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  1. No one has Nostalgia when thinking about Johannesburgh and the Thanhium nuke either, but that’s low hanging fruit. It’s not really about the past, it’s about the present and what we are currently experiencing.
  2. You are a fine specimen.
  3. This is the sort of mentality that contributes to the toxicity my dude. He may of been toxic but look in the mirror and you might just be surprised. It’s easy to say “go be an ET and be less toxic” but that’s just a hollow thing to say. I’m not going to call you out but I suggest you look inwards first. The only way that will happen is if people stop letting staff get involved, that means that nations have to agree to conflicts and both agree to a staff intervention ban. If moderation gets involved with no justification or real reason to (Ie hackers) then both sides have to threaten to leave the server permanently. That is to say, the only way to show the admins that we the playerbase hold the power is if we cease enabling them and the only way to do that is to stop giving them the means to meddle. Since the community has the “win at all costs” mentality and combined that with the amount of narcissism (toxicity) we see it’s unlikely that people will build up the humility to cease enabling the staff team’s behavior during wars and RP conflicts. Tldr; If they meddle in your RP and PVP conflicts when there’s no moral justification just leave the server for good and bring your clique with you since the only solution at this point is the nuclear one.
  4. Tbh, staff meddling is a huge problem. We have too many rules to the point where simply walking is a crime punishable by death. The staff needs to cease meddling in player affairs and let wars and conflicts happen naturally, there’s a reason why people have nostalgia for Anthos, Athera, etc and it’s because the staff didn’t meddle as much as they do now. Edit: Community toxicity is also a huge problem, it creates “fake news” and everything becomes inflammatory. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone just throws a disagreement to this response just for the sake of gaining some kind of clout among their circle of friends. People need to wake up and realize that we’re all in this together, the whole manipulative disagreement for the sake of disagreement thing needs to stop.
  5. Hey “Ashen Vigil”, we’re preparing a special surprise for ya’ll here on easy street. Please come to Morsgrad some day soon so we can show you!



  6. Can’t have a war when there’s no warclaims. 

  7. Two years in staff and I got removed for not filling out a survey. You know, despite the fact I’m only available for half of the week since I work 12 hour shifts? But hey, I never got thanked for anything so I guess this is what I get right? Don’t apply for staff, it’s a waste of time and just shackles you to this rotting server.

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    2. drfate786


      Thank you, it’s good to see that atleast some people in the community care.

    3. tasty_cheesecake


      hey, at least you didn’t get removed for internal staff politics

    4. Unwillingly


      ur so woke :3

  8. Good morning everyone, did you all sleep well last night because I sure didn’t.. 

    1. _Jandy_


      I did, thank you for asking mr.fate ?

  9. Application: Name: dRfATE786 Gender Identity: TRaIn TRuCk How much anime do you watch: mE LiKE EnGlISH DuB! Are you an epic gamer: YoU bET! Please write a 3 paragraph essay explaining why you are a disappointment to your parents: I wAS b0rN A frAteRnaL TwYn, 0nE oF uS wAs THe mIstAkE. What mental maturity do you possess? (Hint: Too much mental maturity = application denied ? ) mE LiKE TraINZ11!!!1
  10. Some nations will purposefully abuse the current system in such a way that no one can do a coup. If someone were dissatisfied with an NL right now there’s no way for them to start a rebellion without being OOC’ly ousted from the region with vague OOC rules, if they did somehow get to the point where they get PRO than the other RO’s that didn’t consent to the coup OOC’ly will just call it illegitimate and have admins step in (like in Astorga’s case where the tile had to be deleted). An OOC coup system doesn’t work, people REFUSE to play nice and refuse to be mature. If we’re going to make a good coup system we have to treat all RO’s/PRO’s like inept children that will do everything to retain their position (even rulebreaking) and design the system with this very thing in mind. They CANNOT and WILL NOT have a say in how they get couped, just that it will be attempted if someone gets the numbers from within (or outside help) to do it.
  11. The problem with world events is usually that they’re not idiot proofed, handing out macguffins for example and not having said macguffins do things that are consequential is a dumb idea. For example, if you make a book for an event and a group of elitists tries to hoard it then you need a mechanic that allows the book to punish them or the event to continue without it with little to no consequence or massive consequences that make the event harder for everyone because of said group. You then have to make it known that such and such group did this and then it acts as a secondary punishment because now everyone can blame them for making the event harder.
  12. A rock is too overpowered to have redlines, for example if Flam tries to decline this lore the poster could just grab said rock and break his window from afar.
  13. Hey, at least now it’s assured that this will be longer than the 18 year war.
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