper’s Armor provides, as those forms of fire are able to cling to the suit for some time and gnaw at the aura before being overpowered -- or, in the case of a consistent stream of Aengulic flame, the aura itself is broken. Number of duplicates of this Artifact: No duplicates. Only one set exists. Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the whereabouts and ownership of this Artifact by using the Magic List Errors?: I agree. Have you applied for this Artifact before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: No.
  14. [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V217OrusJJw ] "Step forward those who would serve, for an army will be raised. The powerful will be ripped from their decadent nests, and CAST OUT into the cold world, that we know, and endure.” 10th of the Sun’s Smile, 1614 A heavy mist hangs over the frigid north. Frost clings to the dilapidated ruin of a fortress that has long since met its end - and then again after the dark and the base inhabited it in these present times. There is a greater presence to occupy the cold emptiness that the northern fortification has always known; comprised of many souls twisted and wretched, driven to anger and malformation whether by deep sorrow or the hand of another. All of these dark souls gathered in the valley that stood before the fortress - a veritable army of them, all taking different shapes and sizes - and far above stood the few lords that made the pact to rule them all for one purpose: Dismantling the disparity. Necromancers, Blood Mages, Mystics, Shades; Dreadknights, Paleknights, Darkstalkers, Frostwitches; Wraiths, Daeva, Liches, Wights, Ghouls, and Mortals. They were all here, standing as one amid the deepest cold any living man could ever suffer. When they peered above, they did not look upon the God-dwelling heavens, but rather those that they called masters - the lords of the Lordmarch. The March of the Old Lords. Above those who would call themselves the leader of this march of vengeance flew a flag, marked by the twofold ouroboros; both the living serpent and the dead one, coiled together in an eternal binding to mark them as one and the same. Upon the ledge stood a multitude of the march’s commanders: Barrowlord Kozilek and Dreadlord Akhortep the Wights, Gravelord Chrodraeos and Dragonshand Ghamul the Wraiths, and then the furtive Ashkeeper Abdiel, the only living man among them, who stood at the middle. The Ashkeeper, who has long since ruminated in the dark corners of this ill earth until his return on this day, stepped forth to stand at the edge of the ledge so that all those below may witness his coming words. Abdiel spoke firmly, his voice projected tenfold in volume as it drifted down into the valley. A strength was carried in his voice that had long been contained within, finally shattering the characteristic of a man who wore many faces and told no one his name: “You gathered within this cesspit of lifelessness and desolation, not because we willed you to, but because the dream to discard our empyreal shackles through unity was conceived, and then made reality through the inspiration of all of us. No lord rules truly without subjects who believe in their fellow Man, no commander is followed into battle unless his camaraderie confide in eachother. This would never have transpired if the Dark was tied under a leash and forced to gnaw at our enemies like a rabid dog. You are all here because we have realized we are one; that when we pull ourselves from the stagnancy, when we stop hiding in our lightless crevices that dot the land, our strength cannot be matched by those who oppress us with the illusion of deific Light." [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xggWJLgN-Es&t=21s ] “Never again! Never again will they feel they can oppress the darkness nascent within all mortals with certainty, never again will the Godslaves think to encroach upon us with hubris and expectancy of victory, never again will kings and lords of Men truly confide in the idea that, if the Aengulites and the Deificists are rooted in this land, that the Dark will be kept at bay for all time! Mortal Men do not yet know the depths of Dark within them, so upon this day, when we march forth to make an example of our power, it will be carved into history how the many usurped the tyrannical few, and with the strength that we have lured out of our innate darkness, we declared to the Gods that we do not need them here!” “There will be no Gods now, only Men. There will be no Light, only Dark. There will be no Disparity, only Unity. And when their keeps and their fortresses burn, when the puppets of deities lie dying in their own tainted blood, they will realize their Gods have failed them, for no God may stand as any true lord of mortals!” Nearly breathless from his speech, with the many looking up upon him, Abdiel reaches up to pry his hood and old, deteriorated helmet from his head; revealing the visage of an aged, battle-torn Dark Elf; his amber eyes burning from the “dragonblood” in his veins, bidding even more expression of deep and truly mortal anger that his words already exemplified well. “By crushing the armies of our enemies, by seizing the unity we have been starved of, we will be fighting for our very existence- for if there are those who would deny us anything beyond stagnation and refuse us our rightful place in this world, then we shall unleash such TERRIBLE VENGEANCE, THAT GODS YET UNBORN WILL CRY OUT IN ANGUISH!” Inspired by the declarations of the Ashkeeper Lord, the frost-gripped legions below rose one fist and bellowed out in equal, collective fervor; crimson and cerulean shrouds and cloth adornments clinging to their forms whipping in the wind as they turned and march from the valley of desolation, and out to the long-despised archons of the Gods. "Never again will we bow before them, never again will we endure their oppression- their tyranny. We will strike, without warning, and without mercy, fighting as one hand, one heart, one soul. We will shatter their dreams and haunt their nightmares, and as their last breath tears at their lungs, as the shadow of death numbs their minds and cripples their bodies, they will know only one thing... That they must fear the Old Dark." A horn bellows from the forgotten, lifeless earth. All those bound to the service of the Lordmarch know its sound, and thus are given their signal to strike.
  15. "Forsooth! The Godsmen are privy to base mortal indulgences and are granted comfort in committing lethargic sin through their disfigured, deity-borne moral posturing. Their sins culminate and now they are bursting are the seams," The Ashkeeper claims in reflection to the open letter's contents. "Dark will again be ours."