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  1. [!] More notices are posted around Vira’Ker Citizens of Vira’Ker, I, Sir BLOGUS the Black, once again write a notice of another grant I will be giving out to the city of Vira’Ker. This grant will be made to my good friend, and guildmaster of the O’Circus Adventuring guild, Em’mainuel O’Circus in the amount of 3,000 minas. I hope this money will assist in any future endeavors for the guild and also help it grow into the great guild I know it can be. Additionally, I would like to announce that the guild has a bounty of 50 minas on giant snake heads. Recently, we have heard rumors of these great snakes gathering around the forests! Please bring a partner if you want to fight these snakes, or do it alone if you want! Together we can make Vira’Ker the great free nation that I know it can be! ____________________________________________________________________________ Signed, Sir BLOGUS the black, Treasurer of Vira’Ker, First black Rex of Krugmar, World Champion Mud Wrestler, and Favored son of Krug Signed, Em’mainuel O’Circus, Guildmaster of the O’Circus Adventuring Guild
  2. (That **** was voided because y’all meta’d. Didn’t Keefy tell you?)
  3. [!] Notices are posted through the great city of Vira’Ker Citizens of Vira’ker, It may come as a surprise that I, Blogus the Black, am able to write so coherently. I come out to the world now that I am indeed literate. My life up to this point has been controlled by narcotics; I was a complete addict. Now that I have beaten my addiction, I wish to better this already great city that has taken me in. Just as Vira’Ker assisted me in finding a clean home to rid myself of addiction, I wish to assist it now; be it financially, militaristically, or culturally. [!] A picture depicting the treasury in which Sir Blogus holds his riches. _____________________________________________________________________________________ I write this letter to announce that I, Sir Blogus the Black, have decided to provide a grant for the wonderful city in which I serve as treasurer. The money provided from my pockets serves to enrich our citizens and provide much needed infrastructure to our growing city. This is but my first act as treasurer, and you can expect many more acts equal, or greater than this own. This first grant will be from my pockets in the amount of 10,000 minas. I once again thank this great city for being so open to me and allowing me to beat my crippling addiction. Singed, Sir BLOGUS the Black, treasurer of Vira’Ker, first black Rex of Krugmar, World champion mud wrestler, and favored son of Krug. Signed, The High Prince Johnathus Ruk I, the Prince of Vira’ker
  4. Ghazrial has done it again......

    1. KeatonUnbeaten


      what has mac face done now 😮

  5. I have decided that I am the most oppressed individual on LOTC. I have also decided that I am a victim of many hate crimes!

    1. Ug


      You make good crack man... that’s all i’m sayin’..

    2. Inferno_Ougi
  6. Sir Blogus the Black counts mina, “Wow datz alot!”
  7. Blogus the Black applauds
  8. A Cautionary Letter [!]Many letters are posted around Arcas, warning of a certain threat Ug citizens and workers of Arcas, Recently, the Krugmarian terrorists have blown up my shop and I have been whitewashed from the goi. This all seems to be a plot by the Krugmarian high-ups to shut down my store, where I sold the cheapest iron in Arcas. It also seems to be a plot to protect several of the terrorists housed in Krugmar. The climax of this plot seemed to be at the peace meetings between the Rex and the King of Urguan. This is where I noticed the Dominus drop a smoke bomb, but not just any smoke bomb. This was smoke of the dead, most likely made by a black magician. I’m not accusing Fiil’Yar of being a black magician, but I am accusing her of being in cahoots with one. Ladies and gentlemen, be weary if you travel near Krugmar. I am certain there is evil brewing within the leadership. Since I, the honorable Schnub, called out the evil smoke that the Dominus released, saving countless lives, I have been blamed for it within Krugmar society. Is there no honor in Krugmar no longer? Surely this Rexdom is riddled with dark magic and evil, or my actions would have been applauded. Instead, I have been whitewashed and forced into isolation. These savage uruks of Krugmar even blew my shop up! These terroristic acts cannot be forgiven! Boomsteel, a weapon of mass destruction, is what was used to blow up my shop. Do not be fooled, the Krugmarian terrorists have access to these WMDs and no one is safe. [!] a drawn image of the shop that was burned down. Please do not come looking for me, for I have gathered my things and started a journey. It is obvious my heroism and honor is not welcome in Krugmar. I just ask of the public, do not allow yourself to fall to darkness like the Krugmarian leadership. My fellow honorable uruks, please be careful for elven and dark magics are infiltrating the Goi. These enemies are intent on destroying our culture. Be careful out there, Schnub’Nub
  9. Anyone know how to use schematica and want to build something for me? I will pay good mina..... 

    1. GodOfPie


      Schematica is ez mode

    2. MinionManXDD


      found someone nvm

    3. Noobli


      That’s damn right nerds, easiest 5k minas ever.

  10. Goodbye my friend, may your life be happy and full of good
  11. Haters will never bring me down.

  12. “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” – MinionManXD

  13. “No great man lives in vain. The history of the world is but the biography of great men.” –MinionManXD

    1. Inferno_Ougi


      You are wise beyond your years. No wonder you work at CERN

    2. ElvenMommaHacker
    3. Inferno_Ougi


      Hope it gets deleted again. Good job putting his quote up there and attributing it to some random.

  14. b626acbeb5f977d033930dcfb54ebcea.png

    Edited by MinionManXDD
    1. Guest3


      as far as i know it you’re just a group that post toxic pvp gg highlights, so I’d do the same tbh

  15. Blogus the Black would say, “Wow, I thought we were best friends..... Come on man, like, just say we’re your friend....”
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