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  1. Swgrclan

    [Dark Arts] [MA] Skylez1

    approved **** off you pop
  2. Swgrclan


    Trials completed, resultant from a PK sacrifice (Rella101). Second Wraithlord so far.
  3. Swgrclan

    The Tribalistic Roots of Ghanyah

    "I cannot believe a bunch of bingbong uhuru tribals got into my fort! That's wack," boggles the boss of Outerhaven
  4. "The Elfenkind, and many other tribes alike theirs, are addled with a hex that brings them back from death time and time again; from this, the Lycans gain benefit. It is something we will no doubt encounter in the hunt to come," remarked the boss of Outerhaven.
  5. Swgrclan

    [FA] [SA] Haddock

    Soiled it.
  6. Swgrclan

    yeah nah

    https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/171821-thulean-feat-update/?tab=comments#comment-1620730 This is a prime example of why I'm fed up with this fuckin place, I swear to God. I've wasted like six years of my life contributing to this server, I've seen people pass through and join and leave and dedicate themselves and burn out sooner than I have, I've tried my hand at improving the content of the server and the quality of roleplay like sixteen fuckin times over, but every time I've ended up disappointed with people because there is absolutely no reinforcement of quality, there is no incentive to break away from this self-serving mold where all consequence can be erased in an instant, there's no respect for anyone's work when they can loophole out of **** like death and proper procedure of elimination. And yeah I am mad at a video game, before anyone tries to shoot for annoying the **** out of me by pointing it out, because when I put my effort into things then I expect some kind of exchange -- I provide things for players, I try to set an incentive, I write lore and stories and whatever that I drivel out on this forum, I do events, I write eventlines, I manage teams, and all I receive in return is a bunch of backstabbing by people who don't like change, and a bunch of irritable whinging from people who don't want to better the standards of things. Waste of my time. I'll be back in a month or something, I don't really know.
  7. Swgrclan

    Thulean Feat Update

    It's pretty pathetic that everyone clings to babying character protection rules that have evidently eviscerated efforts to produce genuine and consistent roleplay through LoTC's lifetime, and that nearly seven years after LoTC had sprung into existence, people are still obsessed with themselves to such a degree that they would rather ruin everyone else's fun in order to satiate their own poisonous, stubborn effort to free their characters of all consequence. You know what's also pathetic is that I'm pinned down by people who don't even know what they're talking about in the first place, and instead of getting a grip and understanding that I actually was only incentivized to hurry up and produce this update after being lazy about it for two years (looks like two years of no ****-ups can be blamed for that) they instead misconstrue this as a personal attack. Someone's poor decisions had given me the idea that yeah, I should get around to posting this, but they are not the source of it. Me not having written these rules into the lore in the first place are the source of it.
  8. Swgrclan

    Thulean Feat Update

    If killing someone solved the issue of their involvement in something worked, then I don't think this - or any moderation-oriented lore - would be necessary. Unfortunately, we have to take these steps in order to preserve something easily gained because of an immunity to death. If permanent death is the great equalizer, and there is a deliberate lack of enforcement in it, then it throws a lot of things out of wack. I would rather not lay down and have two years of effort slapped around and hijacked. A good way to convey the issue in the situation would be this: I play a Druid. Maybe one day, this Druid gains interest in shapeshifting. Shapeshifting is a rare thing to see among Druids, and is afforded a degree of secrecy based on consistent IC actions to covet it. I proceed to become involved in the right channels to work my way towards gaining Shapeshifting-- and then someone who oversees who get it IC comes and kills my character. However, I do not allow my character to die, and even moreso remain involved in the situation that had led to my character being able to progress toward getting Shapeshifting. Everything the individual trying to keep me from Shapeshifting does is futile, as without the incentive to PK, I'm able to learn Shapeshifting through another source and completely abandon the more respectable route of PKing my character, thus allowing the consistency in the roleplay to flourish. A lot of my insistence for PKing here is mostly based on personal belief, but even then, the situation here wouldn't have spun out of control if Torkoal had stayed away from the Thulean deal all-together, and understood the idea that to persist in any roleplay ultimately connected to the one who killed her character to prevent her involvement was disrespectful, inconsistent, inconsequential and blatantly disregarding of the roleplay itself.
  9. Swgrclan

    Thulean Feat Update

    I'm not digging your high horse, big guy. No, recent events surrounding Thuleanism in general had only incentivized me to get around to writing this -- because when you're presented with a situation where certain individuals cannot actually be stopped in weaving themselves into the group that exists to preserve the subject in question (Thuleanism), to the point where even murdering them is ineffective (redundant monk rules), having something like Thuleanism being loose and free doesn't go so well because conventional means to keep it as secret and coveted as it has been the past three years don't even work in the first place. So rather than letting the risk of Thuleanism being turned into, as I stated, a pass-around-magic equivalent, I'm suggesting these relatively forgiving terms to prevent that. Mitto is someone who would be receiving the means to moderate the Feat, this is not just something I'll be touting around myself. I think I made it pretty clear what kind of people I want handling Thuleanism, Torkoal, and it's not people who cling to babying revival rules so that they can continue to make an effort to join into the thing they were killed to keep them out of IC in the first place. When I told you that PKing your character would have been a better route to take than doing what you have been, I also mentioned in regards to our event-related squabbling that you could attend everything resultant of Quillian's sacrifice on another character -- and that's the very same thing you could have done instead of sticking to your guns and casting consistency to the wind in order to get something you wanted. If another character of yours eventually became involved with the group controlling this method, and they didn't **** up that time around, then the situation would not be as unpleasant as it is.
  10. Swgrclan

    Thulean Feat Update

    First of all, it's not a magic -- it's two magics being used together, but only brought into a more detailed fold as to ensure that there's an identity surrounding the combination of Druidism and Blood Magic. Considering the context of its very origin, those who were entrusted with it, and what parameters are needed in the first place to learn it, of course its numbers are low; they have been low, intentionally, because it has been a set of abilities consistently moderated and controlled purely through trust on an IC basis. Am I obligated to spread this to 15 different people for the sake of spreading it? Of course not. Have I ever planned to keep it confined to a handful of people? No, but it's remained that way because the group controlling it has been explicitly selective and careful in the proceedings in teaching new people. I even had formed a nice following of around five people, but because of in character events and a general preoccupation with real life they were not able to be brought into the fold. I'm not sure what context you're presenting in saying it's "squandered", but it's probably the worst time to have suggested that, because Thuleanism has just been used to kickstart an eventline that has the potential to bring about a great deal of roleplay, and that roleplay preceding the start of this story arc had all been conducted with the use of Thuleanism. I do not owe anyone, especially people who don't know what they're talking about, access to something thats gained through roleplay alone. Bending to some kind of arbitrary idea where something rare must absolutely have a consistent and plentiful is spineless and would lead to the same problems that this proposal intends to fix in the first place, especially since it's not even a magic in the first place.
  11. Swgrclan

    Thulean Feat Update

    Basis Thuleanism’s original lore [https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/153194-%E2%9C%93-thulean-druidism-the-fury-in-nature/?tab=comments#comment-1447104] was written without defined teaching guidelines and moderation methods, so in order to prevent an uncontrollable situation from sprouting up where the method becomes something like a “pass-around magic” and where the undefined teaching parameters make way for either intentional or unintentional abuse, a set of potential rules will be presented here while being split into the sections “Teaching” and “Moderation”. Teaching In order for a Thulean to teach another Druid Thuleanism, they must first be at least T4 in both Blood Magic and Druidism, and the student must be at least T3 in both Blood Magic and Druidism. Thuleanism will be defined as a magical feat which is applied for after reaching these parameters. Moderation The Thulean Feat is able to be forcibly removed from a Druid who had been approved for its use if the disconnector in question is T5 in both Blood Magic and Druidism. This is not a ritual or process that requires a dedicated lesson from a teacher, but rather an automatic attribute gained upon reached T5 in both magical fields while being approved for the Feat. Upon being banished from Thuleanism’s use, there is a time gap of 3 IRL months before it can be relearned through another Thulean and approved as an application. Revocation of Thuleanism demands a Blood Magic oriented ritual that can be roleplayed up to the conductor’s discretion. The subject must be either forcibly bound into the ritual circle or knocked unconscious throughout the entire procedure. Until further notice, this is all that appears necessary.
  12. Swgrclan

    Serious Thread.

    Shut up, dude!
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    [Event Proposal] Blight Upon Nature

    Could you PM me your Discord, please?
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