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  1. From Sutica, a woman that looked strikingly like Terr’hi sits on a bench by the water. Within her hands she twists an old half broken dagger, one that long ago belonged to the triplet she so adored. She fingers would twist the blade a few more times, before beginning to laugh. Starting faintly as whispers of humor, growing until it was maddening cackles of insanity, tears springing to her eyes as her hands clutched until they turned white. She had spent half of her life searching for her triplet who just wanted to get away from her. A forever game of hide and seek, and she must admit that Terr’hi was always one to think he had won. Yet, like a cockroach Berr’hi would always find him, along with Jerr’hi. ”You.. You won this time Terrbear. Y-You won this time, only because you cant play anymore.. But I think I know someone else who likes playing games.. They cant win forever.. you know that best. I promised I would be there.. I’m sorry I failed.. but it’s just a game.. just a game.. It’s.. just a game..” With that, Berr’hi moves to a stand wandering off into Sutica, her trail of hysterics echoing within the streets.
  2. RP Name:: Elenora Zytiaear MC Username: Dahazelwazel Discord: HazelWazel#0001 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: The Druidic Order Why Do You Wish To Come?: To listen to my mother blabber about how she was a Druid there. And just floral and fauna related things. Whatever the other Druids said. What Skills Can You Bring?: Daisy. RP Name:: Vulnir MC Username: Oh4Cute or OhForCute I forget Discord: I’m not repeating What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Northgate Why Do You Wish To Come?: Paladong adventure What Skills Can You Bring?: Combat, Medical, and tea.
  3. WHAT LOTC REALLY WANTS FOR CHRISTMAS (And also my entry) https://soundcloud.com/user-308643632/admin-baby/s-dWW4d
  4. A lot of pros and cons. While I like the idea of a safety team, it perhaps should have been introduced in a better way, and the selected starters picked with more caution.
  5. I love the CT- but feel as it makes 0 sense the library is there. We cant steal artifacts from it, break into the restricted section, and a lot of other things due to the fact that it’s in the CT where no villainy rp can occur.
  6. ”I’m confused.” Says a particular mali’aheral- Whom’s name is Elenora Zytiaear to be specific.”Does this mean the Naelurir is disbanded or just have a single archdruid- erm.. ‘high priest’ running over it? How many circles are there now? Isn’t the Emerald Way just a path or..? Who voted Lyemer in exactly? And did the archdruids of the Naelurir both step down or.. told they were done? Is the High Prince also going to run over religion? Seems like a lot for one elf to handle.”
  7. Welcome witches. Hail haunters. Greetings gravelings. As promised our spooky seasonal festivities have been underway throughout the Elven Month. Our horrifying horde of trick or treaters have traveled across the continent, we’ve created blood-curdling concoctions, told spooky stories around the fire and it’s not even Hallow’s Eve’ yet. There’s even a murder mystery to solve in the Talus Grove! However my tricksy troublemakers, you’ve been slacking and not snacking. We invited you to trick or treat at our gruesome Groveyard and only the Halflings of Brandybrook have proven to have the seasonal stomach. Tsk tsk. Throughout the remainder of the Elven Week, any trick or treaters who visit the Grove will receive extra treats and minimal tricks, in case you were frightened of a few Druids. (( Trick or treaters still welcome all the way up to the 2nd of November. )) As for the rest of you.. Hallow’s Eve 1740 If you’re still howling for grizzly games and creepy contests, then we’re giving you paranormally plentiful chances for a bite at the apple. Literally too, because we still have a whole freaky festival this year and everyone’s invited. Costume Competitions Stitch and sew. Paint and pin. Borrow and beg. Assemble a truly terrifying costume, enter the contest and scare the competition away. Our preternatural parade of poltergeists and march of monsters will prove the best dressed for this year’s Hallow’s Eve. Best Costume Best Couple Best Group (( Mina prizes for category winners and runners up. Ribbons for secret cartegories)) Gore-geous Gourds Cut open the top, scoop out the insides, gouge out some eyes and cut the mouth open. We meant pumpkins, what were you thinking of? Put your carving skills to the test, by making the most devilishly dashing, terrifically terrifying or creatively crazy jack o’lanterns. Receive a pumpkin and make Knox proud. (( MS Paint drawing of jack o’lanterns. Mina and item prizes will be rewarded)) Pumpkin Brawl Helm your head in Hallow’s Eve’s finest pumpkin and ready yourself for a challenge. Go headless to headless with other fighters in our twist on the usual tournament. Not only must you best your opponent with a gourd upon your.. Well gourd, but the arena is filled with tricks to put you on uneven ground. Slog through the other contenders and be crowned Pumpkin King. (( PVP tournament with a twist. Items and 3000 mina prize for the winner, plus monetary prizes for runners up! )) Ghoulish Games If that’s not enough, there’s more to sink your teeth into. We’ve expanded our frightening festival grounds, to bring more activities to unlife for everyone to enjoy. Lose yourself in a maze, have your misfortune read or enjoy some pumpkin soup and pursue the market stalls. Games and Activities include: Apple-bobbing Ring Toss Archery game Corn Maze Fortune-telling Concession stalls Raffle with a chance to win Jollyb art D’oth we hear you cry, Descendants? “But where’st and when shallt we attend, devious Druids?” Upon the Elven Weekend, we reply. At the Talus Grove, follow the pumpkins from the main road, shriek with delight and prepare for scares.
  8. [!] Fliers and posters appear around the realm, the paper of their making is thick and lumpy, likely from recycled pulp. Pinned to noticeboards or glued in other places with wads of sticky sap. OOC: Sunday 8th of September at 3 PM EST ~✿~ ¤°✿。 Games 。✿°¤ Winners get Prizes! Bamboo Parkour See if you can make it to the end! Shogging Hit off your opponent off the log! AND MORE Sand Castle Building: Use your MSPaint skills! Pull the Shovel from the Sand: Get your hands dirty and pull! Dunk Tank: Throw with all your might! Fishing Fun: Catch a fish before your opponent does! ¤°✿。 Contests 。✿°¤ PvP Tournament Battle your foes one by one in a bracket! Enter your name before 4 PM EST, or message HazelWazel#9667 to pre-enter. First Place: 3,500 Mina, a Druidic Weapon and a Title! Second Place: 1,000 Mina Third Place: 500 Mina Tug of War Gather yourself and two friends to have a battle of strength! Pull the other team into the center sand to win! Make sure to get your team together as this will start 30 minutes after the start of the festival! First Place: Winners each gets a prize and 500 mina! Swimsuit Contest Wear your best swim suits, get a number, and take the stage! Your peers will vote for the best! First Place: 1k Mina and a Prize! Art Raffle Three tickets per person. 100 mina per ticket. Art is Chibi by the Lovely JollyB, Winner of the August Battle of the Arts! ¤°✿。 Attractions 。✿°¤ Lei Tiva Tattooing Portrait Paintings Drug Corner Ft. Alcohol Stalls of Druidic Goods! ¤°✿。 We hope to see you all there! 。✿°¤
  9. Mcname: Dahazelwazel Category: Music Attach Content:
  10. Important Questions are IMPORTANT: 1- From 1-10 how much do you love me 2- Am I in your manifesto? 3- What is your favorite candy 4- Will you play bedwars with me again ;-;
  11. Delmira Sylvaeri sips quietly upon her morning tea. Looking to her husband, she would shake her head, letting out a soft sigh ”I did not realize that they were just a bunch of oem’ii playing the roles of grown mali. I recall when I used to play dress up when I was about.. 5? Hmm. Perhaps when they grow up, they will see how truly childish they are being. You know, I wrote an alliance up for them once, when I was the Lord Regent of Santegia.. I wish those Mali’aheral were still around. Much more reasonable they were..” She would pause, before shrugging and taking a bite of a freshly baked cookie
  12. ”Do they realize that these are just polite things we ask of them to do during a moot.. Because there are no other written rules anywhere else?” Comments a confused Archdruid
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