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  1. lore idea for today: haense should make lore for humans similar to ogryns, which in lore is just 1/10th of their population and is a product from their messed up gene pools


    cons: haense gets brutes

    pro: haense' geneology is more accurate, and we get funny brutish ogryns

  2. remember guys, target other players not for rp but actually for the lore items they have!!! (this is satire)

  3. I would probably make some sort of half elf half human empire, specifically within the themes of human and elven culture intertwined. Lot's of half elves lot's of hatred but it'd be a safe haven for half-elves to adunians and all the other races that have mixed bloodlines. I'd honestly just do it so I can say I was king once hell maybe one day
  4. You or Jentos probably years of traumatic experience on here !
  5. Community really, I actually retconned my race early into playing and was a human in Courland but I wanted to be more involved with magic rp and elf rp so swapped over though I’ve acc wanted to change to human or even halfling at some point human rp communities just clashed sometimes with me that’s all I'd like to add to this, when I was in human communities do note I was in communities with some individuals who: Idiolised hate crimes, actively attacked LGBTQ+ communities, were 15 year olds dropping the n word every few minutes in teamspeak etc. It was not a good period for human communities (axios lmao) and I was actively against most of it, so decided to depart from there to instead chill with people in the Enchantry, necro communities etc. Weird when the people who play edgy dark characters were nicer oocly than the cutesy humans who would splur hateful and aggressive comments in teamspeak lmao
  6. Greatly depends on the rp and personality of both players The musin could be overpowered by the liches' magic and either be left barely alive but drained, or raised as a servant The lich could underestimate the mousefolk and in fact be taken by surprise and be defeated by the musin. Grossly depends on what arc the two players want, maybe the lich wants the musin to win, let them have such an amazing arc of conquering an undead mighty opponent. Or perhaps the musin player accepts their fate, knowing they would have no real chance at winning, and would rather help further the lich's story, potentially returning as a servant in future. (Though I place my bets on the musin)
  7. Hello all, I'm Morgan and I just turned 22 You probably know me as Acalmaehr, Fenneyr or something similar. I joined LotC when I was barely a teenager in the midst of puberty. Now? I'm about to get my Bachelor's in Psychology, going onto Psychodynamic Counselling (fingers crossed). As well as this I literally got engaged in Paris. It's weird to think there were people here who knew me with a squeaky voice in teamspeak to now be here when I'm 22, with a beautiful fiancée and about to get a University degree. I've come bloody far, genuinely have. I've been here since Axios, seen a lot of events, met a lot of people - good or bad, took several permanent bans, temporary bans and warnings and still I pester you all with my antics. This is my AMA, ask me seriously anything (minus my address), if you want to know about lore, people, events in the past, groups etc I probably have knowledge of something :) For those with questions about my absence; I've recently been doing work on my dissertation, as well as doing interviews for some work (got myself a lil part time job) so hopefully now I have more time for LotC, as well, life comes first. Ask Me Anything :)
  8. Remember to ask for invitations to Acalmaehr and Valindra's wedding

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      Murkwater also provides catering services

    4. Marshi


      Uhm I better be getting an invitation

  9. B-bub-but I miss Atlas' ghoul bloat when GGT was making a horde :((
  10. @Morigung-oog Acalmaehr sits pondering the news various groups have heard, looking to Valindra within the city "Are we still inviting them to our wedding by the way?"
  11. Honestly I think this should just be the talking point of the meeting Llir is having as nobody could put this any better. Regardless of if LotC is an escapism or not for players, homophobia really is an unnecessary part of roleplay with no real positive. Elf x Human racism is far more productive and entertaining roleplay with productive outcomes (i.e. banished from Haelun'or for not being pure, so you go on a quest to show your purity, or become good enough known as an outsider race to be accepted by those inside), homophobia and other similar prejs don't have any sort of route, it's "ew you're gay get out" or "ew ur gay let's just ******* execute you" neither of which is productive or gives you anything in roleplay, other than exiled from a community. tldr; Dislike elves and make them cut their ears again, whitewash orcs for being against the Horde and make humans do tests of faith that don't involve asking them if they want to 'sodomise a man'.
  12. I feel like the staff members responsible for handing out bans and punishments need to realise they should contact and discuss the issue with a responsible player, rather than outright punishing them without any prior contact. Regardless of that person's behaviour everyone is entitled to be talked too and furthermore it leads to a more healthy outcome and helps that player shape their behaviour in a positive way.

    1. Netphreak


      Wait wait wait wait WAAAAIIT HOOOLD UP A MINUTE HELLO????


      Y..You're actually suggesting that.. COMMUNICATION happens???? OMG .. UNTHINKABLE!

    2. JustMeMorgan


      I saw a ban appeal and just remembered one of my earliest bans which was a mob grinder lmao, and I sat and discussed and chatted about it, had a laugh or two with the banning mod and he was like "Well it's your first offense and I can see it wasn't just you involved but because you used it most I'm going to give you a three day ban for it" and I was completely happy with that and learnt from it


      So many bans nowadays happen without any prior contact or even attempt at intervention, and I think that's what the moderation team really need to understand is the critical part of a punishment.


      Players don't learn or change behaviour from a silly xyz duration ban, it's the conversation you have with them to help them understand that will actually impact their behaviour.

  13. i am intoxicated and have missed out on drama some1 spill the tea sis

  14. [Message Removed]


    I swear I'm seeing more and more deleted posts and status updates

  15. I only looked at this for the erp and there wasn’t any I got clickbaited
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