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  1. *Guildmaster O’Cirus would look shocked at the news but grateful* “ I owe him atleast a keg of ale for this
  2. The O’Cirus Adventuring Guild has adventurers in route as we speak Thank you for your patronage and continued support of the Guild. 50 mina will be rewarded per snake head. -Em’mainuel O’Cirus O’Cirus Adventuring Guild, Guildmaster
  3. RP Name : Em’mainuel O’Cirus, proud owner of the Ship Wrecked Drunken Sailor Tavern and the Guildmaster and founder of the O’Cirus Adventuring Guild IGN : BAR_CENA Position you are running for : COMMERCE ADVISOR What makes you qualified : As someone who has adventurers all across the globe and current business and trade deals to sustain and grow the Guild and the Drunken Sailor as a business but as noteworthy names that will soon spread from Vira’ker to as far as Fenn. These deals have made me profitable and sustainable even through the quiet hours of the long night and through the conflict during the sunniest of days. As someone with connection to the wealthy families in Urguan, friends in the Citadel of Aegorthond and beyond. It would be my honor to serve in the reformed Vira’Ker council to bring us into a new age of wealth and prosperity. The People of Vira’ker will know what pride is once more as new trade will boom to rival the likes of Sutica. The people will know class and style and meet those of the High elves to the north. They will know quality material like those made by the Dwarves to the west. I can and will bring that to Vira’ker as the people do deserve it.
  4. *sees the news with visible worry before turning it to a subtle smile* “I hope this new leadership will do Vira well,” Looks up from the paper and raises his voice “Aye! We got work to do! Detail for this, 100 mina a man!”
  5. Look no further than the O’Cirus Adventuring Guild! We look for all sorts of people with all sorts of skills!
  6. WE WANT YOU The O’Cirus Adventuring Guild is looking for able bodied, skilled people to serve as adventurers! Anything from slaying rats in the lower levels of Sutica to exploring Dungeons to the far north in the mountains! The Guild is willing to pay in Mina and in Treasure. Adventurers are welcome from all corners of the world to seek the thrill of life and the riches that lies beyond. Located now in Vira Bay, previously Vira’Ker the gates are always open to new Adventurers such as yourselves -1350 200 Vira Bay The O'Cirus Adventuring Guild is always accepting quests and unfinished business. If you or someone you love has a monster harassing them, a strange structure in their lawn. Don't hesitate to send a message via a bird to the O'Cirus Adventuring Guild today! You may be entitled to a peaceful and compensation today! restrictions apply see Guild Staff for details, The Guild is entitled to a 20% cut of all rewards sent to a guild member at all times. For as low as 100 Mina we will send a capable and trained Adventurer to pick up your work! For those looking to send forward your quests we accept these styles Kill Quests Escort Quests Defense Quests Recover Quests Talk to X Quests Gather Quests Prices will be negotiated through the guild for something appropriate. Discord BAR CENA#5796 PM me for questions and intrigue
  7. THE O’CIRUS ADVENTURING GUILD Greetings my name is Em’mainuel O’Cirus, proud founder of the O’Cirus Adventuring Guild. We are excited to have you onboard. We are always looking for hearty hands to get the job done. Whether it’s tracking down a notorious Frost Witch who works black magic in the frozen mountains to the north or keeping the highways safe from pesky Bandits who see no wrong in attacking and killing our merchants in our own backyard. Times are hard and the world is not the same as it once was. We need Heroic folk keeping the world safe from those who would do it harm. I think you are just the right one for the job. Make your way to Vira’ker now known as Vira Bay. Our staff will get you set up from there to get you into top shape. Happy Hunting Em’mainuel O’Cirus Head Guildmaster APPLICATION TO THE GUILD OOC Stuff Username Discord Time Zone IC Name Race Magically Inclined Country of Origin Current Country of Residence Follow the instructions on this google forum https://forms.gle/bSrPyBmQXTLhkbS37 BAR CENA #5796
  8. O’Cirus Adventuring Guild Located in The Principality of Aegrothond The O’Cirus Adventuring Guild was originally conceived on the 24th of Mailin’s Welcome, 1757. It was created so that young folk who were lost in the big world can find a place to not only find work and put food in their bellies but a place to call home and a place they can have purpose in. The Adventuring Guild by design is meant for people to take odd jobs from looking folks and be paid for them as a network for working hands. For those who seek more daring adventures it might perhaps be where they can do so with safety and security, perhaps by finding new equipment to protect them or to learn new techniques to better prepare themselves for their next quest. The O’Cirus Adventuring Guild is partnered with many resources to aid adventurers in pursuing their mission. And comes complete with a Tavern to rest and relax between quests. Several merchants that are tasked to tailor to the individual Adventurer. Smiths to repair and reforge armor and weapons to keep every adventurer comfortable and safe in their own armor. The off chance that something goes awry on a quest the O’Cirus Adventuring Guild has trained and proficient medical staff ready and able to put you back on your feet. Adventuring would be nothing without the good folk of the realm to bring quests to it. Quests would update regularly with exciting and challenging missions for an Adventurer to take upon themselves to complete. The Guild is an ever expanding network of employers with a quest to be fulfilled and Adventurers who are able bodied to fulfill that quest. Em’Mainuel O’Cirus Guild Master
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