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  1. Baldrum Colborn stands above the dead Paleknight. Justice was served, Wilhelm's murderer was slain. And yet, that tingling feeling that the fight could have gone differently, and the lives of a good, faithful man might have been saved, that feeling persists. He was not satisfied with the results of this battle. All he could do was muttering a prayer for the dead Morovar.
  2. Baldrum Colborn likes his cousin's culture missive, nodding with a big grin as he shows this to his wife and daughters for some Scyfling fashion!
  3. Baldrum Colborn grins, the Colborn donations are sure to not stop there!
  4. Sir George would unsheathe his sword for the first time in ages. After a long period of time, he would come back to the call of arms and adone himself in Lotharingian Company armour. The time has finally come, and he will follow Frederick to every battle he shall face.
  5. Baldrum Colborn is ready to donate another bundle of 18 horses
  6. Baldrum Colborn would gaze upon tens of horses that he breeded, nurtured since birth "Its time. Its time to ride into battle." he unsheathed his sword "And this time, not against faen Inferi"
  7. Vaen'lian would see this missive quite late then the rest. He smiles "Ooh- That's lovely!" he then sighs, knowing that he may have missed a lot of the current events at Vikela during his late time spent at the Mother Grove
  8. "Mediate peace by disallowing other Canonist nations to prevent the bloodshed of a civil war." Said a faithful Canonist with a sigh, furrowing his brows "The church shouldn't be corrupted by such favouritism due to Political interests" he concluded with a shake of his head
  9. Baldrum Colborn looks towards his betrothed with a raised brow "Want to visit there?" @Lmcfc
  10. Baldrum Colborn nods to his fiancee as the missive was published "I bet this joust will be epic. I want to see my BSK friends coming along to win some minas."
  11. Baldrum Colborn would stumble upon the missive, reading it thoroughly "Twenty-two years of service hmm? That's quite the accomplishment, and being quite successful as a treasurer may I add" he mumbled to himself, continuing to read as his eyes widened slightly and a smile appeared on his face as he came to realize his father is the new treasurer "Aye fadir! He became the new Royal Treasurer! I am sure he will do a great job."
  12. Baldrum Colborn shrugged "Well, Charlie did storm out of the room..." he mumbled to himself, not really particulary surprised
  13. Baldrum Colborn lets a roar of victory "FAMILY THROUGH FIRE! Ja! We did it!"
  14. Baldrum Colborn rolls his eyes "Who the faen are these random people?" he mumbles out in confusion. Then shrugging, he opens his weapons chest, searching between the various weapons for ones that fits, nodding to himself "Well... I guess there's going to be some action soon." Sir George Obediah laughs "Of The Carrion? The Prince of Calamity? Guest Of Dreams?" he chuckles "Yes. Definitely darkspawns." he said, and with that discarded all of his thoughts regarding this subject
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