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  1. drfate786

    The Aesopian Manifesto

    You see, this is what you people should of been doing from the very start. You need to grab the evidence and make it public while not blaming anyone (including Aesopian), I’m speaking in general here. This community has a bad habit of accusing people of ill will without showing any evidence to support it and it leads to disparity since no one can really pick a side to either argument without possibly being manipulated. Put yourself in Aesopian’s shoes and then in the shoes of others so you can use screenshots of conversations you’ve had as well as the evidence to support either side of the argument. Don’t assume ill will unless you have evidence to suggest it and in that case.. Go public with it. Tldr; If you have proof of ill will, show it to everyone. Also, pertaining to the part about blight.. Molech’s Folly was a massive patch of blighted lands and September did in fact awaken after the Clerics and Druids purged the blight there. The evil that lurked in that mountain (me and the necro coven as well as the lore breaking things that happened under Wolfie) were literally killing September by just existing and all of us were left ignorantly unawares of this. From an RP standpoint, we were decay and they destroyed decay.. I actively suggested and will continue to suggest for an opposing force capable of balancing September out if there isn’t one already, death must make a comeback. Edit: Screenshots that have been cropped, especially on Discord don’t count as valid evidence.
  2. drfate786

    THANIUM BOMB: Why it should be left un-voided

    Again, show us proof. Nothing will happen if you don’t have proof to suggest otherwise, they’re literally just pleading ignorance right now. You can’t accuse the LT of doing something wrong without solid proof to suggest it, word of mouth isn’t condemnation it’s witch hunting. I do look out for player interests, you don’t.
  3. drfate786

    THANIUM BOMB: Why it should be left un-voided

    Show us screenshots of these attempts to commune with the LT on the issues concerning the Thanhium nuke.
  4. drfate786

    THANIUM BOMB: Why it should be left un-voided

    I’ll ask again, was the LT ever consulted? No? Then what did everyone expect to happen? You’d have to be delusional to think that the LT would just sit there and be like: “Sure! Destroy half the map with Thanhium a solid two months before the map change!”
  5. Watch this video and then look back to Thanhium:



    1. Nathan_Barnett36


      Because Harry Potter has everything to do with a minecraft roleplay explosion.

    2. antiopa


      @Nathan_Barnett36 hes 15 dont think too hard about it

  6. drfate786

    THANIUM BOMB: Why it should be left un-voided

    Was the LT ever consulted? Was the LT ever consulted?
  7. drfate786

    THANIUM BOMB: Why it should be left un-voided

    Again, there’s no way the nuke could of happened since there’s no Thanhium to make it without the LT signing items and overseeing the making of an MArt that would be the Thanhium nuke.
  8. drfate786

    THANIUM BOMB: Why it should be left un-voided

    The day I agree with you is the day the world ends.. So I guess the world is ending. On another note, there’s no way they could of made the nuke since Thanhium (The LT told me this) isn’t available atm and all sources made by us (the ET) at the start of the map were declared void. This is because the LT wants to control Thanhium after what happened last map.
  9. drfate786

    Rule Clarification [OOC Rules Enforcing IC Status Quo?]

    It makes no sense and I agree, if someone infiltrates a church holding a scroll and then copies it and leaks its contents for the whole world to see then by all means that is dynamic RP and NOT against the rules. My guess is that they keep it written on some google document and don’t actually have it written down on any books in-game, which is actually meta since it wouldn’t exist IRP. It’s probably also a copy paste of the dead sea scrolls or something hideously copied in that nature. Read what I said, there’d be no way to obtain the document if they keep it on a google document and don’t have it in-game as an actual item.
  10. drfate786

    Mass Bans and You

    You don’t understand.. By your definition I’m already a GM in terms of mentality. I’ve had my drive for LoTC killed before, I’ve had people use something against me and get under my skin before. I barely have any friends on LoTC and people constantly disagree with me. If I were a GM I simply wouldn’t care what people think since I’d be separating myself from the community with what little I already have. I’d be looking at the rules and then slapping them for each one broken on a daily basis. I would make the ultimate sacrifice and simply become a mindless drone that doesn’t affiliate with any playerbase and separates himself from all of them in the process. I’d log on every day just to do event builds and tickets and whenever I answer a ticket players will log out immediately (including those not at “fault”) since they know SOMEONE will be getting the ban hammer for at least a whole day. At the end of it, players would thank me since they’d realize that I’d be one of the rare GM’s that can completely separate themselves from the community and give out bans without a care in the world.
  11. drfate786

    Mass Bans and You

    You can’t be a GM without the entire playerbase hating you, if you’re a GM and the playerbase likes you after the first week then you’re doing it wrong. Think about freewill all you want, it won’t change my opinion that we have leaders and then followers and that people who are followers are sheep and do as their told. This applies to real life and if you think otherwise then maybe you should try to get into politics.
  12. drfate786

    Mass Bans and You

    What? That rule has nothing to do with people griefing a location after losing a warclaim. LoTC isn’t a person though, you can’t ban an entire playerbase because the leader of said playerbase ordered everyone to do something that’s against the rules. Peer pressure is a very real thing, people are raised at birth to do what their told. In fact, every time there’s a raid half of the server would be banned if the rules pertaining to this were properly enforced in a non biased manner, I’d even be willing to prove it by becoming a GM if I had to since I’d break Cappy’s ban record.
  13. drfate786

    Mass Bans and You

    Then we’ll all be banned during warclaims I’m afraid. The rules aren’t always written you know. Where is it written in the rules to not do what Wolfkite said?
  14. drfate786

    Mass Bans and You

    You’ll never have friends on this server then. Peer pressure is used a lot on LoTC by nation leaders to get what they want, hence they should be held responsible. Exactly, I was in a discord with “certain” people when the occurrence Wolfkite mentioned happened. I didn’t help them because I wasn’t sure if it was against the rules or not and thought they should get a GM to oversee it or at the very least had a GM burn it all down rather then grief the place to oblivion.
  15. drfate786

    Mass Bans and You

    There’s also pleading ignorance, if everyone involved already knew it was against the rules and were using their leader as a scapegoat to get away with it then a ban on everyone involved (that had ill-intent) should be done.