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  1. Read the post instead of spouting subtle character attacks. Very tired of the dishonesty my man, cut it out and you'll be a better person for it. Edit: This is generally part of the discussion, there's so much dishonesty in this community that I refuse to believe anyone on LoTC is 100% sane IRL. When people lie so much it has a profound impact on mental health. We have to be honest with ourselves and each other, if people in this community can't be honest then they need to quit.
  2. The "target market" is a meme. There is no market, we have the community members that we have and we're stuck with them. This mentality of "target audience" is the equivalent to a server-wide eugenics program on a community-wide level. The issue is the mindset the community has and this won't change by changing the "target audience", the only "target audience" we can possibly reach out too outside of the minecraft community are D&D roleplayers (and other roleplayers from even worse communities) which are FAR worse then what we have now. There is no uber community/market that will be our angel of salvation in changing the toxic win mentalities of the server, the real issue is how RP is done and how RP is structured. There's a reason why D&D established it's D20 system and why they elaborated on these systems over the years, it was to stop this exact mentality from happening as well as ceaseless arguments.
  3. Birds should be restricted to out of combat encounters only, they're currently used as an excuse to meta rally.
  4. What are your thoughts on the general integrity of Nation Leads, Staff members and in fact, the general community? What do you think could be done to limit or stop dishonesty and the toxic win mentality within the community?
  5. I hope he rests in peace, death always comes for the best of us and always before our time.
  6. Is there a reason why builds are taking so long to paste? Not looking good for the world team.

    1. rukio


      Just give me the schematic file and I'll paste it by hand u chimps 

    2. ScreamingDingo


      most pastes are 1.16 because people are stupid and don't realise we can't paste 1.16 blocks into a 1.15 server

    3. drfate786


      Good thing I'm not stupid.

  7. They'd have to either code it like you said or take the old version and update it, patch it, test it, etc. It would honestly take probably a year to fix the LC plugin.
  8. There are far more toxic and far more "hateful" and "cynical" players currently within the world team. It's not about behavior or reputation, it's about what you can bring to a team and how you can help improve it. One of the core reasons why we've had bad staff in the past is because some people see it as a popularity contest.
  9. Give this man a position on the story team.
  10. See, in order to join staff they have to actually accept the application to do so.
  11. This is going to be more of a criticism on the world team than a criticism on pasting or LC. The current issue I have with the world team is that they're slow and have almost no presence on the server that I am aware of. This is ironic because the reason I was previously removed from the world team was for "inactivity" something which they now seem to be doing. When I applied, I was put on hold for nearly 6 months, ignored in DM's and then had my app denied without any explanation. Since I received no explanation, I posted the app again since I was also applying for the event build team, I was DM'ed by Soul that it would just be denied again without any explanation. I have not been contacted since. Meanwhile, Joel/Screamingdingo actually bothered to put my build team app on pending and say I will be contacted shortly (likely whenever they review apps). https://gyazo.com/750b4edcf421b725f407247f6e71595c It's really up to speculation but this is starting to come across more and more as corruption and incompetence coming from most of the world team's key members. Reform is needed, apps need to be reviewed properly and accepted and new ideas need to be brought forward and updated on. We as a community deserve better then this current map and it's draconian systems. Edit: As for LC, the only reason LC was removed was because they were afraid of duplication exploits and players with LC exploiting the system to do things they really shouldn't of been doing. Moderation simply couldn't babysit everyone in LC and the world team either didn't have the resources or ability to help in pasting builds through LC. With the current system, grinding any form of build material is torture. I would honestly prefer Nexus then Vortex, it's that bad.
  12. IGN: drfate786 Persona name(Skanarri): Ashkeeper Amice Persona age: ??? Discord: The Skin Taker#0640 (( Please meet with my persona IRP if you're curious. ))
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