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  1. I also miss you, you glorious bastard

  2. I also miss you, you glorious bastard.

  3. I miss you too, you glorious bastard

  4. I miss you, you glorious bastard

    1. Hunnic


      I miss him too....

      He was the community man who got me into the server. Quite the kind guy

    2. NotAPan
  5. @Caelria The point I was trying to make was that mistakes are going to be made regardless (which is fine), and it's unlikely we're going to have a map perfect for everyone's preferred playstyle (which is fine) Should've been more clear in that in hindsight. But yeah, making a map for a server like LotC isn't as easy as it may seem
  6. how the hell do you sound so british
  7. An 'Aheral cackled in a place between civilization and blissful nothing, wandering the feigned edge of lost and aware, found and not. "Know, no; Change."
  8. A corcitură taken by unchallenged thirst had become little more than a beast. His mind could not comprehend, not come to the conclusion that someone he wished to have called his ally was now gone. The semblance of mortality that was left in him would certainly grief, if ever it became dominant once more.
  9. Actual braindead administration moment

  10. Hey all, I'm looking to set up a writing group for (non-lotc related) long-form fantasy / sci-fi writing. Think weekly / bi-weekly feedback/critiques and keeping accountability on consistent writing. If you're interested, shoot me a PM on discord [ Nick#2014 ].

    1. Smmer


      im dyslexic

    2. SoulReapingWolf


      I want to join :3

  11. A nameless mage stopped in his return, the faltering winds and that sensation of safety alerting him. Turning to the heavens, the man hollered to the emptiness above. "You've failed before, you fail again!" Then only whispers came from him, that bitterness that came with age hidden from that god that unbeknownst to the mage, did not exist, "You couldn't save them before. You couldn't save them." And that bitterness grew, cries to an illusion lingering in the air, not meant for that which had come, but for a salvation that would never come.
  12. Shouldn't have sat there for free pex... who the **** made me orange >:(
  13. Secret ahead Try jumping
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