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  1. Mikhail 'The Rich' Colborn would start unpacking dozens of leather stacks to the BSK armory "Give me a hand here!" he called out to his friend, treasurer Isaak Ludovar @Blake0205
  2. Mikhail 'The Rich' Colborn would read the missive intently. A single nod was given to his accountant and a wagon full of leather started making ts way to the Brotherhood of Saint Karl. "We will win." Was all he had to state
  3. BARDS & BOTTLE REFORMS Issued by the Deputy Treasurer On this, 11 of Gronna Ag Droba,505 E.S INTRODUCTION In the preceding years, the Royal Treasury and Lady Marian Weiss have steadfastly collaborated to enhance the Bards & Bottle Tavern. Following extensive deliberations and planning, we are pleased to announce a transformative overhaul of the tavern’s menu and management. The responsibility now rests jointly with Lady Marian Weiss and The Royal Treasury Office. Along with this change, a curated menu has been introduced to elevate the tavern’s offerings. THE NEW MENU While the comprehensive menu remains unpublished in this missive, but will be published at a future one, salient details are hereby disclosed. Acting on counsel from The Koeng and executed by the Deputy-Treasurer, the peerage of the realm has actively participated. Numerous Noble Houses have generously contributed a Sponsored Drink that uniquely represents their House and cultural heritage. Moreover, acknowledging the prominence of Clockwork Carrion, or Carrion Black, as Haense’s quintessential beverage, it has been decided to offer it at a price of 1 mina per drink. This decision underscores our commitment to ensuring every Haeseni can savour their Carrion without financial concerns. Furthermore, as the most known beverage on Haense, it was decided that Clockwork Carrion, also known as Carrion Black will be sold for the price of 1 minas per drink. This decision was done under the belief that every Haeseni should be able to drink their Carrion without financial worries. In a show of support to the valiant Soldiers and Knights of the realm, it has been decreed that every member adorned in the uniform of The Brotherhood of Saint Karl or The Order of The Crow shall enjoy a 50% discount on all their drink orders. This initiative is intended to instil pride in the hearts of these noble defenders. RECRUITMENT DRIVE To facilitate frequent Tavern Nights and ensure timely service to the realm’s citizens, a robust recruitment drive has been launched. We take pride in granting bartenders the privilege of retaining all earnings during their service. All individuals, be they newcomers to the realm or those seeking gainful employment, are encouraged to bird Lady Marian Weiss, Lord Mikhail Colborn, Ser Fredrich Ludovar, or His Excellency Isaak Ludovar. The Tavern eagerly welcomes enthusiastic individuals to join our ranks. Of course, in order to host frequent Tavern Nights and to be able to serve the citizens of the realm as often as possible, many new bartenders have been recruited. We take pride in allowing the bartenders to keep all of the income during when they bartend and hand out drinks to customers, and encourage many Citizens new to the Realm or those that are simply looking for a job to bird either Lady Marian Weiss, Lord Mikhail Colborn, Ser Fredrich Ludovar or His Excellency Isaak Ludovar. The Tavern is looking for eager people to come join us. SIGNED, His Lordship, Mikhail Colborn, Deputy-Treasurer of Hanseti-Ruska and owner of The Scyfling World His Excellency, Isaak Ludovar, Lord Treasurer of Hanseti-Ruska, Chief Executive Officer of the Royal Ludovar Mining Company
  4. Mikhail Colborn "The Rich" would proper thousands of coins to be brought to Mondstadt, having set his eyes upon some of the outfits
  5. Published from the County of Malkovya AND ISSUED ON THE 9TH OF JOMA AG UMUND, 502 E.S. Here ye, denizens of our Kingdom. The Juliyafest is nigh, and with it comes a time of jubilation and profound importance. Our cherished tradition, the Rite of Maturation, draws near, as our spirited youth seek their life partners for the journey ahead. In light and anticipation of this joyous occasion, the enterprising merchant, Mikhail Colborn, proudly offers four distinguished Starsteel Rings, meticulously designed by the Kingdom’s finest jewelers. Presenting to you, The Smycke Collection: These exquisite pieces bear the mark of Viktor Weiss, a master blacksmith. They will be available for purchase during the entire period of the Juliyafest, allowing those with discerning tastes to bestow upon their beloveds these extraordinary treasures. As we unveil this splendid collection, we offer the following pricing and discounts: The base for each ring is set at 400 Minas, subject to negotiations. A basic 20 minas reduction is offered to every citizen of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. A gracious reduction of 40 Minas is offered to members of the Brotherhood of Saint Karl. An equal discount of 40 Minas is extended to those seeking Canonist Matrimony with these rings. Those who find their life’s partner during the Juliyafest and commit to a Canonist Matrimony with these rings will receive a generous 60 minas discount. Members of House Colborn will enjoy a distinguished discount of 100 Minas. For dear friends of Mikhail Colborn, further concessions may be considered through private discussions Be mindful, no stacking of discounts shall be permitted. Let us come together in the spirit of camaraderie and celebration as we seek to find the most suitable companions for the journey ahead. His Lordship, Mikhail Ulric Aleksey Colborn, Owner of The Scyfling World
  6. Mikhail 'The Rich' Colborn would offer a hearty smile to his cousin "Kusin! Eym are a pretty important figure right now! Indeed a worthy Count" he said to Cassian with a tap to his back
  7. Published from the County of Malkovya AND ISSUED ON THE 9TH OF TOV AG YERMEY, 500 E.S. The Dual Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska shines as a beacon for the continent of Aevos; and at its core stands our most leal Brotherhood, and the Order of the Crow. House Colborn has been loyal to House Barbanov for generations, per our centuries-old pact - renewed in writing several years back - that was formed in homage to the bond between St. Karl Barbanov and St. Carr Colborn; the Crow and the Raven. Yet, every subject's loyalty must be tested in times of strife, and therefore, as a gesture to reaffirm our unwavering loyalty and support of the crown: the young merchant Mikhail Colborn has been working diligently for the past years to prepare a gift that may please it. Thus, in the face of adversary and newly-founded dangers that may lurk upon the continent, we are to bring forth a donation - for the age of opportunities and prosperity. House Colborn hereby presents its donation of the year 500 E.S. Steak - 17,280 Speedy Horses - 27 Hay Bales - 5,184 Leather - 5,184 Feathers - 3,456 Iron Bars - 3,456 Wood Logs - 10,368 His Lordship, Mikhail Ulric Aleksey Colborn, Owner of The Scyfling World The Right Honourable, Anabel Elia Colborn, Countess of Malkovya, Viscountess of Venzia, Baroness of Bethlenen, Lady of Vorenburg, the Protector of Scyflings, Keeper of the Book, Lady Auditor of the Royal Duma, and Secretary of the Esrova Courts
  8. Mikhail Colborn, Hyspian of honor, works hard to find time to come to his dear friend's Coming of Age!
  9. THE SCYFLING WORLD Published from the County of Malkovya ISSUED ON THE 10TH OF WZUVAR AG BYVCA, 497 E.S. O’ GUD, VOR HJELP I GYNE ERE, With the grace of GOD, House Colborn extends a cordial invitation to partake in the cultural treasures of Scyfling heritage. The Scyfling World, birthed in Almaris by the venerable Ser Baldrum Colborn amidst the bustling city of Karosgrad, has at long last unfurled its grandeur in the heart of Valdev. For many a moon's cycle, the skilled artisans of House Colborn have toiled tirelessly, weaving together a rich tapestry of offerings. It is with great pleasure that we declare our shop open to the public, welcoming all to indulge in the bounties of Scyfling goods. Upon the first floor, our honored guests will find an eclectic array of offerings. Begin your journey with Scyfling delicacies, savor our secret libations, known only to a select few within House Colborn, adorn yourself with the timeless elegance of traditional Scyfling Flower Crowns, and peruse a diverse selection of miscellaneous items, each a testament to House Colborn’s craftsmanship. Venture to the second floor, graciously hosted by Lady Amelia, the Colborn Librarian, where you shall discover a treasury of knowledge spanning centuries and continents. These tomes and scrolls, carefully curated from House Colborn's renowned collection, offer profound insights into the vast realms of human wisdom. In the hands of the young Mikhail Colborn, House Colborn is proud to announce the grand inauguration of The Scyfling World in Valdev, conveniently located at Crown Avenue IV. We humbly beseech your presence to celebrate this cultural haven with us. SKRALI VOR GUD, His Lordship, Mikhail Ulrik Aleksey Colborn
  10. The young Mikhail Colborn glanced over the lifeless, frozen bodies of his cousin's parents. He had turned thirteen the other day, and perhaps it was time for him to grow up. Time for him to worry. Time for him to care. Time for him to protect. Time for him to support the great void that his uncle and aunt left. Their children; his cousins, are still here. "Ea need to be there for them." was his only resolve. ───────────────────────── On the seven skies, a man wearing sunglasses, Hawaii flower necklace and vacation clothing was barbecuing. As he put another hamburger on the barbecue, the approaching due caught his attention. He squinted over the figures he had not seen in decades for few seconds before smiling at them "Via, Bren, welcome. Hungry? I hope eym like fadir's barbecue"
  11. 1) I want to take the guess that you have probably been on other rp servers or rp communities/experiences before. How would you compare lotc to them? In both quality of community, complexity of the roleplay characters themselves, complexity roleplay worlds structures and generally your enjoyment and "vibe" 2) after a year seeing you definitely have found your place in the community, sitting hours in VCs cracking jokes and rping, is there any definitive thing that made you be drawn into lotc so much? 3) what other roleplay experiences have you not explored yet and are quite interested in? 4) what's the most beers you ever drank in a day and how did it turn out for you?
  12. Mikhail Colborn became terrified of beavers.
  13. at the Seven Skies, Ser Baldrum Colborn was at peace. He greeted Elia with a warm smile upon his face "Kusin!" a voice significantly more cheerful then he had on the mortal plane "It took eym long enough. Come, everyone is waiting, we're dying to hear eym rambling about goats milk."
  14. Why not make this permanent solution? As I see this, I can infer that mech fleeing is (and should) being used when the fleeing one cannot crp due to ooc time constraints (have to go in 5 minutes for instance). And maybe the right to flee should be reserved to the defender as defined by the rules. After all, the one who initiates combat should need to commit to possible crp if the other party wants it.
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