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  1. A lot of the people I despise fall into either the Romance RPer, or the Military/Rank Goon.. 👀 LOL what do I fit in? I'm thinking boomer or faux boomer since I'm a 2014-15 applicant
  2. “Can my friends like- stop dying?!” Elizabeth cried out again, though Terrance wasn’t as close to her as Konrad had been.
  3. Elizabeth Calistovich, formally known as Senator Gwynnestri Elwitt Green of Curon, cries aloud upon hearing the death of one of her close friends. First her husband is missing, and now Konrad is gone.
  4. Erinan, the former bartender of Curon’s tavern, sucked in his breath softly, recalling John’s contributions towards Curon’s prosperity during Ester’s reign.
  5. if we purge everyone under 18 then the 18 and up are gonna push for innapropriate roleplay themes being allowed 👀
  6. The ghost of Antanios Rutledge, relieved momentarily from posthumous depression, grinned wide as his little stunt pulled off. “Oh, I wish I was alive, I could grab this missive and take it home.” He reached out and attempted to take it, his hands barely causing the parchment to move. “Ah, it was worth a try.”
  7. Wilheim appreciated this piece. “It’s too bad the ladies here mentioned are mostly princesses or ladies, Vivaca had to be stronger since she was Southeron, a nationality that the empire does not recognize. It’s a good thing they never met my grandmother, she was TOO strong!” He snickered at the stories of his grandma.
  8. Ghost Antanios grinned wide at the mention of Vesna The Younger (IE Valerie Vesna), a fond memory that momentraily alleviated the characteristic depression that haunted even the phantoms. “Ah! I remember when she was just a little baby, swaddled in her Vesna’s arms. She was an adorable baby, and it was an honor to be Vesna’s friend.”
  9. Guiseppina looks over the news, grinning wide. “Beautiful dresses, si!”
  10. Ghost Antanios Rutledge grumbles “Now, now, I can see dispatching the evil red and black ghosts! Those spirits wish to do people harm. I don’t see why they have to dispatch the white spirits since they are good-willed and good-natured.” The ghost nudges his new ghost buddy (repl1ca), to read the new missive on the wall. “I’d hate to think any of my elven friends left alive, or any of my great-grandchildren would hurt me with aurum!”
  11. Starfelt got lucky, my computer froze and died for 10 straight minutes, the ****.
  12. Jesus Starfelt you’re bidding on like three other skins tho, you driving up the price? 👀 Discord: Language#1688 Skin/Bid: Plunging Teal – 1,600 minae
  13. shoo hyperion I see you, your bids aren’t allowed here :^)
  14. For **** sakes why am I always late to these things! Are there any that haven’t been bid on? 😞
  15. Discord: Language#1688 Skins / Bid: Plunging Teal – 1,200 minae
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