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  1. Odoacer hal'Cingedoz slid a bronzen icon of the Venerated Cunimund hal'Cingedoz over a print of the gorgeous Tabula Aaunica, just off-center from where the Langkette Pass symbol (the yellow-in-green marker). He wrote a note, reading: "Wæshæl! Whole health and hail to you o' King Johannes. By the love of mine kinsman Cunimund, newly venerated & incredibly instrumental to the legal & court tradition of Aaun, I ask that you consider marking the legendary humble hamlet of Bodbwodz on the Tabula Aaunica in future editions. Our fair village where heroes & scholars made home had been settled by the late Heinrich Lothar I & the Cingedoz tribe had been ever respectful to the Aaunic folk & ever loyal to Merryweather. As to the court tradition he aided in fostering, look no further than the Lex Aaunica transcribed & resting in assemblage lecterns in Whitespire among many other contributions."
  2. These nations & their job-like grind keep coming for macaque, it is wild. https://youtu.be/Nj0j4Gl4ovo?si=-wBGLlFiOYuBthGO


  3. Odoacer keeps the bronzen icon of the now Venerated Cunimund close to him. He tells all that keeping a carnyx warhorn next to their newborn's cradle will increase the likelihood of them having scholarly traits.
  4. My reaction to the Polish "autist's" appeal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22yfDLzOJfY



    1. Zolla_
    2. Nooblius


      this is worse than the dairy queen incident of numendil

  5. A bronzen icon is left by Odoacer in the Temple of the Exalted outside Whitespire. It is labelled Venerated Cunimund hal'Cingedoz with a note reading 'You know for what reasons he deserves some recognition come the next Golden Bull. Cherish thy library and all of its work transcribed mostly by his hand.'.
  6. I am compiling lore about a offshoot of humans who will be similar in theme & elements to Amerindian peoples. If you are interested in a sneak-peek when I am nearing completion, ping me on Discord @ ibnkhaldun8

    1. Borin


      not interested as such but how r u dud

  7. Have you heard of the Cingedoz? Have an interest in a tribal, unique culture? Whether a barbarian or a bard, learn more here: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/forum/1886-the-cingedoz-of-bodbwodz/

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      I don't have an interest, but wish you all the best little buddy <3

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      I have heard of the Cingedoz 

  8. Kekekeing in your forum report against stuff that we are going lax on now isnt as funny as you think it is. It is Seinfeld-tier humor:


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      wut happened

    3. NLThomas


      Loki Season 2 is unironically good tho

  9. I'm going to put this to the test. I like what you've come with as a rebuttal, so I am going to be more lax on enforcing the rules, but preferring to take an interpretive stance on certain posts. I'll leave reserve posts, unidentified flying posts (no name posts), & one-liners (I already do this anyways) alone even when reported (and certain players are now abusing the system for shits & giggles). Cheers & have a good day!
  10. The Pat McAfee Show? Animus? Where is the connection?!
  11. I will reply in full tomorrow, but I'm fine with pumping brakes on the necessity of explicitly mentioning your character's name in a flavor post and instead being more interpretive on whether posts are directly or indirectly written with invective, trolling, and/or harassing of the OP.
  12. That is a fair point. Would you say you would want us as forum moderators to make more of an effort to interpret whether a forum reply [with or without direct mention of character name] meets the criteria of harassment, "shit-posting", or otherwise rule-breaking in nature? Edit: What do you think about the following point: What we want to avoid are throwaway characters used only for shit posting, it doesnt embody any metric of player conduct or RP standards (give and take). Played characters in game are more or less actual characters that can be consequenced for being jerks in RP. Making random throwaways in game too is arguably against conduct and standards.
  13. I can only speak for myself & about forum moderation specifically, I am notorious for being "out of the loop" about current playergroups, cliques, etc. I usually lean into that by taking more charitable interpretations of player behavior (unless it is unavoidably obvious that behavior is done with malice, asshatery, etc). If you have a direct moderator decision of mine that you wish to contest, I welcome you to speak with me on Discord about it, but otherwise I've enjoyed mostly positive feedback in how I conduct myself with others as it pertains to forum moderation.
  14. I bet your growled like AJ Hawk when you wrote this one out.
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