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  1. drfate786


    The only good thing about Nexus we can all agree on were the extra crafting options and that was about it. Everything else was imbalanced and even stupidly grindy.
  2. drfate786

    [Deity] Zarelek, the Empty Lord

    I tried this, the lore got denied because it was “antag” lore. This is “Protag” lore by that definition and should be denied for the same reason the Gyloth lore was denied last map. Making content isn’t good enough for the LT nowadays, they will threaten you with blacklists and deny every single lore thread you post if you’re intention is to create enjoyable content. Why? Because it breaks lore.
  3. drfate786

    September Prince Official PVP Poll

    Agreed, I was there and saw how bad that was.
  4. drfate786

    September Prince Official PVP Poll

    Option two is the way we’ve been doing events since AEGIS. Please stick with this.
  5. drfate786

    [Deity] Zarelek, the Empty Lord

    Yeah, it’s a big issue and needs to be addressed. We need lore that allows for deities to be created and eventually destroyed, nothing lives forever. Surprisingly, the only game I've ever seen do this correctly is God of War and Runescape’s “gods” where they at one point were mortal but acquired so much power that they ascended to godhood only to eventually die like all things should. Edit: Wouldn’t it be interesting if tenets were created by deities due to the risk that their agents would go rogue and turn on them? Maybe if an Ascended went rogue they could become parasites on the deity and leech it of it’s power.
  6. drfate786

    [Deity] Zarelek, the Empty Lord

    Zacho, you’ve never had Necromancy before. You know nothing of Tenets and disconnection/clotting nor do you realize that he could of written the lore without the intent of power hoarding but will likely end up doing just that once people he dislikes obtain the magic. Magic on LoTC is full of stupid restrictions and “guidelines” are one of those restrictions. Tenets are mean’t to be broken and they’re not suppose to be easily punished for breaking them. Nagash in Warhammer broke every single tenet in the Nehekkaran religion and he never paid the full price.. In fact he ate Usirian. The same can be said in LoTC, deity’s aren’t immortal boundless beings and are in fact mortal. The only reason we haven’t killed Aeriel or Xan yet is because the LT won’t allow the means of doing so to occur and won’t allow players to do it. Please ask the LT or someone to just edit this into the thread. Also please read what I told Zacho concerning tenets and disconnection. Remove them. For once, have a deity that truly does not give a damn and has no moral restrictions behind it.
  7. I need players for an event, message me in-game if you’re interested in doing some anti-september stuff.

  8. drfate786

    [Deity] Zarelek, the Empty Lord

    Sounds to me like this is some special snowflake deity made to powercreep the OP of the thread’s magic while simultaneously creating some new Ascended brand. He’ll argue against this but keep this gem in mind: So a person with this magic essentially has no freedom once or ever and is at the mercy of Zaralek which I’m going to assume Dragonroost here will want to play as. These are the sort of magic lore threads that need to be denied instantly, we need to stop forcing restrictions on magic users and allow the LT to use common sense, if someone is going to abuse a magic to powergame then common sense dictates that you punish them and not everyone under that branch of lore. He didn’t include the lore he has on some google doc? Then Hyena is correct, this isn’t some twelve year old you’re speaking to and I suggest you stop patronizing him. There’s no excuse once or ever to write a detailed lore thread and then whisk over half of it into some google doc so it can be edited freely once it’s accepted, that’s the crap that has led to over half of the issues we’ve been having with lore.
  9. drfate786

    [Community Review] Current Raid Rules Draft

    Most raiding groups don't have 30 people or a base of operations. The camel bandits had no real major freebuild which they owned and lacked any large numbers for example yet would raid the dominion constantly as well as other groups they disliked OOC'ly for the sole sake of being a general nuisance OOC'ly. These rules clamp down on that behavior and allow nations to bite back against such groups by raiding THEIR freebuilds in retaliation.
  10. drfate786

    [Community Review] Raids

    No, you haven't been here long enough to see what the opposite of your statement has done to the community. Additionally, he didn't make any rules on defenses.. Feel free to use that to defend your settlements. Common sense, a GM won't let them raid a settlement that's empty at 1 AM in the morning. The goal here is to get rid of off hour raiding, not enforce it.. Just imagine how bad it would be if the camel bandits could raid the dominion when no one is on, break their gates and then loot all of their houses and treasuries. Also, traps.. You can make traps. In reality, you don't want his raid rules to be a thing because that would mean the dominion has to actually defend their land from invaders and won't be able to use OOC barriers to protect themselves from RP driven damage. It would mean you can actually lose and you don't like losing, none of you do. I, as a Necro/spook am more at risk of being raided then you are (especially if I ever made an active base) and I see no issue with these rules since I have the brains required to learn from mistakes and build on them. Maybe you should pay attention to the fact that the raid rules as is are detrimental to the game as you can't harm a nation. There's no way to cause any harm to a nation group currently due to rampant OOC barriers preventing this from happening, it's funny because back in the day people weren't upset about being raided.. People looked up to being raided so they could defend their city and if they failed then big whoop, people rarely PK'ed from raids and likely won't PK to this day.
  11. It's never Orgon, Orgon is life.. Orgon is love. Yes, you know what I'm planning.

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      stop while you're ahead

    3. _Jandy_


      You'll probably want to chat with an LT who is knowledgeable about Shamanism before you do anything related to Orgon.

    4. GrimReaper98


      do it drfate, no-one can hold u back.

  12. drfate786

    Humans - ET Plot-lines?

    It's on his Necro.
  13. drfate786

    Return of the Ferals

    I didn't have a magic blacklist, where did you get that false information? Also, stop using my damn username every time you start a paragraph, that's rude and annoying. Ignoring everything else, you don't seem to understand how lore on LoTC works. The reason people back in the day were 100% against werewolves and vampires ever being a thing is because people would create literal characters from Twilight to use for ERP. Which is exactly what happened with the previous lore and playerbase, they weren't interested in using Ferals to create any RP and instead just did slice of life in the dominion while rampantly abusing their Feral form for use in RP combat as some combat advantage. It wasn't a curse in any way and was more of a blessing if anything. If this lore is accepted without any redlines once or ever it will lead to the same issues as before and thus be shelved. The Ascended were nearly shelved and are still being re-worked with the possibility of shelving, the Sutican clerics were wiped off the face of the server for their known cringe and pretty much everyone else affiliated with them either left or redeemed themselves.
  14. drfate786


    I actually agree, what made Aegis and Asulon fun for many is the lack of restrictions on building, PVP and RP. The issue now is that there are too many restrictions and a playerbase that if given even the slightest bit of freedom will immediately abuse it. I call this the floodgate effect though, when some stupid restriction is removed people will rampantly abuse the very thing the restriction was put in place for originally until it dies down..
  15. drfate786

    Return of the Ferals

    No, no more Furries. The last time Ferals were a thing they were full of ridiculous levels of cringe and I know that the moment this is accepted the same people from before will try to get their blind seers turned back into Ferals among other cringe. They're also the Necros who had to fight them and engaged in combat with such foolish things as blind seer wolves and wolfman plant people among other things.. There's also a rumor that they ERP'ed but that's just hearsay.