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  1. Season 23 of keeping up with the Sylvaeris
  2. [Only personas with an approved application for the scrying of prophecies may observe the content of this prophecy post: those with prophetic visions gifted by Farseer, Mysticism, Naztharek, Seer, Vivification, and so forth.] A vision unfolds before your palms, between incense and dreaming - the scent of sea water rising around you. Your hands are wet with white sand, which escapes between your fingertips. Warm sea water rushes around you, revealing the eyes upon your palm. Your sight lifts from coastal sea water to a busy port, bustling with trade. Walls glint in the sun like seastone. Your attention rises to bright light, wrought from heaven-made intensity, so bright it hurts to look upon too long. In its wake, brilliant lux trails in its wake, white and Pure. Heavenly light drifts into a temple, flickering candle light as it passes through, and you follow its path. A silver hand rests upon the lectern of the altar, and upon it lies the image of a Silver Stag. You watch as words are written into the tome. “Purity’s Arm has touched the world.” The arbiter of the heavens looks upon you, waiting and watching - and as you awaken, you remember the light and the words upon the altar.
  3. It's a good thing I can't get carpal tunnel from signing hundreds of those enchantments to fix them - Helpfully, I did figure out a way to edit them while for the most part keeping the original formatting and flavor text of the items. Some did have to get cut to meet the necessary changes in lore for balancing purposes, and of those hundreds a few dozen descriptions had to be rewritten by myself, at least out of the many I reviewed (So if some items look different that's why - we had to squeeze a redline addition or two in there)
  4. If I snort the once-dust will my pronouns be once-was
  5. Time for the Klone Wars on May the Foutrh Be with You
  6. I don't think we can be let down by an Admin who steps down.
  7. @excitedSeems like a "**** You" - Shaggy on Spotify kind of day

  8. My brother in Xan you posted this under the Livestream category
  9. Let me get my glove rq to make sure @Honourary
  10. @xMuted Hearing the news later, Feanor Sylvaeri does not seem surprised. "I mean, you did shoot the skull off that drake. Wise choice if true on her part."
  11. A tired elf writes. Her arthritic hands curl and fold old paper. She finds time to write to an old friend. "Sometimes when the sun crests over a cold field and the grass dew is just too cold, I sit down and I think of all the things that could be, the things that never were, and never will be... but that's the trick of our long lives, isn't it? So when I look out in the morning, and I see the birds fetching worms from cold loose dirt, I think that the realm will be okay; not better, not worse, just okay. I think we will be too. -Eris"
  12. The heaven-sent relic, The Long Arm, moments before obliterating the right claw of Cloudbreaker. Its bearer, having survived through the battle, heals and prepares for the true intended quarry of the relic... but that is a story for another time.
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