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  1. drfate786

    Conflict & War FAQ

    It’s also why you build good walls. The problem is that for most of their active playerbase, most cities for some reason can’t convince players into roleplaying an actual guardforce to keep gates manned so they have to use citizen doors and keep their gates open with legit no guards ever present. That means the raiders always have a way in and since some raiders are opportunistic bandits they will ALWAYS go for these settlements as they’re easy pickings for loot.
  2. Because RP, that’s why. But these new rules reject RP despite Telanir claiming that they are FOR RP. IE: Let’s make wars consensual, now no wars can happen because both sides have to OOC’ly consent to a war with their own terms. This means I can raid you or be toxic/hostile to your nation IRP and laugh from atop my mighty walls as you cry and are unable to stop me. Should we go to war I will cry the moment I start to lose and just say I don’t want to play with you anymore, war is over and there’s no RP consequences for me or my nation.
  3. drfate786

    Conflict & War FAQ

    Here’s a big flaw in this. Wars have to be consensual now? Well, what happens if two sides agree to go to war and then the other starts losing and essentially this happens? Sorry Oren, I don’t want to play with you anymore. What now? By trying to eliminate the toxicity of the old war system all you’re going to do is create a server where either no one will bother to start conflicts or when they do will pull out of those conflicts using this new system to do so with little to no RP consequences once or ever. @Telanir I hope your new war rules have a specific rule where when two sides agree to go to war they have to finish what they started.
  4. Soon they’ll be asking for people’s discord logins to prove they aren’t OOC targeting people in roleplay.

    1. drfate786


      While I’m joking, that’s literally the only sure way to know that there’s purposeful OOC targeting going on. 

    2. The-Adoring-Fan


      Don’t go giving *them* any ideas, Mr. Ph.D. Fate

    3. rukio
  5. drfate786

    Conflict & War FAQ

    You don’t, the only way to know is to look at their discord logs and other OOC means of communication outside of LoTC.
  6. drfate786

    Conflict & War FAQ

    All this is is removing all staff intervention where rules aren’t being broken and then effectively banning all raids and warclaims since no one will ever raid or war with each other with the server’s mentality in mind. Will this work? Maybe.. What happens if it doesn’t work? Expect a dead server within a year or two.
  7. *Somewhere, somehow, the following would appear on the distant weather forecast as if put there as a practical joke? What does it mean?* “The Grand Harvest and ahead..”
  8. Alifer Toadmice reaches into his green mafia toad coat and begins to unsheathe his loaded crossbow in Almisael’s general direction. “Wha’ did yous say?”
  9. About time a guide on the issue is made, they should pin this to the rule or guide section.
  10. Upon hearing of Aeyn’s death Alifer Amice’s face would contort into a snarl of rage, he’d curl his fists. Yet another had been slain by his kin, yet another high priest of the faith had been stopped. Alifer was done, he would find those responsible and bring them to trial by fire.
  11. Must of been one of the many inactive settlements Axios was plagued by. 🙂
  12. The song that I will be playing in the background at tomorrow’s warclaim: 


    1. TheAlphaMoist


      I thought that got cancelled 

  13. Serious question.. What’s a clowntoski?
  14. Devs weren’t present for the community meeting because we don’t get told to be in said meetings nor do we ever get a voice to say anything during said meetings. Atleast, that’s how most of us feel. Edit: How I feel if not the rest of the team.
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