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  1. A certain cookie giving elf would hum a soft song as she took another batch of cookies out of the oven- for whomever else would arrive to Aegrothond.
  2. HazelWazel

    Druidic Moot Guidelines

    ”Do they realize that these are just polite things we ask of them to do during a moot.. Because there are no other written rules anywhere else?” Comments a confused Archdruid
  3. HazelWazel

    AMA because its 1:37AM and Im depressed

    how much do you love me? o:
  4. HazelWazel

    The Hurricane's Exile

    Delmira Aureon quietly closes one of her last crates of things, leaning back against the cleaned clinic’s desk. Her tired eyes would cast over the place that her seed sister had left in her care. So much faith was put into her by Awaiti, perhaps too much. Has she failed her? In doing what she believed she needed to do, was she disappointing the woman who showed her what family was? It was hard to tell, and Delmira knew she could not dwell upon it. Perhaps she would ask Awaiti in person. But that would be a long ways away. ”I will wait Awaiti. When you return, I will be one of the first to welcome you back... Just as I did before.” ——————— The Scorpion Druid would sit quietly at the edge of the water, her daughter making flower crowns at her side. The druidess would watch with a faint smile, before glancing out towards the gentle moving water of the pond. She knew something was wrong, something had changed. Her eyes would close then after, speaking very softly under her breath. ”Blessed be Sister Hurricane. May you find the calm within yourself that you so deserve..”
  5. Scorpion Druid Elenora squints quietly in the distance. Then back at the grove. Then back in the distance. Then back at the grove. ”..... What the frickle frackle does Carl want with us? Honestly.. feels like this never ends. Never. Ends. Seems oddly convenient. Like.. some unknown force is.. driving him to continue this endless rampage.. Like no matter what we do- there is always this.. unknown force that.. prevents us from ever ending this true madness. As if someone else is making the rules- and the rules change no matter what we do..” Taking another look in the distance.. The Scorpion Druid would shrug, lighting up a cigarette “Oh well.. What do I know.”
  6. HazelWazel

    A Priests Report - Demons of Arberrang

    A woman hidden by cloak nearly passes by such a posting, but spots it- reading it quietly. After a moment she would take a copy for herself, shoving it her bag. ”... Perhaps he lied to me for good reason..”
  7. HazelWazel

    Abyssus's Lore Master Application

    No. +1 tho
  8. Shame on you for not telling me you had posted an application for this +1 Because you are a complete sweetheart, understanding, and very patient. If anyone deserves this- Lumii does for a sure
  9. HazelWazel

    [Accepted] [Interviewed][Pending][Actor] A_Keefy

    +1 ... But I may be biased
  10. HazelWazel

    The Lion Roars Once More

    Delmira de Castro glances at the reports given to her about such event, reading it over a few times "They just don't know when to give up... Do they?"
  11. HazelWazel

    Land charter app

    Susanne de Castro would write her name, half paying attention as she goes back to her studies. ((Lmploded))
  12. HazelWazel

    [✗] Anti-Magic Rewrite

    I don't normally read lore, but this was beyond the worth of reading. I can actually find myself actually understanding the lore and not having to read it ten times to get. Super well written. +1 from me