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  1. Fëanor was young when he first met Jack, as Sea Prince in Arcas. He remembered Last Light, how he had sent aid, and the valiance with which Jack had to fight. He was fighting the world back then in his own ways. The elf had lived long enough to see the agents of Tahariae and Aeriel stripped of their divine connection, a fate now which the Paladins lived. Perhaps he could be there for them, to help them through this new dark age, knowing Jack's vigil had gone. Fëanor first helped by lending his hands to ferry Jack's body to be prepared for the funeral rites. He always had been strong when faced with the dead. Fëanor had been glad to march with them all one last time - and carried Jack's spear through the whole battle. It laid there now in the place where Jack passed to mark the spot. Perhaps he would go back for it later after a few sunsets.
  2. [Only personas with an approved application for the scrying of prophecies may observe the content of this prophecy post: those with prophetic visions gifted by Farseer, Mysticism, Naztharek, Seer, Vivification, and so forth.] A vision unfolds between palm readings and revealed cards - trumpets in jubilee, Judgement. Across the green Midlands, one's vision takes them unto the walls of Petra. Upon the right arm, a silvered gauntlet, upon which was the sigil of the Silver Stag and the gilded hammer of Malleus. Beneath its grasp, the infernal skin of a soul, once named Holvius. The vision bears witness - divine light coursing through the once-cursed individual, as the improbable, no, the impossible unfolds. In the purifying light of the relic, a soul is wrenched free of the infernal curse which bound once-Descendant flesh to the Inferi form. Angelic light rips through, and gently rises. Watching the soul, warmth and forgiveness fills the heart, knowing this soul was no longer destined for the damned hells it was bound to; instead, it was set free... truly cleansed of all sin; this was the first, but would not be the last. "Penance through Purity - and should ye once be human, may the Skies open their arms to you." The vision ends, with the words of the Arbiter of Heaven lingering, as well as the truth of what was witnessed: A soul can be cleansed... and redirected.
  3. [!] A few plainly penned letters are sent out at crossroads and caught in muddy door frames of tavern-bars. Unremarkable by many accounts. Seeking to further along alchemical studies, in light of my former teacher's disappearance. Write if you can, I lodge nowhere. Last thing I recall was creating Land's Nurture before the worm disease made me go mad in the woods. Not fond of wandering battlefields and graveyards, but capable to make due with what I can. - Elven, almost 370 years old. Once-cleric. -Eris
  4. What I'll mention at least from having been around long enough to see aurum nerfed and unnerfed and renerfed, it's been nerfed in the past for people using gold rings/simple jewelry to touch Darkspawn and test them that way, and aurum lines on city gates became so constant at one point it was nerfed to let Darkspawn walk past it, save the occasional ghost. When that wasn't enough, people took out aurum weapons and did shallow cuts on anyone with a CA in their card, or were well known enough CA players - so now we see judgement calls about deeper cuts being mandated Which at that point - a deep cut is going to hurt anyone, you're slicing into flesh Having alternative weaknesses really doesn't help when those get quickly metagamed, and I doubt it's fun on the CA's part to look like they're being treated to a nice RP only to get baited out and have the guards called on them seconds later so someone can get a trophy Hell, long time ago holy magic was nerfed for a bit to make the spells affect everyone, not just Dark CA players - to stop people from firing holy fire into a crowd to only target Darkspawn in their disguises (I suppose that'd be like if a Templar just pulled out a weapon and tried to use Furious Flame to Darkspawn test, which, no, they shouldn't be doing that, since it's a combat spell only) - Soon after that came the Lore Games. just seems like it's very all or nothing with testing, and it's fun for no one with how it's used. It's necessary to have the weaknesses so that way you don't have to call an MA/CA holder to deal with the other one all the time (Kind of turns into just watching a cutscene and that's no fun for the non-magic user), but also silly I'm sure to see every guard on the server carrying aurum, salt, fire - telling you to stick your hand somewhere along with giving them name, race, residence, etcetera.
  5. *drops glitter bath bomb into the ocean

  6. An Elven Templar makes note of the southern roads, adding Ka'tau to his list of locations along his routes. Perhaps there would be a visit in the future.
  7. A Templar willfully pens to the Crown, "Though to call me anything but Templar would be a misnomer, I do admit frankly no matter how large the Malchediael Banner I carry in broad daylight, I am confusing and very shiny. I will accept being called Fëanor the Bright nevertheless as alternative."
  8. The elven once-Prince, now-Templar, takes note of the author's name. It had been too many years, but perhaps he might seek this one out.
  9. Season 23 of keeping up with the Sylvaeris
  10. [Only personas with an approved application for the scrying of prophecies may observe the content of this prophecy post: those with prophetic visions gifted by Farseer, Mysticism, Naztharek, Seer, Vivification, and so forth.] A vision unfolds before your palms, between incense and dreaming - the scent of sea water rising around you. Your hands are wet with white sand, which escapes between your fingertips. Warm sea water rushes around you, revealing the eyes upon your palm. Your sight lifts from coastal sea water to a busy port, bustling with trade. Walls glint in the sun like seastone. Your attention rises to bright light, wrought from heaven-made intensity, so bright it hurts to look upon too long. In its wake, brilliant lux trails in its wake, white and Pure. Heavenly light drifts into a temple, flickering candle light as it passes through, and you follow its path. A silver hand rests upon the lectern of the altar, and upon it lies the image of a Silver Stag. You watch as words are written into the tome. “Purity’s Arm has touched the world.” The arbiter of the heavens looks upon you, waiting and watching - and as you awaken, you remember the light and the words upon the altar.
  11. It's a good thing I can't get carpal tunnel from signing hundreds of those enchantments to fix them - Helpfully, I did figure out a way to edit them while for the most part keeping the original formatting and flavor text of the items. Some did have to get cut to meet the necessary changes in lore for balancing purposes, and of those hundreds a few dozen descriptions had to be rewritten by myself, at least out of the many I reviewed (So if some items look different that's why - we had to squeeze a redline addition or two in there)
  12. If I snort the once-dust will my pronouns be once-was
  13. Time for the Klone Wars on May the Foutrh Be with You
  14. I don't think we can be let down by an Admin who steps down.
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