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    he dreams to be an Adunian Bowman.
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    Oliver Was just an eight year old boy when his parents were killed by the orcs in there home for a crime they did not commit. Oliver watched from a crack in the door as father was beaten to death and his mother was dragged out of the room to soon get beheaded. His father was a hunter and taught Oliver to become very skilled with a bow. Oliver ran away and was adopted by a wood elf named Hartha. She brought him to the Wanaca Woods. There she taught him there religion as he already possessed his connection to his family. He left her when he turned 18 to begin his journey. He has been set on a quest to build a team of humans to find out who had killed his parents. He will stop for noting and will do-whatever he has to do no-matter the consequence. He one day wants to fight alongside the Adunians and be lead by the elefs like Hartha.
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    hi, nice app. Im waiting for mine to get read
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    This is my new application
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    This is my old application