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  1. shelves go brr brr I feel bad for the wonks though because I have seen more around. At least Lore Team isn't shelving things at Flam-speed. That man was shelving **** left and right and not giving any other alternatives other than "chop chop i am the god of lore".
  2. Specter Antanios nods in approval, happy to see how the little Ophelia has grown.
  3. Wilheim has already paid his taxes this week! but... he might need a bigger house.
  4. An 80 year old man proceeds to vibe out to these hearty tunes. "It's catchy."
  5. "She should have lived longer." The old man simply states.
  6. Auction closed. Congratulations, no one bid on anything.
  7. Good luck Nice to see another skinner on the server.
  8. Wilheim would have voted if he lived in Providence. "Good luck to Viv."
  9. Antanios Rutledge Bio: dead :') nice character sheets tho
    1. snoopie12


      Woop woop! I hope it goes a bit well, always good to see how much artistical people we have. 🥰

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