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  1. I hope this answers your questions.
  2. I hope this answers your question.
  3. @rukio





    Do you wanna play league?
    Come on let's go and play
    I never see you any more
    Come out the door
    It's like you've gone away!
    We used to be best buddies
    And now we're not
    I wish you would tell me why
    Do you wanna play league?
    It doesn't have to be league
    (Go away, fate)
    Okay, bye
    Do you wanna play league?
    Or ride our bike around the halls?
    I think some company is overdue
    I've started talking to the pictures on the walls!
    Hang in there, Narthok!
    It gets a little lonely
    All these empty rooms
    Just watching the hours tick by
    Please, I know you're in there
    People are asking where you've been
    They say, "Have courage", and I'm trying to
    I'm right out here for you
    Just let me in
    We only have the loot goblins
    It's just us and them.
    What are we gonna do?
    Do you wanna play some league?


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      Yes, this is a joke.


  4. What was Narthman banned for this time?

  5. It's because in the past, the ERP'ers in question were friends with the NL or the NL participated. Since you're in charge, they won't try anything. It's likely that maybe an odd groomer will show up and try to subtly manipulate you or your friends. As long as you remain steadfast in your intolerance towards degeneracy, they'll generally avoid your nation. However, the primary method these people use is to try and drag victims into discord where they can manipulate them over private DM's. ERP doesn't happen on the server and the ERP itself is just a gateway to corrupt the person. Discord predators will always try to convince a minor that everything is "OK" and that they should send them nudes on top of sexting them. The best thing you can do as a community leader is find vulnerable people and teach them the dangers, how to spot and how to avoid these sorts of people. Awareness is the key.
  6. The reason why you didn't see any of that is because the wood elven community has spent the last three+ maps purging themselves of ERP'ers and actively shaming and disassociating themselves with anyone they know or suspect is one of them. The same goes with the druids. They ARE out there, they're just not allowed to RP in the wood elf tile without someone who knows logging on and threatening them. I'm not going to name one particular example but I think everyone knows who I'm talking about.
  7. Thing is, it's not just women/girls that they go after. They actually don't care about gender, honestly. We've had young boys as young as 13 get groomed, sometimes by accident but often on purpose. Honestly, Discord is 100% more dangerous then LoTC when it comes down to predators. I've seen videos where this one guy makes a fake account mimicking a 12 year old girl. He goes on the Roblox discord and literally gets DM'ed by a dozen child predators within a month. Lmao Incorrect, ERP is a lot more common then you'd like to think. People have literally made satirical ERP logs dating all the way back to Anthos just for shits and giggles. Imagine what some of these people get up to in their spare time? Edit; Generally, the solution is to simply not tolerate it and actively shame it. The fact that ERP and predation is already the subject matter of memes and humiliation as well as complete removal from the community is a good step in the right direction. This community DOES NOT tolerate it, that's all we can do. As long as we're intolerant of degeneracy and actively seek to punish it, we're doing the right thing. We can't bash our heads into a brick wall for not being able to protect every single person from these sickos.
  8. The worst offenders that went way beyond them were wood elves though.. I don't think I have to say his name. Or the names of all the other ones that came after him. Or how the entire druid playerbase literally still has to suffer a bad rep because of what some people got up to. Edit: Honestly, just ban all the elves and that eliminates over 90% of the ERP. The rest is human slice of life ERP'ers.
  9. The thing is, every single platform on the internet has groomers and pedophiles. LoTC is no different and is in fact worse due to the types of people this server has and attracts. The answer is actually fairly simple, we need to stop the drama and the staff needs to simply ban people they suspect (with some evidence/proof to prevent bias) of this type of behavior. It's the parents responsibility to monitor what their child does online and prevent grooming. We can try to help, we can try to prevent it but we can't eliminate it. Just like in the real world, you can't eliminate every single groomer/pedo out there. You have to take steps to deter them and protect minors, that's all you can do. Edit: The community has to accept reality, we can't prevent every case.
  10. Minors aren't attracted to this server in the long term, most quit early on. To give an example: Gizzy Gazza and his fanbase. I don't think any of the minors he attracted to the server stayed once they say how toxic the community was. Lmao
  11. Fun fact: Nothing in the lore is canon because nothing stays canon long enough for it to BE canon in the first place.

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      Cannons are canon for sure

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