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  1. Odoacer lifted up the canvas drawn across the wain drawn by his horse. He looked longingly across the mounds and mounds of beetroots hidden away. "Shall I share in my treasure?" he mused to himself.
  2. Sounds good. If you or the managers see value in adding me back in to help, feel free to ping me. Even if it is moreso wanting to contract out a specific item to develop and write on, I'm down.
  3. 𝅘𝅥𝅮𝅗𝅥𝅘𝅥𝅯𝅘𝅥𝅮 The young skirmisher led his horse, dressed in barding inlaid with ocean coral, around the feet of mesas and the faces of plateaus. Odoacer kept his karnyx warhorn bound to his person and a javelin drawn as he ambled across the empty quarter of the wastelands. He peaked beneath his tunic to one of the missives folded up against his chest that he had found after he emerged from the grungy depths of the Mori'quessir cave network. He bade all fair men and women good fortune, his questioning assaying hearts of gold from those more impure in intention such as highwaymen and marauders. He could often be heard whistling a tune in a guttural language, the refrain being "Deiwo afdauþnaniz banozek, aingidju sin teutoz" (trans. God blind my enemies, protect these people).
  4. I know I've reached out to you via Discord @squakhawk, but would Lore Sect members be able the ones to contribute to map lore and the sort of evolving storylines you are expecting on this new map? Before I left ST, I got the general impression that most lore work revolved around deities & Aengudaemon lore which for personal reasons I did not want to partake in. (Hats off to Zarsies because he seemed to be the one saddled with that particular project).
  5. Hello mate! I love the cultural influences you are drawing from. If you'd like to incorporate any elements from another, longer-established Gallo-Celtic group on LotC called the Cingedoz - just let me know or ping me on Discord. This isn't an attempt to co-opt your idea, but to give you some historical roots to either give your group an "origin story" or to simply incorporate tried-and-true cultural elements into yours.
  6. Had to change the profile pic in honor of HIMMY Butler.

  7. Wait for real? Who all got ToSed that were part of World Team? I'm not asking to call you out, I am legitimately curious.
  8. I know a number of cultural and racial playergroups on the server that do this already and expect it'll be done when we roll up on 9.0
  9. There is a typo, the map's name is Aegyptus. Also, remind the children that Cleopatra was not black.
  10. 𝅘𝅥𝅮𝅗𝅥𝅘𝅥𝅯𝅘𝅥𝅮 The spit of islands known to him as Vistulia, but to the old Savoyards as Daeland, rose from the bay east of the refugee camp like a hand drawing water from a well. Odoacer read the missive intently, looking from the parchment to the isles far in the distance from his vista along the encampment walls, and sighed. To try and hold mere islands would be to commit suicide, we've more fortune holding these walls than to try and dash apart our enemies on the exposed cliff-faces of Vistulia. The Cingedoz called for a young page to direct the missive he received to the head of the Vilchyc household ( @sanswarrior ). He called the page to come back before he had time to disappear from view and bade him to pass along a comment: "Would you be interested in getting together with this remnant of the Daelish line? I know you had the mind to regather at least the Cingedoz and the Vistulian kin, but I would not think it good of us to leave the Daelish out of your intended reunification."
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