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  1. Ser Abraham the southeron would look at this slang and bad grammar, turning the missive around as he tried to make sense of this. "Are they trying to speak Ghanwua or something? They have failed, all I see is kiddie speech.." The knight put the missive back down, wondering what kind of town his daughter moved to.
  2. If this requires a server resource/texture pack will you add in my clan mount project :3
  3. . "Ea am just getting a written statement of marriage at this point." Grigoryi stays at his isolated home with his fiance, fiddling with the ring he had.
  4. damn time to memorize shiz
  5. sweet, can't wait to see what else is fixed next
  6. Grigoryi var Ruthern began to cry relentlessly when he heard the news. He did not understand why he was crying, for he could not remember how dearly he loved spending time with his cousin Vasilia. The Ruthern, disheveled, buried his head in his hands for hours on end; praying to Godan that He would restore the amnesiac's memories of her.
  7. Lev picks up his shit and leaves Elysium because there is too much stupid shit going on. "Ve nice people of Elysium just can't get any fekkin' rest can they? Now there are elves claiming land that's niet even theirs.. Godan why would they niet go and claim ve Druid grove or Elvenesse? Is niet like anyone is there anyway. Is free for taking."
  8. Which is why all alternative limbs need some sort of con, because if one thinks deeply about these limbs, wouldn't they lose the sense of touch? They may get Phantom Sensations, but hell, I've yet to see an Atronach Replacement Tongue. That's why I like Witchdoctory because their limb replacement always came with a whacky con. Charge out the wazoo for replacement limbs so that people losing them on purpose can't afford them. Let's start an RP distain against replacement limbs. I mean, I wouldn't sleep with a guy who had a wooden foot; nor someone with a golem arm cause that just looks too weird when there's no shirt.
  9. (refresh the page I added more shit)
  10. When you don't fear the flying demon lich sucking the soul out of your wife, but you fear the Renatian Dragon Knight riding down the road at you LMAO Anyway, people aren't scared because they know they can be revived if they die. So change your strategy. Maim them! If they emote dying to get out of roleplay, that's a PK. If they lose a limb and don't naturally die, they've now been damaged. There is more fear in losing a limb and never fully getting it back than dying.. because if you don't die, you can't get your eyes or arms back. This is why I prefer injuries over death, because that injury from that bandit encounter carries roleplay consequences and character development; if the bandit just kills me, I've just got nothing but a trip to Cloud Temple. Fun fact, one time I looked over a railing and thought to myself, "I know I have to be careful, but at least I'll respawn if I get die." "OH WAIT THIS ISN'T MINECRAFT--"
  11. Lev reads over the compendium written by Elizaveta, absolutely mesmerized by all fairies and neat creatures the lass encountered. Perhaps, he's now found an interest in something; a calling if you would see it as that. "Oh, Ea know her! Ea'll pay her a visit, I've nie been so interest in something like this before.." The forgotten Ruthern hums softly, proceeding to gently trace his finger over the drawings for hours on end, quietly reading into the information once more.
  12. Lev cries internally, as he wishes to join the club because he wants to have a family but is now too old to become a parent. ". . . Does adoption count?"
  13. Ser Abraham pours one out for the man who stole the hand of the knight's sister. "You two created a set of beautiful, ambitious, and independent daughters." He drank his mead, pouring a shot of blood-red wine out for the Wick.
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