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  1. I thought this was a real life racial census.
  2. That is a gold standard question right there. The enjoyment of this server comes from the fictional potential & fictional ideal both in your control (as a player, not you specifically @Unwillingly ) & through the reality that you as a player are engaging in a multiplayer video game and thus there are a lot more chefs in the kitchen so to speak. Related to this topic on the Ferrymen, I remember back in 2.0/3.0 watching a player-group that I developed in 1.0 (the Teutonic Order) get absolutely torn apart by Coastercam's Flays through one of the most riveting wars & history-making periods on the server. Having already the healthy separation required between "the ideal" that I brought to life in-game on the previous map and "the reality" that is that entity being interacted with by many other players; I thought it was one of the coolest things to see - the history nerd in me saw the rise, plateau, & fall of a "kingdom". For this server and its premise to have the maximally enjoyable effect, we all need to buy into the notion that you should make an effort to creatively engage with the server while also recognizing that you are not owed your personal ideal outcome because we are playing a multiplayer game.
  3. Looking at the Cultures subforum and wiping away a happy tear. I enjoyed writing some of the most viewed ones. Culture is my bread & butter.

    1. siglms_


      Cunimund my beloved 💗

  4. I made Oren my son back in 1.0. Now? Oren is but a fleeting dream.
  5. The Acolyte taught us AJAB, Dargrind taught us AMAB.

    1. lemonke



  6. He got that thang, he got that Bworki 🤪

  7. If you bring back Oren, I'll bring back Gaius Marius to split that kingdom in half.

    1. Turbo_Dog


      Bring back the GOAT

    2. Mio


      he's him

  8. Yes, they are known as tasbeeh (تَسْبِيح) beads but are just used to count the number of tasbih (saying Subhanallah - 'Perfect is God'), tahmid (Alhamdulilah - 'The praise belongs to God', & takbir (Allahu Akbar - 'God is greater [than all]') one recites typically after prayer but any time suffices. The Islamic tradition is that 33 tasbih, tahmid, & takbir are recited after each obligatory prayer which can also easily be done on one hand.
  9. I got too old to try and follow the grimdark van trying to entice me with candy to get in.
  10. They retired me like they are about to retire Joe Biden. Banter aside, wish lots of luck to the current staff teams and had a good time helping out where I could when I did.

    1. Charles The Bald

      Charles The Bald


    2. Holyland


      Godspeed brother, الله يرحم

  11. @SimplySeo @ElennanorePing me on Discord @ ibnkhaldun8
  12. Anyone up for making mischief on a shared newly-made map in Valheim? This game has blown me away with just how well-balanced it is in terms of not being a time-sink, attention to detail, & survival game elements. Hit me up on Discord if you wouldnt mind playing a shared map with other LotCers. PS: River-raft with a cart full of loot is insanely fun for how mundane it sounds.
  13. Who is trying to team up in Valheim?

    1. HugoAntero


      sign me UP

    2. Ibn Khaldun

      Ibn Khaldun

      On 5/28/2024 at 10:21 AM, HugoAntero said:

      sign me UP

      Ping me on Discord @IbnKhaldun8 - if you know any other Valheim players, lets get this action Jackson

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