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  1. GloriaPreussens

    [Denied][I] Lukariatias's Game Moderator Application

    Hello! I'll be contacting you via Discord to set up an interview, look for a friend request from jim#2311 shortly!
  2. GloriaPreussens

    [✓] [Server] mateolog's Ban Appeal

    I will be contacting you and speaking with you before making a decision. Please contact my via Discord, jim#2311
  3. Image result for mad max notice me

    1. GloriaPreussens
    2. ✗ ≬ ≬ ♏αɟεoℓog ≬ ≬ ✗

      ✗ ≬ ≬ ♏αɟεoℓog ≬ ≬ ✗

      you banned me a month ago ? made an appeal last weekend

      Edited by ✗ ≬ ≬ ♏αɟεoℓog ≬ ≬ ✗
  4. GloriaPreussens

    [Denied][I] IIAladeenII's Game Moderator Application

    I will be contacting you for an interview if you have not already had one.
  5. GloriaPreussens

    [Denied][W] wolfkite1's Game Moderator Application

    Reminder that "you have it," is not an acceptable answer for your Discord, as not all Trainers may have it. Regardless, I will be contacting you for an Interview.
  6. Apply for the GM team!

    1. Flamelynx


      why don't you?

  7. Not gonna lie, this looks kinda good...

  8. Ah yes, white and grey, the new LotC theme for when we transition into a space rp server.

  9. GloriaPreussens

    [Accepted] Llir's Game Moderator Application

    -1 he sucks at bedwars
    1. Raomir


      stop posting ya **** music and help player retention by unbanning this player you gave a month ban for using a map during an open field warclaim pmsl


  10. GloriaPreussens

    [✗] [Server] Stripez-Purple Ban Appeal

    Unfortunate you will remain banned until the marked date of appeal has arrived, at which point you may appeal again. It is falls under the simple idea of common sense to not use a radar, or the other modifications chosen, just like you wouldn't cheat in any other game. I hope in the future you come to staff with questions like modifications or additions that might give you an unfair advantage
  11. Should I replay Witcher 3?

    1. Talias


      It's not a matter of should or shouldn't, it's a matter of why you haven't already played it?

    2. ¤Arzota¤


      Do you want to take a 2-3 month break?

    3. GloriaPreussens


      @TaliasPlayed it through 3 times before

      ¤Arzota¤ Yes

  12. GloriaPreussens

    [Accepted] [Trial]_InSecurity's Game Moderator Application

    Security is a nice man.