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  1. They gather round the natal bed, the foolish and the wise. They fear the child yet to be born who's voice shall rend the skies.


  2. How can one man, in so few words, say something so intelligent?
  3. Beautiful, immaculate, and +1.
  4. I really enjoy the addition of completely flavor, non-combat spells. Telling stories around a fire while the fire plays out the story is such a nuanced detail that adds something beyond killing things dead. “This spell takes two emotes: the first emote is to summon Malchediael’s light; the second emote is to infuse the Templar’s weapon with the light. After that, the Templar may then strike at whoever stands before them to impart the additional force. However, the infused light will not linger forever. Should three emotes pass without the Templar striking at someone or something wi
  5. By popular request I have added more paragraphs into spoilers.
  6. Ye you right, looked a lot better on docs
  7. Key: The Mantra and Laws of the Psion Mind Over Matter The Wise need not concern themselves with a hunt for power, but instead to empower those without. We are but children to this universe that has given us life, we are to give back that gift by guiding those who lack sight beyond sight. Where others seek control, we seek patience. Where others seek domination, we seek peace. We are above matters of the flesh, but we are not above flesh itself. We are guides, not warriors. We are scholars, not conquer
  8. Lord Castiel read over the missive from his mansion in Talons Grotto. He’d shake his head sadly. ”How dreadful, Sutica draws Arcas closer to yet another conflict. . . for shame.”
  9. The Empire is going to have a very explosive party when this is accepted
  10. I am very happy with how accessible this is. How many students can one teach with an alchemy TA though? Is it going to be the standard Magic 3 or something more?
  11. My god this is glorious. Decent Demi-god lore. I can see a few particular ET falling in love with this. +1
  12. A beforeword and the Niche we seek to fit: Talon’s Grotto has been, since its founding, a place to try new ideas and different forms of rp. We seek the unique void left by Llyria while also trying not to fall into many of the shortcomings and failings of that nation. That niche being one revolving around a slice of life brand of rp with much less emphasis on zealous beliefs like many nations. We base our focus on individuals rather than entire groups. We try to help each other pursue each of our individual goals, creating a magical subculture that we would also like to gro
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