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  1. TDubs

    [PK Post] The Tower

    A bard sits at the long table in the Drakon manor, his baggy eyes stare out the window to his left. On the table in front of him is a bottle of Silver State wine. The same kind he had with Erin when they first...met up in the Atmorice manor. The mali’fenn takes a sip straight from the bottle and keeps his gaze out the window. “My...oem...ahern.” He slurs out the words and leans on the table. “O...O d-did you have to be taken?” The words pour out from his mouth between his tear filled chokes. “Where is that acmali’ame that took you from me!?” He shouts out at no one in particular and throws his arm out in the air, some wine spilling from the bottle. “O....?”
  2. Thinking of adding some items to the conquest/optifine resource pack. What items would you guys want to see?


    1. SquakHawk


      like special rename-textures? I love the resource pack and I’m excited to see it for 1.15, alongside optifine whenever that comes out- its really difficult to play without it rn

    2. WhereIsMySpoon
    3. TDubs


      @SquakHawk Exactly special rename-textures.

  3. Yo anybody want to play a Snow Elf daughter?



  4. I will start off by saying I see your issue with the creation Temphy herself. However, I am not to hung up on her origins and I am willing to adjust that to fit the lore of the server better or have her be one of the misc. deities. Now onto the discussion. Seems that you’ve misunderstood something. Temphy does not create anything in this lore but bardmancy. I too believe that art is something instinctual to humanity rather than given or originated from someone or something. That is why she did blessings to help what is already there grow. Remember the fact that she does not create anything. It is finicky to write an origin or alter something 10 or so years after but I would be surprised if this has not already been done before. (Is there some arts lore somewhere that this retcons?) Once again, does not come from her. She did not create anything. She blessed stuff. This was an attempt at allowing for her to be more easily implemented into the lore. To use a symbol that everyone has seen or probably used before and without them realizing be referring to an Anegul. No...no it does not. Temphy would have been created before the battle alongside music, dancing, art, and DOES NOT claim to create or originate anything but bardmancy. She blesses the birds with more melodies and tunes that people could then take and use. I should definitely go more in depth with the details of this auditorium. I'll add them in an edit in just a bit. But the locations of the auditoriums are suppose to be difficult to find and thus give an IC reason as to why people do not know of it.
  5. Temphy, Anegul of Art and Emotion Sigil Representing the arts and emotions. Origin/Background Temphy was born as the first song, poem, drawing, dance, and the fictional story was made by the Descendant races. She was created from art and like a son to his mother or a daughter to her father she wanted to preserve and protect the medium. Temphy is moody, naive and childish. In her fits, she has caused accidents to happen in plays, bards to curse in front of royals, and dancers to harm themselves. When the Aengul and Daemon army was summoned from the Seven Skies, Temphy used her abilities to support rather than fight. With her dances, quill and voice she rose morale and disrupted the army of Iblees. When the curses and blessings were said she returned to the immortal realm alongside the other Aengul. When she returned to Ocvothia Temphy, looked down upon the realm that was Aegis and blessed it three times. The first blessing was given to the birds of the land. She taught the parrots, jays, robins and taught them tunes, and melodies. They then flew throughout the world, sat in trees and bushes, sang songs that would inspire the bards and poets stuck in slumps. It is thanks to the birds that many wandering bards created new songs on the roads, taking inspiration from their melodies and turning it into something more. The second blessing came in the form of a brush. This brush was created by Temphy given to Elsan'ayla, an elf with no skills in the art of drawing. They were lead by Temphy in bird form to a clearing and once they held it in their hand the skills necessary to paint were theirs. The canvas became their playground where the emotions and thoughts of the elf laid were displayed. From their first masterpiece came forth the hundreds that would try to follow in his footsteps. The third and final blessing came in dance. Temphy disguised herself as a human dancer and came forth from the immortal realm. As she touched down the Anegul created three musicians from her own emotions. Joy, nostalgia, and sadness with them she performed before all who came to them with her dances. Her grace spurred forth the joy from men and women, telling stories of the achievements of the Descendant races with her body. Nostalgia came forth from her rhythmic sways and spins, reminding the old of the times that once were and the beauty of youth. Sadness came from her finale. How the movements of her clothes, head, hands, feet and hips all came to a slow but sure stop. These dances would inspire men and women to get onto their feet and express themselves freely with only their body. She returned to Ocvothia and watched the mortal races thrive, relished in the beautiful paintings, ballads, and moves that were each and every one of their lives. Despite how despair filled or mundane they were the Anegul watched each one as it progressed through life. Her favorite lives to see through to their end were those of the lives Temphy helped influence through her blessings. However, the good times did not last forever. The Descendant races moved forward, their minds developing and the spark that was once there for the arts, gone. Temphy looked on with silence and sadness, she could bless the world once again but then the same thing would happen again would it not? And she hated repetition to do the same thing over and over. Instead Temphy visited well known painters, dancers, and bards in the form of a bird, and as her favorite form a humanoid body with ever changing feathers on her head as hair. In the end, her attempts amounted to nothing but momentary cuts on the grand weave that is time. Temphy sighed in her realm and watched the mortal realm grow stale. The occupations she once helped grow were now nothing more than jokes, easy pray for highwaymen, bandits, and other scum. One day her refined ears caught the singing of a group. That group consisted of a male human bard named Thoth, a female storyteller named Sum, and a female dancer named Yawa. The trio sang of the days that Temphy longed for again and their own emotions reached the easily swayed Anegul. Temphy appeared before them as a blue jay, standing fearlessly in their path. She tweeted a tune and the bard responded by singing lyrics from her heart. She asked for a poem that would raise her spirits and the teller did just that. Lastly, she asked for a dance that would shake the leaves around them and the dancer spun until the blossoms on trees shook. The four traveled the lands singing tales of the forgotten times until it came to a sudden halt. Bandits ambushed them in a pass, killing the trio and leaving the Anegul behind to take the color and sound from their lives. Temphy was furious at her self for believing the three could revive the arts again, especially in these new times were the roads were dangerous. Thus came an idea, lend her power to the ones she deemed skilled enough to bring the arts back to the forefront of the Descendant races. To protect them and to enrich their performances. She found a descendant of Thoth, a musician with a flute and lead him as a blue jay to what would become the first Auditorium. A mountain cave with a hole in the ceiling allowing the sun and moon to shine directly in. The cave was outlined by seats as if performances were held there. That musician became the first person to play there with Temphy saying a chant and linking their instrument with them, The first practitioner of bardmancy. Soon a poet would come and be linked with his quill, and then a painter would be intertwined with their brush, a dancer with their shoes, anklet, armlet or hat. By using their tools they could enhance their performances, support on the field of battle with disrupting spells and defend themselves on the road with those simple spells. The power is taken from Temphy herself and those intertwined must repay her by creating art in their profession. Realm Ocvothia is a city in the sky within the immortal realm. It is here that that dead practitioners of bardmancy go. They either return to the mortal realm to be reborn or spend their existence putting on shows and visiting the Ocvothia Archives where it is said that every piece of art and literature made resides. Following Temphy did not create an order to carry out her will because her will is simply to have the arts flourish as they once did. She is primarily followed by bards, painters, dancers, and storytellers or poets. Her Temphy Auditorium while shrouded in secrecy welcomes any who stumble upon it. The process to intertwine oneself with their instrument or tool is know only to those Temphy has spoken to directly. All intertwined are contracted to protect the Temphy Auditorium at all cost if needed. Present Day Temphy follows the descendant races and creates an Auditorium wherever the races go. From Aegis to Arcas. These auditoriums are difficult to find as they are intended to be found by those seriously looking to join the profession or be lead by someone who deems them worthy. She continues to watch as the new art pieces appear in the realm of Ocvothia and watch over those who have become intertwined with her their tools. She strives to progress and preserve the arts by guiding those who have intertwined to places or people to gain inspiration or to help protect the arts. Any attempts to control art are looked down on by Temphy and by extension acts of stopping the freedom of expressing emotions or thoughts are looked down upon greatly. Temphy sees art in everything. In nature and humanity, and in chaos and order. In the ugly lives as well as the beautiful ones. Temohy watches quietly and rarely interferes directly with the mortal races. Purpose (OOC) Temphy serves as the first step for a bardmancy. It fits LotC lore as Temphy did not create art she was created in response to the first Descendant races creating art. She watches over and ensures it can thrive, she does not control art. Thanks To: @MudkipzAreLife @BathRugMan @Twodiks @Beordan Citation Spoiler
  6. I'm in interested in trying to get a better/revised version of bardmancy. The magic wouldn't have many combat related spells, mainly magic for performing or storytelling. PM on discord TDubs#6260 if interested and want to help out.


    The arts rp side of the server is kinda lacking from what I see.

    Edited by TDubs
    1. greygre


      give me a magic lute, cowards

  7. RP Name: Rithon Caelthor Drakon MC Username: TeeSeeDubs Discord: TDubs#6260 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Northgate and Fenn Why Do You Wish To Come?: Because it's a paladins duty and someone must document and turn the event into a poem. What Skills Can You Bring?: Archery skills, spear and shield skills, and poet skills.

  8. Come on, you know you want to play a Snow Elf daughter.


    1. Lumii
    2. TDubs


      HOLY S*** how’d I miss this!?

  9. Yo anybody want to play a Snow Elf daughter?


  10. Yo yo, looking for a skinner willing to create a scholar uniform(s) for Fenn. Mina only, however, I can pay up to 1800 mina. Here is my own attempt with 3oyal: Looking for something better than this 😅. Discord is TDubs#6260.
  11. Rithon Caelthor Drakon of the glorious Drakon bloodline hummed the tune of a poem as he read over the invitation found in front of the Drakon manor, his face curling into a smile as he set it down on the dinner table. ”Because of my blood I assume I’m obligated to bring some sort of gift,” He began marching up to his room. ”Let’s pull out the old book and quill.”
  12. [Ooc] Username: TeeSeeDubs Activity Rating (How many days/hours do you play per week?): ~35 hours (Uni and Part-Time) Discord: TDubs#6260 Timezone: EST (Canada & USA) [RP] Name: Rithon Caelthor Drakon Gender: Male Place of residence: Drakon Manor Race/Sub-race/Culture: Snow Elf Do you swear obedience to the Princedom of Fenn and the Grand Prince?: I do.
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