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  1. A private letter is sent to the residency of Caius I. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ "Friendship is measured By the silence between words That don't need saying Dear Brandt, @MadOne Congratulations on your ascension to the Pontificate and great blessings upon you. I treasure our friendship fostered in the years following my departure from the Feldersrock temple into the lands of Minitz where I broke bread, drank lagers and fought alongside your father and countrymen. Such a time remains treasured by me and my band of Oyashi from back then and it is for that reason I will always find myself in some way indebted to your family. I look forward to watching the years of your swan song and wish you all of Kamisama's best fortune. When my immediate business settles I will make the trip to Reinmar and we will have sakura-cha. See you soon, choom! - Oijin."
  2. The Treaty of Orcgrimmar In effect as of the Year of the Tanuki 169 SA (1202 Kamijikan) ____________________________________________________________________________ Preamble: The contents of this passage shall serve as the peace and non-aggression agreement between the Iron Horde and the Ashen State of Nor-Velyth with the inclusion of the autonomous cultural reservation of Sakuragakure, Mugmar’s Circle and the City-State of Rah’tuma. It is for the great harmony between our respective cultures and views of honor and glory that we officialize our relations. Both parties signing this pact declare adherence to its terms under oath of blood, honor and soul to our ancestors. As such, the details of this treaty are listed below. ____________________________________________________________________________ The Iron Horde and the Ashen State agree to uphold the peace between their realms and their vassals and to resolve disputes between their lands amiably and honorably. Both states agree to not campaign against one another’s sovereignty or aggress upon each other’s people. The tenet does not apply to defensive agreements made prior to this agreement. Fulfillment of prior defensive agreements will NOT be taken as breaking this treaty. The Iron Horde reaffirms the Krimpgoth’s evaluation of Hozhness for the Hill Giants of Mugmar’s Circle (Men of Hazum) and the Onishimans of Sakuragakure and that they are indeed not white-wash. The Iron Horde and the City-State of Rah’tuma hereby agree to the cessation of conflict and dispute should the duel between Madoc’Lur and the Pharaoh be resolved honorably with the amiable severing of official relations save for the mutual acknowledgement of each other’s sovereignty. Until such a duel occurs, there is to be a ceasefire in their conflict. Regardless of the outcome of the duel the Pharaoh is to remain barred from the desert and is not to build shrines in Horde territory The Iron Horde and the Ashen State agree to respect one another’s territorial claims and property rights, including businesses held on other lands (i.e stalls, shops and barns). The Iron Horde and the Ashen State are entitled to a tax free stall in each other's capital markets that maintain a reasonably maintained inventory of wares for sale. In honor of the friendship between the Iron Horde and the Ashen State, a BASHO or a grand sumo tournament will be hosted biannually or when both sides find convenience between the citizens of each state in a test of honor, mettle and strength once every two years. Both parties will prevent the use of their land for any warpaths intending to aggress upon the signatories. Grommash agrees to draw a smiley face in his blood hand print per the Primarch’s positivity request. ____________________________________________________________________________ By the judgment of our ancestors, this document is adhered by and those after them under oath of blood, honor and spirit, LAEVONA THE CLANLESS, Primarch of Nor-Velyth Jenny of the Stars (★≧▽^))★☆ KATO OIJIN the Black Swordsman, Shugo of Sakuragakure, Legendary Sanbushi Admiral UGOKOYAMA TAKEMURA, Grub Bucket Sous Chef, The Blue Samurai of Sakuragakure HAJIME KOSUKE, Agent of Sakuragakure Bor of Hazûm, Voice of Mugmar Atemu-Ta, Pharaoh of Rah'tuma
  3. The (Br)Aevosi Treaty of Friendship In effect as of the Year of the Wonk, 168 SA (1209 Kamijikan) ____________________________________________________________________________ Preamble: The contents of this passage shall serve as the spiritual successor to the Great Hero Pact of the Year of the Pigman 152 SA with the inclusion of the Ashen State of Nor-Velyth within the defensive alliance between its vassal Sakuragakure, The Kingdom of Numendil and the Free Grange of Lemon Hill. All parties signing this pact declare adherence to its terms under oath of blood, honor and soul to our ancestors. As such, the details of this treaty are listed below. ____________________________________________________________________________ Each of the signatories recognize their respective government’s accepted land borders, their respective sovereignties within said borders and agree to defend one another if called upon should these or their infrastructural integrity be threatened. While not obligated, each signatory will have the option to join together on a military campaign with terms both parties consent to. Signatories agree to the apprehension and extradition of criminals within the territorial expanse of the ATF. In the event a crime is committed by a citizen of any party, the accused shall be entitled to the provision of legal defense hailing from their homeland, and fair trial. Each signatory will be allowed to participate in bounties offered within each other's lands. In the spirit of the original Great Heroes Pact, the invitation into this defensive alliance shall remain open to all those settlements of sound virtue and unabashed courage in the face of iniquity. All signatories must consent to the addition of new members into the ATF. ____________________________________________________________________________ By the judgment of our ancestors, this document is adhered by and those after them under oath of blood, honor and spirit, LAEVONA THE CLANLESS, Primarch of Nor-Velyth Jenny of the Stars (★≧▽^))★☆ KATO OIJIN the Black Swordsman, Shugo of Sakuragakure, Legendary Sanbushi Ser Morgan of Angren, Knight of Lemon Hill HER ROYAL MAJESTY, Tar-Caraneth Aryantë of the House Arthalion, by the Grace of GOD, Queen of the Númenedain, Princess of Númenost and Minas Amath, Protector of the Adunians, Master of the Sharadûn, Templar of the Archangel Michael, Knight of the Realm
  4. “Wake up, Choomba! We got a Demon Lich Lord to zero,” - Shugo Kato Oijin waking his grandson Kato Eren up after he overslept for another Samurai council meeting. @JoanOfArc The Second Yokai War The Saki Gaki Gambit Declared as of the Year of the Tanuki, Year 169 (1203 Kamijikan) An urgent Samurai council was held in Ugokoyama Castle at the Hidden Cherry Blossom Village with anticipation lingering in the air for what was to come. It was a late hour, and much of the village was tucked away asleep. Ashigaru remained on alert, taking quick second glances at the shadows of the late night cast by street lights. For months the Ashen State had been plagued by yokai attacks, incursions by Rashidun Jihadists and Spirit Extremists and an economic collapse with the fall of the previous Primarch’s government. And still more continental problems arised to contend with. “Owari da. . .” Shugo Kato lamented to a familiar urn of ashes he held onto stubbornly. After quiet contemplation upon the urn the military governor’s doomed demeanor shifted into one of collected calmness and he set the urn aside before looking to those present gathered this late last minute - the steadfast lords of Clan Ugokoyama and Honma, the late night village dwellers, oni and the Chieftain Bor of Mugmar’s Circle. And together the men of the warrior class with input from the villagers of the Land of Cherry Blossoms discussed the violence that plagued their shared home. It was agreed upon then that before the goldfish memories of descendant kind set in and before more trouble piled upon the Oyashimans that the initiative must be taken. The eastern front would be exposed and left to the Kharajyr to guard while the rest of the state would make an all or nothing push to the western front to lay siege to the Demon Lich Lord Gashadokuro. “The time for preparation is over whether we are ready or not - and the task to reclaim and destroy the demon sword falls upon us Oyashi now. The Age of Rancor will come to an end and we will defeat the Laughing Hag’s successor Hirano Shinji once and for all!” Their decision unanimous, Clans Ugokoyama, Honma, Kato and Watanabe now led the conquest plans against Hexicanum and began to reach out to those across the Ashen State and to friends abroad. WARGOAL: The pillage and destruction of Hexicanum by Nor-Velyth (Lair_Hexicanum and Tile_Cursed_Forest_2). ATTACKERS: Nor-Velyth and allies (to be referred to as the Saki Gaki Foreign Legion) DEFENDERS: Hexicanum and allies (the Do’Badders) TIME: TBD. CUSTOM RULES: Exact rules remain TBD but the ultimate goal is to create a short term roleplay based conflict leading up to a live-server siege with a player cap for both parties to account for the Hexicanum lair being a dark magic group home and not a pvp backed nation. Limited moderation to account for siege damage and build movement is requested but otherwise this is intended to be a player-ran conflict. Construction of minor trenches and small fortifications (or permissions to create these ourselves) for roleplay purposes on unowned tile_cursed_forest_2 of the lair is also requested to create an immersive battlefield. Smogger siege weapons are also requested to be used in the siege concluding this conflict. LOCATION/WARPATH:
  5. "Trial by combat is the only honorable way to settle a festered dispute. Shaman-cels and blood puddle users mald." quipped the Shugo as he prepared to host the festivities of combat. As the motto of the Hidden Cherry Blossom village went - "火事と喧嘩は桜隠れの里の花" Fire and Fights are the Flowers of the Village Hidden Amongst Cherry Blossoms.
  6. There has to be a price, Rand. There is always a price.

    Perhaps I can pay it here.

    It is every man's right, Rand, to choose when to Sheathe the Sword.

    Even one like me.

  7. image-225.png?ex=65e6c4aa&is=65d44faa&hm


    naztherak stop counter signaling me you're jeopardizing what love tonito intended </3 not cool dudes!!

  8. Shugo Kato Oijin receives the corrected missive from Takemura as they breeded their stilt striders. "We're going to be rich, Takemura! Unagi-don every night!" @wowj
  9. "It's time to pay taxes, Shinji...." It was a long time coming recovering their industrial output from Almaris, but Oijin smelled black powder and blood coming.
  10. A military governor laments that the War of the Poppies was not enough having neglected to follow up on routing out the listed do-badders in the Treaty of Sakuragakure, 154 SA because of life and being occupied with the demon-lich Lord Gashadokuro on his border. He smoked his cigarette from his porch as he read the missive from the Church on the porch of the Kato clan estate and long contemplated the consequences of actions and inactions before dropping it on his lap with a few embers falling atop it from his smoke. A massive migraine set in as the old samurai held his head, "They're all involved with Gashadokuro, they're all plotting against me."
  11. Filled with a great negative kani, a military governor makes preparations for a total victory against the dark forces of Gashadokuro and revenge against those that aided him to get to this point. :murder:
  12. Shugo Kato read over the report and nodded with approval. ”The dream is coming together…”
  13. Tonito wandered around the Seven Skies for a long while recovering in spirit from another great fracturing of humanity. ”Oi Toni, get a look at this!” A friendly wayward spirit points to a hole in the clouds from where they traversed. Tonito looks down…. ”What es Animii????”
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