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  1. Important Questions are IMPORTANT: 1- From 1-10 how much do you love me 2- Am I in your manifesto? 3- What is your favorite candy 4- Will you play bedwars with me again ;-;
  2. Delmira Sylvaeri sips quietly upon her morning tea. Looking to her husband, she would shake her head, letting out a soft sigh ”I did not realize that they were just a bunch of oem’ii playing the roles of grown mali. I recall when I used to play dress up when I was about.. 5? Hmm. Perhaps when they grow up, they will see how truly childish they are being. You know, I wrote an alliance up for them once, when I was the Lord Regent of Santegia.. I wish those Mali’aheral were still around. Much more reasonable they were..” She would pause, before shrugging and taking a bite of a freshly baked cookie
  3. A certain cookie giving elf would hum a soft song as she took another batch of cookies out of the oven- for whomever else would arrive to Aegrothond.
  4. ”Do they realize that these are just polite things we ask of them to do during a moot.. Because there are no other written rules anywhere else?” Comments a confused Archdruid
  5. Susanne de Castro would write her name, half paying attention as she goes back to her studies. ((Lmploded))
  6. I don't normally read lore, but this was beyond the worth of reading. I can actually find myself actually understanding the lore and not having to read it ten times to get. Super well written. +1 from me
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