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  1. THE CELIAN ACADEMY REFORMED Introduction - Welcome to those descendants whose knowledge is their ambrosia, to those who wish to learn and apply and to those of curious dispositions. Long has the Arcane academy of Celia’nor stood beside the palace itself, though prior halls were nought but quiet whispers with this reformation a new age will sprout from within those towering walls. Within our citadel of knowledge we house the finest of teachers and most sophisticated of scholars. We seek all those who are curious about the world and its secrets, be it mundane or not. The Codex - I. Maehr ay Orrarne - ‘Do not hunt for knowledge’ As it will simply hide away deeper II. Hileia ay tuva - ‘Peace for all’ The secrets found in our minds and books are not for those of tainted hearts and twisted morals. III. Ceru’lye tufer - ‘Build mighty people’ You are powerful, use your power to bring those around you to a higher status in this life. Roles - Headmaster: Leader of the academy and responsible for organising all teaching staff and enforcing the highest standard of learning possible. They are also responsible for the conduct for students and student growth. Course Head: Both teachers and overseers of these staff organise their courses and lecturers therein, they will typically either run their own lectures or oversee a lecture in their course performed by another lecturer. Lecturer/Mentor: The primary teachers of the academy, these staff run lectures and mentor personal students, they oversee most scholars and their apprentices. Apprentice: A personal assistant of sorts, every lecturer can possess one apprentice, of whom may be learning a specific art be it mundane or mystical or simply someone who helps to hand out papers during class. Scholar: Your everyday student, someone who has come to learn. They are expected to take their own course when available however may be able to drop in to other lectures if possible. Courses - Mystical: This course aims to provide a broad set of information on the topics of the Void, Deific and Dark arts as well as the creatures therein. This course is for those who are interested in the arcane and mystical, be it to further their current learning or to help them take their first steps into it. Warfare: This course aims to provide the necessities of warfare and creation, be it the history of swords styles and warriors, combat techniques, smithing and forging and lastly Herbology, for those who wish to tend and treat the wounds of war. Those taking this course may be blacksmiths, aspiring swordsmen or doctors. Diplomatic: This course is for those curious on world politics, geographic locations, the history of the realm as well as the different religions and philosophies that lie within. Those who take up this subject may be aspiring nobility or officials or even potential diplomats. Activities - Whilst a member of the academy, scholars will typically find themselves either attending lectures or one to one sessions. As well as this there are interactive sessions, possibly heading to foreign lands or sent to research a specific thing. Mystical students may head out to damaged regions of the world to see the effects of voidal corruption, students of Warfare might find themself practising ancient techniques from foreign lands, and students of Diplomacy may find themselves heading to court sessions within or outside of Celian territory to see how royalty operates and conducts themselves. Scholars when available may also wish to attend the writing contest, wherein all attendees will be given a full year to write a book or document detailing about a random topic with a prize of 100 mina being handed to the scholar with the best book. A secondary prize is that all scholars will find their books in the library giving them an excellent opportunity to put their mark in the world. Arcane Council - As the arcane art ebbs and flows it is an obligation to all descendents to maintain the realm when it comes to the Mystical practices. For this reason the Arcane council is formed of heads of different factions to prevent disasters occurring as they have in the past. This reformation comes to bring more power to all parties, and seeks to make sure all words are heard. The Coordinator Maehrlin’urthir - Leader of the Academy: This is the current headmaster of the academy, whomever that may be at the time. They will be the one who brings up different topics, are required to keep the peace in discussions and the one who must take in the votes of the different parties, they are unable to make their own vote or place their own opinion on matters unless there is a lock between all parties. The Sanerir Sanerir are the speakers of different respected independent parties. These individuals all will have respectable backgrounds and be knowledgeable in their own field and capabilities. Each organisation will put forward one speaker for their matter, whomever that may be. Druian ay Saner - ‘Speaker of Druids’ : Individuals from one of each of the ongoing circles and groups able to put forward their opinions on the ongoing matters. They are also to put forward any opinions and concerns that need attending to the realms or Celia’nor itself to help keep the peace between Drui - Magi relations. Seth ay Saner - ‘Speaker of Void’ : Magi and sorcerers who are competent and experienced in their art, having also knowledge on the consequences of its malpractice these individuals will be used to place votes to better magis whilst also preventing corruption and hazards from sprouting. Lauriran ay Saner - ‘Speaker of Nobles’ : A noble or high royal from Celia’nor, as well as if required one a foreign one if it is of the topic discussed. These individuals will put forward their opinions to the council from their respected royalty as to maintain a positive relationship between academy and royalties. Applications - To apply, one must simply send a letter to the academy, bearing information of: Who they are, if they wish to teach or learn including what course, any capabilities such as magic arts and their current residence if within the walls or foreign. ((OOC, Reply to the post with an irp message styled as a letter and add your discord at the end. One of the lecturers will be with you as soon as available.)) “Be it orc or halfling, lame or able, famous or obscure, all are welcome to the Celian Academy. Do not be deterred from applying based on your physical characteristics: it is the mind we are concerned with.” Acalmaehr Sethironn’an, Headmaster Credit to Heftydonut's post of which I copied formatting in this reform
  2. My fave thing is a lot of the time some groups just ******* outright refuse to involve new people :DDD I remember b4 I took a break I went to haense n some people just outright refused to rp with me, must have been there at least 10 minutes listening to their rp and I just went in to introduce myself and the most ******* aknowledgement I got was "refused the elf's introduction, continuing on" Same thing has happened to plenty of other cities, lot's of people have their little cliques and as soon as you try to even introduce yourself in it they'll just ignore you and continue to rp without you, either through outright ignoring you or through moving somewhere else. Some groups in this server are just highschool cliques and they need to learn to involve people otherwise it just makes the server feel a little more empty Toxicity on this server isn't just argghh you (insert slurs here) it's just neglecting other players :) p.s. love you haense but if I have those wannabe witchers ever pull that move again I'm going to crp them in your tavern
  3. IKR HOW THE **** DID THEY FORMAT THIS +1 it looks really cool
  4. Within the bustling city of Celia'nor a small notice would go up on the noticeboard Looking For An Apprentice Child To Call My Own "My name is Acalmaehr, of a house not named nor started. In my longing to continue a legacy I have realised that a relationship is not what I desire, it is a child I can call my own. I have lived many decades and seen many things. I desire to see in my child a part of myself, even if it is not blood. I want someone who is willing to learn, to live and to explore. I am not looking for someone to teach my secrets of the arcane - though that does not mean I won't" Requirements for Offspring: If you fill out the requirements. Please use the charcoal below and put in your initials. Come find me and make your request. (( OOC )) Looking for someone to help me essentially kickstart my own bloodline in a way, played for 4 years and never been really involved in any family. I'm not just looking for someone to teach magic although if I think you're an adequate roleplayer I may offer it to you. As long as you're a nice person and we get along / have gotten along I'll be more than happy to accept
  5. Ideally, you want to have a map that could be separated by different 'event biomes' (lavaland, frozen wastes, deep swamps, underground coves etc) which acts as a buffer between different nations I mean imagine if ya had this massive mountain with a pass in it where you had to have two nations hold their wc, or a small pirate cove event chain formed in between two nations so both of them had some value that they could put into it. The haense ogre giant thing event chain was pretty cool and it could give better irp reason for people to be invested, when the stuff is just a few hundred blocks away from their city and in between another nation's it can allow more rp between two playerbases etc etc etc tl;dr map size in my eyes doesn't matter, what you need to do is space player nations and areas deliberately designed for events in strategic and reasonably accessed distances.
  6. ROLEPLAY - Rp Name: Acalmaehr Age: 300+ Role Interested In: Mentor/Lecturer Classes Interested in(For Students): -- Qualifications for role (Only for Teachers, this includes magics they want to teach, and if they have taught at an establishment before.): Reason for wanting to join the Academy?: Years of experience and numerous arts OOC - MC Name: JustMeMorgan Discord: Morgan#5032 Time Zone: GMT
  7. Idk might come back innit

  8. You also have to remember the deterrent element of this though. Predators wouldn't enjoy having the fact of what they've done to be disclosed so they should be deterred from doing it, if a player that digusting decides to groom a minor I'd say it's worth the risk of "oh nooo someone found their real name!" In all serious matters, grooming is a crime, this is universal. What the player had done, if given to authorities can be used to give them a record. I think it's worth the risk of ohhh doxxing time. You have to realise that I'm talking about predators, people who prey on those too trustful, those too young, the shit these despicable people do can leave mental health issues. I think if the risk is oh no their details got leaked because player n had that massive of a rage boner, when the person had groomed a literal child. I'd think it's ******* worth it.
  9. I meant that more for the blackmailing part* And as you said people who are banned for literally being degenerate members of society are breaking laws. Irl when someone is outted as a pedo they end up having to go door-to-door telling everyone they're a sex offender, why the **** does LotC always hide up the fact they have groomers?? Why do we keep this weird veil over the dark side of LotC? Like they're ******* predators why don't we make alerts about the player, tell the playerbase "Hi this is offender x, they were banned for x after reports of (x), logs were validified and it is confirmed that this player has done this actions and therefore has been permanently removed from the server with no appeal for the safety of the community" ?? Why don't we have stuff like this rather than these quiet bans and removals of players where the only reason why it gets out is player-made forum posts or leaks
  10. True for the first point but for the second point why does it matter? Any player who has an active enough vendetta can go out of their way to doxx a player, however that is a crime players are not endorsed to go out of their way to do this. As long as staff anonymise any details that could be used for harassment (e.g. phone numbers etc) then there should be no issue. Secondly I should probably clarify when I say all evidence I mean at least a form of list. if a player is banned from the server for pedophilia chances are they'll be forum banned and IP banned too so it'd be hard to identify who reported it keeping the victim safe.
  11. Flash over to the fact I actively mention to the staff team of a case that was simply dismissed 3 years ago of which the player could have been outright permabanned for pedophilic and predatory behaviour :/ (Cropped the msg to hide the player's name) One of the reasons I went on my Hiatus is because I was sick of the fact I was ACTIVELY trying to bring attention to someone who literally admitted to the fact they wish that it was allowed to **** Children on the server, had Predatory behaviour towards players, harassed and trolled and caused many issues to the point that when it came around to reporting the first issue (the fact the player literally said they wished it was allowed to **** kids on the server) I had a Swarm of PM's from other players asking to join in as they have all been affected, some on a sexual basis. If there is Safety, then ******* present it. Release a list of known players who have commit sexual offenses, give clarity. If a player has been banned for Pedophilia make it ******* clear? make a subtopic on permanently banned players and why, if they're a predator make it ******* clear, show all the evidence and make it so the whole playerbase can see the information.
  12. I want to hold security's toes like you hold a hand :) +1
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