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  1. As a professional musician coming out of holy week (which I do follow) I was gonna make a nice Easter status update, yet here we are. Don't use Easter in bad-faith to push others down, but instead exalt he that is risen (if you believe, of course.) Please read Matthew 7:3-5


    Stay safe and be kind. Happy Easter everyone :)

  2. @MaltaMoss What actions can we expect the MRA to take in order to resolve this predicament?

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      Banning of wheels

  3. Any staff who are on that wheel should 100% no longer be part of staff in any capacity. 


    Then again, people will act like nothing happened in about a week and bring this up once a year during soapbox-post season or when someone from the report gets banned.

  4. Ratatouille is the dish, not the name of the rat. Stay educated.

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      I need some time to self-reflect on this horrible news. @Crevel

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      is it party rockin or party rock is

  5. Haldor Ireheart grunted as he stepped out from the Direwolf pen, stretching his stubby arms as he called out to Hakka. "Yer still fat, but ah s'pose ye'll be an alroight clanfathah." "Alroight, let's do et."
  6. Final Exams/Projects are almost done. What's one thing that you learned over the past three months that has profoundly impacted you?

    1. Rigorous


      Not to trust LoTCers. Get my money up, not my funny up.

    2. Sarven
  7. Which Carrion (Imperial Carrion era) made the largest impact on you as a player?
  8. Haldor Ireheart grumbles as he waddles to Hakon's @Eddywilson2 smithy. "We 'ave shoite ta do. Get off yer fat arse."
  9. I found out what happened!! Big news.
  10. Sir Brandt Berhal watched from the seven skies as he sighed, shaking his head. "I pray that Godan will forgive her transgressions. He looks after his own no matter the scope of sin. I just hope she might confess before that final day comes... Though I am happy she finally got around to reading my memoir!"
  11. A Knight's Penance 13th Godfrey’s Triumph, 1909 ~Sir Brandt Berhal, Second Knight Paramount of Petra, standing atop the ruins of Mount Garmont, circa 1901~ A fishing boat gently rocks upon the River Petra. The fisherman waits... The fisherman throws his spear. He eats well that night. The fisherman does not eat unless he takes a risk… he must put himself in the hands of the ever-cleansing yet cruel waters of the River Petra. He must fight those fish that outweigh him many times over, even when the odds are insurmountable. For it is that struggle that keeps the fisherman fed and fit, allowing him to repeat that cycle. Perhaps it was this lifestyle that put the young man on the road to Knighthood. Perhaps it was this lifestyle that would gain him the respect of his fellow Knights in the battles to come... And yet, it was this life-style that would lead to his demise. Sir Brandt Berhal took a deep breath as a letter entered his mailbox from his childhood friend, the Duke Constanz. The former Knight Paramount was retired from the warrior class as he enjoyed a relatively peaceful retirement. That is until he heard of the threats made against his friend’s safety. A Foreign Army was reported to arrive soon and take Duke Constanz away, perhaps never to be seen again. “This would not come to pass” he would reassure himself, grabbing his antiquated armor and marching to the aid of Constanz, the man who gave him a chance when no one else would. He would defend him with his life. If lucky, both would survive. If he wasn’t lucky, he knew Constanz would still be protected. [!] “It is not our enemies who define us. It is the land we toil, the river that feeds us, and the trees that give us shade that make us Petrans. Never, NEVER, let them take your identity from you. Never give up.” -Archduke Constanz of Petra @Eddywilson2 [!] His words, in the heat of all that was chaos about the land, brought the chaotic world about him one step closer to normalcy. His calming presence, despite the entropy that surrounded him, infected those that served with him, pushing them to do great deeds: a common fate of those who use the cleansing waters of the River Petra to their advantage. It is that strength that enabled Sir Brandt Berhal all these years. Yet, in Constanz’s greatest hour of need, Brandt had failed him. Castle Moere was an outdated stronghold; several weaknesses were apparent to any attacker. The battle was bloody, the foe were many, yet the Knights of Petra stood strong. Against all odds, they kept Renilde’s foreigners at bay… at least for a little while. It was not until a draconic roar filled the basement chamber and a fire engulfed the defenders of the lower fortress. Upon hearing the roar of the darkspawn, Sir Brandt Berhal was overcome by an emotion that he had not experienced for a long time. Fear. Gripped by fear, he made his way to the top of the Castle to wait out the assault…When the dust had settled, the carnage was stomach churning. Dead Knights, Petran citizens, and two children who were identified as the Vilac brothers laid upon the stoned floor. Archduke Constanz was taken by the foreigners, though Brandt would soon find out that he would be safe, though he would be missing an eye. Perhaps he would still bear his eye had he been there. Perhaps he would be safe. “The guilt is overwhelming…” “I failed…” [!] “We will rise above this, we will stand together, and we will emerge victorious!” -Sir ‘Wings’ von Draco @MikhaiI [!] Sir Brandt Berhal woke up in a cold sweat… his conscious befuddled and muddied. His personal guilt overshadowed his previous accomplishments as he racked his mind for his penance… and surprisingly he found his call. He discussed with his Knightly comrade Dame Livia his plan. If successful, he might save his people from foreign intervention. If he failed, Well at least he would earn his penance. Dame Livia and Sir Brandt Berhal made the agonizing journey to Karosgrad, stopping intermittently as Dame Livia was still recovering from her injuries at the assault in Castle Moere. The two made their walk of penance as they felt GOD weigh down upon them. The sounds of the rushing river Petra faded away as it was replaced by the silent, windy tundra of the north. Yet, despite the adversity, the two battered knights made it. These two Knights who now served as diplomats on behalf of their Archduke sought audience with the King of Haense. Their reception was as ice cold as the tundra they resided. Brandt felt a sense of dread as he entered the room as it was filled with armored Knights of the King. The traveler's clothes worn by Livia and Brandt were in stark contrast to them. They set themselves down and brought forward their negotiation points. Yet, the King refused to even acknowledge the claims made by the Petrans… that is until the Prince acknowledged the claims and admitted to his crimes. The King was enraged and launched a fury of insults and blows to the Prince before turning to the diplomats and sentencing them to death, leaving them with an ominous threat: “If your Constanz is so lucky as to muster a pyrrhic victory over Renilde, my army will destroy whatever rump state he forges within the hour.” [!] “The best castle a man may have is the support of his people.” -Sir Louis Valencour d’Azor @Da_Emperors [!] The jeers of the Haeseni people pierced his ears as he was forcibly led to the fighting pit by a hoard of soldiers. Yet, these words by his friend d’Azor overpowered the harangue as he was given a crude set of armor and a longsword. His opponent whom he was demanded to defeat was Cassius von Draco, a grizzled veteran and a brutal warrior. His consciousness faded back into his mind, his doubt soaring as he faced almost certain demise… Kneeling down, he spoke to the Bishop Iosif as he was given last rites and confessional, yet the words of his comrades swarmed his mind. [!] “The River Petra offers salvation to the Petran levyman. Yet the hardiest soldiers are found when the drought comes.” -Sir Arthur ‘the Lionhearted’ de Lyons @Andustar [!] He no longer heard that beloved river he knew as a child… that forlorn fisherman might not ever see his beloved fishing schooner again. His consciousness was interrupted as the trumpets blared, signaling the fight to begin. He charged. Locking swords with the von Draco, he began to sweat as the fight continued. Yet, it was clear within the first few exchanges that the von Draco had the upper hand. Doubt returned as his fighting spirit began to fade, dropping his guard as the gladiator exploited the fault in his stance. [!] “The River provides a great measure of beauty to a world that needs it badly.” -Dame Livia @koanda [!] Dame Livia! What was her fate? What would the Haeseni do to her after this fight was concluded? He looked to the stands and saw Dame Livia, swords drawn against her back. The bloodied Brandt sighed as he was struck down the sand, his attention never fully given to the fight as he lay upon the ground. Gritting his teeth, he breathed sharply as he waited for the final blow that would end him. “I forgive you.” Brandt looked up as he thought he saw his friend Constanz standing just behind the von Draco looming above him. “Your Penance is complete… you may retire, my friend.” A bloody smile drew itself upon the Knight’s face as the gladiator’s sword was plunged into his chest. Brandt was no more. The fisherman lives by the sea The fisherman dies by the sea None shall see his passing Yet the legacy of his kin shall persist Even when he does not.
  12. Butler Amadeus walked into the room as he heard Wolfgang shout. Panicked, he ran in with a sweat rag as he dabbed at Wolfgang's profusely sweating face. "Calm down, sir! It isn't healthy to get worked up over some paper."
  13. Sir Brandt Berhal goes to the church and prays that his favorite clergyman made it to Sedan without issues! @Borin
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