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  1. I skimmed through some of the post but basically you haven’t admitted to doing anything wrong once or ever, you’re just smearing dirt on all of the people you’ve had a hand in punishing for things that could of easily been resolved through civil discourse or just ignoring it. This entire thread looks more like a Tana Mongeau apology video and less like an admittance of wrong-doing, it’s not even a response.. Just a criminalization of people you’ve punished in some way or form. @LotsOfMuffins You should stop getting emotional whenever someone smears you, it’s not healthy and just le
  2. They had to get rid of you because you’re a threat to them.
  3. Ah yes, let your personal vendetta against players influence your decisions as staff. This isn’t new, the player count keeps dropping and this server will keep on disappointing.. How about everyone stops undermining each other? Oh wait, please don’t! I actually want to see this server decline into obscurity so please keep doing what you’re doing.
  4. There’s no such thing as Roleplay on LoTC, nations are just glorified faction bases and are never given land near the center of the map for that reason.
  5. In a forgotten urn, the corrupted ashes of a once Necromancer and former Keeper would stir.. Whispering dark, mad things into the ears of any who would hear. Dead but not alive, unable to take upon a form yet denied all peace.. Revenge.
  6. @Telanir Can you take me to Christmas Land?

  7. There’s no saving this server, the current admins have ruined any good faith in the community they’ve ever had or will have again and players are leaving for greener pastures. They lie, cheat and deceive and will do anything to try and keep whatever manipulative power they have. Conflict has been outlawed that’s why.
    1. VonAulus


      The prophets will interpret what has been left behind one day.

  8. Read the second part more carefully, you can have all the fancy terrain you want in a map but without landmarks, ruins and just proper detailing it won’t get very far and will require too much work on launch day.
  9. Thing is, the rules will keep tightening like a noose. Server conflicts won’t be allowed, Warclaims will not occur due to server performance issues and corruption, communities will keep imploding from frustration. Morsgrad, Sutica and quite a few RP groups have already had mass Exodus’s into other RP servers and that’s *one* reason why (there’s others, don’t debate this) Helena is charting at 25% of the server’s activity atm. The staff needs to let go and wipe the rules clean, if they don’t re-write all the existing rules and do a clean slate then the server will keep choking itself. I urge @T
  10. Still not as bad as your lore, that’s like maggot cheese.. Even Gordon Ramsay can’t stomach that.
  11. Maybe a 10th revision is in order? Eh? Or would you just have them lie about that too. (Or rather, let them.)
  12. For those not aware of the deception they have just attempted, the FIRST scrolls were written in Anthos by Mogroka.
  13. Yeah okay, you’ve proven my point on the deception. The more all of you try to build up on a tower of lies the sooner it will collapse, remember that.
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