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  1. MC-Name: Umbar Character Name: Cassian di Rivel Age: 17 Race: Human Hometown: Sutica Possible Goals to achieve: To improve my skill as a sailor and to freely experience the world. Wanted Role/Job: Sailor Discord: umbar#6038 ((Still working on skin.))
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    Grodi was born in Kal'Nikaer in the year 1585. His parents were both iron miners, toiling away in the depths for most of their lives. Grodi too, was destined for this fate, hacking away at the stone to extract it's value. Day in and day out, they talked of mining iron, it defined their whole lives. But it wasn't what Grodi wanted. Grodi wanted to explore, to see the world on his own terms but most of all he wanted to sail the seas. He had never actually left Kal'Nikaer but he had heard talk of the great blue expanse, like the sky made liquid stretching for miles and miles. He'd obviously heard about the dwarven navy but it wasn't the same. He'd heard that men and elves used the wind to sail. To him, using a wooden basket and a blanket to propel yourself across the ocean sounded ludicrous, but by Yemekar he wanted to try. He wanted to see it and experience it for himself. So he set out, on his own, leaving behind a note and his belongings, bringing with him only the clothes on his back, his hammer and a little stone amulet, in the shape of an anchor, in search of the sea. But for years he stumbled and failed in this venture. He wandered nervously from city to city, kingdom to kingdom, hoping to learn how to sail, maybe find a ship captain. He even began to dress how he thought sailors dressed, wearing an eyepatch and everything. But no one would take him. He was an inexperienced dwarf, son of miners, fresh out of Kal'Nikaer and had never raised a sail in his life. Years later, a brand new continent and a persistent sense of stubborn determination, Grodi continues to search for a crew that will take him, in the hopes that one day he can sail the great wide oceans.
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