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    Changed Status to Accepted
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    Hi there, as you can see, you have been accepted onto the server! Well done on your application, you’re doing great! So now, I welcome you to the wonderful community of LotC! To get started, I suggest doing; /creq Can I have a CT Monk to help me get started? Here are some links you may find useful while starting out!: Settlement Guides Major Charters Need help? Feel free to contact me through the forums or through discord [ N¡ck#4884 ]. If you see me around ingame, you can also /message Polysemic to ask me things there. If I’m not around, you can also use the LotC Discord. I would also recommend that you have a look around the Wiki! If you need help ingame, you can do /creq to request help from a community team member! You can find the new player guide here. Have a great time roleplaying, and I look forward to seeing you around in future!
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    Under review
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    Changed Status to Denied
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    Changed Status to Under Review Hi there, as you can see your application has unfortunately been denied, check below for the detailed reasons why. - You need to agree to the server rules. Please re-submit your application and be sure you toggle the button. Don’t worry though! You can submit a new application and try again right after, just make sure you correct the things listed! Need help? Feel free to contact me through the forums or through discord [ N¡ck#4884 ]. If you see me around ingame, you can also /message Polysemic to ask me things there. If I’m not around, you can also use the LotC Discord. I would also recommend that you have a look around the Wiki!
  6. Because there's other things we're responsible for as well. Applications are a big part of our time. And then there's wiki and content creation, keeping other things up to date, making sure people know what they're doing in the Wandering Soul chat - When we don't get kicked from it, as well as managing the main discord and making sure staff gets the correct roles there when they request it, troubleshooting when people are having trouble with freja sync (or getting them in contact with tech), doing monk guidance, and new player intervention to help them look over rules and stuff when needed. Then there's other things like making sure players don't use wandering souls as drones to find nodes or patrol on raids, as well as making sure the new players are doing alright in game. tl;dr there's a lot to do and not all of it has to do with new player retention. In case you're wondering - This project is currently on hold. I'll give some more info on that in a second. That's not the only thing we're supposed to be doing. Again - Wiki team is also part of the community team, and the wiki takes quite some moderation. Content Creation is also part of CT, we do stuff in the main LotC discord - Again, read the thing I wrote above. It's not just new players. Because people want to write for the wiki and pick up projects. People apply for wiki team, wiki team is part of the community team. Their responsibility is the wiki, not new players. New players, more often than you'd think, use the wiki to find information. Believe me - Doing applications and stuff isn't the most fun thing to do. But it does help with new players. We do what we can, but we can't exactly force people to do certain think. I can quote your own Community Team application when commenting on this: As management, we can't force people to do certain things. We can pick up projects ourselves, we can ask if people are interested with helping with them, but we can't force them to help us with them. If people want to change things about player retention, or pick Soul Island back up, they're free to do so. But we don't get paid; We don't have the resources to pay people. We're doing what we can, and while you may disagree with our direction, you also need to understand that we have more responsibility than just vetting new players. You're always free to create player initiatives as well. Some things are in the work - And if you need resources from the Community Team or staff in general, feel free to shoot me a message and I'm sure we can work something out
  7. This is a world team thing, @SoulReapingWolf @WestCarolina @Hiebe
  8. Hi! This is not really a moderation issue, so I'll respond to it instead. Ragnar & Sashimi are wiki team, Saviour is on our Content Creation team, and Twi only joined recently and hasn't had her full training yet. In addition, we've been struggling with a problem where people get kicked out of the wandering soul chat at every restart, so sometimes people forget to join back. Overall, it's an unfortunate situation and we try to do what we can. You're also always free to help people out yourself; We rely on other players to be active in wandering soul chat to some extent as well. I'd need to look up the commands for this - I'll be sure to have it fixed somewhere in the coming days. I think it's important to preface this one with an Influx of new players isn't a larger player retention. If we get 200 applicants in a month and we retain 20 players, we have a player retention of 10%. If we get 400 applicants and we retain 40 of them, that's still 10%. Scalability on the application side of things is somewhat of an issue, something I wish to spend more time on. It's being worked on. Voting sites and the front page being out of date or not reflecting the server as well as they could be are on the list, but we can only do so much at the same time. Right. So we have the Wiki, which has always been in a bit of a weird spot because it relies on players a lot, and it's somewhat of a mess. I had a lore project for the wiki running a while ago - To get all lore on the wiki in a digestible format - but that's been put on hold for the time being for other things. Anyone is free to make a wiki account or write posts that summarize lore in a more digestible manner - If you need help, feel free to reach out to someone on staff with what you want to do and we can point you in the right direction. Nations & timelines for them are a bit weird as well. People would need to want to make these things - if you do, hit me up and we can work something out - and then we'll need to put them in a nice spot. Again; Things that could be done if we had people to do them. I'm not sure what you mean by general lore management. If you could expand on that I could probably tell you a bit more. I'll also give my personal opinion on the topic of lore, as I've done before; I don't think a new player needs to know all the lore on the server. If you know some of the basic things, you can pretty much step in and just interact with the world. I'd even say this is the most fun way to play on LotC.
  9. hi cool music? favourite rp moment? ectoplasm cake?
  10. hi usual questions: favourite music? cool rp moment? other questions: why are you so cringe??? JosefCringe when??? ur mom
  11. Favourite CT manager? (hint: its me) What's some music you like? Favourite roleplay moment? What's something you'd like to experience / do again, with the experiences and knowledge you have about the server now?
  12. Cloaked in disguise and stripped of name and titles, a previous Tilruir'maehr looked upon the words. His lips curled into a smile, a hand stretching up as digits reached for the words on paper. Having seen the State's history come by, he made no comment. He knew what it needed, and he knew what it would receive instead.
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