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    The Regiment of Silversteed

    OOC: Minecraft Name: HazelYuna Skype (Required): Blublab Team Speak (Preferred, Not Required): Hazel Professions (Blacksmith, Miner, etc)- Lumberjack, woodworker. In Character: Name: Isaac Raegar Gardyner Race: Human Age: 17 Any past services to the Ashguard, Norland, or House Silversteed?: No.
  2. HazelH

    [✗] (Lycanthropy) Lore submission

    Nope i have not, but having had a good look on it. There would certainly be similarities, but i would still like to think that my lore could go through as a subrace or a completely separate one as to what these "Ferals" are called If not at all, due to that fact. If that was what you were after?
  3. HazelH

    [✗] (Lycanthropy) Lore submission

    This is something that i was quite aware of when i wrote this. I only chose the druidic shapeshifting to act as a layout for creating a corrupt version of this also because of the possibilities for the strength of a "Dire" wolf to add up the general strength and might of a werewolf whilst making it a unique version.
  4. (My grammar is not at all the best so bear with me whilst you read through.) :) The man and the wolf From foreign lands comes a masterful druid to have lived over many human lifetimes. A druid so masterful to have gone beyond and chosen there spirit animal and shifted into strength and might of a Direwolf. Over the darkest and coldest winter of Axios he emerged from the mist with the attributes and appearance that of a Direwolf. He came across an animal similar to what he found within his spirit, but be it of smaller size and of more common breed: “Gray wolf”. It should have been an easy encounter for the druid with an attempt of asserting dominance over the wolf with a simple growl but little did this work other than cause for the wolf to violently shake and move towards the dire in excitement almost as if twisted with a rotten scent. The druid could only assume this as that of dark trickery or of dead forces. (this you know as rabies) It had always been thought that the dark - dead forces were the main cause to have the largest impact upon the balance and this was no exception and it was for granted that the thing had the be put down, but be this his unfortunate chinese cookie. The direwolf charged towards the twisted wolf and without hesitation he’d come into physical contact with his teeth and claws sinking deeply into the twisted thing in attempts of ending its suffering in the span of a lightning bolt. The twisted grey wolf could barely react as bodily fluids would already begin to pour out of its the deep wounds, but for the mere minutes that it had it managed to scratch, kick and even bite the druid/Dire wolf that for soon saw it’s life drip in the matter of only seconds and left the wretch to its own misery, but oddly enough even with its last breath it will have tried to crawl and kill the druid as if it’s solel purpose was to do this, but before it could take it’s third breath it would collapse into the ground and ultimately die. Whatever the wretch carried with it was now within the druid who could only return to his daily routine after the night with no sudden change to himself and being so proud of his nightly endeavours he’d have bought himself a drink from a local town. Little did he know. It was only until the very next month that the druid would furrow his brows at himself with similar signs of aggression from that of the wretched grey wolf he had taken down. And as time grew older so would his symptoms grow stronger. This disease was far beyond from the druids own power to heal thus seeking out to the nearest church but even they could not find an answer to his pain. He became more and more anxious with this, causing more aggressive and violent movement to occur. At his command a man in a brown and dirty hood would step forward from the mist, his face could be barely visible. The hooded man was carrying books that of which held vicious looking symbols and the druid could even smell an aura of rot in the air, but little were there to his choices as the words came forward “Thee i shall heal from this wretched disease, but you must not hesitate” The druid kneeled down and could be seen to lower down to such the low behaviour of a puny peasant. He cried out nodding “ANYTHING!” at this the hooded man extended a hand for the druid “Come with me, druid” The hooded man replied. The druid was soon taken to a place where his memory could not reach out for his mind. The druid :-W-Where a-are you takin’ m-me?! Hooded Figure : Soon enough you shall see The two were soon joined by several other hooded men, similar that of the first one. All of them would take a strong hold of the druid The druid : W-who ar- The druid was given a blow from the back of his head which only caused him to black out for this period. The druid soon woke up to his hands being cuffed into a sphere-ish stone altar with just one small candle to give him any comfort to the darkness that utterly surrounded him. He was soon neared by five hooded figures and one handcuffed victim named Raelor. Raelor: “W-where are you taking m-me!?” The victim was returned into the dark and was not to be seen for now. The hooded men surrounded the druid, each of which specializing in the dark arts of magic The hooded men altogether chanted out words that no one else could understand during the time : - “Spiritus Patris vestri, qui reflectunt, et bestia te hostis tuus” (Your enemy will reflect that of you and your beast and disease) -“Spiritus Patris vestri, qui reflectunt, et bestia te hostis tuus” (Your enemy will reflect that of you and your beast and disease) -“Spiritus Patris vestri, qui reflectunt, et bestia te hostis tuus” (Your enemy will reflect that of you and your beast and disease) For three times they repeated and chanted these words that they read from there books. After this they physically placed there hands on the druid whilst holding the books on their other hands They began to chant the second part. This time they would spread hot dust of bronze to his skin that would cause minor burns to his skin. This was done to create a weakness for them if the situation was to fall out of hands. -”adolebitque te fuerint in aes incidissem” (thee shall burn upon bronze) -”adolebitque te fuerint in aes incidissem” (thee shall burn upon bronze) -”adolebitque te fuerint in aes incidissem” (thee shall burn upon bronze) After the second part was ready the hooded men would behind the third part and soon a voice yelled out from the darkness “OPEN THE HATCH!” And soon a hatch on the roof opened and upon the right time the moon would be of full and would rise and shine right into the eyes of the Druid and at this very moment the hooded men began to chant the last of their curse. -“Et suscitabuntur lacerantes te, Lunae lucem interiorem spiritus tuus bestia interiorem” (The moonlight shall awaken you, your inner beast) -“Et suscitabuntur lacerantes te, Lunae lucem interiorem spiritus tuus bestia interiorem” (The moonlight shall awaken you, your inner beast) -“Et suscitabuntur lacerantes te, Lunae lucem interiorem spiritus tuus bestia interiorem” (The moonlight shall awaken you, your inner beast) At the end of the chant it was only the matter of time that would the druids pupils become that of his spirit animal, his legs and hands would forcefully expand into the strength of a direwolf. His handcuffs would break out of pure force when. His transformation was unlike any seen with him only very little control over this which interrupted the transformation into a full direwolf, but this control did not come from his druidic side but from the little humanity he still would’ve carried upon his shoulders and thus instead formed that of something that of in between of man and direwolf. Mighty of its size, speed and strength, but being of cursed creation. The hooded men watched this in satisfaction but were soon to flee, leaving Raelor the other victim, terrified at the sight. The now werewolf as the many of you would call it had formed, standing on two digitigrade legs it yelped and gave out small howls of pain before uncontrollably letting out a complete animal like howl. However the disease was nowhere to leave and caused the werewolf have an incredible urge to spread the disease. Raelor would’ve so merely managed to pull himself together and attempt to flee, but before his first step the werewolf was to be mauling him to his death. Raelor was helpless and he could only scream as he was being bitten, clawed and mauled to dead, but of course the hooded men could not allow this. An arrow tipped with bronze would fly true into the chest of the werewolf severely damaging it and making it collapse on the floor and due to the exhaustation of the transformation thus being able to only crawl towards Raelor before another arrow would’ve split it’s skull. Ending its misery. Raelor was now to carry a curse and, but necessarily the disease that’d have started it all. He was seen as the first werewolf to ever exist within Axios and so the curse got its name as “Raelor’s curse”. The curse drove him into madness as it would cause lack of sleep thus forced to sleep during the day and only when he was lucky he would have woken up with a sheep’s corpse with his lips bloodied and flesh scattered around him with the majority filling up his stomach. Overtime it became certain that he was joined for his nightly endeavours by others, others that he would’ve so easily shared a bond with during the day. Those unfortunate enough to be inflicted by the curse whilst pregnant would lose their child, but their ability to make normal children is not lost as the curse will not pass from generation to another and only that of an average adult could survive the violent transformation. Raelor’s Curse pros -Those inflicted become of stronger physical strength during the night -Those inflicted gain so slightly better of reflexes and perception abilities, even during the day. -Those inflicted become of faster on their feet during the night -Those inflicted may avoid hurting their most loved one, this is very rare however. Cons -Those inflicted have to sleep during the day or have to experience extreme lack of sleep due to their forced nightly endeavours. -Those inflicted become aggressive regardless of their form and during the night they would find it their sole purpose to spread the curse to ANY valid host. -Extreme weakness to bronze. Causing them to have second degree burns from any contact with the metal even when in their normal daily form -The transformation takes one the ability to endure pain and if not adult they will die just to the stress and pain. -Tendency to eat only meat. -Can turn on even friends -Those inflicted will not share any memory from their nightly endeavours -Avoiding the moonlight will have negative side effects such as anxiety, rash, sweating and even permanent transformation -Strong emotions such as fear, anger or sadness can trigger the transformation process even without the need of the moonlight Details The inflicted are found to bear their normal skin during the day, but during the night < contact of moonlight they forcefully and very violently begin transforming into their werewolf form which would be that of a man and the direwolf, getting the best of both. They gain the ability to stand on twos and fours offering them a variety of stances and faster ways of travelling. There is no way to control the nightly beast due to the partial disease (rabies) and they will find it their sole purpose to spread the curse during the night and will have a similar way of thinking during the day. The wolf form is found to have a lanky bodily structure with digitigrade legs. They will grow fur around their whole skin which will also turn into a more grey-ish tone, the fur color is usually that of normal wolf colors. Their bones and muscle will click and forcefully expand from their original position which will be found very painful, they will have razor sharp claws from their puny nails with their torso expanding to a great size as well will they grow a tail in the process. Eyes will physically drop off and will be replaced by new ones. Teeth drop off and new and sharp ones will grow to take their place. The transformation would overall take about 30 to 40 minutes. At least 13 emotes. The human mind will shift and can be no longer considered human. (The curse will work on elves, humans and dwarves.) The curse spreads through scratches, bites. The curse can however be inflicted through coming into contact with blood regardless of the form. Holy magic and gold will bear a great effectiveness on werewolves as they are the corrupted version of dire wolves through dark magic While you may think that this will boost your reflexes and perception abilities, that is quite the only good thing you could think to get off this. There is no super healing, but cut off limbs may eventually grow back after each transformation, but this would require one to be able to resist the pain extremely well and the number of transformations it would require would in numbers take more than 4 in character years, the transformation does not accept any bodily modifications so all ear rings, rings.. etc will get removed. Size comparison This lore submission is meant to fulfill the server by opening different ways of roleplaying.