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  1. True. Not worth the mina, since Curon is being rebuilt, not a big deal friend.
  2. Name: Hakon Erling Discord (Optional) Deadpaww#4381 Race: Human Timezone: EST Why you are willing to fight an olog one on one: Money and to represent the Golden Skulls Company What time Sunday, April 4th works best for you?: 2:00pm – 4:00pm EST
  3. The Skulls were given the tents after the Nottinghams were labeled as terrorists and removed by Curon.
  4. The Golden Skulls Company Brief History of the Skulls: The founder and Head of the Golden Skulls, Hakon Erling, had no intention of starting a company. Rather, his plan as an ex-enlisted soldier, was to be a solo guard for those who needed such services. He found himself in the Imperial city of Curon where he looked for solo work but was unable to find any. It was not long after, that he found his now 2nd in command, Alice. Together, they formed a group of men and women, offering protection to persons and entities. Eventually, this group become more structured, more established, and they sat down to officially call themselves a company. It was then, they began to expand, taking on new members and even different types of work. They have tried various avenues of business, some successful, some not. They were and in many ways, still are, a rag tag company, using their skills and abilities to earn coin. After failures and successes, they had sat down and reformed their company into something they saw as truly great, something that will last long after the founding members pass. What do the Golden Skulls do?: The Golden Skulls are what they call Contractors. They take jobs on a contract basis, never sticking to one employer for long. They get the job done, collect their coin, and move on to the next one. The current type of jobs that the Skulls take on are listed below: Body guarding Event/Transport Security Bounties Debt Collection Location: The Skulls are based out of Curon. There, they have a temporary camp with a barracks and a command tent. However, they plan on getting a better area of operations very soon [ The Golden Skulls’ temporary camp in Curon. Soon to be moved out of ] Code of Silence: The Golden Skulls very much believe in a Code of Silence. This means that no information about a job or client will be given to anyone outside the company. This is to secure the safety of a client as well as the client’s privacy. Anyone who breaks this Code of Silence is often times removed from the Company and if not removed, harshly corrected. Company and Brotherhood: While the Golden Skulls call themselves a company, they very much think themselves a brotherhood. Although there is a Head rank in the company, they often times will discuss matters among each other to form a solution as a team. In fact, during their frequent meetings, sometimes they take a company vote on a matter. This idea of teamwork and brotherhood, is not only existing within the Golden Skulls naturally, it is enforced. You have your brother’s back and they have yours. General Rules: ( Rules generally known to the public) - No children will be harmed during a job - The Skulls fight in no wars - Clients are asked no more questions than necessary - Follow the Code of Silence - Breaking of company rules can result in removal from the company Payment: The Golden Skulls are paid on both a weekly basis as well as paid for the jobs they work. The money earned from a job, goes to the company, where it is then split evenly among the ones who worked the job. A percentage of job pay is taken out for the company. Ranking: Head: The Head is the lead of the company’s entire management. While certain ranks are allowed power over things that don’t require the Head’s approval, the Head knows of all that is going on and has executive power in all matters. Only the Head can approve contracts for the companies to do, to ensure they are fair and in the company’s interests. The Head can also demote any rank at will, should they choose, as well as change the structures of the ranking and the company. It is only them who can give the green light for promotions to Capo and to Underboss. They may also call company meetings and are the only one who can call a vote on matters. Underboss: The Underboss is the 2nd in command of the company. They not only advise the Head in matters, they are given the most responsibility out of any other rank than the Head itself. They have full control over operations of recruitment and also make sure that the day to day operations of the company are running smoothly, between all other ranks. Should an internal issues rise in the company, it is brought up the chain of command to the Underboss. At that point, the Underboss has enough power in the company to resolve it there in most matters. However, should it be significant enough, it is taken to the Head. Lastly, the Underboss has the power to fire a Prospect at will. Capo: A Capo is responsible for keeping the ranks below them in order. This includes making sure they understand the company policies and structure. They are also in charge of organizing and operating training of the lower ranks. This training can include sword training, bow training, hand to hand combat, protection training, and so on. Often times, Capos will be given jobs within the company such as Quartermaster, Log Keeper, and others. Capos are expected to follow the chain of command unless necessary to go straight to the Head. Member: Members are certified Skulls. They are more likely to work a job than a Prospect and unlike Prospects, they can not be fired by the Underboss alone, in order for a Member to be fired, it must involve the Head. Members are also given the power to vote in meetings, when a matter is brought to a vote. Members are expected to follow the chain of command, going to their respective Capo. If their issues lies with the Capo themselves, they can go to the Underboss. They are also part of a partnership program within the Skulls, where they are teamed up with a Prospect and are expected to take them around the lands, correct them if they make a mistake, teach them, and overall, show them how to be a proper Member. Prospect: Prospects are new recruits to the company. They are given basically no power, except the occasional job but are still paid weekly. They must learn from their partnered Member as well as the Capos. Chain of command must be followed, which mainly goes without saying. Apply: (( Discord contacts can either be Deadpaww#4381 or Aplex#7814 )) ((Comment your application below or send it via Discord! )) MC name: Discord: Character Name: Age: Race: Reason for Joining:
  5. Words starts traveling around of a company forming in Curon, headed by a man named Hakon Erling and his 2nd in command, Alyss. Word says that the company is doing contract work, trade, protection, and perhaps some dirty work. They are seeking men or women willing to do such work, capable of holding their own in a fight. From how it sounds, the pay is good and there will be much pay coming to those that wish to join. For any wishing to inquire about this company, it is said to contact the 2nd in command, Alyss, via bird or by mouth. == OOC == These are IRP talks of a guild that I will be starting officially soon. At this moment, I’m not doing a full guild post but I will be doing one soon enough If your character wishes to join the forming company or learn about it, they can contact AplexOFWynn (Alyss) on the server.
  6. Hakon nods approvingly of the news and drinks from the mug of ale in his hand.
  7. Thedeadoor

    Technical Update

    How does C affect seeing who’s online? Like can you still PM people in a different region?
  8. I have your concerns too. Sometimes, characters just need to be killed. Which is why Give and Take will probably be pretty situational. Just the other day, I was involved in a troll rp which was not fun for anyone involved other than the trolls. I did not have this standard post to turn to. All they had to give was a sort of proper reason for the rp taking place and boom, can’t really reject it. Now, in such cases, where characters for the sake of example are saying “That’s not very cash money of you” which happened in my case, I trust a mod with the standards set, to argue in my favor against such rp. In that troll rp, there was no give from the trolls, at all. It was clearly all take and had there been a “give”, it would have ended much better.
  9. Thank god. Luckily, I haven’t not ran into much troll or low quality rp, most people have been wonderful but I’ve had some certain encounters recently that just kill RP. 🙌
  10. Love the concept of this, keep it going
  11. Jexton looks down at Edgar with a smirk and nods, patting him on the shoulder ”Yes, Edgar. When they stand to you, they should fear your very presence for what you are capable of and yes....contain that wrath until it is wise to unleash it. Otherwise it will destroy things in all directions, like a powerful, shifting wind”
  12. === The Lessons of Edvard “The Terrible”: Necessary Evils, Wrath, and the Burdens to Come === For quite some time before I started writing, I’ve battled internally between my first chosen Paragon, Bjorn and my current Paragon, Edvard. All my life, I’ve held a wrath inside of me and a need for violence, all the while holding a truth I will carry with me forever. That truth is, “If they will not hear you, make them wish they had”. When I first chose my Paragon, it was shown to me that Edvard was a warning for loyalty, not held in any regard higher. It was then shown to me that Bjorn was a great warrior, with great violence. So, it was without much hesitation that I chose Bjorn, for why would I go with Edvard, if his interpretation is that of loyalty, why should I pray to him over the great, violent warrior that is Bjorn. Though as time passed, the more I was taught on the faith, the more I learned of myself, the more I learned of the Paragons, I felt a greater and greater draw towards Edvard. Why? What lessons could Edvard teach me, an angry, violent man, that Bjorn could not? Well, with much thought, not only have I changed my Paragon, which is no light matter, but I have pulled the lessons from Edvard I find were fallen beneath his mistakes. I find these lessons to be far more useful than the warning of loyalty that we currently regard Edvard as. It is, after all, mistakes that we learn from most. Necessary Evils Edvard was an evil man, plowing through the lands with great pious fury. Many of us would see his evil deeds, or evil deeds of others and find them to be nothing but evil. First, what even is evil? It is what we of flesh, think to be wicked and immoral. Though the All Father does not see evil and good, at least not in the way of the flesh. When we kill an apostate, are we doing a good? For us that know the All Father, of course we are but then what of the apostate’s son? To him, our actions were evil, we killed his father for a faith he may not know to be true. Evil is that of a subjective nature of man and in many cases, it is needed. Do we not think Edvard’s enemies, though they achieved victory in the end, did not fear the capabilities of his evils? Do we not think, they hesitated in his presence, for the fear that they would receive these evils to themselves or their people? A wise man fears, I have learned this from Keeper Gareth and it is fear, that Edvard surely brought. So I ask myself, where has Edvard gone wrong with his evils? Well, I say he went wrong when he delivered them upon all his enemies without care, rather than on one and then threatening one other with the same fate. It is here, we see evil has a place, through fear, through intimidation, in negotiation. We use it, so we can show it, to show that our capabilities are as much in evil, as they are in good. Wrath “My wrath was a terrible burden”, a reflection of Edvard and a very important lesson. Here, we see Edvard realize his own wrath and the burden it brings. Though, let me first focus on wrath itself and how it can aid us. Wrath is a great anger that boils up from your toes, to the top of your head and can nearly consume you. When we see it in Edvard and when we hear of his reflection, we think of wrath to be bad, though it was not his wrath that was bad, it was the use of his wrath, the recklessness, the lack of control. Imagine the wrath of Edvard, which led to his evils, yet his fall, if his wrath was contained and controlled, if it was targeted wisely. A great anger and an understanding of evils, can make to fearsome but wise leader and man, then bring us one step closer to a safer faith, a secured faith, as Edvard intended. Think of wrath as a controlled destruction, a directed chaos. It was Initiate Alisa that told me “wrath is an execution, violence is chaos”. We can see this true with Edvard, who was a king. Edvard would be the king of wrath, to direct the violence of Bjorn. Wrath is the containment of violence and chaos and with careful execution, can destroy our enemies. Controlled wrath, is that of knowing who to hit and when to hit. If Edvard knew this, we would hear tales of his many victories over our enemies and the firey ruins we ferociously put them in. Burden Let me again quote the reflection of Edvard, “My wrath is a terrible burden”. Once again, from his reflection, we can pull another lesson. Wrath, is not something we choose, it is something that comes to us and although we can learn to control it, it is indeed a burden. It is a heavy load to bare, to harness such anger, it can destroy not only you but what you care for, as we have seen from Edvard’s mistakes and his demise. Along with wrath, I bring back my point of necessary evils, yet another burden. I have brought myself to the point of nearly killing a child, for the sake of my faith and our people. An action I believed, in that moment, to be necessary and yet, many would call evil. To think for a moment, that the action would not have brought a great burden to my heart, would be to call me a monster, which I am not. Here, I realized the responsibility of burden. To see our faith succeed, to see our people prosper, there will come times for all I have written here. Evils will be done, wrath will be unleashed, both will burden our hearts. We will feel the pain of our actions and we may cry, though it is for a greater future, that we will feel this. It is yet another surrender of our flesh to the All Father. For what importance are our hearts, compared to our souls? For others souls? These burdens are no light matter and it will take great people to carry them but it is important that we not stray from them but that we realize they are to come, should we chase a future of success and security for the faith as Edvard did, as he realized, though too late. I have taken this path and I am willing to take these burdens, as once more, what is the importance of my heart, for my soul and for the souls around me. - Initiate Jexton Skorsgard of the Red Faith
  13. Great seeing you again!

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