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  1. do me a solid and hit me up with your steam btw

  2. talked to one of the in-game admins who redirected me back to you, if at all possible can i get my old account back? the whole forum-resetPW nonsense happened and i haven't had access to it since maybe 2016 and i'd like to check my old messages.

    1. Vaynth


      Hey, just letting you know that getting a hold of Tythus through his forum account is pretty difficult. Would be better to ask the admin you spoke to for an email you could use to get in touch with him more easily.

    2. Royced


      will do, also @501warhead maybe you could assist ??

  3. Hey my Updog. Can I get the PW to my old account Akeron reset? 

    Edit: I just remembered our talk from last year let me get to that!

    Edited by Royced
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