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  1. Why you need four people? Let me get the 1 v 1 to disconnect them back
  2. Memories of the lightning strike upon the sealing rock of Gashadokuro came to the samurai as he traveled the lands alone, arms and hands burned by malflame of an unrelated encounter. "Where is Alatariel? I need healing! Owari da...." Oijin passes out from the pain and feels a dark omen.
  3. "They will know pain," The Shugo says to the injured oni at the Clinic center in Sakuragakure.
  4. Shugo Kato makes plans to head to Eulersburg with his retinue to have a feast with the Eulership.
  5. Shugo Kato’s brow furrowed as he wondered how he would avoid Cardinal Artorus who he was not friends with >.<
  6. what happened to all the squid wtf tythus ltd????

  7. Father Tonito lit a candle for his fellow padrecito and took a moment to recognize his own mortality.
  8. [!] A bounty has been completed and removed from the bounty board. 9/2 [!] A bounty has been completed and removed from the bounty board. 9/7
  9. "WHAT THE ****!" A malding shugo kicks his bento box over as the greater complexity came to his people's war against the kegare. "BUT WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER ONE???"
  10. ON THE SUBJECT OF ACCUSED NUNS 12th of Harren’s Folly, 1939 Issued by His Eminence, The Prelate of the Clergy Cardinal Artorus To the Faithful of Canondom, Let it be known that your pleas for justice have not fallen on deaf ears. The trust between our clergy and our parishioners is paramount in our duty of teaching GOD’s word and that any bad actors within any of our monastic communities will be expunged and dealt with by the Holy Mother Church. However, I condemn the acts of placing bounties upon the sisters of our faith and the blatant vigilantism seen across Canondom. While the proclamations of possible foul play are appreciated to ensure our shepherds follow GOD’s Virtue, it is not the place of our faithful to commit violence upon people of the cloth without proper investigation lest we risk the unjust loss of innocent life. Any violence to these women before due process under the jurisdiction of the Mother Church will not be tolerated. To the Sisters of Canondom and those who stand accused, These accusations to your sisterhood are not new ones and I implore all of you to report yourselves to my office located in the Bastion Temple of Saint-King Caius in the Kingdom of Numendil to both document and clear your names should you wish to continue your practice. All sisters who do not report themselves within the Saint’s Week’s time without clearance with me will be subject to orders given to the Inquisition, former Lectors and those hired by myself. Please contact me as soon as possible. This order will remain in effect until a new Auditor of the Tribunal has been selected or relieved by His Holiness. Should you have first hand knowledge of foul play regarding the accused I welcome all information that is properly signed through the aviary or brought to me in person within the Kingdom of Numendil. GOD BLESS and flame keep you all, The Prelate of the Clergy Antonius Cardinal Artorus
  11. Antonius Cardinal Artorus mourned in his temple cell for months at the lost of his cousin, the spirit of doomerness akin to his father Ioannes following him like a dark cloud.
  12. Oh now you believe in capitalism! Username: GundamEngineer Character Name: Shugo Kato Oijin Number in Party: 6 Discord: Gundamengineer
  13. This is pretty cool I **** with it so far, keep it up
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