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    The master wakes.. And my dreams end.

  2. @marimbamonk https://gyazo.com/459bf8bcefe00a932bb740593a2bd62b


    Accept Nzoth’s gift, don’t complete the quest to “cure” it.. It stops you from seeing dialogue like that.

    1. drfate786


      It also blocks a whole quest chain if you have it removed most likely..

  3. drfate786

    Heh. Not Bad. You made me use 10% of my power.

    Does this mean we’ll finally be rid of PVP alts?
  4. drfate786

    ~= The Busty Wench =~

    Alifer Amice, still a decrepit old man begins to strap some water melons under his robes in the hopes that he can pass as the tavern’s namesake.
  5. @Malgonious 


    Can we make it great again?

  6. drfate786

    It Thirsts: The Fate of Archbishop Zachery

    (Hi dad) Alifer Amice takes a look at the parchment and goes to burn it. “They must be purged by the All-Father’s flame.. Starting with the apostates.”
  7. drfate786

    Royal Levy Ban, 1709

    Alifer Amice reads the levy ban and smirks, by attempting to take away the ability for their own kingdoms to rebel militarily they have only begun to cross a terrible threshold. “And so the empire begins to rot down to its very core, the cycle continues unhindered.. The red armies will soon rise as a tide of red and black envelopes their pathetic vassal states, all of whom are so blind as to be willing lambs to the slaughter.”
  8. drfate786

    New Player Hate Thread

    We need stricter applications and a purge on people who are allowing some apps to be accepted.
  9. drfate786

    The Sack of St. Helena

    A stranger in crimson robes peers at the burning city from that very hill he stood on the day he had seen them. He drops his spyglass once again and goes to sit by the campfire he had prepared. Sitting down in front of the fire, he directs his gaze into the fire and begins to chuckles soon after the chuckling bursts into dark laughter. His kin would be avenged, the cycle would go on unhindered and the pathetic “empire” the usurpers had created would crumble to ash.. Just like Seahelm, just like Norland.. Just like Nordengrad. The laughter ceases and his gaze redirects to the burning city above the hill, his old eyes had seen this before and just as before he would usher the same warning under his breath. “Fools, all of them. The All-Father’s vengeance is at hand, if the innocent within such a decrepit and weak empire are indeed innocent they will flee this decaying empire before their lives become forfeit. There is no stopping them now.”
  10. drfate786

    Betrayed by my own kin

    Alifer Amice sneers upon hearing the news, he begins making plans for a great excavation within the deep places of the earth. “The fires rise, the cycle ebbs closer to completion.. A war is stirring and now it is becoming more and more clear whom will be sided against whom. The meek will seek vengeance against their oppressors and this time it is the oppressors that shall be made to lose everything.”
  11. drfate786

    Guess who's baaaaaaack

    ((Just kidding, welcome back..))