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  1. @Telanir Can you take me to Christmas Land?

  2. There’s no saving this server, the current admins have ruined any good faith in the community they’ve ever had or will have again and players are leaving for greener pastures. They lie, cheat and deceive and will do anything to try and keep whatever manipulative power they have. Conflict has been outlawed that’s why.
    1. VonAulus


      The prophets will interpret what has been left behind one day.

  3. Read the second part more carefully, you can have all the fancy terrain you want in a map but without landmarks, ruins and just proper detailing it won’t get very far and will require too much work on launch day.
  4. Thing is, the rules will keep tightening like a noose. Server conflicts won’t be allowed, Warclaims will not occur due to server performance issues and corruption, communities will keep imploding from frustration. Morsgrad, Sutica and quite a few RP groups have already had mass Exodus’s into other RP servers and that’s *one* reason why (there’s others, don’t debate this) Helena is charting at 25% of the server’s activity atm. The staff needs to let go and wipe the rules clean, if they don’t re-write all the existing rules and do a clean slate then the server will keep choking itself. I urge @Telanir to read this and fix these issues before the community continues to fracture and leave LoTC, this will be the only time I warn him. 8.0 won’t help either, the map is rushed and unfinished. There’s a lack of event sites and without enough builders (such as me) to help it will be quite lacking on launch, this cannot occur as that combined with a lack of player conflict will lead to players having nothing to do on launch. Fix the server or face Darwin’s law.
  5. Still not as bad as your lore, that’s like maggot cheese.. Even Gordon Ramsay can’t stomach that.
  6. Maybe a 10th revision is in order? Eh? Or would you just have them lie about that too. (Or rather, let them.)
  7. For those not aware of the deception they have just attempted, the FIRST scrolls were written in Anthos by Mogroka.
  8. Yeah okay, you’ve proven my point on the deception. The more all of you try to build up on a tower of lies the sooner it will collapse, remember that.
  9. Between 2019-2020, it was quite recent. It doesn’t matter either since the very foundation for the lore is and was the bible put into a tldr back in Aegis and Asulon. The first scrolls were only written by Mogroka during Anthos to give it some legitimacy since RP quality rose up back then and it wouldn’t have been as accepted. Edit: Trying to prove or disprove any of this to you though is pointless. I know what the truth on the matter is and trying to debate it with any of you is pointless since you’ll try to devalidate it. My only assumption is that you’re trying to deceive other players and that’s just wrong.
  10. The scrolls came in far later and were originally written by Mogroka, Mogroka however copyrighted them and the ones you are currently using are fakes/rewritten ones. You can re-write a fanfic as much as you want, it’s still a fanfic.
  11. It’s a shame to see someone so misinformed, the reason every lore tie-in and magic was denied was because they never worked with the staff and attempted to make some overpowered magic that would counter others. There were never multiple attempts at creating some balanced magical lore or tie-in and they never kept trying, the fact that its foundation was also copy pasted from IRL religion from the very start of the server means the lore team had a natural biased against it. You’re not listening and you’re not actually trying to argue any of these points, you’re just quoting what someone else told you. I was there back in Asulon and I know people who were also there.
  12. Why would they make someone who would dissolve Oren and ensure it never comes back emperor?
  13. Canonism was literally a copy pasta of the bible back in Asulon, the development you mention happened through “years” of people RP’ing as crusaders. Ie, the order of St.Amyas (edit: St.Lucien too) and the white lotus which used it as an excuse to go kill elves. The very foundation for Canonism is an RL religion and the bible at that, this is confirmed by Mogroka and everyone who was there back in Asulon and Aegis will say so (edit: Assuming they’re not being dishonest or their memory hasn’t been corrupted through the years). If I take a Harry Potter book and spend years turning it into a fanfic it is still a Harry Potter book, the only difference is that that book is now a horribly written fanfic. You’re welcome to debate me on this but you won’t change my mind.
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