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  1. Always enjoyed those type of eventlines, simple premise but lots to offer once explored in depth. Looking forward to what you bring to the table!
  2. Telekinetic grab looks very useful Always loved the aeso commands, keep em coming!
  3. D4NNA


    I have awaited you, soul
  4. Ew Germans

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      *germanic accent* Stahb hadin me jou imbezile! Arr hät id wit jou!

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      ehmmm what

    3. D4NNA
  5. ....10 Y E A R S ˢººⁿᵗᵐ

  6. Why's it that even after all this time there's so few naval/ocean lorepieces? I know theres [✓] [Event Race Lore] Shuul (...) accepted and [Magic Lore] - Thallassos (...) in the works... Maybe a third one in form of a Feat would be something to establish a trinity of ocean lore™ What's the best lore an story actor can get into right now to haunt some of the players roaming around, something that goes well with a bounty type of storyline perhaps? Which of the things coming to us this new map are you most anticipating? What'd be your favourite dishes in a 3 course dinner menu?
  7. With the mess that is post-loremag magic hoggers & item hoarders, 8.0's road & travel Roleplay is going to be chaotic...

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    2. Gallic


      magic or die, teach me all your MA's

    3. Valannor


      Yarrrrgh, my name is the Road Bandito. I cast "crossbow" at t5!

    4. Kuila


      will trade shapeshifting for a hug

  8. CREATURE NAME OR OBJECTIVE: Orb of Inferi, Dream Eater, Inferimare - Exorcism, Extermination LAST SPOTTED: Talon's Grotto, occurence at night by the local library , among the plane of dreams, accounts of haunted people. THREAT LEVEL Unknown (Based on approach) REWARD:Trophy of creature, purifying object, 5000 Mina (or 1000 x participants) ENCOUNTER: During dream-like states where the descendants perception may be altered. The realm of the creator (physical) may become intertwined with an otherworldly plane. Most likely can't be slain in the physical realm. INFO: Storyline is best available until 4PM EST. Please use the forum if your persona had an encounter with this inferi and want to describe it. Message D4NNA#6850 for more information and scheduling event encounters!
  9. I was diagnosed with ADHD at childhood, had about 10 yrs of therapy for it, which helped me to understand the mental illness a lot better. ADHD/ADD were never a topic within my family, only in school I noticed it coming up. Often you'd hear the term "ADHD-Kid" used more as a slur to describe generally hyperactive children, I was one of them. Then again I wouldn't have minded at all until finally someone explained me what it was all about. Now, not to write a long story about the hardships of ADHD, instead I'd like to incentivize those who are struggling with that illness to seek guidance for self-regulating & adjustments for their day to day life, to hopefully find positives in a condition that is often misunderstood and carries a uncomfortable stigma. It's not dark road always... For all the unattentive moments that occur I have atleast some moments where I feel so in control, combined with a considerable resevoir of energy & creativity, a sense of flow forms, which gets me through some of the most tiresome tasks in a blast.
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