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  1. drfate786

    Olog/Troll Amendment

    @DivineJustice Two headed ologs should posses more intelligence then normal ologs and in fact be smarter then most orcs. This would be due to the fact that one of the heads controls bodily functions while the other is merely gathering information. If you pay attention to ogre physiology in WoW Cho'Gall was actually two ogres fused together at birth with Cho controlling the body and Gall controlling their magical capabilities. Gall was smarter then Cho while Cho was stronger then Gall, even though it doesn't seem like this that's only because Gall's mind deteriorated when the void/old gods began to consume it, even Cho showed signs of deterioration near the end. That being said, two headed Ologs should be more then capable of learning magic but should require two personas to be played simultaneously with both sometimes bickering to each other and fighting for control (meaning they take two persona slots to play). If either head dies, both Ologs die, in addition their magical capabilities are unstable so while their magic would be much much stronger then others due to the amount of mana their bodies can store the spell-work would be primitive and inaccurate, it would be something the second head would throw at someone while the main body rushes towards them to kill them. The main use of two headed Ologs would be to combat sorcery. In other words, they'd be limited to tier 2-3 of a magic and couldn't learn things like Necromancy. The advantage they'd have is that they could attack physically while casting magics at the same time with that magic packing a larger punch then normal magic.
  2. I don't see any serious issues with these runes, yet based off past experience rune magic has always tended to be too over powered. If this lore is accepted it will have to remain a non-combat oriented magic so people aren't making "death runes" that can fling a ball of fiery death at people.
  3. You aren't to blame for anything, it was solid RP and wasn't done with any malicious intent OOC'ly. He's trying to play the victim here while also trying to glorify himself as some savior to the entire realm of freebuild. It's disgusting behavior and a clear violations of the community guidelines that Telanir established. I'm amazed that he hasn't been punished for falsely accusing staff members who dedicate hours upon hours (such as myself) to making great builds of intentionally griefing a free build for ***** and giggles. He wasn't even involved yet he acts as if he knows everything based on hearsay and half-formulated opinions.
  4. Can we stop blaming the staff every time a post gets removed for being toxic or rule breaking? 

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      white knight

    2. drfate786


      Oof, that hurts my feelings. 

  5. Oof, you caught me. In reality, a GM had been called in as a group of raiders came in and told the GM they had region owner permission to burn the halfling burrow down which they did, I believe it was you that gave the region owner permission (or at the very least someone you know personally) so now I'm convinced you're the type of person who would lie to get yourself out of a ban and to make others look bad for it. The event that followed was purely to make the situation less horrible, it was not an attempt at trolling but I doubt anything I say will stop this victim blaming. The GM told me to come and burn the burrow down so I did, I was later told that the GM did not have permission to do such a thing and offered to REBUILD the halfling burrow which belonged to a fellow ET builder and NOT a new player whom was refunded all of their items by the staff and had the burrow rebuilt. So now I've caught you making up two lies in one post, go figure that you'd do such a thing. This is my final reply, do not try to mislead anyone again or I will report you.
  6. "Slander" has to be taken into it's literal sense. If the person is making false statements about another with the intent of destroying their reputation over a malicious reason then it is considered slander. However, simply talking about someone's past misdeeds to others isn't slander and should never be taken into that context as it holds a matter of truth into it albeit can sometimes be exaggerated but not on purpose. One example of this was the BR a player once put on me when they tried to steal my base from me via loop holes in the free build rules. I spoke to people about what they did and warned them not to trust them or give them a staff position that they could potentially abuse, this was not slander as they did something that justifies this caution, yet they tried to have me banned for speaking my mind about things that I had evidence of and which actually happened. In the case of this specific player (imattyz), all we have are cropped screenshots of potentially offensive things said to (or about) admins based off what I'm informed and have seen. This is not tentative evidence. This is why I'm not picking any sides, either the admins did something stupid or Imattyz is overextending a situation to try and get himself unbanned for something that the admins had a good reason to ban him for. Such as any of the things you mentioned. Incessantly messaging people depends on the context as well, if this is on discord there's a handy feature called blocking. If this is on LoTC you can contact a GM to tell them to stop messaging you. However, telling someone to stop messaging you and then claiming harassment when they do is childish, especially if they contact you for a valid reason and not just to harass you. That being said, harassment has to be insulting and continuous with the intent to cause psychological harm to the other person by devaluing them. For example, if I messaged you every day that you're a piece of human garbage (you're not, this is just an example), then that can be taken as harassment as its continuous and devalues your worth as a person. Someone could also tell your friends that your garbage and make up stories that are not true to put a wedge in your friendships, this is defamation. Unless they're telling the truth about your misdeeds. Though, keep in mind that we all make mistakes and that in time everything is forgotten about and eventually forgiven.
  7. There was a catalyst, he griefed his way into a settlement. A one week ban for that is harsh but from my experience, you have to make a lasting impression or they'll keep doing it. There was this new player who kept griefing into the necro base and he (and his friends) got a two day ban for it. In Dalek's case, he knew better and did it anyway. This is someone that ran the halfling village at one point, he should know better then to grief into another settlement. Don't give me the whole "b-but fate! Tarrebear and co griefed him!" excuse either, he should of filed a ban report with the supporting evidence if his claim is serious.
  8. It's probably not his first offence, he likely did something else that was malicious after too.
  9. He told them, there's no evidence to suggest that the admins did anything wrong outside of what Imattyz showed the community in his first thread. I'm a skeptic, I need tentative evidence that actually proves his point to even believe him. Anyway, I'm not going to get caught up in this drama.
  10. Actually.. We don't know what you did wrong. You did something to merit that ban of yours, they're just not telling us what that is. This isn't new, a player with a lot of influence gets banned and they rouse the community into a fit of rage. Then it dies down, then the admins shake their heads, then everything goes back to normal. It's the same and repetitive cycle and I've seen it done over and over and over again. It's not to say the ban was dumb, but we don't know what it was for outside of what you told us. We don't know the story from the perspective of the administration so we can't really determine who's guilty of what. If people are actually upset over this and really want to make a point to get you unbanned then they should stop playing LoTC and not donate a single dollar to Tythus. LoTC is a company, it may not be run like a company but it requires customers and it requires funds. Otherwise, Tythus pays out of pocket to keep the server running while the server becomes more and more empty. If you want to make an impression then leave. I'm not asking you to but it's the only way to make a stand if you actually believe that the admins are corrupt.
  11. A man steps forward and places down a bid. "I'll pay 750 minas."
  12. drfate786

    [I] N0tt's Game Moderator Application

    If N0tt becomes a GM I will post my own GM application.
  13. drfate786

    Chronomancy - Manipulating Time

    No, it was never cool. It was an answer key magic that allowed the instant reversal of terrorist acts (such as the blowing up of a church and boat) and the mind probing/metagaming of people's past actions. It was the most anti-climatic magic I had ever seen. I know the creator of it and he was very upset when he learned about the horrors that I told him about. Especially when I told him about a certain someone who kept doing what I just mentioned. Ironically, Muuntravista was EXACTLY like this lore until "they" got their hands on it.
  14. drfate786

    Chronomancy - Manipulating Time

    Shouldn't be an issue, as long as it doesn't reverse buildings being burnt to the ground and cause objects to be flung at people it's fine. It's if people begin to use it for combat that I'll have issues with it, especially if used with other magics to do so.
  15. drfate786

    Chronomancy - Manipulating Time

    That's the thing, this isn't needed. That's why I'm so suspicious of it.