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  1. Remove CT Admin like they did the Snow Elves. Ik its Telanir now, and this does not change that sentiment.


  2. Lol not on the server anymore but came back to see this and: Wow.
  3. As long as you see how this is pretty much the same thing, I’m good. EDIT: If the Wonks don't get shelved I have a half a mind to say this current staff setup is corrupt.
  4. The snow elf race tag is being removed because the culture and race is too close to high elves apparently. Why does this not apply to the human “subraces”? They are all the same race, just different cultures and thus should have tags such as Far Folk, Highlander, and Heartlander removed. If its only about activity, even then there is a dedicated group. Just because we arent marching around Arcas killing everything doesn’t mean we arent active.
  5. Will this change be coming to the human “subraces” aswell? Other then Adunians. EDIT: And who in the Fenn playerbase (as in the Fennic Conclave) is on ST?
  6. Friend, you’ve missed something here. Why have the human “subraces” not been removed? In terms of the persona card I mean.
  7. Aren’t the human “subraces” still available? Even though they have has much difference as an apple compared to an apple? On personas there are Highlanders, Far Folk, and Heartlanders.
  8. LOTC’s staff once again showing their incredible communication skills with the player base! As someone said before, when can I expect the human subraces to be removed?
  9. "Having a drawing of only three of the four elven sub-races does not help this friend." A mali'fenn monk folds the paper neatly and discards it into the ocean. "We separated ourselves for various reasons and I fear bringing us together, even in a time such as this will only cause more bloodshed and infighting. In Anthos, the Princedom was pressured by The Conclave of Malinor to take action against the Scourge or else they would go to war with them. So wage war we did, and when Grand Prince Tundrak II received no aid from the Conclave, the people of Fenn were forced to move undergroun
  10. In before the elves have a war next map


  11. This ones funnier to read then the other thread.
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