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  1. D4NNA


    I have awaited you, soul
  2. Ew Germans

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      *germanic accent* Stahb hadin me jou imbezile! Arr hät id wit jou!

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      ehmmm what

    3. D4NNA
  3. ....10 Y E A R S ˢººⁿᵗᵐ

  4. Why's it that even after all this time there's so few naval/ocean lorepieces? I know theres [✓] [Event Race Lore] Shuul (...) accepted and [Magic Lore] - Thallassos (...) in the works... Maybe a third one in form of a Feat would be something to establish a trinity of ocean lore™ What's the best lore an story actor can get into right now to haunt some of the players roaming around, something that goes well with a bounty type of storyline perhaps? Which of the things coming to us this new map are you most anticipating? What'd be your favourite dishes in a 3 course dinner me
  5. I used to hate on bandit goons but now I just abandoned my staff morals and simply abuse my pex to dodge them... ... Jokes aside, I know how frustrating it can be to endure someone else having a power-trip over humiliating your persona but then again, it's a game and if you don't treat it as such you'll suffer and succumb to frustration. In a sense, you have to let your persona go free, only then there is room for character development (This counts for characters of any occupation, be it villainy or something else). Now a good step in the right direction is to refrain from stall
  6. Offering 10k mina for a mint condition Ultra Rare Mika Uialben card.
  7. With the mess that is post-loremag magic hoggers & item hoarders, 8.0's road & travel Roleplay is going to be chaotic...

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    2. Gallic


      magic or die, teach me all your MA's

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      Yarrrrgh, my name is the Road Bandito. I cast "crossbow" at t5!

    4. Kuila


      will trade shapeshifting for a hug

  8. CREATURE NAME OR OBJECTIVE: Orb of Inferi, Dream Eater, Inferimare - Exorcism, Extermination LAST SPOTTED: Talon's Grotto, occurence at night by the local library , among the plane of dreams, accounts of haunted people. THREAT LEVEL Unknown (Based on approach) REWARD:Trophy of creature, purifying object, 5000 Mina (or 1000 x participants) ENCOUNTER: During dream-like states where the descendants perception may be altered. The realm of the creator (physical) may become intertwined with an otherworldly plane. Most likely can't be slain in
  9. I was diagnosed with ADHD at childhood, had about 10 yrs of therapy for it, which helped me to understand the mental illness a lot better. ADHD/ADD were never a topic within my family, only in school I noticed it coming up. Often you'd hear the term "ADHD-Kid" used more as a slur to describe generally hyperactive children, I was one of them. Then again I wouldn't have minded at all until finally someone explained me what it was all about. Now, not to write a long story about the hardships of ADHD, instead I'd like to incentivize those who are struggling with that illness to seek guidance fo
  10. A old horenic male at 75 years should look like: groggy old men? or~ slightly past prime?
  11. If you could delete 1 lore piece & instantly implement 1 new lore piece, what would those be and why? Good luck.
  12. I’m really into dungeons, although it’s a fairly generalized term by now, which only proves how versatile it is as a medium for events! The premium mineman dungeon crawling experience on LotC is quite a special one! I have some thoughts but most of it has been said already so I’ll put it in spoilers. Tl;dr: More than 4 Dungeons, or 4 each with 8-16 different ‘storyline-loops’, multi-layered builds to make a good dungeon with lots of instances which need to incorporate Jumpquests, puzzles and interesting PvE encounters, OOC timers to keep replayablity high & ST burnout low.
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