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  1. Ultimately, every reprisal is in of itself an act of reprisal. Each time a community member does something wrong a new rule is made by staff to punish the entire player-base and then every time a staff member breaks a rule yet another act of reprisal is committed. Every restriction, every rule is just an attempt at punishing everyone in some form because of staff incompetence and community toxicity. I'm actually starting to think this community is comprised of sadists, masochists and genuine psychopaths because there's no way any of you can consider the current state of things to be "fun".
  2. I told them in VC to report rule breakers, rule lawyers and anyone being a genuine sociopath/shill but it would seem that it's better to "bully them off the server" instead of making a report for moderation.
  3. Further clarification: We went from uncapped/large capped raids and semi-lenient rules at one point to what is essentially a server with so much rule bloat and hugboxery that the moment you step onto a tile you'll get banned for harassment and raid baiting. 

  4. You see, sooner or later we'll need permission to simply step into providence or it'll count as raid baiting and harassment.
  5. This entire push to shove rule lawerying, hugboxing and sociopathic manipulation of the rules must come to an end.
  6. Let's not forget the fact that raid caps in the server's current state is a stupid idea in of itself. If the ISA can rally 24 people with ease then raiders can rally 24 people in turn. This entire push to shove rule lawerying, hugboxing and sociopathic manipulation of the rules must come to an end. We're here to have fun, if you can't take PVP or conflict for that matter then go play on a towny server.
  7. How did we get from uncapped 60 man raids every day in the Fringe to eight man cringe fests. Can we bring back old PVP? Stop being cringe.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Marron


      I just want to go back to Vekaro, man.

    3. Mordhaund


      Bring back Teamspeak.

    4. NotEvilAtAll


      Server went to **** in Arcas tbh we’ve never recovered

  8. If you're for real, just delete the archives. There's probably 200 GB of forum posts from all the way back in Anthos that we aren't even allowed to see.
  9. Can we all start roasting Devvy for making such a poorly constructed April fools gag? OR will we be given forum warnings?
  10. Is this an early April fools joke? Edit: Yes, yes it totally is. Please don't actually do this, it's not funny.
  11. The Sedan revolt was just the beginning.. 

  12. Unban Narthman.

    1. SophiaTsu


      im your biggest fan

  13. What's wrong with the forums?

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