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  1. Runelords Rising

    Alifer Amice glances at the Citadel from a familiar desert camp. "This changes nothing, quite literally to be frank."
  2. [Lore Submission][Creature Lore] Bryophites

    No, we have too many magical creatures. We need to eliminate some of the inactive "dark" lore creatures in order to add this, we can't have everyone playing some special snowflake.
  3. Mine World Reset? Warclaims Reset?

    Yeah, if they promised us a warclaim this week then a warclaim is what we will be getting. Otherwise, I suggest you find a way to get everyone off this server. Maybe when 100 players straight up leave LoTC over this they'll begin to see reason. Maybe when their donations are being adversely affected and they need to dish out more of their own money to pay for the server they'll be more willing to fix this issue.
  4. Mine World Reset? Warclaims Reset?

    I'll only begin to assume such if the warclaim doesn't happen next week. For now let's give the devs the benefit of the doubt and just assume there are kinks they have to work out. If there's no WC next week then we will assume the worst.
  5. Mine World Reset? Warclaims Reset?

    Yeah, this is a repeat of Vailor. When they begin losing they cancel warclaims for two months and refuse to add any replacement to settle the conflict.
  6. Mine World Reset? Warclaims Reset?

    They likely canceled it to avoid what happened the last time.. That or we're going to see a repeat of what happened at the end of Vailor. Watch as they cancel warclaims for two months just like they did in Vailor, watch as everything stagnates to oblivion until the very end.
  7. Dewlox's Villainy Blacklist.

    There you go, destroy everything around them with fire or taint and they're screwed.
  8. Dewlox's Villainy Blacklist.

    Yeah, but if I were to warclaim the druids and reduce their grove to cinders during the WC they'd become incredibly weak right? IE, wouldn't be able to use their connection to the trees because all the trees are dead.
  9. Dewlox's Villainy Blacklist.

    Would damage to the environment dampen their connection though? IE, if the balance were "thrown off" by the destruction of some of the largest trees on the server would they become weaker? We've seen two world trees being destroyed/corrupted this map so I don't understand how their connection would be this strong outside of their groves.
  10. Dewlox's Villainy Blacklist.

    Answer my question please, can they or can they not conjure up roots out of thin air when no trees are otherwise present? IE, a desert or burning wasteland.
  11. Dewlox's Villainy Blacklist.

    Evidently druidism requires a good nerf then. The only exception to this would be if druidism is useless in places where nature is absent. IE, a desolate wasteland or burning forest turned wasteland. Afterall, it doesn't make sense for them to conjure up tree roots out of thin air. Trees must be present for such to work.
  12. Dewlox's Villainy Blacklist.

    It's my belief that both should have been severely punished. Dewlox deserves the villainy blacklist but Roxforbraynz deserves to have his druidism application revoked for the duration of Dewlox's blacklist. Both powergamed, both RP'ed poorly and both deserve punishment. If I were the GM and or LT handling the BR I would have slapped both of them silly. Edit: Being able to conjure up a root wall while on fire is horrendous roleplay, being able to jump to the back of a bench like ninja gaiden and shove it towards the Olog like shrek is horrendous powergaming.
  13. Magic powered waffle press

    Please get some help, this waffle addiction of yours has begun to take lives. :(
  14. The Wardens

    -=-~(*)~-=- The Applicant Form -=-~(*)~-=- OOC: MC Name?: drfate786 Discord?(Required, can PM me.): drfate786 -=- IC: Full Name: Alifer Amice Race: Human Age: Unkown Reasoning for joining?: Entity Alifer seeks knowledge, materials weak.. Can be improved, enhanced. When are you free for an interview?: Entity Alifer available when needed. Do you swear to follow and uphold all of the Guild's rules and customs?: Yes What position do you seek?(If an official position, let me know.): Blacksmith What is your favorite color?: Crimson -=-~(*)~-=-
  15. Dewlox did nothing wrong.