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  1. Karl Demetrius Barbanov read the note quietly to himself in his room as he read her full name with wide eyes. A single tear fell upon the floor as he shook his head in disbelief. After the moment of shock passed he quickly grabbed his ranger gear. Looking in the mirror, he adjusted his green woodsman outfit as he let out a sigh "I will find her. I must know what happened to the rest of my family." The young boy set out from Southbridge, a single thought in his mind. Find Nataliya.
  2. "I love the Imperial State Army!" declared Sir Erik Othaman, Knight-Commander of the Order of the Lion and Major of the Imperial State Army.
  3. Karl Demetrius sat down by the river in Southbridge, his fishing line cast out as he felt a tug. He'd quickly reel it back to reveal his small catch "I did it! Mister Maliman, look look!" he'd excitedly show the fish to his mentor Amthalion @BobBox. Looking over his shoulder, he'd spot his father laughing as he read a missive. The rotund Karl waddled over as he read this missive out loud. After a pause, he'd look to Maliman with a frown. "This alliance is rather silly, isn't it?"
  4. "What can I say? We're just that good!" the child Karl would laugh as he high-fived his teammates of Team 2! @Eddywilson2 @Gridlock @Ark @6x @Imperium @Ticklem0nster @DahStalker "We Come As Crows!" "KAKAW!"
  5. OOC SIGN UP: IRP name: Sir Erik Othaman Discord: grnappa#6709 IGN Name: grnappa Age: 79
  6. Erik Othaman simply shook his head as he placed a hand to his face. He remembered his expulsion from his ancestral homeland and his mistreatment at the hands of mad monarchs. "Irene finally sees it... If only the rest had such resolve and bravery to speak out." The Knight would recall how he scaled the walls of Vasiland with a handful of his closest comrades and breached the Scyfling defenses. He sent a letter to the King for reinforcements that day and it was ignored. He was left to die. His life was worth throwing away. "Never again." The Othaman firmly stated. "It takes bravery to face do
  7. Erik Othaman places his head into his hands as he lets out a jagged sigh. He recollected his more youthful years as he stood in the front ranks with the soldiers of the Barayan Company. "Brothers in Arms... all willing to lay down their lives for a common goal." Erik would remember how he stood by Ser Tiberius @Eddywilson2, a man who gave everything for the Kingdom, even his life. The Aged Othaman would remember the stories he was told about how his ancestors Tarcell Othaman and 'The Animal' @Gridlockstood atop the ramparts of Crow Keep with the Brotherhood of the Golden Crow as they fought t
  8. Heavy is the L...

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  9. Major Erik Othaman chuckles to himself as he finishes up his paperwork for the day, reaching for his tankard of Carrion Black. He'd lounge back in his uncomfortable, high-backed chair as he took a large swig. "I'm popular, it seems!" he'd comment to himself contently.
  10. Battle of Robert’s Folly ~Rebel soldiers fleeing Providence after failing to rescue Robert Foltest, circa 1812~ Last Saint’s Day on the 17th of Godfrey’s Triumph, 1812, our Imperial capital came under attack by a band of rebels, seeking to obtain their first victory of the war. Upon coming through the gate at the ready, using devilish tricks to have it opened, they began harassing the innocent citizens of Providence and demanding that the Imperial State Army release the Lord Helvets, soon to be put on trial for treason. Not a moment later, the Imperial State Army spran
  11. The Activation of the Imperial Reserve Army ~An Imperial Reservist heading towards Providence to answer the call, circa 1812~ The Imperial War Office calls upon all loyal citizens of the Empire to take heed! Pressing times within our Empire demand that those who love their homeland answer the call for war and join the battle for the future of Oren. With the insurrectionists of Sedan having made their unjust cause clear, the War Office now calls upon the reservists of the Imperial State Army to mobilize for the war effort and share the spoils of victory over the Sedanites. All who
  12. The shot heard around Oran.
  13. Major Othaman leans back in his chair, contently reading the new missive from the Lieutenant Colonel. "The time to answer the call has come, boys. Pick up vy swords and shields. March side by side as brother-in-arms to vanquish an enemy who seeks nothing but destruction."
  14. Sir Erik Othaman cheers as he paraded through Providence with his comrades. "Once more, the Goats of Sedan are beaten back and routed from the field of battle. They have retreated from the field in disgrace and failed to claim the day for their so-called 'rebellion.' May GOD show them mercy, for the Empire most certainly will nie!" The Major smiled brightly as he clinked tankards with his comrades.
  15. Sir Erik Othaman once more looks to the spot in his office where all the Sedan victories pamphlets are suppose to be, finding it empty. Turning to his pile of Orenian victory pamphlets, he would see a pile that was ever increasing "I thought after the defeat today they would be done. Oh well, I suppose the blood of their men mean nothing to them." The Major would shrug as he sharpened his blade, prepared to claim more victories for the Empire.
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