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  1. This is quite short.. why did it take so long to come out?
  2. "He didn't leave you behind to Du Loc, he's teaching you a lesson by letting you face the consequences of your actions! You started shit with Du Loc without Ulfric, now finish shit with Du Loc without Ulfric." The newcomer replied angrily to the missive from his tiny work station corner.
  3. Abraham grumbles in quiet embarrassment, his red humiliation at being caught unable to be seen by his dark complexion. "I wasn't going to beat the damn children, can we at least flick the child on the forehead for vandalizing the royal princess' bedroom and leaving a shit on the floor? That's got to be some sort of assault.. And then taking the princess and beating up other children?" He looked between Mendez and Barclay. @Capt_Chief26 "Wouldn't you clap the child on the hand if he dumped a shit in your daughter's bedroom?"
  4. Abraham sighed softly. He began to wonder.. would it be breaking his knightly oath.. if he just kind of kicked the Videos kid in the ass? "Someone needs to take the belt to that kid, straighten him out before one of us have to flick him on the forehead.."
  5. Ser Abraham Rutledge volunteers for the job. He loves visiting Elysium.
  6. Grigoryi frowned at this news, perhaps upset for once that, that the only father figure he liked, was now dead.. but that was life, wasn't it?
  7. "I can't wait to wear pink in court." Abraham smirks softly at the thought of painting the knight armor pink.
  8. Sadeeq just continues to sweep the Kingdom of Hoonse, so that the children won't get dirtied by the daily foot traffic. At least, no one knows he's here yet, as the broom just pretends to be house magic.
  9. "Says the child who didn't have a playground built in their name. The kid is just jealous that there's a lady ruling Hoonse." Abraham gently rolls up the blueprints after he finished making the Klaireground, a playground built for Klara's nameday so that all the children may play on it.
  10. How else are they gonna win the battle without some herobrines haha (jk)
  11. Abraham can't wait to see another goat brought for the dowry. "It's so funny to watch goats be brought in for the weddings, I never understood it."
  12. Sadeeq the ghost is sad that his friend Anya is dead. He frowns as he gently tends the local flowers... regretting spreading more joy to the locals.
  13. Abraham has a hard time decoding the hidden message, as there is a 'k' missing that needs a slant. He eventually gets it anyway. "Ha! That's clever." The man chuckles softly.
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