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  1. Sergeant Stafford looks over a copy of the document which found its way into the bastille, reading it over his morning tea. ”Hrm... Suticans denouncing their king, eh?” He frowns, passing a copy over to Corporal Galbraith to look over, and looks out the window wistfully in the direction of Sutica.
  2. Sergeant Stafford looks up at the sunrise after reading the missive, beaming with pride. ”For justice. For the Emperor!” With that he returns to readying the third brigade’s horses to ride out for battle.
  3. Meanwhile in the tavern in Helena, a group of ISA troopers raise their mugs in celebration. ”One God, One Empire, One Emperor!” Stafford declares, waving a copy of the missive in one hand and downing another pale ale with the other. ”Saint’s -hic- blessings on the Count of Leuven.” The corporal then bursts into a classic imperial marching song alongside his comrades Willem and Stervon, reveling in the empire’s victory.
  4. The corporal holds his own sword out, regarding the edge with a practiced eye, before deftly returning the weapon to its sheathe and looking back at the experienced old veteran. ”We’ll give them some fun alright, captain, if they’re fool enough to choose it.” Stafford looks out of the nearest window, facing the north-east, and can’t help but smile in anticipation, rubbing his moustache thoughtfully. “Come what may, duty remains. God bless His Imperial Majesty.”
  5. Stafford sits in the Eye’s mess hall with the rest of his enlisted comrades, after having listened to the general’s pronouncement, and suppresses a grin. The aches and pains from working on more of the Eye’s fortifications seemed to have melted away in an instant, and he couldn’t help but to turn towards Corporal Willem Galbraith and say: ”Thank the exalted and all the saints, some real action at last. And no more damnable cold! Picture it, comrade, a cool ale on a sandy beach under warm sunshine, and a chance to prove ourselves in the field all in one!” The young soldier leans back on his bench and chuckles, images of imperial banners flying over tropical beaches playing in his mind. ”God save the Emperor!”
  6. Corporal Stafford peers over the missive in the Bastille’s mess hall, sipping some coffee and brushing his immaculate moustache. “Eh, I never cared for them full beards either. Too much like the dwarves... or worse, those thrice-damned nordlings.” With that he folds up the paper and tucks it away, silently thanking Simon Basrid for bringing moustaches into style.
  7. Stafford reads the morning paper over some coffee in the bastille’s mess hall. “Renatian suticans! What will they think of next. And God bless the Emperor.” With that he sets the paper down and gets back to patrolling the roads for any more blasted bandits.
  8. Stafford reads over the missive once again and nods. “God save the Emperor. Damn these rebels and any foreign fool who dares support them.” With that he goes back to polishing shields in the Bastille and preparing for battle.
  9. Name: Matthias Stafford Business: n/a Helena: Y Apprenticeship: Y
  10. Stafford nods approvingly at the copy of the subpoena. “Good to see some justice done. Sending hired killers after Imperial citizens can’t be tolerated.”
  11. Stafford notices the announcement posted on a noticeboard in Helena and looks it over. “Not a bad deal. Hell, I’ve helped kill greenskins for less!”
  12. “First he assaults the lord mayor, then he posts a gruesome bounty on him. That goblin won’t escape imperial justice!”
  13. “Blasted rebels... Good to hear that their crimes won’t go unpunished.”
  14. “God save the Empire! God save His Imperial Majesty!”
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