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  1. Feeling short on forest roleplay and have yet to explore a storyline? ...Fret not here’s just the Right Bounty for you!


  2. “Hold here ye’ old friend! ‘Ave heard much of the formidable you, and the loyal members of yer’ group!” A somber light would press through the grove, it almost seemed as if the sun itself was lost in the forest, and so it was more astonishing to see the old ranger appearing out of nowhere ... Breathtaking. The old ranger would approach you calmly, his armor shone green as if covered in moss and his weapons held low signaling peace... “I heard ye’ take care of any bounty, and venture out far away to claim a good hunt, as a ranger I appreciate this, ...” The ranger would throw you a scroll, on it some creatures are recorded with defined dimensions, a short description in fine writing would describe the entity in more detail. “’’Ere ya’ have it... tis’ be the bounty, … The scrolls were of a very noble quality, for the paper and the seemingly colored ink must have cost a fortune! While being at it the ranger would throw you the second one... With a lot of respect, the ranger looked at the remaining scroll before handing it over to the bravest of hunters... “I’m no hunter, I’m a ranger and as it is our duty we protect the balance of the forest and all descendants that venture to the forests may request a rangers help... but for this I need yer’ help” When you turned away from the forest, the atmosphere seemed to change behind you ... or was it the curiosity that led you into the depths of the woods? Nevertheless an adventure would wait, and with these bounties at hand even thoughts of glory and praise come to mind! “???” … You’ve found a scroll in the dirt, after you dust it off you can see what remains... ((All group sizes are variable, message me on discord for further info about these bounties and their whereabouts!)) D4NNA#6850 Event Location: [[590X 68Y -1130Z]]
  3. Thanks Guys! Remember to lead these new Players straight into the Storylines they seek!
  4. The Mammoth was long thought to be extinct, traces of its existence have been lost to dusty books and the strange aeons of time... Luckily, there have been trails spotted that only large herds of bigger creatures could leave behind! Could such an ancient creature truly best the harsh conditions of the north? Exciting news for hunters and researchers alike! Threat level: Intermediate Location: The Far North of Arkas Rewards: D4 N/A
  5. [!] Carried by the stream, the halfling would venture out to the ocean almost too quick, as Daisy would arrive at her destination a barrel would float upon the surface and was certainly the only thing around that could’ve catched her attention... Toiled around it were the arms of a skeleton, which had its lower half missing with the head resting upon the precious barrel, one could not be sure if it was a descendant or perhaps another humanoid creature, yet knowing the barrel has been seen often in common trade-posts on land, would reveal that it possibly could be another singe soul that ventured too far into unknown charters of the sea...
  6. The surface of the Sea was silent, the moonlight would paint the waves in sovereign silver light. Beneath me were the depths of the ocean. I was venturing out to the far reaches of the oceans to retrieve more information about the ancient civilisation that would remain submerged in a timeless, yet eternally ruined state. While I was met with absolute solitude upon my travels, I would find a clue amidst this tranquility, or was it an omen? … Several petrified, or... should I say ‘bonified’ creatures would emerge on the surface, while I was suspecting nothing more but rotten carcasses of lesser, creature I was met with a horrible realisation. The strange disease had turned several, if not most of the body of what I’ve found to bone... I ventured deeper into the horizon. The dawn of day would come and shortly followed by the omen of the night before I’ve found my ship trapped in a vortex that would pull me further into the ocean... I’ve lost all sense of orientation and beneath me the waters would turn dark & cloudy, as if a storm had sunken into the dephts of the ocean. Never have I felt such a sinister presence in the seas, nor have I ever been struck with such a despair. It was in this dire hour of need when I’ve met an old friend and saviour, Octatré. He emerged from the waters and seemed unaffected by the strange disease, before I could properly greet him, he would tell me... “You need to … make sure they... get this bottle..” he held an empty bottle of Cap’n rum in his hand, which he would give me. It were old scriptures of the creature that seem to be one of the first depictions of this sinister menace... Before I could hook this old squidface with my fishing rod he was gone and deep into the waters... he left me a bottle with all the information I need, now all that was left for me to do is to leave this death-vortex and focus on the task ahead, find the Crews that could put up the needed forces to defeat this menace to all sea-dwellers....
  7. Wanted: ‘Boney the Twin Sea-Serpents’ Threat level: The threat is not to be underestimated and most likely to be handled only by experienced sailors. Suggested party number: 7+ Description of beast: The full extend of this sea-creature is unknown, altough wherever it appears the ocean water becomes dark & cloudy. Location: South-East Ocean of Arkas Rewards: Coin Reward & Special Items Message D4NNA#6850 to schedule this Bounty!
  8. Hello there, if you’ve recieved a signed Gold Doubloon with my name on it you can exchange it here or trough discord! Each item costs 1 coin, please consider that these are meant to be used in the Naval Storyline, so see them as Story Items, not as Trophy items! The items are exchanged in RP, so make sure you grab the right persona to claim the items!
  9. As a ST and a former ET member I’m sorry for the recents Events regarding war. 😕

    1. Doom321


      terrible joke

  10. Who’s that in your pic and sig?
  11. First ‘proper’ ship seen on the expedition. Circa 1715 “The smallest landlubbers, callin’ themselves the halflins received a bounty that would lead them to the shipwreck, as they ventured out from brandybrook’s decks they would quickly find out the shipwreck was no fluke and that another ship had been shattered to pieces there while trying to retrieve the much acclaimed treasure… Was it the aggression of other ocean-travelling folk or just another casualty of the forceful tides that often brought a wet demise to unsuspecting sailors… ? The warning remained, but with the demise of the other ships a lucky group of landlubbers have taken the opportunity to check out what sweet loot these remains had to offer. They were greeted with relics of long past lives and the unwelcoming otherworldly presence of an apparition that had formed from the many lost souls that drowned or died any other horrible death upon the ocean. Seeing that everything eventually sinks down to the ocean floor to ultimately rot away, the shipwreck preserved itself as a warning to all those who are foolish enough to venture out into the unknown seas unprepared. A storm was coming... Luckily the Pirates were giving the landlubbers who received the bounty missive instructions and cared for their safe travel across the seas. Although with the whole population of ocean-dwellers on the line they had no other way but to cooperate with the main-land centric descandants, who were currently in the turmoils of war. Cap’n Octatre’ was send out with a small but dedicated crew to establish contact with the crews that were able to sail out far into the ocean. Far behind the high tides, where rocky formations would carve the floor beneath the surface, a menace would slowly inch closer. It was a sinister creature that would devour everything in its vicinity. As the creature was a very slow organism, the ocean-dwellers & descendants alike wouldn’t know about it at all until its large unsaturated hunger would mess with the whole eco-system. of the uncharted seas Large amounts of flat, marbly bone substance would wash up from the depths of the sea. It was completely dead material, preserved in form, but devoid of life. Once a living organism was turned to dry bones, the salvaged lifeforce would be absorbed by the creature. With the now established contacts to the mainland the pirates hope to salvage the ancient remains of the precursors of the Arkos seas to put an end to this terrible creature, and hopefully free the ancient civilisation trapped beneath a blanket of bones….” *The old man would sign the book, on the last page was a drawing of the shipwrecks at sea. He went to the library of dragur to publish his observation upon sea.*
  12. I love it, I love you, and I love being of the undeath
  13. I think with VR you have to use a voice Plugin to handle in character roleplay… yes, voice to roleplay!
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