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  1. The cycle continues, a lesson that was never learned.

  2. I need a recruiter for something big I have planned.

    1. Rebellionlife


      Sure fellow iblees dude

  3. I don't think someone should be perma banned from a minecraft server for having angrily said a racial expletive some years ago. I think it's actually childish and represents a lack of thick skin as well as a massive sense of entitlement. People can and do have the capacity to change their views and opinions and them saying a certain word doesn't mean they hold that view or opinion. I think a lot of people in this community like to jump on the high horse and the reasons why are often quite sickening. How many times have moderators, admins and "pillars of the community" taken the high horse only to be outed as child predators, racists, toxic, ERP'ers, etc? I think the community should be VERY cautious around those who take any form of moral highground, especially when rules are involved.
  4. Disturbing manuscripts have been posted outside of Norland, behind the foul imagery is a message.. "Just as thy ash sect hath fallen, so too shall thee.. Serve as they do, or serve in death. It matters not to us." "Heed the wisdom of the crimson lich, he whom wields the master's blade."
  5. It's time to start nailing protests to church doors. After which, we'll we'll need to make sure to go kill the Pontiff again.


    Might as well also burn lemon hill down, I heard that place has gone really sour.

  6. Upon the doors of various canonist sites, the following Ibleesian manuscript would be found.. As if.. In protestation. "Haileth thee crimson lich whom shall heralde forth our beloved lord and saviour. Just as thee blackest tree once greweth upon the blighted soils, so too shall thy canon serve as thee fertile ground." A warning is written on the back of the parchment.. "Thee Ibleesiarchy returns. Just as thy Aegis past, thy will serve in life or thy will serve in death. It matters not which thy choose."
  7. Okay, now for the sake of community trust and transparency.. Can we have all the details as to what the60th did? I have no doubts about it and have suspicions as to what it may have been but this is exactly why we need to know, as to avoid rumor-mongering and discord within the community.
  8. Yeah, empires like Renatus weren't that bad as they acted more like protectorates. Protectorates are fine, kingdoms are fine. The thing is, this has to be done through diplomacy and RP, you can't just FORCE people under arbitrary systems to be vassals in exchange for land. It doesn't make sense IRP either since anyone can just settle wherever they please, especially when a map is this big and unclaimed land is so abundant. When I say empires I'm being hyperbolic and reffering to times where groups like Oren, Malinor/Haelunor, etc went too far and tried to steamroll every core race/non-human vassal to extinction, etc. Promoting player agency is important, if they want a big human empire they need to be competent enough to keep it together and stop balkanization from happening. They can't rely on arbitrary rules to stop vassals from rebelling, leaving, etc or people just flat out being independent to begin with.
  9. You're not understanding my argument. I'm saying that you don't need artificial rules and systems to dictate and control this, he's arguing against the current system that favors independence/player agency. You can't FORCE players to be a part of something they don't want to be a part of.
  10. The reality is this: Player groups on LoTC have their own cliques and cultures. These friend groups, cliques, cultures and whatever simply don't mix with nations such as Haense for example. This typically ends in the eventual balkanization of the server. To do what you are suggesting would actually kill off all activity in the server as these player groups simply don't want to be a part of your one nation 1984 state, nor do they want to be subject to a weak NL that just wants to steal their activity, numbers and by greater extent their friends. They'd simply establish a new nation out of spite and if they can't, they'll leave the server instead of being forced to be part of some nation they don't wish to be a part of. You can't and will not stop balkanization and any attempt to do so is folly as it just makes it happen faster. This is a player issue not a staff or rule issue. I'm not dumb and I know what you're calling for, it won't happen. It will never happen. My advice to you and your clique @Xarkly, stop trying to rule the world before you end up suffering the same fate Oren did in the Acre rebellion. I don't understand what it is with this strange and dangerous obsession for control over player agency, leave people alone. There is absolutely no rule or system you can introduce to this server to help you control the playerbase, they don't want to be under human empire number 108. They don't want vassalage and they don't want domination. All I can gather from this post is some poor attempt at trying to be manipulative and convince people that an empire/big autocratic nation wouldn't be such a bad thing after all. It absolutely is and has never led to anything positive on this server, ever.
  11. We built a wall and someone is going to pay for it.



  12. Goblin-Town is now a thing, goblin RP is now on the rise. 


    Goblin gang will reign supreme.

    1. Agy


      holy crap where???!

  13. I'll build them for you again..
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