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  1. Carson Berthmeud would look at the letter and wonder why the heck he had never had a birthday celebration before. “Perhaps it’s because it is every elven week!” He’d state at his desk.
  2. Commander of Knights Carson Berthmeud would Look at the letter, and begin drafting his journey to visit the war nation of Krugmar with the rest of the Knights of Leumont.
  3. Carson Berthmeud would skim through the letter, only noticing the word Leumont. "The feck is this even about?" He would than discard the letter and move on to take care of The War Mules of Leumont.
  4. Carson Berthmeud would sit in his chair reading the letter. “So I guess he’s finally made the right choice.” He would look down at his flame patch, and begin to scribble a letter to be send to Jolfrey himself. “My friend, it pleases me to hear this information. I propose we hold the converson ceremony together, and invite all the people of Leumont to join us. To the future of Leumont my friend.” Signed, Carson Berthmeud, Corporal of the Knights of Leumont
  5. Leumont - A Call To Religious Reform The Jarldom of Leumont has been, for as long as most of us can remember, a Cannonist state. For years we have been a safe haven for those in Norland who wish to follow our religion. In these times, it does not seem fir to follow a god with such roots as we currently do; one with roots tracing back to the Holy Orenian Empire. I am here to call for change, for our people to follow a better path, one following the red faith. I am here to call for religious reform in Leumont. I bid that we become the new protectors of the flame; that we tear off t
  6. KingoArcher


    Allot was orphaned and found by a human in the woods all by himself. She thought he was human untill she say his ears. She hesitantly took him home knowing how inn her village elves are known as an enemy. She cut his ears down as he grew up. The only reason he was never caught was because he resembled a human. He grew older a learned farming and basic hunting skills with a bow. One day the town was rampaged with a group of wood elves (which he did not know he was one of) and he ran off for saftey. He lived in the woods for many years and wondered to a new area called Arcas. He is looki
  7. KingoArcher


    he dreams to be an Adunian Bowman.
  8. KingoArcher


    Oliver Was just an eight year old boy when his parents were killed by the orcs in there home for a crime they did not commit. Oliver watched from a crack in the door as father was beaten to death and his mother was dragged out of the room to soon get beheaded. His father was a hunter and taught Oliver to become very skilled with a bow. Oliver ran away and was adopted by a wood elf named Hartha. She brought him to the Wanaca Woods. There she taught him there religion as he already possessed his connection to his family. He left her when he turned 18 to begin his journey. He has been set on
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    hi, nice app. Im waiting for mine to get read
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    This is my new application
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