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  1. @Caelria The point I was trying to make was that mistakes are going to be made regardless (which is fine), and it's unlikely we're going to have a map perfect for everyone's preferred playstyle (which is fine) Should've been more clear in that in hindsight. But yeah, making a map for a server like LotC isn't as easy as it may seem
  2. how the hell do you sound so british
  3. An 'Aheral cackled in a place between civilization and blissful nothing, wandering the feigned edge of lost and aware, found and not. "Know, no; Change."
  4. A corcitură taken by unchallenged thirst had become little more than a beast. His mind could not comprehend, not come to the conclusion that someone he wished to have called his ally was now gone. The semblance of mortality that was left in him would certainly grief, if ever it became dominant once more.
  5. Actual braindead administration moment

  6. Hey all, I'm looking to set up a writing group for (non-lotc related) long-form fantasy / sci-fi writing. Think weekly / bi-weekly feedback/critiques and keeping accountability on consistent writing. If you're interested, shoot me a PM on discord [ Nick#2014 ].

    1. Summerisdumb


      im dyslexic

    2. SoulReapingWolf


      I want to join :3

  7. A nameless mage stopped in his return, the faltering winds and that sensation of safety alerting him. Turning to the heavens, the man hollered to the emptiness above. "You've failed before, you fail again!" Then only whispers came from him, that bitterness that came with age hidden from that god that unbeknownst to the mage, did not exist, "You couldn't save them before. You couldn't save them." And that bitterness grew, cries to an illusion lingering in the air, not meant for that which had come, but for a salvation that would never come.
  8. Shouldn't have sat there for free pex... who the **** made me orange >:(
  9. Secret ahead Try jumping
  10. Favorite character of mine? Music? Favorite RP experience? Favorite character you've played?
  11. >:) If I were more active maybe I would have, but I don't expect to be around that week / those days so I thought I might as well do it now and rep farm the fact I'm stepping down from CT management a little If this is admin approval for the name Sh1tposting I will, but I'm still scared @itdontmatta will shoot me So I left for a little while, maybe 1-2 years (I'm bad with keeping track of time, don't yell at me if I'm a bit off), and in the end I decided to come back because I honestly just really enjoy meeting new people with similar interests. And storytelling has always been a big vibe. You know I love grimdark... Probably either military roleplay or hunting RP. Neither have ever really appealed to me and they just feel incredibly slow. Which is kind of weird because I do enjoy political roleplay from time to time, even though it can be just as slow. It's hard to say what my favorite place would be. I generally go all over the place, but recently I've been hanging around Oren most since it's the easiest place to find activity plus the kind of roleplay I'm looking for in my timezone (carefully dodging the stuff I'm not looking for). I really enjoy tight communities a lot more than I enjoy big nations. Least favorite is hard. I don't really despise any place, but places like Haense or Elysium really just don't offer the kind of roleplay I'm generally looking for. And that's fine, power to them and to the people who do enjoy the RP there. I think I am? My inspiration for RP differs a lot between characters. I try to change up both the way I write and my characters as I switch from persona to persona, though I often slip back into old patterns in my writing. I like to grab ideas from what to do with my prose from books I'm reading - And in the rare event I'm making a new character, I tend to stitch together some characters from the stuff I've been reading. With this, I try to focus mostly on types of roleplay I haven't done before but I'd like to try out and try to fit a character to this. And then music is always a good vibe for when I'm playing a character. Honestly hard to say. I've really enjoyed RPing with @Johann's elf. Been good stuff. I thought one word was another word and it turned out to be a bad word (that I won't put on the forums 'cause I'll get shot (if I can even get shot as a tech member)) You're pretty cool B) Maybe when I unshelf him >:)
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