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  1. do me a solid and hit me up with your steam btw

  2. The legend returns 

    1. big narstie
    2. Dalek348


      'The legend got messaged on steam about the new map coming up and checked the forums, but will be gone again very soon' is more accurate

    3. NotEvilAtAll
  3. I have the Aegis file that worked 2 years ago but I can't get to work anymore. The strange this is that no matter what I try, it always generates a fresh world - but it's the same world every single time, with the same spawn point and everything. Which makes me believe that Aegis is definitely in these files somewhere, but I don't know what I can do to make it show Aegis instead of this new world it makes. I can PM you the file I have and you can fiddle around with it. If anyone else wants a look then PM me also.
  4. Mr Herbwallow pioneered the technique, Faldo built upon it and wrote the Herbwallow Hop into Shogs history.
  5. Faldo reads in shock as he was never introduced to any Pimpernel Tucketbrook. How could any halfling compare to the vivacious Roxanne? The things Faldo would give for a roll in the hay with her...
  6. I want to make love to you 

  7. unban dalek.

    1. Ambduscias


      why the **** is he even banned

    2. cmack1028


      @koko haram last summer the staff declared the halflings too inactive so for this OOC reason they took our region away from us and forced us to completely rebuild elsewhere only after finishing the village. it was handled miserably and me and dalek took it to the forums. he got a little rowdy tho

  8. 'Everywhere we go the people want to know who we are and where we come from shall we tell them who we are and where we come from we are the england the mighty mighty england we are the army the barmy barmy army barmy army barmy army barmy army barmy army barmy army' chants High Prophet Fyrste
  9. love community surveys. the banter goes flying

    1. Show previous comments  33 more
    2. big narstie

      big narstie

      bantocity a ******* bantocity

    3. Norman


      bantman begins

    4. Dalek348


      banter storm is still raging I see

  10. Don't say those names on forums, being Undead is permanently bannable :S
  11. Also can GMs stop perma banning me for playing my undead character, thanks
  12. http://i.imgur.com/TpXuN66.png halfling halloween event coming near you eventually???
  13. I hope you got your sun cream packed for 4.0. Might be taking a trip to a little place called Drauchriem

    1. Lym


      It's that time of the year again.

    2. big narstie
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