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  1. ....10 Y E A R S ˢººⁿᵗᵐ

  2. Why's it that even after all this time there's so few naval/ocean lorepieces? I know theres [✓] [Event Race Lore] Shuul (...) accepted and [Magic Lore] - Thallassos (...) in the works... Maybe a third one in form of a Feat would be something to establish a trinity of ocean lore™ What's the best lore an story actor can get into right now to haunt some of the players roaming around, something that goes well with a bounty type of storyline perhaps? Which of the things coming to us this new map are you most anticipating? What'd be your favourite dishes in a 3 course dinner me
  3. I used to hate on bandit goons but now I just abandoned my staff morals and simply abuse my pex to dodge them... ... Jokes aside, I know how frustrating it can be to endure someone else having a power-trip over humiliating your persona but then again, it's a game and if you don't treat it as such you'll suffer and succumb to frustration. In a sense, you have to let your persona go free, only then there is room for character development (This counts for characters of any occupation, be it villainy or something else). Now a good step in the right direction is to refrain from stall
  4. Offering 10k mina for a mint condition Ultra Rare Mika Uialben card.
  5. With the mess that is post-loremag magic hoggers & item hoarders, 8.0's road & travel Roleplay is going to be chaotic...

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    2. Gallic


      magic or die, teach me all your MA's

    3. altiar1011


      Yarrrrgh, my name is the Road Bandito. I cast "crossbow" at t5!

    4. Kuila


      will trade shapeshifting for a hug

  6. CREATURE NAME OR OBJECTIVE: Orb of Inferi, Dream Eater, Inferimare - Exorcism, Extermination LAST SPOTTED: Talon's Grotto, occurence at night by the local library , among the plane of dreams, accounts of haunted people. THREAT LEVEL Unknown (Based on approach) REWARD:Trophy of creature, purifying object, 5000 Mina (or 1000 x participants) ENCOUNTER: During dream-like states where the descendants perception may be altered. The realm of the creator (physical) may become intertwined with an otherworldly plane. Most likely can't be slain in
  7. I was diagnosed with ADHD at childhood, had about 10 yrs of therapy for it, which helped me to understand the mental illness a lot better. ADHD/ADD were never a topic within my family, only in school I noticed it coming up. Often you'd hear the term "ADHD-Kid" used more as a slur to describe generally hyperactive children, I was one of them. Then again I wouldn't have minded at all until finally someone explained me what it was all about. Now, not to write a long story about the hardships of ADHD, instead I'd like to incentivize those who are struggling with that illness to seek guidance fo
  8. A old horenic male at 75 years should look like: groggy old men? or~ slightly past prime?
  9. If you could delete 1 lore piece & instantly implement 1 new lore piece, what would those be and why? Good luck.
  10. D4NNA

    Dungeons? Dungeons!

    I’m really into dungeons, although it’s a fairly generalized term by now, which only proves how versatile it is as a medium for events! The premium mineman dungeon crawling experience on LotC is quite a special one! I have some thoughts but most of it has been said already so I’ll put it in spoilers. Tl;dr: More than 4 Dungeons, or 4 each with 8-16 different ‘storyline-loops’, multi-layered builds to make a good dungeon with lots of instances which need to incorporate Jumpquests, puzzles and interesting PvE encounters, OOC timers to keep replayablity high & ST burnout low.
  11. Yeah so you can play mineman & smash at the same time now. #LotC4smash


  12. The FOREIGN RPER Usually found at extremely obscure timezones, often way behind the usual roleplaying hours from the main bulk of players. Due to playing in strange times they are regularly found scowering the nations in hopes they’ll find one that has 1 or 2 active citizens. Often times when they do find a populated time they are either too tired or have gotten up so early that their roleplay is simply irritating, either because of the slow writing of a non-english native speaker or the grammatical fallacies they commit. Still, there are many foreign RPER’s that have come to terms with t
  13. Have rolling modifiers on story & moderator approved items and give every character health based on their race, affiliation & profession. Simply keep the /roll 20 as it is and just add the modifiers from item’s and your persona card. It’s as easy as combining what we already have in terms of mechanics which are accessible to every player. For damage-calculation I would go for a 3 tap mechanic, where the persona has several hitpoints (head, torso, limbs, mind, soul etc.) with each hitzone having a seperate hitzone and once that hitzone is depleted from it’s healthpoints i
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