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  1. "Ah, so that is where he went..." The Scorpion sits quietly beneath a large oak tree, an aged letter between her wooden fingers. Her dull glowing eyes occasionally broke its gaze from it to look to the many other unsent letters that rested within her bag, though it always returned to the one labeled neatly with a certain dwarfs name. When she had first heard she could not help but laugh, it was just like the Bluejay to leave only to tend to more work. "Thank you for my path. Thank you for teaching me." Though soon her laughter died then to a pondering silence. It was true that the two of them had disagreed and fought on a million different fronts, but deep down she owed a great debt to the other. He was to blame for some sorrow within her life, and yet was also the cause of much joy. "Thank you Ianril. Thank you for Liri." Her stone hand soon reached into her bag, pushing past the letters to carefully pull out a bottle of whiskey, it's label long since rubbed off and faded over the many years. How perfect of a timing it was for her to seek him out before. If she had waited any longer, they would not have been able to reconcile. She would not have been able to hear him call her family still. "Thank you for your patience. Thank you for forgiving me." Popping open the bottle, her wooden hand lofted up towards the branches, extending the letter up. It did not remain long as a blue bird swooped down to pluck it from her fingers. Silently the druidess watched it take off, her gaze remaining upon it until it finally dipped beyond her horizon and out of view. Only then did she lift up the bottle to her lips. "Thank you for the drink."
  2. Zyn'ira Terin rests at the edge of the bed, her partner fast asleep next to her. Tiredly she rubs her hands over her bagged eyes, silently moving to a stand. Sparing a glance to her partner she then turns to head down the hall and quietly opens the door into the prior druids room. Untouched from what she had last left it, the 'ame closed the door. Once this action was complete she slid down the wooden wall, sitting upon the cold ground. Finally alone, she wept for the woman she hoped considered he family just as she did, for she owed all she had now to her, and her alone.
  3. Elenora Zytiaear sits quietly within her home upon the edge of her bed. Her dented helm within her false hands. She was there for what occurred, though she saw not- she could assume to the events. She felt the pain and sorrow- yet peace. The tears she wept though held nothing but anger and frustration. She would pause only a moment, before moving to a stand- setting the helm where she once sat, and leaving her partner asleep upon the bed. Down the stairs she went into the basement of her home, carefully looking through her shelves- before she pulls out a singular box. Within it an old and dried bouquet of mismatched flowers, a ribbon poorly cut. Her wooden fingers brush across the ancient things, her glowing gaze closing now as tears rolled down her face. All the moments that they had spent together, all the times that Elenora had fought by the others side- they raced through her head. The moments upon Atlas- atop the ruined library where Elenora took Awaiti upon their first date, the wisdom that had been shared throughout the decades. The moment within the Sparrow Grove, where Elenora took the Hurricane's hand and led her back to the boat, back to her people. Every moment clutched her heart and squeezed, as if she was in the midst of a storm.. "I pulled you from death before once. I wonder did I fail you then, and not now? Perhaps you were suffering all this time? But even in the sadness in nature's song.. I felt peace. I hope you're at peace.. You will always apart of me. Your strength paralleled to none. Both the calm and the wrath of a storm.. I have and will always love you." -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Delmira Sylvaeri sits within her house, reading through books. Her eyes cast up as the door opens and her beloved moves in. Grasping a cup of tea prepared she readies to hand it off to her partner, only for the news to reach her ears. The glass slips from within her fingers- clattering to the floor. Shock, confusion, rage bubbled within the small frame of the Mali'ame, thought it all led back to the same place- sadness. The healer drops to her knees instantly, beginning to pick up the pieces of glass frantically.- despite the tears and sobs that began to seep out. Eventually her hands were grabbed and stopped before she could cut them open, the woman's counter part pulling her up and to a hug as the cleric released the sadness she held for her deceased seed sister. The woman in which if it was not for her the cleric would have long since lost her path and way. The woman who was her rock, her friend, her only family for so long. Though deep down, the cleric knew that the hurricane had found her peace, she could finally rest knowing that her legacy was in good hands. "Mayilu.. I... have so.. so much to do, and I will do it.. for her."
  4. Sister Scorpion sits with three other druids, ready to go to clown town.
  5. Elenora Zytiaear was in mid speech as the vision appeared, her whole body tensing. It took only a moment to process for the druidess, before she found herself running full sprint towards a certain location. Many thoughts raced through her head, but one stood out. "It will not be easy. But you will come home."
  6. Elenora Zytiaear, despite being tucked away in her locked down house, smells a smell. A smelly smell that smells smelly. "Maln said he was done. But he is never done. Wonder how he will burn this one down."
  7. Elenora Zytiaear sits within her house at the Druidic Grove, her glowing eyes casted over the writing carefully- examining them as if there was something hidden within the wording, another meaning she had perhaps not noticed right away. She would be silent for a few moments, before she rests into the blanket they never truly returned to Solomon. She laughs then to herself, folding the parchment carefully trice. Pressing a small kiss to it's back, her eyes flutter close and her body relaxes against the soft fur. "Your path was set.. as is mine. I only wish I could have told you what your actions had done. Perhaps in another life.. Yes. Perhaps." The druidess shakes her head with a sad smile, knowing that where ever Jager is, he is finally at peace.
  8. Jim 'Swiggly Fingers'. If you dont know him- you need to. Blessed be his swiggly fingers.
  9. RP Name:: Elenora Zytiaear MC Username: Dahazelwazel Discord: HazelWazel#0001 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: The Druidic Order Why Do You Wish To Come?: To listen to my mother blabber about how she was a Druid there. And just floral and fauna related things. Whatever the other Druids said. What Skills Can You Bring?: Daisy. RP Name:: Vulnir MC Username: Oh4Cute or OhForCute I forget Discord: I’m not repeating What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Northgate Why Do You Wish To Come?: Paladong adventure What Skills Can You Bring?: Combat, Medical, and tea.
  10. WHAT LOTC REALLY WANTS FOR CHRISTMAS (And also my entry) https://soundcloud.com/user-308643632/admin-baby/s-dWW4d
  11. A lot of pros and cons. While I like the idea of a safety team, it perhaps should have been introduced in a better way, and the selected starters picked with more caution.
  12. I love the CT- but feel as it makes 0 sense the library is there. We cant steal artifacts from it, break into the restricted section, and a lot of other things due to the fact that it’s in the CT where no villainy rp can occur.
  13. Welcome witches. Hail haunters. Greetings gravelings. As promised our spooky seasonal festivities have been underway throughout the Elven Month. Our horrifying horde of trick or treaters have traveled across the continent, we’ve created blood-curdling concoctions, told spooky stories around the fire and it’s not even Hallow’s Eve’ yet. There’s even a murder mystery to solve in the Talus Grove! However my tricksy troublemakers, you’ve been slacking and not snacking. We invited you to trick or treat at our gruesome Groveyard and only the Halflings of Brandybrook have proven to have the seasonal stomach. Tsk tsk. Throughout the remainder of the Elven Week, any trick or treaters who visit the Grove will receive extra treats and minimal tricks, in case you were frightened of a few Druids. (( Trick or treaters still welcome all the way up to the 2nd of November. )) As for the rest of you.. Hallow’s Eve 1740 If you’re still howling for grizzly games and creepy contests, then we’re giving you paranormally plentiful chances for a bite at the apple. Literally too, because we still have a whole freaky festival this year and everyone’s invited. Costume Competitions Stitch and sew. Paint and pin. Borrow and beg. Assemble a truly terrifying costume, enter the contest and scare the competition away. Our preternatural parade of poltergeists and march of monsters will prove the best dressed for this year’s Hallow’s Eve. Best Costume Best Couple Best Group (( Mina prizes for category winners and runners up. Ribbons for secret cartegories)) Gore-geous Gourds Cut open the top, scoop out the insides, gouge out some eyes and cut the mouth open. We meant pumpkins, what were you thinking of? Put your carving skills to the test, by making the most devilishly dashing, terrifically terrifying or creatively crazy jack o’lanterns. Receive a pumpkin and make Knox proud. (( MS Paint drawing of jack o’lanterns. Mina and item prizes will be rewarded)) Pumpkin Brawl Helm your head in Hallow’s Eve’s finest pumpkin and ready yourself for a challenge. Go headless to headless with other fighters in our twist on the usual tournament. Not only must you best your opponent with a gourd upon your.. Well gourd, but the arena is filled with tricks to put you on uneven ground. Slog through the other contenders and be crowned Pumpkin King. (( PVP tournament with a twist. Items and 3000 mina prize for the winner, plus monetary prizes for runners up! )) Ghoulish Games If that’s not enough, there’s more to sink your teeth into. We’ve expanded our frightening festival grounds, to bring more activities to unlife for everyone to enjoy. Lose yourself in a maze, have your misfortune read or enjoy some pumpkin soup and pursue the market stalls. Games and Activities include: Apple-bobbing Ring Toss Archery game Corn Maze Fortune-telling Concession stalls Raffle with a chance to win Jollyb art D’oth we hear you cry, Descendants? “But where’st and when shallt we attend, devious Druids?” Upon the Elven Weekend, we reply. At the Talus Grove, follow the pumpkins from the main road, shriek with delight and prepare for scares.
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