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  1. hey I'm having trouble with /auth. It for some reason kicks me out of the client before getting the QR code or anything really. I'm asking a technician or admin for help nothing what I tried helped so far (VPN, Firewall, fresh install, diff. PC, IP's, Routers, client etc.) Appreciate the help! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1x8xUWlkGKDDLR8RE8DZ8hle7Zlwv1X1s/view?usp=sharing
  2. Always enjoyed those type of eventlines, simple premise but lots to offer once explored in depth. Looking forward to what you bring to the table!
  3. Telekinetic grab looks very useful Always loved the aeso commands, keep em coming!
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    I have awaited you, soul
  5. Ew Germans

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      *germanic accent* Stahb hadin me jou imbezile! Arr hät id wit jou!

    2. Laeonathan
    3. D4NNA
  6. ....10 Y E A R S ˢººⁿᵗᵐ

  7. Why's it that even after all this time there's so few naval/ocean lorepieces? I know theres [✓] [Event Race Lore] Shuul (...) accepted and [Magic Lore] - Thallassos (...) in the works... Maybe a third one in form of a Feat would be something to establish a trinity of ocean lore™ What's the best lore an story actor can get into right now to haunt some of the players roaming around, something that goes well with a bounty type of storyline perhaps? Which of the things coming to us this new map are you most anticipating? What'd be your favourite dishes in a 3 course dinner menu?
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