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  1. D4NNA

    On the Topic of E-Girls and Lavender

    When your E-Girl Persona smells like weed instead of lavender… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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  3. D4NNA

    Moderation Update - March 13th 2019

    I sure hope the tab autofill option comes back... Also... CoralBlockHype!
  4. Marry go ROOUUND!


    1. Gusano
    2. D4NNA


      Thanks, I was referring to the songs’ title ^^

  5. D4NNA

    Hand Cannons; Firearms

    Guns are the most un-tolkienesque thing I’ve ever seen proposed to LotC. I vehemently disregard that idea… Just imagine halflings with guns or gravens rolling up with war cannons… But, judging by the lore written here, guns seem solid and I would see it working. It’s just something I do not wish for.
  6. D4NNA

    Your Local Event Team Member [AMA]

    That’s a good one, I thought the Concept of ‘Mystery’ was such a quirky and lovable character that invoked so much roleplay wherever he went, that everyone kinda had to ‘take a part of him’. So People actually went and took his limbs & or other parts of Mystery. I found it quite ironic, but that’s where I got the Inspiration to do the song. In General, the FMG was an inspiring time for me as a roleplayer.
  7. D4NNA

    Your Local Event Team Member [AMA]

  8. D4NNA

    Your Local Event Team Member [AMA]

    Yes, I’m not Keefy, I’m D4NNA! Sadly, I’m not in charge of accepting MA’s but I think whoever does it, does a good Job!
  9. Cheers, your favorite conveyor of Ambient Emotes and Bandit Mobs here, I’ll give this a shot, since I’ve never done anything like this on here… Here we go! Ask me Anything!
  10. D4NNA

    LOTC - Death of The Uialbens

    The voice impressions. To say the least, I’m impressed.
  11. To adress the BEAR in the room (haha, get the Twist?) Just as @Themeatrics mentioned in the post before, the bear is more of a tool to help Players imagine what size really means. Also, when teaching conjuration it gives a feel of grandness, because you come from small creatures and plants to a giant bear, and perhaps even more. To the guide, conjuration and power gaming in General... All in all a superb guide and I’m eager to see anyone try to pick it apart! Till then, it’s a solid +1 for Publishing this refurbished guide!
  12. D4NNA

    The Creative Cafe

  13. D4NNA

    RAP BATTLE: Staff vs Players (feat. Mystery)

    We Need Goons vs Trolls next
  14. D4NNA

    [Your View] New Player Integration

    I think the Application Team whould closely together with the Event Team to give Players their first Plot. Something that many Players miss (which was already discussed in this thread) is a proper place to start, or proper Things to start with… So, a good friend of mine said: “Be the Change you want to happen”. So I’m eager to help any AT with new Players with an Event out!
  15. D4NNA

    Enough is enough.

    Dog People 🙄