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  1. Hahahaha...



    1. drfate786


      Let’s put the oven on convection bake for tomorrow, though we’ll have to chill it since it’s a dish best served cold..

  2. Because that would mean breaking the wall of bureaucracy that @Telanir hates so much as it’s not a “policy” or rule to appeal past warning points after you’re forum banned.
  3. Bad: Magic trading OOC’ly or otherwise, thinking yourself the most important person on the server or magic community (ego), roleplaying to win all the time with zero acceptance or tolerance towards any losing situation, doesn’t plan or think ahead for said situations. Metagames, powergames and does everything in their power to ruin magic for everyone else. Good: Literally anything that doesn’t do what I just mentioned above.
  4. Or.. Just automatically remove warning points that are over a year old each year with an automated system so people don’t get banned for something they said in 2011? Edit: Some of Narthok’s warning points were from 2014, why was he not allowed nor encouraged to appeal these?
  5. Alifer Amice, upon seeing the heavily Haense-influenced priest’s propaganda would burst into tears of laughter the likes of which he had never experienced. Following this fit of euphoria, the enlightened keeper would begin drafting bounties for what would undoubtedly become one of the greatest hunts of the century. “I’ll show him heresy, I’ll show him..”
  6. Yep, Milo 2.0, though that doesn’t mean everything he says should be disregarded.. Everyones opinions matter.
  7. Once again, watch his content. Personally, I think he’s an internet troll/political provoker like Milo given that he knows he could be wording his words more carefully and thus not be mistaken in what he says but says what he wants to say anyway. He’s not a politician he’s just a man stating his opinions in whatever way he wants and then having those opinions misinterpreted.
  8. Don’t trust the media or what others have to say about him. Google up his name and watch his podcasts, form your own opinions. I looked up this video he did on Don Lemon and in it he basically calls him out for being racist for using blanket terms and goes on to show various examples, statistics, etc to show why using said blanket terms is bigoted. He also goes on to say he believes white and black people are equal and that we have to view everyone equally when making political decisions. If he were actually a racist neo nazi he wouldn’t be making those statements, this was a year ago though so you’d have to watch his more recent stuff.
  9. **MC Names of all involved** Me **Description** <!--- Please give a short description of the issue here --> When I breed animals it says I have already bred enough animals etc and doesn’t reset. It’s been 12+ hours now and it’s still not letting me breed chickens. **Date of occurance** 2019-11-4 **In game specifications** drfate786 Alifer Amice **Steps to Reproduce** <!--- Provide all the steps necessary to reproduce the problem --> Breed some chickens Kill a few Watch the glitch ensue **Expected Behavior** The cooldown should eventually occur after which I should be able to breed again after an hour or two. **Actual Behavior** There is no cooldown and I can never breed chickens ever again. **Additional Information** <!--- Please provide any additional information here --> **Error Message** No error message.
  10. drfate786

    We Have A Crisis

    Tldr of this post for those who don’t understand: We’re banning anyone suspected of pedophilia until proven otherwise, this is a mineman game and not a simulation of real life law. Anyone abusing this to get people they dislike banned will be perma banned. Edit: It has nothing to do with “antisemetic jokes” and the like.
  11. The only reason I don’t make memes is because my memes are too destructive.
  12. I already asked Telanir this in DM’s but I’m going to just say it here as well. I was told and have seen various responses in which Knox and co have specifically stated that they have went to Telanir with the aforementioned evidence including evidence that they could not post on the forums due to being too private. They specifically mentioned nothing happening and used this as justification for the aforementioned threads as it was their only way to illicit a response. Correct me if I am wrong as I very well could be but if this is true then we have a serious issue at hand. We cannot ignore accusations, we cannot dismiss accusations, they need to be sent to the proper authorities and dealt with by them. Here’s what you’re suppose to do as an admin: You report the aforementioned person to the proper authorities so they may investigate. You cease all mention of the aforementioned incident until you hear back from the proper authorities, if you hear back you perma ban them with association of the proper authorities. If you have any reason to strongly believe or not doubt the accusation as the pictures are NOT cropped, edited or anything and the context is CLEAR and PRECISE.. Permanently ban them.
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