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  1. ladies and gents, this is a poggers moment
  2. Someone fuckywuckied the forums it's really broken on website too @AlphaMoist

    1. AlphaMoist


      Yeah I can’t see **** so appreciate the tag

  3. Squakhawk you can have my kids +1
  4. Squakhawk you can have my kids +1
  5. "Why is it stagnant but also described as liberally progressive, am I the only one whose seeing this little bit of contradiction?" a mali said sat by a fireplace in a human city as he'd read the piece
  6. "This is probably the weirdest announcement I've read from the Silver State." the mali'ata would say to himself looking at the purist propaganda in the comfort of his beautiful home in Elvenesse
  7. It's either that or people paying money after getting magic I gotta say I didn't actually remember posting this till I checked the forums just now, this hangover is also killing me Right now Results sorta show that if you have a magic typically you're a VIP but there's not any correlation between more money spent = more magics obtained, Coal VIPs with 4, Aether VIPs with 1 etc.
  8. I'm drunk and wondering if there's a correlation between money spent on the server and magic an individual has to help see if magic can equate to investment of money into LotC please do the survey to help see if there's a correlation It's mostly inspired cuz I see a lot of mages with high tier vip so it's a possibility https://forms.gle/vAvG6d7rBKp6FsJ8A
  9. We both have points to agree n' disagree with pal love the debate from you though as you do raise some good points
  10. Promoting the hunting of teachers is the worst idea ever made I'd be for this really, there are currently ~20+ alchemists on lotc (sounds like a lot but then you have to remember there's like 300-500 players and the number of whom may desire alchemy may be massive. Also furtheremore note that not all of these individuals have TAs.
  11. I'm not going to argue with you, sure you can take it as a philosophy but it's not what many players are interested in, alchemy roleplay gave incentive, fun, experimentation, adventure and so on. Going out to hunt creatures for their alchemical reagents from the creature index, looking for herbs and so forth in the wild with a basic honour system made it fun and enjoyable. Taking the freedom away from the playerbase and putting up the wall simply locks so much away from the playerbase. ---- Summary and Conclusion.
  12. 'expansive and philosophical way' but with no outcome or progression, it's like teaching people 1 thing with no way of furthering it "So basically the world is made of symbols and equivalent exchange" "Can I do that??" "No you don't have the feat, so that's all the philosophy you have, knowledge about the world that you can never apply" Plenty of things can be taught in a philosophical way, however it's the fact that you'd be inspiring a player with teaching them about symbolism but then having to explain oocly that sadly they can't really pursue it unless they find an
  13. If only it wasn't gatekept people could actually enjoy the massive lore of alchemy and not just 'ah yes crush plant and slap it on' because that's all people r limited to
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