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  1. The Light of Hanseti Ruska Men and women of this realm, these days I feel obliged to tell my story, the reason I am still alive and breathing today. Queen Amaya was known for many things, her kindness, her hot choco, but she was more than anyone can sum into words, and she brought back the light into my eyes. Some years ago, I was drowned in a frozen lake as a part of a ceremony. My old body was not suited anymore for surviving such a trial, and I froze to death inside the lake, and, well, drowned. My cousin jumped into the water to save me after a while seeing I did not come back to the surface, but it was too late. My body was ice cold and I did not breathe. Even if I could breathe, my lungs were full of water. The queen worked fast and used her knowledge of medicine, but, when all failed, she sat and prayed over my body. Soon after, I took a breath again. I was alive. I can not say I came back in one piece, but I was saved. Thanks to her majesty, I came back to my children, my wife, my family, my knights, my nation. A true miracle by her majesty’s own soul. One can not sum the appreciation I feel for the late queen in words, I will forever owe her my life. Thank you my queen, and goodbye until we meet again. Signed, Fredrich Leo Ludovar, Knight Paramount of Hanseti Ruska
  2. Fredrich Ludovar stood still has he heard the news, bringing a fist to his chest, and gave a moment of silence to respect the fallen queen, he would not dare to call it last, since no matter if she is alive or dead, her legacy will forever stay, and shall forever be respected. "The sum of our kingdom has fallen... The days are going to become much colder in Haense again."
  3. A SUMMON TO THE TABLE FOR SER EMILIO VAROCHE By writ of the KNIGHT-PARAMOUNT on this 8th of Mstiza and Dargun of 518 Once squires start their path, the first lesson I teach them is the importance of their image. The knights of a kingdom are the face, the champions of the crown. An action of a knight is never theirs alone, but the action of the chosen warriors of a nation, of their king. Hence, I expect my knights and squires to act accordingly. Recent rumors have spread about the behavior of a knight of our table which can not be described as anything one would expect a knight of a proud nation to do in a foreign state, or even inside our own nation. And so, I call Ser Emilio Varoche to come to the table to explain his side of events and the claims made against the knight so as to see the truth of these claims on a date that will be set once Ser Emilio accepts the letter. signed His Excellency, Ser Fredrich Leo Ludovar, Knight Paramount of Hanseti-Ruska
  4. THE TOURNAMENT OF THE ORDERS In celebrations of the victory of the covenant, the orders of the nations of Haense, Balian, Aaun, Petra and Numendil have decided to gather for a friendly tournament, testing the knights and their skills in combat, bowing, jousting and storytelling. Each nation will host a competitions ending in a celebration and a ceremony to give trophies for the champions. We would like to invite all to watch the opening competition, starting with a joust in Hanseti Ruska. Signed, His Excellency, Ser Fredrich Leo Ludovar, Knight Paramount of Hanseti-Ruska His Excellency, Count Waclaw Jazlowiecki, Grandmaster of the Circle of Saint Godwin His Excellency, Sir Percy de Lyons ‘al Lionhearted’, Grandmaster of the Order of St. Michael Ser Alwyn II Glennmaer, Royal Castellan of the White Court of the Númenaranyë, Lord of Formindon, Templar of the Archangel Michael, and Knight of the Realm His Excellency, Sir Aimo “The Eccentric, Tongue Taker” of Astor, Knight Commander of the Petrine Laurel
  5. OOC NAME: Raijenstars IRP NAME: Fredrich Ludovar DISCORD: _nathancr
  6. Recruit to Labour From the office of the Treasurer Issued by the Kastellan of Labour on this 13th day of Tov and Yermey of 505 E.S. As the new treasurer, Isaak Ludovar, is pushing for the improvement and betterment of our nation, we call from Haeseni people to contribute to the effort and work under the treasury. Workers will be compensated for their labor and are offered a wide variety of jobs they may choose to take a part in. Any who wish to join may send a letter or approach Ser Fredrich Ludovar, Kastellan of Labour, to speak of their employment. Additionally, any Haeseni employer who seeks laborers and workers may speak with the Kastellan of Labour to advertise their employment to possible workers. The office offers the following occupations to the Haeseni people: Miners and Farmers - As the treasury builds up, we need not just mina but also resources. The miners and farmers will collect ores and grow the cattle. Tavernkeepers - With the new collaboration of the treasury and the tavern, we offer employment in the tavern as tavernkeepers to sell drinks and keep our people entertained. Merchants - The treasury sells many wares in shops across the continent, but some products sell best with a direct approach, with merchants going around the cities and roads to sell the wares. Stewards - the people in charge of selling property to the people and new citizens of Haense. DLUM EDLERVIKI, DRUZ ZVAERDI, His Excellency, Isaak Ludovar, Lord Treasurer of Hanseti-Ruska, Chief Executive Officer of the Royal Ludovar Mining Company His Lordship, Ser Fredrich Ludovar, Meyster Knight of Haense, Kastellan of Inspection, Kastellan of Labour
  7. Fredrich Ludovar realizes he will never sleep again
  8. Fredrich Ludovar faced palmed, wondering if his old mentor is a duel magnet of some sort
  9. Fredrich Ludovar, who found about the secret couple not long ago by chance, wondered if his squire wants to go on boy-hunting now rather than the planned necro-hunting @CyyanTea
  10. The Great Tournament Soldiers of the Brotherhood of Saint Karl and citizens of Haense, all are invited to watch and showcase their skills and prowess in The Great Tournament. The champion of the tournament will receive both honor and a great prize, a hundred mina in coins and a great golden sword to symbolize their triumph. Rules: I. In order to keep the competition fair, all participants will use a simple weapon of their choosing out of a non-rare metal, no alchemical treatment or enchantment. To enforce this every participant will bring their weapon to a referee before the fight for approval. II. Order of duels and the matches will be decided randomly. III. Not showing up to the duel on the date decided with no prior notice will be considered as giving up and the participant who showed up will be considered as the winner. IV. In case of dissatisfaction with the results, doubt about a matter of fairness in the tournament or an act of a participant one may bring the matter up to the referee and they will give their judgment on the matter. His Lordship, Fredrich Ludovar
  11. IGN: raijenstars DISCORD: _nathancr SKIN: stay warm: dimitri AMOUNT: 60 mina
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