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  1. Reimplementation of Racial Bonuses?

    No racial bonuses that give people an economic or combat advantage. The only bonuses should be that some races such as the undead don't need to eat.
  2. Narthok's GM application (Just give me an interview)

    Honestly, if I can get ET then Narthok can get GM. I find that inexperience is sometimes what a team needs when the same people keep making the same mistakes.
  3. Alternative Death System

    No, no permadeaths. No one should have to PK their characters if the death was unfavorable, it's not my fault if some lucienists come and kill me one day for no reason once or ever apart from it being GOD's judgement for some apparent OOC reason. Edit: If PK's are what you're after then have a system that moderates death be introduced. IE, if there was a long and particularly good reason behind someone's death such as the assassination of a king or emperor then yes it should be forced upon them by staff for the same reason that it should be enforced if the person actually shagged your wife and you caught on about it fair and square with no meta or bullshit along the way.
  4. Looking for feedback on stopping "clique" magic

    It doesn't create a higher standard, but that's not what we're discussing. Working together while it may sound like an ideal solution will only incite conflict since the MT will seek to outright remove disconnection for stupid RP reasons. Ie, if I'm a necro and I went out and went rogue against the rest of the coven then the current gravelord would send an army of raving liches to come and "clot" me and I would have no choice in the matter and no way to reverse the clotting. The same applies for almost any magic on the server currently. So if you're worried about the standards of RP not being met then that is because all the good magic roleplayers that want to generate good RP are being disconnected for trying to deviate. Giving players the ability to moderate magic will always end in some form of abuse in which the players aren't held liable for "Rp reasons". Meanwhile, MT ARE held liable when they abuse their positions and can be blacklisted from staff for doing so. Moderating magic means that the people moderating it must also be moderated, lest it be abused. Disconnection is too difficult to moderate and will get out of control, it has to be removed.
  5. Looking for feedback on stopping "clique" magic

    Okay, then let's give everyone disconnection magic with that logic, let's also give everyone server admin right? I mean, with your logic veteran players some of whom are known to be biased while not in staff would be better staffers then the current MT right?
  6. Looking for feedback on stopping "clique" magic

    If someone is not capable of roleplaying a magic properly it is up to the magic team to axe them, not players. With that logic we should be giving everyone a blue tag and hope they don't ban people they dislike. Giving players disconnection magic allows them to do whatever they want with it, get rid of it.
  7. Looking for feedback on stopping "clique" magic

    I agree, it's stupid that human deities do absolutely nothing. We need real deities with actual lore if we are to have anything proper, however making them able to blast spooks to death is.. Dumb. If we do that we'd have to get rid of the Ascended or clerics to some degree or the balance of power will be shifted. The only reason why Ascended and friends can't dominate the undead is simply because of the same players running the same group for so long that they just don't hunt them anymore. A lack of the right people will do that.
  8. Looking for feedback on stopping "clique" magic

    Not true at all, the druids are open to new members but are very cringy and at times will disconnect their members for going rogue. Meanwhile, clerics will disconnect you as soon as you go rogue or do something that they despise. Least but not all, the moment you do something the other necromancers hate you get clotted/disconnected by a pack of raving liches. The issue here is clear, remove disconnection so people can deviate and assert forms of control for undead. Yes, that is up to the LT who play the deity though. Currently, an Ascended teacher with disconnection can disconnect an Ascended that hasn't gone against Aeriel's wishes. All of what you are suggesting is invalid if disconnection remains. You can't spread a magic if the teachers will disconnect you the moment they catch wind of it. Yes, this is something that does happen. This is why magic users should be subject to lose their TA's over OOC bullshit like this. No disconnection needed, if they're teaching magic through OOC means via skype or discord simply blacklist them from teaching it and hand out hefty shaftings to the rest of them. Simple, effective.
  9. Looking for feedback on stopping "clique" magic

    The answer is simple, remove all forms of disconnection and if a clique forms, give some random player outside of that clique a variation of that magic that can be used to destroy the clique. Ie, if necromancy ever becomes a clique simply have someone outside of that clique disassemble it bit by bit from the outside. As it is currently, disconnection is what allows cliques to form. IE, if a necromancer deviates from the main group they risk being "clotted" which is just another way of saying disconnection. If a druid goes rogue they risk being disconnected, if a cleric goes rogue "poof" disconnected. By allowing disconnection to exist you are allowing these groups to moderate their own magic which forms the cliques. Get rid of disconnection and punish those who have been using it to moderate their cliques.
  10. Why are we getting all these new apps? Is the media team actually doing a good job?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. DPM


      Not uhc players, dr players <:


      the great romstun army grows..

    3. ImperialRoyalist
    4. DPM
  11. Siege of Vjorhelm

    And my handiwork courtesy of Teegah is displayed at the end. :)
  12. Mordskov; Conjunction of Worlds

    (( You're welcome for the insanity inducing monster everyone. :) ))
  13. No Freebuild

    I'm already controversial, let me take down inactive/unused builds. As an ET builder I'm probably more suited to the task then some GM anyway.
  14. He is a Craven

    Alifer Amice wonders what would of happened had he attended and cast his vote for Exander. "Would the craven prince have truly held true to the moot had I been there? Or would he had resorted to violence as he always does? Perhaps it is a good thing I wasn't there, it must have been the All-Fathers will."
  15. No Freebuild

    The only issue with freebuild is that it could scatter RP across the map. Which is why raiding/destroying these freebuild settlements must be allowed. If we make it so that the players who built them must be active in order to keep the freebuild and make it possible for nations to come and destroy their settlement through raids then that will eliminate the risk of RP being scattered.