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  1. The first Count of Jerovitz, Jan Otto Kortrevich smiles from The Seven Skies. The now long-dead founder of the County was proud, knowing his family at long last recovered his old titles.
  2. Zuid  Nederlander moment.

  3. Name: Jan de Merode Age: 25 Do you presently hold a Commonwealth peerage?: No Are you currently an oathed knight of the Order of the Peterine Laurel?: Yes Are you in good legal standing within the lands of the Commonwealth?: JA
  4. "You're a bit late to the party aren't you?" spoke a proud Batavian Knight of the Commonwealth of Petra as he wandered through the halls of Temesch reading the missive. "Quite a bit very late, actually."
  5. A certain Knight in shining armour penned down his signature with the brightest of smiles! "Long live the Commonwealth!"
  6. Btw don't forget people are acting like this over silly block game from 2011
  7. A certain Batavian man feared for his life at the mere idea of his dearest companian Paul Temesch singing to him.
  8. Who here is interested in a rework/revival of Batavian culture or something similar to said culture (Dutch/Flemish lotc stuff). The wiki on it is pretty old and outdated but looking to do something with what is left there


    So yeah let me know

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      seems interesting

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      Germanic barbarians pog?

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      9 hours ago, ScarletFrisket said:

      whats that?


      It's essentially the old lotc Dutch culture. Like Waldenian is more Germanic, although Batavian does seem a lot more limited on its sources on the wiki...what does mean there's more room to work with

  9. So when's the front page changing

  10. ENLIGHTENMENT Alyndel was seated within the confinements of newly found home in Nor’Asath. He had always pondered over the meaning of his life, the meaning of the conversations he held, and what his true destiny was. His Ancestors had made big plans for him, that much he was certain of. To those who barely knew him he would often be mistaken for some babbling lunatic. A radical with no true vision for the world, or one with a vision so unrealistic he would simply be considered delusional. Perhaps those closest to him shared a different view. What others thought of him mattered little to him in the end. He knew he would always have the support of his daughters and elders. What was more important than the support of one’s relatives anyways? The Valah he had accompanied himself with in the Orenian House of Commons were all long gone. The ‘Ame, as well as the other Clans he had accompanied himself with in The Pale had long vanished. Clan Morvayn, Clan Indoren and all supporters of what remained of the Renelian dream….they were all gone. The band of like-minded Ashen Folk had shrunk considerably when compared to their glory days in the Empire. Only recently the lost Velulaei’onn were re-united under the banner of the Yl’Asath, a Clan Alyndel founded together with At’ess Renellic. It’s purpose? To reunite the bloodlines of Velulaei, and separate the pretenders from those pure of blood. An artist's depiction of New Magara’lin, Kingdom of Renelia-Gladewynn Alyndel’s opinions on the city-state of Nor’Asath had been conflicted at best. He had always been one to applaud the founding of ‘Ker states. Places for the Ashen Folk to unite, it was a dream that he had been holding on to for centuries now. The Renelian dream was brought back to life. The more he interacted with his now fellow citizens, the more that dream began to seem like a blur. Perhaps he had become jaded due to his time in the Empire….or perhaps the dream really was nothing but a distant memory. Sometimes encounters can leave lasting impressions upon an individual, and Alyndel knew he was able to make one. A shimmer of light within a pitch black darkness had appeared before him. A ‘Ker who Alyndel knew could one day share his vision, and perhaps even help him and his fellow kin pave the way for something truly beautiful. The future of the Ashen Folk lies with its children, who despite being born on a path of sin can be pulled back. The warm embrace of the Ancestors is never far away, if only an individual is willing to reject the sinners in their lives. A house overlooking the Nor’Asath docks, it was quite the change when compared to the forests he had wandered for many years. His cousins, his daughters and all those who were willing to give the truth a chance, would make this pale eye’d Ker’s house a true home.
  11. Ur a funny guy

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      Not how you get your app accepted though, buddy

  12. @HogoBojo @Llir since either one of you are the admins involved a reply would be nice. Ignoring this isn't going to stop anyone from asking about it and quite frankly I've yet to see a valid reason. Don't even give me a "oh why don't you do it" because it is your guys' job to. This has been bouncing between CT excuses and Tech excuses for years and just like the dynamap updates, I feel like it's laziness and not an actual excuse.
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