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  1. "Ew!! Both dishes sound yucky." The small Abram opens his mouth and scrunched his nose as he read the new addition to the palace library. "Why can't they just be given a cake filled with cream or a cake filled with dirt.." The runt struggled to push the large book back on the shelf before heading back home.
  2. Eirik was indeed by his lonesome, before the violent sounds of flint-stabbing caught the attention of a familiar one-armed doctor who was passing through. Matthias was also floating about the skies as his mortal life tragically came to a close long ago. He came closer in silence, slowly peering over Eirik's shoulder until he spotted the crude cotton doll of his beloved daughter. Matthias frowned and shot out his only hand in an attempt to smack the dead Baruch upside the back of the head. "You son of a be'tch! That's my feckin' daughter you're stabbing at. You wouldn't like it if I stabbed at
  3. Abram Rutledge, having recently returned with his mother from Aeldrin at the news of the cartbomb in Karosgard, fills out the census so he can legally exist! He scratches his name in crudely, as he is only a child and hasn't learned how to write neatly as of yet.
  4. Isidora Renata Parras lofts a brow as the idiotic elf somehow knew where the retired Baron was. "The elfski should be happy that they got anything in return. The king could have easily just taken away the land and done nothing else with it." She tightly clutched the cross at her hip, speaking quietly so that the elf in the back could not hear her.
  5. OI I need your discord I have important question

  6. Still making me sob hours later jesus-- funny thing is I always thought Wilheim was gonna die as a barely known persona who was never remembered or never became anything because I never played him enough ; _ ; so I just resorted to playing him as a grandpa--
  7. Sorry I added more to it didn't realize you'd reply so fast.
  8. Well for starters you can be loyal and not look power-hungry. That got a lot of people mad. I know I wasn't the only one who got mad when it looked like you weren't loyal. Like as soon as you didn't get something, you suddenly left like you hadn't cared about the playerbase. And then another time is when you would kinda bluff. Like you would say you would do something and you'd never do it or you'd do the opposite, but you only said it cause you wanted to grab that power.
  9. Please DO NOT metagame this information. “Red doesn’t remind me of blood, but of the beauty and the loyalty of Haense.” [!] A painting of Karosgard, circa 1805. R I P Wilheim Othan Elpyne Rutledge FA 1722 - SA 17 (1813) Local Grandpa If someone had to describe Wilheim in one word, it would be caring or good-natured. Many knew him as ‘friend’, three knew him as ‘dad’, five knew him as ‘brother’, but only one lass knew him as ‘beloved’. Some called him ‘grandpa’, without actually being their grandpa. This was a man of m
  10. All right who killed the forum background again

    1. altiar1011


      Silence, this background is the best background. 

    2. Nug


      theres a button to change the theme at the bottom of the page

  11. Nice video--- also nice voice and editting-- nice graphics, a lot of it is really nice. Aw yay you ran by my Haense Skin Shop (despite it being full of villagers) LOL While I'm glad you showed off every nation, I personally think there were too many upclose shots of Providence, which is not a good example of what LoTC and RPG aesthetic styles are. Providence is mainly untextured and far too modern to give a rather medieval vibe that LotC is built to give off. More of the upclose shots should have been showcasing other aspects of LoTC, like maybe the Vortex plugin, and other key fea
  12. A lot of the skins in my skin shop on the forums haven't been sold yet! Get them while you still can!

  13. I love you thanks for the base 

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