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  1. Thoughts on this please.


  2. Looking for an atlas map download. So uh...I’ll bump this even though its for Vailor.
  3. I feel the rep farming.
  4. I really do think we should get canons back before guns.

    1. TheAlphaMoist


      We’re not getting guns at all

    2. TDubs


      If we ever end up getting them is what I meant. My b.

  5. What is the deal with Adunians?


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    2. Zacho


      Adunians are good lads. If you have questions feel free to hmu on my discord at Zacho#5276


    3. Platinumlens


      A few of us still running around, fret not.

    4. TDubs


      Ahhh kay. The wiki doesn't list you guys on the human page at all. 😅

  6. I have all the old versions of this magic bookmarked so I could try an learn from their missteps and reasons for why it got shelved. I thank you for making your version back then.
  7. The Princedom of Fenn A Settlement Guide 17th of Sun’s Smile, 1765 Overview The Princedom of Fenn is the home of the Mali’fenn, stewards of the aengul Wyvrun’s lands. Despite this, it is open to any and all races. It is militaristic by design with a strong focus on training and weaponry. The capital is very defensible and always peaceful. Fenn can be found in the north-eastern realms of Arcas ((1272 / 32 / -966)) and is but a caravan ride away from Cloud Temple. Notable Locations Ivae’fenn Barracks Often boasting the strongest Elven military, the Ivae'fenn stand watch over Tahu'lareh and all Fennic lands. They are tasked with defending the city and its inhabitants to the death if need be. Easily identifiable by their uniform, which bares the color of their rank accordingly the Ivae’fenn trains its soldiers in various ‘specializations’, from Siege Engineering to Medical knowledge. The military also acts as the police meaning any and all crime should be reported to the nearest Ivae'fenn soldier. Snow Elves and citizens of Fenn interested in enlisting can look here: Clinic The Tahu'lareh Clinic of Fenn is a safe, comfortable building where the sick or wounded can go to receive treatments through practical and medicinal means. The clinic is also a part of the Curantes Guild. Tavern The Silver Snowflake is frequently bustling with the clangour of bottles accompanied by a steady roar of voices. The bar acts as the very lifeblood of the tavern, supplying a steady stream of unique beverages inspired by the lands across Arcas but mainly brewed here within the city, as well as unique Fennic treats. Located only two floors down is the local fight pit. Here, the common laws of the Princedom are cast aside, following a unique set of rules. Disagreements and disputes are commonly settled within the borders of the fight pit, as are pleasant challenges and tournaments. While most outsiders will view the fight pit as a barbaric source of entertainment hidden within the confines of a well-masked tavern, the citizens of Fenn view it as a way to let off steam and keep their skills sharp for what the future may hold. Temple of Wyrvun The Temple of Wyrvun is a place of worship, forum and home to the Idhren’tirn. It is made up of a long hall with a large statue of Wyrvun at the back end of it with glass-stained windows to the side and two towers on either side of the building. In the center of the building, is a podium for the priests to place their things as they commence different rituals or explain different ideas and topics. It is here that the Wyvrun and his Six are explained and different animal parts are harvested and given as a sacrifice. Information on the ‘Wyvrunic Contract’ and the ‘Idhren’tirn’ is here: Library Over a hundred books in counting. For centuries Fenn has been at a loss of Mali’fenn writings and general knowledge about the world, but with the move to Arcas their library has begun its steady search for books and knowledge on their own heritage. It is here that Princedom events are recorded within the archive section. Bloodline Manors The bloodline manors are large, dorm-like mansions for blooded Mali’fenn. Snow Elves who believe they may be blooded can contact the Bloodline Heads. Information on each bloodline is available here: Housing Districts The housing district is full of two-floor homes for single occupants and also slightly larger homes for families. The stewards of Fenn are more than happy to assist in any way possible in regard to housing, and we’re constantly updating the housing district. To ensure that we only house active citizens, weekly activity checks are conducted by the Grand Steward. Fennic Leadership The Fennic Council is chosen by the Grand Prince himself. Fenn is by and large managed through the expertise of the Grand Council, though even regular citizens can be found spearheading other important aspects of the nation. Each Grand Council member runs a plethora of Fenn’s politics, and in turn have notable members of the Princedom who assist in helping the community. Find more information on the Fennic Grand Council here: Grand Prince – Aelthos Tundrak III ((@Ioannis)) Ivae’fenn - Velatha Sylric ((@EnderMaiashiro)) The Clinic of Fenn - Velatha Sylric ((@EnderMaiashiro)) ((New players can find our discord in the Lord of the Craft discord in #discord-hub or can contact Comic D #5274 on discord.))
  8. TDubs

    CT Warp Cart

    I like the idea of paid warps.
  9. Wait so crossbows take the same emotes as bows??? I thought a key difference was that a crossbow took longer to prepare???

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    2. TheAlphaMoist


      Okay but there’s literally no end of the day damage difference between a bow and a crossbow in crp. They do the same thing. There’s no reason to balance either of them out. They’re fine. 

    3. TDubs


      Its less balance for me and more immersion wise. People should RP missing bow shots more because not everyone who picks up a bow becomes Robin hood, it requires training. Crossbows don’t take as much training as a bow if I remember right.

    4. TheAlphaMoist


      That’s fair

  10. “How long has our wayward, Grand Prince’s mother been in Athera for now? 8 years and...?” The random tipsy, snow elf rolls his head in a booth at the Silver Snowflake. “...Two months. Wyvrun knows she is not coming back to Arcas until she brings something of worth home,” Another snow elf, more drunk than the last raises her cup to her lips and sips. “Then as I have said before: That makes her a greedy wench. She probably only married in to the Tundraks for-“ The last mali’fenn of the three is cut short by a mug flying into the back of his head, shattering at the impact. His two friends rise from their seats, hands reaching to their waists for weaponry and the last feels the back of his head with both hands, a small spot of blood forming in his silver hair. “To speak ill of my good cousin is to speak ill of me friends, watch your words,” A 6’2, clearly angry, Drakon rises from his stool and crosses his arms before reaching for his own sword. -------------------------+------------------------- CLICK HERE FOR THE SONG I BASED THESE LYRICS OFF OF -------------------------+------------------------- Here are the parody lyrics. ?When the tide of the battle has shifted, and hopes are falling down.? ?Then a name rings over the wasteland, Aroiia has joined the fight.? ?With a mighty huzzah the battle is won, the ale is on her tonight.? ?When our friends fall- around us, stand fast and don’t lose faith.? ?For her name rings over our mountains, Aroiia has joined the fight.? ?With a mighty huzzah the battle is won, her drinks are on us tonight.?
  11. You had me interested as soon as I realized where the music was from.
  12. Pleeeeeeeease when you have some time point out the things that confused you. Would really appreciate any help.
  13. Gotta show this:


  14. Would pointing out the spells it does not effect be a better approach? Or group up the ones with similar buffs/diminishes? (4/16/2020) EDIT: I have just reduced the amount of text.
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