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  1. Prince Paul Alexander of the Petra gasps! A crazy turn of events from his rarely seen niece! “What a nothing burger.” He laments.
  2. I humbly invite you to come play a peasant in the heartlands
  3. Prince Paul of the Petra is enamored with all of the juicy gossip going around lately.
  4. The Baronne’s grandfather Sir Laurens pursed his lips together at the missive from his retirement home someplace deep in the Heartlands, ”She’s making mon proud!” He mentions, off to pen a letter to Fleur in congratulations of her ascension to the Campagnon title.
  5. The grandson of the founder of the Commonwealth, Prince Paul Alexander of the Petra the Duke of Valfleur, Founder and Chancellor of the Royal Academy of Saint Jude smiled at the well-written and highly decorated missive, ”I always knew she could do it. Three cheers for the Dame-Maire of Vallagne!”
  6. Issued and averred by His Royal Highness Prince PAUL ALEXANDER in the Year of our Lord 1976 PAUL ALEXANDER BY the GRACE of GOD PRINCE of the PETRA [!] Throughout the Heartlands and the greater Realm of Aevos, this missive was pinned. In Memoriam: Albert Salvian of the Petra It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of our beloved brother, Albert Salvian of the Petra, known to many as Albéric du Lac, "Knight of the Lake". Intimately, "frayre." His loss has left a profound void in our hearts and in the realm. As we come to terms with his sudden departure, we shall honor his memory with a five-day period of mourning, commencing immediately. During this time, the household of the Duke of Valfleur will observe solemnity and reflection in memory of our esteemed brother by collectively donning black attire, with a private vigil to be held at Courteis Hale's chapel. Throughout these days, the entrance of the Valfleur's estate shall remain draped in black as a symbol of our collective grief. We invite all those who knew and cherished Albert to join us in paying respects and offering prayers for his eternal peace. May his legacy endure in our hearts, and may his soul find solace in the embrace of the righteous. Amen. WITNESS Ourselves at Courteis Hale on this 11th day of Sigismund’s End in the Year of our Lord 1976, 121 Atstana de Regne Petrére Well-Wishes, His Royal Highness, Paul Alexander Temesch of the Petra, Prince of the Petra, the Duke of Valfleur, Chancellor & Founder of the Royal Academy of St. Jude, Steward of Vallagne, Patriarch of the House of Valfleur
  7. Prince Paul Alexander Temesch of the Petra, the Duke of Valfleur, would fall to the ground in tears as news of his eldest brothers untimely yet heroic demise broke. The Duke would lower the flags and ring the chapel bells at Courties Hale then; as he calls for the announcement of a period of mourning. To his children the Lords and Ladies of Valfleur, he’d take to an intimate setting in a centered drawing room to speak with them cautiously about their Uncle Albèric’s death. And to their dear Matrère, he visited and shared tears greater than the River Petra with, a gesture the two were familiar and comfortable in doing. The family had mourned together the loss of many sons and daughters of Queen Renilde I — but this one, would do a number on the spry Prince of the Petra. The agony and defeat he would feel, would be similar to the same depression he felt with the tradegy of his twin sister Archduchess Winifred Adalia. @Nectorist@thisuserisok@DISCOLIQUID@tilly @AndrewTech [OOC Note: I don’t know about this ICly yet, but having Albert around to shape and guide my character as a sibling was an experience I’ll never forget. You and your characters have an impact on people, for real!]
  8. Name: Charles Edward Temesch-StafyrIGN: Chorale__Age: 41?Province: the PetraAddress: the Barony of FeldkirchCampaigning for: (Lord-Mayor or Garmont Assembly) Garmont AssemblyDiscord: Chorale_
  9. Prince Paul Alexander Temesch of the Petra bobbed his head fervently as he overlooked the transcript with a half-smile and a glass of Vallagne White.
  10. Ser Laurens literally jumped out of his chair and made quick preparations to attend!
  11. Prince Paul of the Petra was glad that today is a day for jokes. "Phew, that was close."
  12. tell me this is an april fools joke before i read the comments
  13. Sir Laurens Halcourt craned his head as he were presumed dead. Having been the head of the Council, he; too wonders when they met. Regardless, the Baron-Emeritus was only curious why his granddaughter didn't just ask him for all this. He had retired with honor to the Petran countryside. He was not without an Aviary. Perhaps it would be better for the former Marquis and Chancellor of the Commonwealth to be missing- either way, he smiled an Auvergnian smile and uttered, "Princeps in Omnibvs"
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