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  1. "Politics," utters a drunk Valdemar Vanir. "I love politics! Politics makes me happy!"
  2. "I dunno, that execution method is pretty bad-ass," says Caelan Jrent, drinking carrion black. "Thankfully I don't die."
  3. "Not the Knight Paramount!" Valdemar Vanir dumbly states. "I wanted to have dinner with him!" He then shivers, wondering if he might choke at dinner too- probably from the food, of course.
  4. "And they've figured out how to tell gender from bones!" Caelan would exclaim with suprise. "We're doomed, Imperial technology is advancing!"
  5. "Oh, maybe they're the imperials I accidentally killed that one day in Providence!" Caelan Jrent comments, recalling the day the "Goats of Sedan" failed to capture an imperial princess. "Wonder how they got all the way to Sedan, seeing as no Imperials ever tried to raid us." he'd shrug the missive off, and go try and find which Goat with the intelligence of an ISA recruit left a small portion of imperial casualties exposed. "Also, why are there no remains of men? I thought we buried one donned in full ISA armor..."
  6. An anonymous ferryman recalls that he couldn't get paid by Oren, and wonders how they expect pay from a nation with a total of 1,000 mina in their bank. "Huh. Interesting."
  7. Beautiful work man, great job. Said a thousand words by saying none.
  8. "Haenser." Valdemar Vanir says the forbidden word edgily.
  9. Caelan Jrent wishes to speak, to make his voice heard, but his words turn into nothingness- void of meaning, void of existing. He marches on, on, on. But to what- for what?
  10. "Rejecting Tyranny is Terrorism," states known terrorist Caelan Jrent. "And there is nothing wrong with that."
  11. "I do believe you do," comments Caelan in a genuine agreeance.
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