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  1. [MArt] Skull of Gul

    You're forgetting about the skull of the Man'Ari..
  2. Filthy green tags trying to spy on other filthy green tags.. What has this server become?
  3. remove staff from being involved in roleplay alliances

    What do you even mean?
  4. [Lore Update] Clerics of Tahariae

    First off, a limit was added to where a Necro can only have three player ghouls active at any time and can only make a new one when said ghoul either becomes inactive or four months had passed. Additionally, the "healing" we have is a tier 4 talent and causes intense scarring and excruciating pain when used. Additionally, the "F*** off" aura doesn't exist, you just made that up. As for Phylacteries, I admit they're an issue but the Ascended literally have immortality that cannot be undone by any circumstance once or ever unless they go against their tenants while clerics had the same when Itharels were a thing. I'd also like to add that magic stacking with Necromancy is VERY difficult and takes over two IRL years to actually do. I know for a fact that no one would teach me blood magic let alone mysticism or even Naz'Therak for that matter and that's just me. Parkins is literally the "lord of spooks" atm and he only has necromancy and void evocation, nothing else. A lone Necromancer whom only has Necromancy is severely under powered in comparison to a cleric, even at their respective max tiers. I spoke with Farryn and she's the one that actually told me about it, I know full well the extent of what was going on. It surprises me that they hadn't been blacklisted for it. Anyway, if you want to discuss this any further contact me on discord, I don't want to spam the thread with pointless arguments.
  5. [Lore Update] Clerics of Tahariae

    From a spook that had been in Ggt's group and had dealt with the Sutican clerics first hand, I can tell you right now that they PG'ed the living crap out of clericism and used the complexity of the lore to get away with it in some way. One person whom I shall not name literally powergamed the ability to create shields of "Crystalized light" with shards that would break from it and act as spook homing missiles and even went as far one time to go on a suicide mission in which they were completely surrounded but kept trying to loophole their magic to get out of their sticky situation. So excuse me if I'm very skeptical, my run ins with clerics have sucked.. Even before I learned Necromancy.
  6. [Lore Update] Clerics of Tahariae

    According to this lore, they have a lot more then just that but it's so much lore that I can't even read through it all without spending an hour staring at my computer screen. Magic lock or not, this is totally ridiculous. You also have to put into consideration that while dark mages can dabble in "many things" most people aren't willing to give a Necro blood magic let alone mysticism. We're dealing with an OP "grr undead grr" type magic where any single one of these spells could easily be powergamed. Either way, I made my point and won't be discussing this further. All I will advise ya'll is to simplify clericalism.
  7. [Lore Update] Clerics of Tahariae

    Too many spells, clericalism suffers from lorebloat more then Necromancy does. It needs a serious re-write to simplify things.. Edit: For example, don't have ten spoilers with free or more paragraphs of text in each one. That's just way too much for a single magic to have.
  8. Clamour Noctis

    What is a lightstone? Please clarify what a lighstone is and what it's used for. Edit: Also, you need to clarify how often said lightstones appear and how powerful they are in comparison to the ones created by other means.
  9. The Order of Xion

    A cloaked Necromancer serving discreetly under an unknown master peers at the recruitment flyer, seeing this as an opportunity to rid the world of the sell souls he begins filling out an application without hesitation. While not a true Xionist, he would see the deific orders of the world burn. What is thy birthname? Wouldn't you like to know? You may call me the: "Blightcaller" To whom art thou loyal to? The Coven What is thy past? I was a builder, a harvester, abandoned and scorned by Oren and by mortal men. I roamed the lands under a faith I held no true allegiance to and the cold dark found me.. Used as a pawn by a fool, I now roam the lands seeking a way to grow my master's influence.. What is thy skill? The gift given unto me by a traitor, an art you'd be all too familiar with. Additionally, I am a builder of sorts.. A harvester of minerals and self proclaimed "Dungeon lord". Doth thee follow the Way of Xion? Yes.. Do the Gods have a place in this world? No, the pretenders must be destroyed starting with their servants. What must be feared? The old dark.
  10. [✗] The Origins of Lyes, Spirit of Dreams

    Well, time for poopmancy lore then.
  11. [✗] gunpowder lore i guess

    I'd like to see gunpowder and cannons, I wouldn't like to see any form of gun/calibre. Why? Because if people can't roleplay magic properly then what are the odds of them abusing muskets to one shot people? If you do want to have them roll to settle disputes then the roll should account for the ridiculous inaccuracy of muskets. Making the defendants roll 20 and the musket's a roll of five. If the person rolls less then what the musket rolls, it'll be a hit.
  12. Half-Olog Lore

    Goblins aren't short, they're human sized.
  13. No keeps - Dewper

    Is this all that LoTC is nowadays?
  14. New Nations?

    I know, we'd need an entire staff team dedicated to the removal of inactive nations. We could slap this onto world devs if they don't do a lot already, but I feel like having some activity-check division inside the staff might be better.
  15. New Nations?

    We've tried this before in Axios, while we never returned them to freebuild nothing was ever done with it. I never heard of a nation being destroyed due to inactivity, at least not in the way you're suggesting.