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  1. Sir Erik Othaman would be seen in the courtyard of the Bastion at the grinding wheel. He had been accustomed to spending long hours hunched over sharpening his comrade's blades. As he stood up, he'd suddenly grab his head as he heard a voice. It was the shrill voice of a young boy that talked to him so many years ago. A blundering buffoon who hadn't hit his growth spurt. "Godan only knows that voice will never leave my head." He'd grumble, slightly annoyed at the interruption.
  2. The Imperial Reserve Army ~A Grenzi Reserve Cavalryman patrolling near Mordskov, circa 1849~ The Imperial War Office calls upon all loyal citizens of the Empire to take heed! The Imperial Army of the Reserves is calling upon all citizens of the Empire and her subjects to sign into the ranks. We recognize that the thought of joining the military is a troubling thought for some, but the Reserves are a wonderful place for those who seek the glory of battle and wish to reap the spoils without having to fully dedicate themselves to active military service. With war on the horizon, all citizens are encouraged to sign their names and commit themselves to protecting those who cannot protect themselves. Upon the Reserve Army’s activation, reservists will be beholden to attend military training and learn the ways of the Imperial State Army. Reservist soldiers shall also be required to make their way to the Imperial Bastion and contact an officer to be given equipment and rations. A uniform will also be provided. After being situated, they shall await orders from a superior officer or the Commander of the Reserve Army, Sir Erik Othaman, and be ready to attend military operations. The Emperor calls for you, citizens! Join the Reserve Army today and ensure another hundred years of sustained peace and stability. *Below the missive is a reserve enlistment form for Imperial citizens to sign.* Volens et Potens! Sir Erik Othaman Commander of the Imperial Reserve Army Sir Erik var Ruthern General of the Imperial State Army
  3. Gorbli the Courier ran up with multiple newspapers under his arms. Running was a bit difficult for him as his smaller legs required him to exert more energy to do his job. "Yeh... heh... yeh moight wan' te see t'is, mistah! Gah... oi need ah nap." he'd shove the missive into Alaric's grasp as he waddled off, dreaming of his lovely tankard of 1% ale and his cozy bed in the local coal mine. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/207572-riders-on-the-river-petra/
  4. Sir Erik Othaman smiled as this bit of good news made its way on his desk. "So they have made their decision and opened hostilities against the Empire. GOD only knows that if vy are going to make war on us, at least be decent and win the first battle, hmm?" he'd set the missive aside as he goes to polish his beard-collecting case.
  5. "Hmm?" Major Erik Othaman raise an eyebrow as he came across a poorly scribbled missive along the road. "They're living in fantasy land. Didn't they already lose the first fight?" The aging Count of Valles sighed as he shakes his head, kneeling down to pray "Sergei... I only wish vy were alive to see this fight through. Vy would have been a fine warrior." Sighing, the Count ripped the missive down as he would use it for toilet paper.
  6. Major Erik Othaman galloped down the cobbled highways of the Imperial Crownlands. He had travelled these roads hundreds of times for a variety of reasons. Many of these trips consisted of him hauling supplies to Imperial Arsenals scattered across the countryside. However, a select few of these trips were to engage in combat with bandits lying in wait on the side, ready to pounce on the innocent and weak. "It's been some time since the last attack, huh?" he'd murmur idly to his horse, patting it's side. No... this trip was not for combat or for cargo. It was for closure. The Major galloped across an aged stone bridge to a land of rubble and collapsed towers. This place had been 'Ground Zero' of a failed insurrection. He remembered it all too well. All the blood and guts strewn across those roads and the horrific shudder of the earth below as Sedan was blown apart, collapsing to the ground and killing many Sedanites who were left behind by the Sedan Militia. "Damned fools. Vy could have saved so many lives had vy simply taken a breath of air and realized this insurrection was doomed to fail. Reside with Iblees and contemplate vy failure." Major Othaman reigned in his Lubba Charger as he kicked it's flanks, slowly trotting from the ruins of a once prosperous vassal, now defunct and faded into irrelevancy.
  7. Captain Erik Othaman goes to the grave of Sergei Othaman as he knelt down, planting a flower at the base of the headstone "Why did vy take that duel... I told vy that vy would lose it and here vy are. But at least vy death was nie in vain. The man who killed vy is now an Azdrazi and exiled abroad." Erik wiped a tear from his eyes as he stood up, giving the fallen man a final salute before pacing away at a solemn, slow pace. @GhostSHTR
  8. Operation: Blunted Spearhead ~An Artist’s depiction of a Rustler’s point of view, running into an Imperial Pike Wall, circa 1845~ The years of sustained peace were finally broken in 1845. Bells rang frantically across Providence as Imperial Soldiers rushed from the Bastion to answer a call to arms from Private Jarad Munnel. “Rustlers are hopping about, lads!” Lieutenant Arthur Komnenos and Ensign Nyseia--the two officers on duty that day--looked to each other solemnly, understanding that it would be a bloody fight. After a moment, they took command of the Imperial Forces and mounted their defense against the Rustler raid. "Rustlers?” Ensign Nyseia raised an eyebrow, as the group had not been seen in years since the sudden disappearance of one of their Captains. “Aye, Rustlers. Seems they don’t know when to stay down.” Lieutenant Komnenos quipped back, unsheathing his longsword. The Rustler band and Imperial Garrison faced each other as equals outside the gates of Providence, both sides knowing full well that a mistake on either end would spell disaster. An Imperial Trumpet sounded from the ramparts, signalling the soldiers to charge. The battle had begun. Both sides were locked in vicious close quarters fighting for hours, each side gaining ground and losing it just as quickly. Under Ensign Nyseia’s orders, they slowly pulled back towards the front gate of the Bastion to form a chokepoint. As the Rustlers drew closer, the Ensign ordered a desperate charge to make room for the soldiers and allow them to recover their strength. Lieutenant Komnenos saw the Rustlers getting bolder as the battle progressed, watching them over-extend their thinning battlelines. He had a plan. The Lieutenant ordered a general retreat into the Bastion, giving the illusion of weakness to the Rustlers fighting outside. Hopefully, they may be bold and try to chase the soldiers into the enclosed space. The plan worked flawlessly. The Rustler commander found herself caught in the middle of the army as the trap closed upon them. They tried to escape, but ultimately they were no match for the combined strength of the Imperial State Army. The rest of the Rustlers shared a grizzly fate. It was over. An Imperial Victory. The return of the Rustlers has been met with swift action from the Imperial State Army. Some still say that they are a force to be reckoned with, but after this recent display, it is clear that they have washed upon our shores and floundered. Any who try to follow their example shall share the fate of the Rustler Captain who was promptly executed after the battle. Volens et Potens! Sir Erik Othaman Captain of the 4th Brigade Sir Erik var Ruthern General of the Imperial State Army
  9. Captain Erik Othaman snickered as he raised a tankard of Carrion Black to lips, letting out a sigh. Leaning back in his chair, he'd simply nod at his Lieutenant's words before clearing his throat. "These fools haven't the foggiest idea of what they're doing aside from rattling their sabres... or rather magic branches... as loud as possible. When push comes to shove, I have doubts on their willingness to act out their cruelest fantasies." "Though should they stop putting on that damned silly face paint and attempt to harm our citizens, they will find themselves caught between the never-ending ranks of the Imperial State Army. I shall personally lead the 4th Brigade on an ear-collection campaign should these radicals grow a pair." "The ball is in their court... and I think they will drop it."
  10. MEMBERSHIP REGISTRATION FORM Name: Sir Erik Othaman Age: 106 Sex: Male Statement of Expertise I have served in the Imperial State Army for over 60 years. Originally an army officer from Haense, I was forced from my home and chose to join the Imperial State Army to fulfill the hole in my heart. On my very first mission, I threw myself in harm's way and lost a limb in protection of His Imperial Majesty Philip II, and the High Pontiff. Since then, I have served with distinction in the military and have trained up many of the current officers and NCOs personally. Working up from a lowly street peddler to an Imperial Count and Captain is more than substantial expertise.
  11. Count Erik Othaman compiled all the evidence together in a neat pile before storing it away in the 4th Brigade archives. He noted to himself that these men tried to flee their grasp twice, only to all be recaptured. "Vy would think these fools would learn after getting slapped silly so many times, eh?" He'd comment to his Lieutenant @XOCO
  12. Captain Erik Othaman of the Swint's Guard smiles as he proclaims his support for the Azdrazi Inquisition. He'd note to himself to send a letter to the Koeng @Xarkly about 4th Brigade cooperation. "Vy can lower the crossbow now, vy Imperial Majesty." @BenevolentManacles
  13. "The restoration of the Basilica shall be in name of Cardinal Basil. Even if he did give us trouble during his life, his intentions were always to further the good word of GOD. May he rest in peace." Count Erik Othaman signed the Lorraine over himself as he muttered a pray under his breath. "Niet matter the scorn or the jeering of the unbelieving, the Orenian shall always believe in the supremacy of the Lord. Amen."
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