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  1. I remember my time at the hochschule 😪, take care and get those A++’s! ^^
  2. just got interviewed for event manager 

  3. [!] Reports of the first Troll found inside the walls of Fenn were brought to your attention! “It was horrible, I couldn’t sleep all night with all this shouting and screaming!” [!] An old disgruntled local exclaimed “Witnesses said that there was an explosion, or atleast a huge bang in the crypt, was there magic involved?” [!] More and more rumors began to spread as curious voices raised concern... “What... What if … I find a Troll in my basement?!” [!] A faint hysteria had to be calmed after the first incident, but for now everything seems safe … ? “... Let’s check out what is supposedly off limits!” [!] Two unsuspecting descendants went out to... The Underground and have not returned since...
  4. Don’t Forget do your D.I.Y. Events & Storylines (We are there to support you)! 👉


  5. D4NNA

    Arcadian Tides

    Naval Storyline Become a confidant of the sea and sail across the Arcadian Ocean with your ship and a faithful crew, life overseas is not easy and requires preparation, navigation and equipment ... not to forget the food on deck is required in large supply, and that's where the delicacies such as sea-fruit are found. Sailors whisper of a taste that comes from the depths of the seas … Explore the depths of the Sea Ruin and discover a world of water and the home of an ancient civilization ... The ocean itself has preserved this place and protected it from the torrents of time, much of the ruin could have survived ... It does not only awaken the treasure hunter instincts but also those of every fisherman, the first who dared to dive beneath the surface... Go under and face the forces of nature ... Descendants have always been made to live on land, but curiosity is like a blade piercing the sea, reaching deeper and diving recklessly. Conquering the deep is a trophy to each and every category, be it by arcane arts, research or even through sheer mind and will! A genius mind will reward their fellowship with the treasure of the deep, and a title to hone their tinkering skill Reveal what lies beneath the depths and ... In a place without light, life is a lantern ... Time is torn, swept between the tides changed the people T̷h̷e̷ ̴H̵y̷d̶r̴a̷ ̴r̶e̶b̸o̶r̴n̵,̶ ̸d̵e̶s̷c̶e̵n̷d̸a̴n̶t̵s̸ ̴c̴r̴e̶a̴t̸i̷n̴g̷ ̴a̵ ̷n̷i̴g̶h̶t̶m̸a̴r̵e̶ ̷o̷f̸ ̸t̶h̷e̴i̶r̴ ̵o̷w̸n̸ ̸…̴ ̴I̴n̷ ̷t̷h̵e̶ ̸p̸a̷s̸t̷,̶ ̶t̷h̶e̸y̴ ̶l̵i̷v̴e̸d̸ ̶i̷n̴ ̶h̷a̵r̶m̷o̴n̶y̸,̴ ̷p̵e̷a̵c̴e̴ ̴a̵n̷d̵ ̵f̶r̷i̷e̷n̸d̷s̶h̸i̷p̶ ̸w̸e̵r̶e̵ ̶o̴f̴f̵e̶r̵e̴d̵ ̵t̵o̴ ̷a̴l̶l̵ ̷w̸h̵o̷ ̵w̶e̴l̸c̷o̸m̸e̷d̷ ̴i̴t̷.̵.̷.̴ ̸b̷u̵t̷ ̴a̵n̵ ̸a̶g̷g̷r̴e̷s̸s̶i̴v̷e̸ ̷f̵o̸r̵c̸e̷ ̸s̷w̵a̸l̶l̶o̴w̸e̵d̵ ̴t̸h̴i̶s̶ ̴a̷g̴e̸ ̶o̴f̴ ̵f̷r̴e̴e̴d̵o̷m̵ ̵…̷s̵e̴a̸l̷e̷d̸ ̶b̸y̴ ̶a̵ ̵g̷u̶a̵r̵d̶i̵a̴n̷ ̵o̴f̷ ̶i̸m̸m̷e̸n̶s̸e̸ ̶p̵o̸w̴e̵r̸.̷.̴.̶ ̶ The great unknown... Discover new life and beings who were born in the deep, pelagic flora and amphibious ocean dwellers alike. The aquatic creatures seem to exist in a miraculous cycle and are in harmony with nature and the Descendants. In the tropical area near the Wildlands many creatures live in different ways and in different planes. Even for those who are not interested in science, the ruin is a beacon of life to ocean dwellers. ...Ultimately, every descendant can just discover for themselves what is behind the horizon for them ... Already have wet feet? Fishing Contest! Planned for the 6th to 8th of September Pirate Warning! Planned for the 13th to 20th of September Ocean Conference! Planned for the 22th of September ((mostly during European Times)) Spoiler! Final Boss of the Storyline! If you’re interested feel free to leave a nice RP post! Thanks!
  6. Laying in the warm sand as the sun would slowly sink into the horizon, the heavens above the ocean began to shimmer in a sovereign light and as night came to day, the Hermit would ask himself a very important question... “Sand, ...” he let’s it run trough his fingers, turning to the land behind him and back to the sea “... Sea … Land... Sand?” “WHO CAME UP WITH THIS?!” The old man was puzzled as he lets his gaze drift back to the waters. Pearly-white beaches ran through many nations, settlements and villages, and the Hermit remembered supporting hands of the numerous crews who fought on this sandy path with him. In the end ... there was nothing left of the threat, but someone had to spread the good news somehow! So the Hermit got to work and created a variety of letters that he sent by bottle... soon the heroes of the sea’s should learn that the thanks of the sea dwellers and maybe also the landlubbers is theirs. “Greetings! Captains, Crews and Sailors... I’m happy to see you’ve found this message Today is a special day, no … it is not a celebration of an independent nation, nor is it triumph in war. It is a day like every other, in fact you might read this way later than everyone else... but to say the least, without the help of your well trained members and the craftmanship of renowned ship builders, the sea could’ve never been as peaceful as it is now. It is a blessing that the oceans are free from the Hydra. Some may know this creature as the Sea-Serpent, or the Kraken, but after the remains were found it was revealed... A group of cultists had created an being of the undead... or perhaps far worse, a being of filth and death. The Fleugal, an octopuss like creature that is prone to mutation, and eats everything from fresh carrion to the obscene amount of filth that is produced by the descendants. In some way, natural Fleugals are very beneficial to an ecosystem as long as it doesn’t mutate too much, but now imagine it being fed corpses, trash and living, unlucky souls... and soon its appetite grew and with its body becoming the rot itself the seas were soon contaminated with the cultists’ creature flesh cursing salvia. Everyone who went close to the contaminated water, or was coated with the salvia, is fated to have all of themselves, be it clothes, hair, eyes or anything they held, turn into bone. But enough of this creature, and the horrors it brought upon the vast seas, for now it is defeated. Let the names of your crew ring true, as you are the Slayers of the Hydra! Luckily, after this the contaminated water was quickly cleansed by mother nature itself, many stretches of the ocean that were previously littered with bonified organisms begins to sprawl with life again, and amidst this wonder of natural recovery and ancient ruin revealed itself... or perhaps it has always been there. I don’t know it for myself, as my mind is fleeting but, now you can explore this ancient ruin without being trapped in a vortex... But don’t you dive too deep... as even the descendants should fear the drowned darkness beneath... ”
  7. Check out the genre Dungeon Synth if you like some medieval, sometimes black metal inspired ambient Jingles.
  8. I have to definetely agree that choosing your profession wisely leads to your desired RP. But to the Topic first, yes… it happens to all and the best of pacifist roleplayers that you come across the PvP nieche that seems somewhat violent and greedy at first glance. I’m talking about the typical banditry on the roads or the power-trip pvp villain in your local RP hub of course, they are the exception to the roleplay in general. It gives a sense of danger when you venture out to the roads, perhaps have a caravan or a noble citizen that you require to escort safely to a far away nation, an ambush could happen and even your dearest RP might not save you... Those are generally concepts that work hand in hand with PvP, because when it comes down to serious business ya’ll won’t be counting emotes and doing in depth CRP but PvP will do the job just fine. Back to the professions, if you shy away from clicking for the wins you should consider exploiting another minecraft mechanic, such as becoming a farmer, an architect, miner or perhaps a merchant, there are plenty of things that are almost free of PvP, but still... It shouldn’t be demonized and I encourage everyone to pick up some gear and put some villainous narrative on to the roads.
  9. What a disgrace, knew he was a no good meme ST <_<
  10. Feeling short on forest roleplay and have yet to explore a storyline? ...Fret not here’s just the Right Bounty for you!


  11. “Hold here ye’ old friend! ‘Ave heard much of the formidable you, and the loyal members of yer’ group!” A somber light would press through the grove, it almost seemed as if the sun itself was lost in the forest, and so it was more astonishing to see the old ranger appearing out of nowhere ... Breathtaking. The old ranger would approach you calmly, his armor shone green as if covered in moss and his weapons held low signaling peace... “I heard ye’ take care of any bounty, and venture out far away to claim a good hunt, as a ranger I appreciate this, ...” The ranger would throw you a scroll, on it some creatures are recorded with defined dimensions, a short description in fine writing would describe the entity in more detail. “’’Ere ya’ have it... tis’ be the bounty, … The scrolls were of a very noble quality, for the paper and the seemingly colored ink must have cost a fortune! While being at it the ranger would throw you the second one... With a lot of respect, the ranger looked at the remaining scroll before handing it over to the bravest of hunters... “I’m no hunter, I’m a ranger and as it is our duty we protect the balance of the forest and all descendants that venture to the forests may request a rangers help... but for this I need yer’ help” When you turned away from the forest, the atmosphere seemed to change behind you ... or was it the curiosity that led you into the depths of the woods? Nevertheless an adventure would wait, and with these bounties at hand even thoughts of glory and praise come to mind! “???” … You’ve found a scroll in the dirt, after you dust it off you can see what remains... ((All group sizes are variable, message me on discord for further info about these bounties and their whereabouts!)) D4NNA#6850 Event Location: [[590X 68Y -1130Z]]
  12. Thanks Guys! Remember to lead these new Players straight into the Storylines they seek!
  13. The Mammoth was long thought to be extinct, traces of its existence have been lost to dusty books and the strange aeons of time... Luckily, there have been trails spotted that only large herds of bigger creatures could leave behind! Could such an ancient creature truly best the harsh conditions of the north? Exciting news for hunters and researchers alike! Threat level: Intermediate Location: The Far North of Arkas Rewards: D4 N/A
  14. [!] Carried by the stream, the halfling would venture out to the ocean almost too quick, as Daisy would arrive at her destination a barrel would float upon the surface and was certainly the only thing around that could’ve catched her attention... Toiled around it were the arms of a skeleton, which had its lower half missing with the head resting upon the precious barrel, one could not be sure if it was a descendant or perhaps another humanoid creature, yet knowing the barrel has been seen often in common trade-posts on land, would reveal that it possibly could be another singe soul that ventured too far into unknown charters of the sea...
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