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  1. Name: Lysander Elme Race: Human Age: 20 years old Gender: Male Physical Description: Lysander wears a long robe in a dark blue color, adorned with three broaches. He wears it to hide his boney and scrawny body from others. He has long blonde hair, which is usually really messy, but he has it stuffed in the hood of his robe ususally, since he is a bit embarrassed about his hair. Under his robe he wears baggy brown pants, a beige shirt and brown suspenders with a belt. His boots are the color of his robe while
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    Lysander was born in Helena, the capital of the Holy Orenian Empire. His parents were both middle class citizens with his mother being an aspiring author and his father working as a merchant. They had most of their wealth due to inheritance. He grew up an only child for 8 years until his younger sister Rosetta was born. He didn’t really like her or interact with her a lot, but he had a soft spot for his younger sister nonetheless. Up until his 16th birthday he’d been a child that was very closed off and mostly hid in his room to read. He spent a lot of time inside, avoiding his peers and
  4. Sign up for Citizenship RP Name: Echo Locat MC Name: Echolocat
  5. Echolocat


    Echo was born as the only daughter to the Locat family in the Kingdom of Adylith. She grew up rather poor since her parents were farmers. Though she learned that she had everything she needed and doesn`t like to ask for things. She´d rather let others have nice things than have them herself. She likes to help everyone but is often too trusting and naive. She likes cooking, gardening and tailoring. Her life goal is to become a good wife to someone and build a life with a family of her own. Even if she seems to be a delicate girl, she`s used to hard work and therefore has some muscles
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    Alright I will change it :) Thank you!
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