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  1. i fixed my age thanks for the heads up
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    Swifterus was born within the later part of the year of 1631 on the Isles of Axios Within the kingdom of Courland. His father had been a merchant before Swifterus was even born and had traveled across the vast land before he found his way to Courland where he met Swifterus’ mother and both fell in love; settling down within the kingdom until Swifterus was conceived. While pregnant with their child the mother was deeply saddened when her husband decided to left to continue his traveling business, however he had never returned to his wife or son. When Swifterus was born he had known very little about his father, but as he grew older his mother relayed stories about his father that he once told her about the vast lands he had seen. It wasn't until much later (right before he and his mother had to leave on the boats to sail to atlas) when he found a chest stocked full of journals written from his father, detailing not just the sales he made but journals of his travels and the diverse locations he had visited with well detailed descriptions and sloppy sketches as well. From what he read he was astounded by the tales that he took the chest with him and read all of the journals twice over on the long journey until Atlas was discovered. The 2 party family traveled between developing kingdoms and until the development of Curon and they happily settled in a thickit not to far from Cyrilsburg. Since the household was fatherless Swifterus became man of the house at such a young age and the older he grew the more weight he had to carry around the weight house. His mother also helped and as she was a descendant of a family of ace archers so she used the knowledge given to her to help train her son if the art of archery to defend his home in case of attacks. In Atlas Swifterus continued his training, even adding swordplay into his skill set. Sometime after his 27th birthday his mother fell ill and soon after she passed peacefully in her son’s arms passing on the mottoes of both her and her father. the weeks following the burial the home was attacked by reivers and destroyed Swifterus’ home. The archer tried to fight off his assailants however he was clearly outnumbered so he retreated to Cyrilsburg to seek justice upon the dastardly bandits.
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