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  1. drfate786

    The Imperative of Reproduction Version 3

    Alifer’s eyes widen when he sees the missive, he reaches for his hunting bow by the wall of a crumbling hovel he has called home and shouts “IT’S RABBIT HUNTING SEASON BOYS! YEEHAAW!”
  2. drfate786

    is it sunnyside up egg or a fried egg

    This will be the next top LoTC meme.
  3. drfate786


    I agree, we need to take away your tools. 🙂 In all seriousness, nothing should result in the destruction of a whole nation unless they did something equally extreme to actually deserve that. Rebellion, skirmishes, etc isn’t a valid reason to destroy them. It is a valid reason to SUBJUGATE them repetitively but not destroy them outright.
  4. drfate786

    Promote Good Combat RP, Please.

    I said to call a gm OR try resolving it with the player in question. You gotta read what I say carefully man. I may not be able to answer a modreq or ban report and do anything but I can sure as hell give them my opinion in staff lobby. The worst thing you can do as a staff member is get Joel or me to chew you out in staff lobby, lmao.
  5. drfate786

    Promote Good Combat RP, Please.

    If the RP is so bad why don’t you make a modreq or try resolving it with the players in question? If they won’t listen then why not ban report them with the intent of having them blacklisted from villainy or just simply punished in some way? Don’t complain on the forums and actually do something that can change this situation around. There’s very little we staff can do when we have little to no information and most of it is hearsay and logs.
  6. drfate786

    Discord widget & forum cleaning.

    I agree, you’d have to ask Tythus that question though. Edit: He’d likely have to move the ad space somewhere since it’d be in the way.
  7. drfate786

    Discord widget & forum cleaning.

    I’d redo it but then I’d either have to do it all from scratch with screenshots of the next map or I’d need a document with all of the separate layers of the current image. Ideally, I’d rather just figure out how they made those minecraft models and just redo them with more up to date content. Edit: I could also just photoshop the teamspeak section away and replace it with our discord.
  8. drfate786

    Discord widget & forum cleaning.

    The server’s info on the home section is out of date.
  9. drfate786

    Bring back good PvP

    Beserker axes were not fun and adding any variation to PVP will lead to potential abuse. If the devs are planning anything it’s to make a balanced war system that will be able to host the changes you’re suggesting without any true abuse going on.
  10. Remember, it’s a crime to smirk!


  11. drfate786


    It was more then that, he was meming while wearing the skin and sat on the imperial throne wearing what appeared to be a bikini. While funny, that does merit punishment.. Especially when it’s not the first time someone does that.
  12. drfate786

    Fort Strong Warclaim

    More like it’ll be fun for the side defending while the attacking side either breaks upon the walls or waits in a siege camp for over an hour.
  13. drfate786

    Fort Strong Warclaim

    I’m looking at it and it’s basically impenetrable to some extent. Siege towers can’t be used on it, treb shots will likely just bounce off or create dents but no impact and ladders seem to be impossible to use without death being assured.
  14. drfate786

    New Player Guide Ideas

    A big issue is a lack of a player run market. Nations tend to create a huge monopoly on market stalls while players lack any ability to start up market stalls. Most of the time, the stalls have items that are useless or which run out within a day, players who own shops should be required to keep them stocked.