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  1. THE BALLOT ((MC name:ShadyMixtape )) Name: Ivoriel Elibar’acal Vote for Okarir’maehr: (XX) Silvyr Uradir ( ) Andria Aldin
  2. ((MC name: ShadyMixtape )) Name: Ivoriel Elibar’acal Vote for Okarir’tir: ( ) Alluin Seregon ( ) Elrion Visaj (X) Celiasil (X) Storm Elibar’acal
  3. The Ballot (( MC name: ShadyMixtape)) Name: Ivoriel Elibar’acal Vote for Sohaer: (XX) Nelgauth Maehr'tehral (--) Anethra Uradir (--) Abstain
  4. The Ballot - MC name: ShadyMixtape - Name: Ivoriel Elibar’acal Vote for Okarir’maehr: (X) Silvos Sythaerin (--) Elahern Aeth'sulier (X) Olrin Maehr'tehral Vote for Okarir’nor: (X) Elathion Dagre'sae (X) Aiera Sullas
  5. (( MC name: ShadyMixtape )) Name: Ivoriel Elibar’acal Vote for Okarir’tir: (xx ) Kaelan Aldin ( ) Elrion Visaj ( ) Alluin Miravaris Vote for Okarir’hiylun: ( ) Silvyr Uradir ( xx ) Dele Seregon ( ) Farandil Aldin
  6. Ivoriel steps forward once Kaelan finishes his speech. “I would wish to show my support for Kaelan. I’ve seen his wit and tactic as a commander of the Sillumiran and have seen him prove himself protecting Haelun’or numerous times now. He truly cares for El’cihi, so I believe he’ll no doubt make a great candidate for Okarir’tir.” She adjusts herself to look around the room once more then glances back to Kaelan. “Mister Aldin has more than proven himself to me, were it not for him I would not even be here today. I would have been hurt, or worse, by a ker outside El’cihi. Mister Aldin was there to protect me as an mere oem’ii, and because of that kindness I can witness the progress that is happening within our beautiful silver state today”
  7. Ivoriel would initially be apprehensive of the letter, shaking as she sat in front of the fireplace of the paladin base, the warmth ever so slightly helping her mood. A small pack of ice borrowed from the tavern sat on her wrapped knee, which had been sprained from some exercising mishap. A small bout of fear covered her as she scanned the seal, delicately running a nail under the flap. With one last gasp she pries it open and takes the missive from within. While she hadn’t known Kaelan outside of one faithful trip to Brandybrook, she had been cared for by #66 for a while now, ever since her talonnii fell apart - he had been there for her. She reads the letter, over and over before clutching it to her chest, letting out a painful cry. #66 was much like a father to Ivoriel, something she didn’t have for most her life, and now that he was gone, she felt alone once again. Howver she takes a glance around the room, settling on a chestplate that laid in the corner, the number #88 proudly displayed on it. Ivoriel’s frown slowly curves up as she thinks of Storm and the rest of the Sillumiran, who were much like a family to Ivoriel, even literally in Storm’s case. Her eyes shift back to the letter, nodding knowingly with a faint smile. “I’m your living legacy sir.” She says quietly while dabbing away a few tear stains that had dripped down her cheeks and onto her lap. With a flourish of motion she seals the letter again, tucking it ever so delicately into her satchel, where it would remain forever, a constant reminder to Ivoriel. “Thank you... for everything.”
  8. Discord: ShadyMixtape#4130 Preferred time of interview: (CST) I am usually fine with any time. Example RP: Ivoriel carefully carries a tray of glasses between the tables, making sure not to drop them this time as she hands them off to whoever they go to. When a new customer rolls in she stops and gives a cheerful wave "Karin'ayla! I'll be with you with a menu in a moment!" She says, gesturing to an empty seat as she places one final glass on the table before scurrying back to the counter, laying the tray down and grabbing a menu then immediately making her way to the newcomer with a determined and pleasant expression. Name: Ivoriel Elibar'acal-Valarieth Race, and are you a citizen of the Silver State?: I am a proud High elf and Ti! I am a Citizen of the state, have been for as long as I remember. Preferred position: Trainee Waitress. Why should you get this position?: I’m incredibly headstrong and ambitious with a drive to learn. I grew up having stuff handled for me, so I believe a change of pace would be a valuable experience for a growing oem’ii like myself, and perhaps I can learn more about The Silver State and other life skills on the job as well. As Elsohaer has told me, reading books can only get me so far, I need hands-on experience.
  9. Ivoriel Elibar'acal's eyes glanced over the missive once, twice, ten times before her hands began to shake. No this... wasn't real right? It was just a big prank she thought, but that thought quickly faded as reality set in. "First Klad, now my own Haelun'ii?? Who's next? Ailala? Daerine?!" the paper in her hands was quickly reduced to shreds, now scattering the ground like snow. The sash she wore each and every day was then slung against the wall of her small bedroom in a fit of fury. What she once thought of as Haelun'orian pride was now nothing more than a grim reminder of the city that dared to tear her family apart.
  10. ShadyMixtape


    Evvi is by no means well-mannered, she can be bossy, a loud-mouth, impatient, and a brat in every sense of the word. She can be fussy, but she’s a hard worker at heart, willing to do anything to get a job done, even if it’s unsavory. She’s from Markev, although the cold-life just didn’t suit her. She wanted more, and Markev was just too small in her mind, so she got her lute and set out, ready to make a name for herself. With a bit of “talk” she managed to get herself started, playing in taverns and inns where she could, getting what she could in terms of money, but something always felt hollow to her, something cold and icy like her home The Red City. Was this really what she was destined to be? So now she travels again, looking for that thing to feel warm inside again.
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