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  1. D4NNA

    Dungeons? Dungeons!

    I’m really into dungeons, although it’s a fairly generalized term by now, which only proves how versatile it is as a medium for events! The premium mineman dungeon crawling experience on LotC is quite a special one! I have some thoughts but most of it has been said already so I’ll put it in spoilers. Tl;dr: More than 4 Dungeons, or 4 each with 8-16 different ‘storyline-loops’, multi-layered builds to make a good dungeon with lots of instances which need to incorporate Jumpquests, puzzles and interesting PvE encounters, OOC timers to keep replayablity high & ST burnout low. Do I see a ‘Story-Dungeons Sect’ forming? Count me in!
  2. Yeah so you can play mineman & smash at the same time now. #LotC4smash


  3. The FOREIGN RPER Usually found at extremely obscure timezones, often way behind the usual roleplaying hours from the main bulk of players. Due to playing in strange times they are regularly found scowering the nations in hopes they’ll find one that has 1 or 2 active citizens. Often times when they do find a populated time they are either too tired or have gotten up so early that their roleplay is simply irritating, either because of the slow writing of a non-english native speaker or the grammatical fallacies they commit. Still, there are many foreign RPER’s that have come to terms with their niche and fit in perfectly, albeit not being in the best timezone or having some discrepancies in their writing. Sometimes the characters they play reflect their nationality and idealistic beliefs, which sometimes leads them to become a FANATIC FOREIGN RPER, beware of those, because these players also engage in any active political discussion regarding their real life country!
  4. Have rolling modifiers on story & moderator approved items and give every character health based on their race, affiliation & profession. Simply keep the /roll 20 as it is and just add the modifiers from item’s and your persona card. It’s as easy as combining what we already have in terms of mechanics which are accessible to every player. For damage-calculation I would go for a 3 tap mechanic, where the persona has several hitpoints (head, torso, limbs, mind, soul etc.) with each hitzone having a seperate hitzone and once that hitzone is depleted from it’s healthpoints it’s out and you will have to roleplay the consequences accordingly to what happened in combat, e.g. having an arm almost severed or having your skin burnt crisp by an offensive spell. Actual damage dealt would be either the difference in the fighting players dice result or a set damage by weapon type. Fights would be as simple as deciding to either attack a hitzone, block a hitzone / dodge or parry an attack. You hit a /roll 20 and let’s say you get a 14, your opponent then has to get a roll that’s higher than yours to avoid or afflict damage. They /roll and let’s say they get a 10, subtract your result from that and that’s -4 = 4 Damage to the opponents hitzone, or a successful dodge, block and a parry could even subvert the damage to your opponent! An example with modifiers could look like this. You have a dagger that’s story approved to have a modifier of +2 on your attack rolls when attacking from up close and throwing. You hit a /roll 20 +2 and let’s say you get a 9+2(11), you’re opponent then has to get a roll that’s higher than yours to avoid or afflict damage. They /roll 20 +4 because they are a burly dwarf in armor and let’s say they get a 10+4(14), subtract your result from that and that’s 3 = no damage dealt to the opponents hitzone, or 3 subverted damage if they were to parry.
  5. Transfigurist getting launched from C straight to SS tier. circa ~1760
  6. Caution, Voidal Magic causes unintentional Golem Limbs!
  7. Nice format, much emotion in a few frames + it’s animu 10/10
  8. [!] Before you, a picture was drawn upon on a scroll, a fine and lenient framing would complement the ancient scenery, which invited the beholder to what the artist depicts Arcadia as. Upon the back of the drawing a letter was attached... ልዪርልዕጎል ?? ???????? ?? ?? ?? ??????? ????????? ????????????? ???? ??????? ???? ??? ???? ??? ?? ?????, ??? ??????? ??????? ?????? ?? ????? ???? ??? ????? ?? ???????? ??????, ???? ?????? ??? ??????????? ???????? ???? ????? ????. ??? ???? ?? ????? ????? ??? ??????? ?????????? ??? ???? ????? ??. ???, ????? ?????????? ??? ???? ?????? ???? ?? ????? ????? ?? ??????? ?? ? ????? ???? ??? ???? ?????????. ?? ???????? ?? ???? ????????? ??????, ????????? ??? ??? ???????? ?????? ?? ????, ???? ???? ?? ?????????? ?? ????? ????? ???? ??? ?????? ??? ????? ?? ????, ?? ??? ??????????? ?????? ???? ???? ?? ?? ?? ???? ?????? ???? ??? ???????. ????????? ?????????? ???? ???? ??? ?????????? ?? ??? ???????? ????????? ?? ??????, ???? ???? ??????????? ?? ???????? ??? & ???, ??????? ??? ???????? ???? ??? ???? ????, ?? ?????? ????? ???? ??? ?? ???? ??? ????? ?? ???? ??????? ???? ????. ???? ???? ? ???? ???? ??? ???? ?????? ???? ?? ?????? ????? ??????????, ?? ?????????? ??? ?????? ???? ?? ?????? ???? ?????????? ?? ??? ?????? ???? ???????? ??? ?????????. ??????? 1703 ԹՐƙԾՏ [OOC-Info] This is the final part of the naval eventline that I’ve run on Arkas, which means giving back to the you guys. Every player that participated, has a crew or is interested in other naval related activities, is invited to join the ocean-hub (Ancient Sea Ruin). One can think of it as a sort of event-charter, where there will be objectives, specialized bounties, and lore to discover and be written, all while having the freedom to do so on your own. As mentioned, the only requirement is involvement in the naval storyline, which will net you a spot to ‘freely’ decorate and live with your persona in the event-charter, while also staying at a close pulse with the storyline itself. I invite you to do DIY Events or make this your new favourite fishing spot... For further information message me on the Forums, Discord or your leave your Nickname & Persona’s Name in the thread (perhaps with a nice roleplay text to accompany it)
  9. Don’t worry! No MAs or Asking needed for rewriting Conjuration in all honesty, noone asked me either! Left the discord for the passive aggresive stance of certain writers there, so seeing someone else picking it, giving it some needed tweaks to the magics to fit it the post-loremag meta, gives me a bit of hope for the based magic as I like it, while this feels much like what you’d expect from someone self teaching the magic with the current ressources that float around on the forums and the wiki, it is very nice to have … as you mentioned, the perspective of an outsider... Now! I can’t say that conjuration is the most acclaimed voidal evocation at all, but it is certainly the one that allows for a versatile freeform aspect in its active roleplay. That being, you have definitely nailed the current lore down to its root and merged the magic with lots of variation to the mechanics. It surprised me to see such a in-depth guide regarding a conjuration submission but I have to admit that the you nailed the required format and the depth of the different mechanics behind it required, e.g. with the different constructs & summon types. You presented conjuration less of an exclusive lore for certain vague spells one can invoke to bust a goons nut, but you have certainly brought it forward as a very vast and verstatile concept that a good roleplayer can approach in many different ways and can put their mind to as much as they like. I found this submission and its additions to the lore very impressing and it surely stays true to how conjuration is, naturally balanced and very imaginative.
  10. Bring fast travel back and institute it to RP! That would’ve helped the Arcas map too and is absolutely needed for a non-decentralizing nation layout. The thing I was most hoping for this map was the wildlands. In the end you had to venture ridiciously far out into the wildlands until you’d finally encounter freebuild area, because the region that was supposed to be clear to build right at the beginnning, just was regioned and flagged (probably claimed by some gm). Then again I hoped no freebuild would keep the ‘unpleasant kind of builds’ out of the nations but still I see little animal pods or some other farming contraption littering the places, and not to mention the ridicilous amount of signs in every nation you go. If Arcas was in any way not complete the sheer amount of useless crap brought there afterwards makes up for it and I’m just waiting to put evil event creatures in all these ghost charters. I wish next map we can have just nice things, made by many nice builders and with solid nice lore behind the builds. No more charters, no more freebuild, full on immersion. It doesn’t even have to be very grand or outstandingly designed, just a little more variation and more dedication to the lore behind it and a challenge behind exploration (maybe have complete areas shut off because descendants have yet to find a way for them to travel there safely)
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