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  1. Two questions. 1. Who is this grnappa kid I keep hearing about and what is your earliest memory of him? 2. Knowing what you know now, how would you do things differently if you were a Pink Tag again? 3. This isn't a question, but renew your subscription at Gold's Gym. @Ark needs the money to buy more Golden Crow Golden Oats™
  2. @ChumpChump is the realest of all the people I've met on LOTC. If it wasn't for you, I doubt I'd have made it past Pink Tag Status. Imperial Wardens never die.

    1. _Sug


      Petrus watch gang. No king but Tuvya

  3. 1. @Ark

    2. @Eddywilson2

    3. @JuliusAakerlund

    4. @yopplwasupxxx

    5. @Birdnerdy

    6. @giambro 


    This ain't a ranking. Y'all just the homies.

    1. Ark


      still #1 tho


    2. Dogged


      damn where am i?


  4. Alright Ark, this is for Siegrad. Hit me with it.
  5. Thank you for clarifying the definition of a coup. It is well known that coups have never resulted in the violent takeover of any nation in history.
  6. Shit man, one of my most formative RP experiences on this server was watching the Imperial Wardens (Which I was one of em) get butchered by Maric's Rebellion like 7-8 years ago (time flies). 

    Can't keep coddling newer players. Successful leaders are forged from beneficial and bad RP. Let them get steamrolled by another entity so that they callous up and branch out on their own. Don't ban people who are epicenters for conflict RP.

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    2. Aehkaj


      Places die, big deal

    3. rukio


      Or maybe small playerbases should bend the knee to stronger more powerful groups to ensure their survival, as makes sense from an IRP standpoint 

    4. Aehkaj


      Yuh, mongols wouldn't have found some smaller place and been like "Yeah we'll let you be all by yourself free" nah they woulda taken them over anyway.

  7. Neville Longshanks de Louis, the King's Royal Bathmaker, is happy that the King was proud of something his son produced. If he was not prideful of his Army's victories on the field of battle, at least he was proud of his son's arts-and-crafts project. Neville smiled at that thought.
  8. Sir Erik Othaman rubs his hands together as his old friend Peter d'Arkent once more joins the frey. It would be like old times. "Let us ride, comrade. There is work to be done."
  9. Letters are dispatched to the applicants, telling them to rendezvous at the Fortress and to send a bird when ready for military service. (discord: grnappa#6709)
  10. The Foreign Legion ~Volunteers making their way to The Othaman Stronghold to join the Foreign Legion, c. 1868~ “I have mortally opposed the Pretender King; I have stormed and taken the towns and castles which he unjustly claimed as his own.” - King Andrik Vydra, c. 1491 On the Forming of the Foreign Legion The Foreign Legion serves as the gateway for non-Imperial citizens to engage in official military operations. This organization shall consist of foriegn-born men and women in addition to native Orenians who wish for a sense of adventure and plunder. After a modest period of valorous service or suffering injuries in the line of duty, the Legionnaire can expect Imperial citizenship. Formed by Sir Erik Othaman to supplement the Imperial State Army during the Brother’s War, the Foreign Legion during times of war are supplied by the Imperial logistical system and are able to keep 100% of their spoils. Many of the volunteers of this unit are primarily Raevir or Waldenian in culture, but a fair few heartlanders and even farfolk have spent time in the Foreign Legion and have sacrificed in the name of the Emperor and their home country. Although the Legionnaire must fight for their Emperor, it is equally as important for the soldier to remember where they came from and honor their heritage. Ranks Kommandant The Kommandant of the Legion is the highest rank attainable for a Legionnaire. He commands the entire unit and entrusts his comrades with his life. Under the watchful eye of the Kommandant, the Legion functions as a melting pot of different cultures morphing into a single, cohesive unit. Lieutenant The Lieutenants of the Legion are to act as the Kommandant’s direct link to the rank and file. They are the ones who make the majority of on-field tactical decisions when the Kommandant is inevitably distracted by the other aspects of warfare. The Lieutenant is entrusted with the training, discipline, and welfare of their soldiers. Serjeant The Serjeants are the most laureled soldiers in the Legion. Not quite an officer but not necessarily enlisted, the Serjeant stands as the shining beacon for all Legionnaires to attain greatness. These Serjeants eat with the rank and file in addition to leading local formations in the absence of an officer. The Serjeants are easily the most feared men of the Foreign Legion. Man-at-Arms The Men-at-arms are the backbone of the Legion. They have proven themselves as capable soldiers among the rank and file, holding their heads high as they hold their laurels close to their chest and march forward with pride. They are deployed alongside their comrades as often as possible and may be selected for special missions. Footman A brand new footman in the Legion is expected to fight for his homeland and his Emperor with the vigor akin to that of a seasoned veteran. Though it is recognized that these Footman are not yet experienced in battle, that does not stop them from showing their prowess in the field of honor by their sheer determination and their desire to advance in the ranks. Location The Othaman Stronghold (Fort Linnord) ((Coordinates: X 1250, Z -1600)) Application Name: Age: Experience: ((OOC Username: Discord: ))
  11. FEALTY TO PETER IV C. 1868 The House of Othaman has stood true to thee of time, retaining martial loyalty to the forms of Orenia. By decree of the Sovereign, we have followed, however, there comes a time today where we must evaluate which to follow. In following the proper line of succession, we obey the law, and refuse to swear towards the weak Prince Fredrick, who will lead our Empire to disaster. Let it be known to all that the County of Valles and its subjects remain loyal to the legal successor, His Imperial Majesty Peter IV. We will continue to uphold our noble oath and obligations. SIGNED, The Right Honorable, Sir Erik Othaman, Count of Valles, Baron of Otha
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