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  1. ROLEPLAY - Rp Name: Acalmaehr Age: 300+ Role Interested In: Mentor/Lecturer Classes Interested in(For Students): -- Qualifications for role (Only for Teachers, this includes magics they want to teach, and if they have taught at an establishment before.): Reason for wanting to join the Academy?: Years of experience and numerous arts OOC - MC Name: JustMeMorgan Discord: Morgan#5032 Time Zone: GMT
  2. You also have to remember the deterrent element of this though. Predators wouldn't enjoy having the fact of what they've done to be disclosed so they should be deterred from doing it, if a player that digusting decides to groom a minor I'd say it's worth the risk of "oh nooo someone found their real name!" In all serious matters, grooming is a crime, this is universal. What the player had done, if given to authorities can be used to give them a record. I think it's worth the risk of ohhh doxxing time. You have to realise that I'm talking about predators, people who prey on those too trustful, those too young, the shit these despicable people do can leave mental health issues. I think if the risk is oh no their details got leaked because player n had that massive of a rage boner, when the person had groomed a literal child. I'd think it's ******* worth it.
  3. I meant that more for the blackmailing part* And as you said people who are banned for literally being degenerate members of society are breaking laws. Irl when someone is outted as a pedo they end up having to go door-to-door telling everyone they're a sex offender, why the **** does LotC always hide up the fact they have groomers?? Why do we keep this weird veil over the dark side of LotC? Like they're ******* predators why don't we make alerts about the player, tell the playerbase "Hi this is offender x, they were banned for x after reports of (x), logs were validified and it is confirmed that this player has done this actions and therefore has been permanently removed from the server with no appeal for the safety of the community" ?? Why don't we have stuff like this rather than these quiet bans and removals of players where the only reason why it gets out is player-made forum posts or leaks
  4. True for the first point but for the second point why does it matter? Any player who has an active enough vendetta can go out of their way to doxx a player, however that is a crime players are not endorsed to go out of their way to do this. As long as staff anonymise any details that could be used for harassment (e.g. phone numbers etc) then there should be no issue. Secondly I should probably clarify when I say all evidence I mean at least a form of list. if a player is banned from the server for pedophilia chances are they'll be forum banned and IP banned too so it'd be hard to identify who reported it keeping the victim safe.
  5. Flash over to the fact I actively mention to the staff team of a case that was simply dismissed 3 years ago of which the player could have been outright permabanned for pedophilic and predatory behaviour :/ (Cropped the msg to hide the player's name) One of the reasons I went on my Hiatus is because I was sick of the fact I was ACTIVELY trying to bring attention to someone who literally admitted to the fact they wish that it was allowed to **** Children on the server, had Predatory behaviour towards players, harassed and trolled and caused many issues to the point that when it came around to reporting the first issue (the fact the player literally said they wished it was allowed to **** kids on the server) I had a Swarm of PM's from other players asking to join in as they have all been affected, some on a sexual basis. If there is Safety, then ******* present it. Release a list of known players who have commit sexual offenses, give clarity. If a player has been banned for Pedophilia make it ******* clear? make a subtopic on permanently banned players and why, if they're a predator make it ******* clear, show all the evidence and make it so the whole playerbase can see the information.
  6. I want to hold security's toes like you hold a hand :) +1
  7. Space station 13 is a game I'm particularly into right now, other than that I'm often playing D&D or making D&D terrain :)
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e33eKXZYYX4 backing track to help you guys sing it <3
  9. One such Fenneyr would have his hands clasped around the paper with a sparkle in his eyes, the mali in great anticipation for the event.
  10. How long have you played a wood elf and have you ever considered playing a different race that's vastly different (.e.g orc or dwarf)
  11. get in loser we're going to hypixel
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