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Found 5 results

  1. Gunsmithing The Ashen Oligarchy So you take a cannon right and you like make it smaller like much smaller like the size you could hold in your hands and it’s like really small and you could load and shoot it towards your enemies and it makes like a big boom but only some very special people can make these because unlike cannons they are small and small things are not big therefor it requires intensive knowledge and practice to make big small go boom alright? Creation How to Shoot Emote 1: Draw gun and load magazine Emote 2: Draw back top part (part on the top.) Emote 3: Aim gun at future dead person Emote 4: BANG! Redlines Additional bullets within a magazine are purely aesthetic. The gun must b e fully reloaded after each shot is fired. Does not stack with Seer of Blood magic. One persona with the feat will be randomly pk’d each elven month in order to ensure the masses do not grow too complacent. A new redline must be added each elven week to meet the growing demand for unnecessary redlines. Possessing the gunsmithing feat enforces a pk on mechanical death (falling, lava, lift signs, pugsying, ect.) as the monks abhor firearms. Must possess a Utah Concealed Firearm Permit (CFP) in order to apply for this feat. Requires an ST signature due to the extensive and complicated crafting process involved. Only Gaston Glock 17’s are allowed to be produced by this feat. Other designs will result in a lore infraction. Gunsmiths require a daily caloric intake of at least 2.700 kcal per narrative day. The Australian water-holding frog is a desert dweller that can wait up to seven years for rain. It burrows underground and surrounds itself in a transparent cocoon made of its own shed skin. The light produced by the muzzle flash cannot blind. Nature will produce horrible screams to attuned druids within ten blocks of where the gun was fired as the Aspects abhor firearms. Ologs are unable to use guns as the sound of the gun being fired will retroactively throw off their aim due to their own fear and a temporal anomaly. Death by gun is not a pk, however I will personally harass you irply and oocly until you shelve the character anyways. A bayonet (gunblade) may be affixed to the weapon. This however requires an emote in addition to the firing emotes. It must be taken off as an emote to reload. Many poisonous frogs, such as the golden poison frog and dyeing poison frog, are boldly colored to warn predators of their dangerous toxic skins. Some colorful frogs, such as the Fort Randolph robber frog, have developed the same coloring as a coexisting poisonous species. Although their skins are not toxic, these mimics may gain protection from predators by looking dangerous. Speaking old blah while firing the gun will allow the wielder to skip an emote as the spirits love guns. Upon acceptance LT is legally required to make Chery give me the kids back it’s been 5 years. Guns possess a maximum range of 10 blocks. Should one fire a gun while having potions on them, all of the potions will immediately explode. Gun bullets move at the speed of an arrow at most. CA's such as Musin, Ologs, Kha, Atronachs, Azdrazi, Demi-Djinn, Naztherak, Golems, Siliti, Tree Lords, Sprites, Epiphytes, Sorvians, Animi, Wights, the big mystic rock dudes, Darkstalkers, Draugrs, Phantoms, Frost Witches, Vargr, Archliches, Wonks, Hou Zi, ect are damaged as if they where shot by a gun. The gastric brooding frog of Australia swallows her fertilized eggs. The tadpoles remain in her stomach for up to eight weeks, finally hopping out of her mouth as little frogs. During the brooding period, gastric secretions cease—otherwise she would digest her own offspring. Morbians are immune to the piercing damage of gunfire. Behind you Disconnection Should a gunsmith wish to disconnect another gunsmith from the feat, both must start crp ten paces away from each other and, upon the fourth emote of combat, turn and shoot. The first gunsmith to die is disconnected from the feat. Cope and seethe. If you die you were just bad. Requires ooc proof that either party was not based before the crp may go ahead. I (the feat writer) cannot be disconnected due to a clause I wrote into the lore myself. I’m not telling you which one. Purpose (OOC) Me and my buddies are going to acquire this feat and then keep it among yourself for a few months before it gets shelved due to inactivity plz accept or else I will post the cords of your secret leather farms.
  2. MC Name: Shezept Character's Name: Shronka'Lak Character's Age: Aged Character's Race: Orc What magic(s) will you be learning? Alll of it Teacher's MC Name: Self Teaching Shaman Book Teacher's RP Name: Self Teaching Shaman Book Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: No Do you agree to keep Story updated on the status of your magic app?: Yes Are you aware that if this magic is shelved, that you may no longer use it in character? Yes
  3. Order of the Knights of Saint Owyn, Defenders of the People of the Kingdom of Mardon, the Principality of Pruvia, and the Blood of Ioannes. “By the Blood of our Fathers, for the Future of our Sons” The Order of Knights of Saint Owyn, known in shorthand as the Ioannian Order are a secular Order dedicated to the preservation of Traditional Orenian values and the defense of the Horenic Kingdom of Mardon and her people, be it from both foreign and domestic threats under the guidance and leadership of the Prince of Mardon. They act as both a peacetime police force, and a wartime army as the realm needs at any given time. Ranks and Structure High Command Knight Commander Undisputed command of the Order lies within the Knight Commander, who, in turn, serve the Prince of Pruvia, and the Kingdom of Mardon faithfully and with due diligence. It is his responsibility to ensure the Order is well disciplined and equipped. Knight Captain (200 Mina/Saint's Week) Inspiring battlefield officers, the Knight Captain has the honor of bearing his own heraldry to combat. With an iron resolve he will guide the soldiers of the Order to victory or an honorable death. Low Command Knight Sergeant (150 Mina/Saint's Week) Deputy officers, they are being groomed to one day lead the Ordermen to glory and victory. Usually the sons of nobles or promising veterans, they enforce the orders of their seniors officers and ensure their charges are well kept after. Enlisted Knight Brother (100 Mina/Saint's Week) The senior most enlisted rank, these men have served for many years past their prime and have chosen to continue to serve. They have the most experience of any enlisted Orderman and often serve as advisors to senior command staff for their plethora of knowledge in the art of war. Having proven their capability, they are Oathed and granted the heavy laurels of a Knight. Half-Brother (75 Mina/Saint's Week) A grizzled Order, he has seen firsthand the brutal glory of warfare, and stares unwavering into the jaws of death, ensuring discipline is kept in the ranks. While not a Knight, he is a Half-Brother of the Order. Footman (50 Mina/Saint's Week) The backbone of the Order, each Footman is oathed and sworn to follow the orders of the Knight Commander. They are drilled to act as cohesive units and stand ready to bring victory to Mardon. Recruit (20 Mina/Saint's Week) Raw, Unblooded, untested. These words describe the future brothers of the Order. With a fierce desire to serve, these recruits will either die in service or live long enough to bring glory to themselves and the Order. Specialized Ranks Quartermaster In charge of distribution and inventory, the Quartermaster is often times a Knight-Sergeant. Disciplinarian Harsh and unsympathetic, the Disciplinarian uses both whip and voice to mold Ordermen into shape. Faults or mistakes are dealt with harshly, and swiftly to ensure it does not happen twice. Apothecary Field doctors, the Apothecaries are tasked with treating the sick and wounded of the Order. Skilled in alchemy and herbalism, they are tasked with getting brothers back into the fight swiftly. Payment and Rewards for Service A soldier ought to be able to make a decent living, and reward for services is simply the right thing to do. Salary Within each rank, the various members of the Order are paid on a Saint's Weekly ((one irl week)) basis, ensuring they have enough money to buy their own food, pay for their family to eat, and be clothed, and ensure they also have money to tithe during Mass when the collection bin is passed around. As well, it proves that each man is worth something, as money is being put into them as an investment. The pay rate of each rank is listed next to it in the Roster. Rewards When it comes to service, some men and women simply do things a step above the rest, and ought to be rewarded for such That said, members of the Order are well rewarded for their services to their brothers and sisters/ 50 Mina per kill during battles 50 Mina for bringing in a new recruit 35 Mina per kill of bandit/highwayman 100 Mina per kill of Lesser Abominations (ghosts, ghouls, etc) 300 Mina per kill of Greater Abominations (Shade, Wraith, Dreadknight, etc) 500 Mina per kill of Mordring's Lieutenants (Harbingers) 1000 Mina per kill of Enemy Commander during battle ((must be perma kill, and result of a win of the warclaim)) Equipment The Ioannian Order uses a variety of weapons, both siege equipment and small arms to ensure they are well prepared for any combat. Small Arms Vandorian Longsword Used first by the Order of the White Rose, the Kaedreni Longsword has been a staple weapon of Waldenian and Vandorian soldiers since their roots in the Order of Saint Lucien. The Vandorian variant features a hand and a half grip, and a slightly shorter blade length. Gladius A weapon with roots as far back as the White Rose, the Spatha was once used by the Salvus Shields for short and bloody work in tight city streets. Used as a stabbing weapon, it is often paired with a shield. The Gladius is considerably shorter, and more nimble, often called ‘butcher’s blades’ by veterans, for they are used in places where the fighting is bloodiest. Arbalest The Arbalest is a fearsome weapon. Used in sieges, the Arbalest can pin an armored man to a wall from a distance. Often used once then discarded due to lengthy reload times, it remains a formidable weapon. Zweihander An ancient weapon, the Zweihander is a massive two handed weapon which requires the strength of a well built soldiers to wield. The weight, however, is worth the effect. Known to be able to sever limbs easily and carve apart armored men, the Zweihander is a fearsome weapon carried most often by a Knight-Sergeant. Flanged Mace The flanged mace is a crushing weapon, used to cave in armor plates and bones alike. Those who carry the mace into battle rely on heavy handed and traumatic blows of force as opposed to the finer blade work of a Longsword or Gladius. Siege Equipment Hansetian Ballista From the great white north, the Hansetian Ballista is used. Developed by the Teutonic siege engineers, it was widely used by their Hochmeister Mirtok DeNurem and made a great presence at the original Siege of the Dreadfort. It is designed for accurate, long­range fire at personnel, fortifications, and ships. Kaedreni Onager The Force of the White Rose developed this weapon early in their reign. It is effective as a small catapult and works slowly against weaker fortifications at short distances. It is capable of flinging hot pots of oil and basic explosives at enemy positions. Waldenian Trebuchet The Waldenian Trebuchet is an example of a tradition of artillery warfare. Large, intimidating, and powerful, the Waldenian Trebuchet is capable of great damage to all fortifications and at long distances. Waldenian Catapult The Waldenian Catapult is simply a more advanced version of the Kaedreni Onager, working at longer range distances and with more power. To Join the Order To sign up, simply fill out this form below and an officer will contact you. -OOC- Minecraft Name: Skype (Preferred, not required): Nexus Professions: Will this be your main?: -IC- Name: Race: Age: Where do you live?: Combat skills of note, such as a former mercenary?:
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