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  1. Amice responds to the Novice in a letter, some of it appears to have been redacted however.. “The purifiers came after the [REDACTED] whom fell to the [REDACTED] and became the very thing they fought against. One whom used to be considered a paragon was their chosen paragon, sworn to jail him for all eternity, they failed.. As did we all.”
  2. A point of view from Keeper Amice: In the beginning, the dark existed long before the father. This is evident in the following line from our beloved scrolls: “Prior to the father there was nought but darkness.” (The Breaking Light, 7) This is why we refer to it as the long dark, it was a time where corruption ran rampant and the light of the all-father was non-existent. This is where the anathema of souls comes from. To stray from this light and commit dark acts corrupts the soul and leaves it hollow. When one’s soul has been so utterly and purely corrupted by the darkness within there is nothing left but an empty corrupted husk containing no wick. Without the wick the soul cannot burn and so it becomes a shadow of its former self. To further iterate: “Thus the unlit being may very well exist for eternae, but will have done so having never lived at all.” (The Wick and The Match, 19) This is to say that without the wick one cannot truly live, when one's soul is so corrupt that it cannot move on it becomes trapped within the husk and can never truly die for it has never truly lived. The undead are aberrations created by the long dark as agents and while it is certainly true that they are unworthy, they are inevitable. To destroy the body of an unworthy vessel is to free the corrupted shadow within. For without a body the spirits of the damned shall find other ways to manifest or will seek to possess new hosts, leading to new and terrible forms of corruption. Truly, the safest way to dispose of the damned is to imprison them. There is no salvation for an entity comprised entirely of malice. You mentioned Vladimyr and so I will enlighten you. The heretic was so wholly corrupted that we knew he was an agent of the old dark the moment he stepped into the throne room. You may not of been present but any priest of the faith would have sensed the air in the room change as soon as he entered, like a grave wind upon the land. This leads to the next statement, the mention of a punishment so vile that even the red scrolls dare not mention it.. A punishment reserved for the harbingers of the dark. The unworthy who have proven to be exceptionally corrupt cannot be allowed to die, should they die their souls shall linger upon the land to enact the dark’s will until the end of times. This was the fate of Vladimyr, to be imprisoned in the very dark he so faithfully served and left to rot for all eternity, unable to live but unable to die. This is the true purpose of the crypts young novice, it is a prison. Previously, we had jailors whom would serve the purpose of keeping the damned within the catacombs but often times an agent of the dark would slip through the cracks. Such an incident occured in the Krag of old, a shadow crept into the catacombs of yore and raised the dead to such an extent that we lost control of the majority of the catacombs. It took years to retake the upper levels and even more years to keep them contained there, which brings us to the next point. The old dark tests us, when the balance is tipped to the dark’s favor it will invade. Without a crypt, the invasion would occur much like the invasion of Bastion, it would not be contained. More recent an example would be the swamps of Rotmire. The faceless entities within and the eldritch rot are a manifestation of the dark itself, concentrated and uncontained manifestations that occur when containment fails. The dark must be contained, it is our duty. To fail this is to fail the All-Father and our mission.
  3. Alifer Amice begins writing a response to the Novice.
  4. It falls under fair use when they use it for LoTC so no, they can’t take it back anyway. This is because if you create an artwork for something like minecraft it falls under fair use so Mojang can’t claim it as theirs but you can’t claim it entirely as your own work either. Edit: That makes it a public domain. Edit: Ie, if I draw an artwork of Arthas from WoW it falls under the public domain under fair use. The only exception is when I begin to sell these artworks for money in which case Blizzard/Activision can go after me. In LoTC’s case, LoTC wouldn’t be able to sue if the person isn’t actively profiting off of their work. Additionally, it falls back under fair use if the content has been modified. So if someone were to take an artwork of Arthas and mash it with Jon Snow and then defile it into some meme (which is exactly what they did in Dungeons II, yes they got sued and won) then it falls under fair use.
  5. How does it feel to be kicked in the balls by a kangaroo?
  6. Hey, my builds are perfect. I spent WEEKS building the swamp west of the CT during map development and every build I’ve done so far has added to the map. The problem here really is the fact that we didn’t have enough builders during the map development process and simply ran out of time afterwards. That combined with lax rules on nations at the start of the map (Fenn..) mean’t we’d have these issues.
  7. [!] Alifer would stick the sodomy laden letter to Edvard’s corpse instead. ”He would be proud..”
  8. Alifer Amice sees Godric throw a piece of parchment out into the trash. Not wanting to waste parchment he picks up the letter in question from the wastebin and proceeds to read it thoroughly. He promptly begins to gag and then considers using it as fuel for his Flamebrand, only to then realize that the sodomy that has thoroughly tainted the scripture would most likely taint the holy flame of the All-Father should he do so. Knowing this most horrible of truths a smile forms upon his face, he then glues the letter to Vladimyr’s linen wrapped corpse so that it may torment the traitor for all time.
  9. Alifer Amice would note the following and send the note to those of his circle (Fatherists): ”Isn’t the Library of Dragur a library founded for the deific being that is in essence the father of all Dragons? Aren’t such beings responsible for such things as the Harbingers of Anthos and the more recent events that occurred long ago at Bastion when the undead invaded? Or what about the recent voidal fiasco? I’m sure Dragur is connected in some way.. How could the cloud monks, an order supposedly dedicated to preserving the state of balance and warding off evil within it’s sanctuaries allow a library dedicated to such a deity within it’s walls? Dragons steal knowledge and treasures, they care not for us and will not share such knowledge with us and have been known to turn mad.. They should expel these fools before they do the same as their masters.”
  10. Somewhere, a person Illiran knows all too well is laughing at both of them from the shadows, likely for both being absolute failures.
  11. Alifer Amice, a red priest of Morsgrad hears of the news from within his dimly lit chamber. He smirks as if he knew something that Haense did not. ”So, that’s one problem solved. Now to watch the gutter fire from a distance.”
  12. Alifer Amice, reads what he can only describe as the unintelligible ramblings of a lunatic. He shortly there after attempts not to cringe his back at the sheer misinformation and dirt flinging present on the so called essay. ”Is this some attempt at insulting the Nordish people? If it is, you should come to Morsgrad and say it to their faces instead of suckling the empire’s teet like some halpless babe. Infantile ‘essays’ won’t win you any favor in court.” He’d write back in response.
  13. “If something like that is going on then it should be brought up to an Admin, I agree.” You’re not aware of some of the cases we’ve had where people did go to the admins with damning evidence and nothing came of it.
  14. Yeah, let’s bring back anonymous -1s too. That way I can go back to having -1000 rep points. He means if the person has done something crappy that shouldn’t be made public for everyone’s sake, remember we’ve had some less then legal and very predatory behaviors happen here on LoTC. Though, this is why one could you know.. Message an admin or GM lead?
  15. I’ll just be putting this here..



    This def has no involvement to anything once or ever..

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