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  1. "Is this a ---" Kato Eren remarked, being taken promptly off stage by Kim and scolded for interrupting the performance of Harry. He sighed, going back behind his walled room. Sulking.
  2. Justinian Basrid sends a brief letter congregating the new Chieftain on his ascension as well as a brief discussion on the history of Aesterwald, well, more specifically it's religious climate. "It is my belief, that while there may be some doubts on the religious orthodoxy of the Kingdom, there is nothing denying[...]" The letter went on for pages.
  3. Éowyn skimmed the article with such an enthusiasm. "You could have not put it into any better words, dear friend!" she said joyfully to him. The Ibarellan then proceeded to hand more wine to Numerian to sell, not having actually read anything about the document and assuming it was an advertisement for her ranch.
  4. Where now the horse and the rider? Where is the horn that was blowing?
    Where is the helm and the hauberk, and the bright hair flowing?
    Where is the hand on the harpstring, and the red fire glowing?
    Where is the spring and the harvest and the tall corn growing?
    They have passed like rain on the mountain, like a wind in the meadow;
    The days have gone down in the West behind the hills into shadow.
    Who shall gather the smoke of the dead wood burning,
    Or behold the flowing years from the Sea returning?

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      I don’t miss Oran

  5. THE KING OF PEACE, THE KING OF FREEDOM Written by Dame Éowyn Nullivari-Ibarellan Dedicated to my son, my Húrin Húrin, ‘the Rider’, in the lands of Man called Delmor in his final days. O Ye’ Child of Starry Seas, Listen well to my plea, For I have a tale to tell, Of a king who was true and free. From the ancient days, When Man and Elf hated, He remained true and just, Until the dawn of the new age. Húrin, ‘the Rider’, Who cometh from the west, Who neither man nor monster, Could ever hope to best. Ruler of our people, He taught us the way, To travel upon horseback, Into the silver Sun’s dawn, No maiden ever saw, Such a beautiful man, With hair that of flowery roses, And eyes of starry skies. No warrior ever dreamed, To serve such a fateful king, Whose mere presence, Brought an aura of divinity. No priest ever knew, A more devout man than he, Who worshipped our Lord, In every fiber of his being. From the western sea, To the eastern trees, All rode with the man, A hive of bees. But then the Men of Delmor, From their towering stone, Came to take from us, The dream of fields and peace. We fought in every valley, On every hill and plain, For the land that was freedom, Sacred Malinor. The Men of Delmor fell, Both from the blade and the bow, Our horses stormed forth, Watching them be shot down! On the plains of Aedonia, That is where they made their stand, Tens of thousands of men, Tens of thousands of elf. Then, from the sounds of war, Came up from the heavens, Came up from the earth, In volcanic destruction. Galmurir, the Drake of Sæwine, That terrorizing sight, It rained down hellfire, Upon all in sight. Mortal man, Eternal elf, Just a single flame. Burning the plains. Without thinking, our courageous King, Rode ahead from our horsemen, Charging down Galmurir with a spear, Our king charged on. Shrieking, screaming, A ray of fire came down. That hissing screech, Yet our King charged on. His loyal soldiers fell at his side, Men and women he knew, From bygone days, Yet our King charged on. The Drake of Sæwine, Flew down to clench, Men with his teeth, Yet our King charged on. And then a strike was heard, A wound that brought down the Drake, In one fell swoop. Falling from the heavens. But a betrayal from mortal Man, An arrow whizzing past, Aimed at our King’s neck, During this time of trial. Off his horse, our king fell, Ungrateful man, celebrating. The loyal soldiers, crying. All that were there. They pounced upon his body, As he grasped for air. His last words being, Unrecognizable for those there. In anger, our soldiers hunted, To exterminate the villains, That brought us such a ruin. No life would be spared. But in the morning mist, When anger subsided, Mortal men and dragon Lay dead. Curse those villains, Those mortal men, Our hatred is eternal, Our anger will never end. Truth was hard. This was known. Our king had lay dead. No rage could bring him back, Why must he be taken? The soldiers left the field, Returning to their homes, Shaken and ashamed, Of what had transpired. Peace and freedom, Values we have held dear, Were given to us, By the King without fear. They decided to move on, Heartbroken and depressed, As I am writing this piece, Pain within my breast. O Ye’ Child of Starry Seas, Cry upon this very day. For how could such a friend, Be taken by the Lord? And this is where I leave off, About Húrin ‘the Rider’, For it is too hard on the soul, To remember the King of Peace. The King of Freedom.
  6. I love you man and Anton and I appreciate you. You're my g dude and I will always love you.


    I will always think about the times we hung out and were extra goofy.


    In my prayers king. <3

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      What a good guy, he could make anyone smile. He brought so much light into the world.


      You will be sorely missed. Rest easy, Szander. 

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      rest easy brother

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      Gonna miss you checking in on me every so often making sure im ok. Rest easy ❤️

  7. Prophet Owyn 'the Light of His Blade' Written by and Icon made by Kato Eren In honor of Uncle Danzen As a creatorist within the lands of Oyashima, it was quite clear to me from the moment I was born that the greatest patron of my faith was the Prophet Owyn. The purifier, the light of his blade, the Plague of the Wicked, and King of Aaun and Idunia. He was known as a warrior throughout his life, but one thing that is often forgotten about the good Prophet is his melancholic and reflective nature. The Prophet was nearing the end of his life when he raged through heathen and undead lands in search of his uncle, King St. Joren, whom he missed. Despite his righteous rage at the enemy, he was constantly thinking about holy things and his love for his family. Eventually, he could not find his uncle and ended up heading to Edel to purge the city. He passed away in a flame after exhausting himself by purifying the city of undead. This is the flame that represents the Owynist cause to this day (a raging fire depicted within his shield for purposes of this icon). A reminder to us that the fire we use to purge is one not of anger, but of righteous rage. Thus I depict the Prophet Owyn, with spear, shield, and sword in hand, but reflecting on the things of God. Prophet Owyn, cleanse us of our iniquity and intercede against the Enemy that threatens us.
  8. ”The darkness of the world will never overcome the light of the candle that is goodness.” -Sir Túrin Ibarellan History of The Order/Aims of the Order Nameday Oath Codex Privileges Knightly Ranks / Expectations ____________________________________________________________________________ ♛ Upon the foundations of chivalry and selfless servitude was the Order of the White Gryphon created to better serve the populace of Fi’andria. The long established Celia’diraar have acted as senchals and watchmen for the city and their counterparts the Sil have done the same. However, through the recent reformations in both the aristocracy and populace, it was deemed fit to reform militaristic norms and create an order of knights sworn to the royal line of succession. This endeavor was set upon for the purpose of instilling a newfound tradition of chivalry and purpose to the structure of the current military regime. With each passing season, the need for progression among those who took up sword and shield for the Principality grew. As such, the first chapter of the Order of the White Gryphon took form as a noble conglomerate of Mali’ tasked with dutiful protection of Her Highness, Valyris Ibarellan I and the lands surrounding Fi’andria. Each member of the Order is hand selected by the Grandmaster and the Prince/Princess and are given the ability to take upon themselves the traditional duties of a Vira’Sil. Through squiredom, tribulations, and determination do these dutiful warriors find themselves with bolstered hearts and steadfast minds as they approach the final goal of dawning the armors of the Gryphon. The Order is a means for many seeking to obtain a lesser form of nobility and carve out a name for themselves among their kinsmen. For it is the honor of all Celian citizens to seek for themselves, an elevation to knighthood and selflessly sacrifice themselves to the ideology. ♛ ____________________________________________________________________________ ♛ Dame Éowyn Nullivari-Ibarellan on a knightly endeavor. The idea of an oath is as deeply ingrained in the Order of the White Gyphon as it is in chivalry itself. Every year, during the festival dedicated to the birth of Arch-Princess Ivarielle I, an oath is proclaimed either for the first time or renewed. Unlike most orders that say it once in their life, the Order of the White Gyphon expects this to constantly be renewed to show your dedication both to the Order and their sovereign. This is done both by a proclamation of the Nameday Oath while also sacrificing a mallard duck individually, a pure and honorable metaphor for the Ibarellan bloodline. [Text from the Nameday Oath] "Under the Creator’s Light, do I announce my intentions. That I remain true to my Prince/Princess and that I will flee treason to them where I see it. That I will pride myself like the Prince’s/Princess’s’s regalia, a beacon of justice and fairness. The poor and needy will never expect my hand to be empty. The evil and condemned shall never expect that my wrath will be satisfied. I will give mercy to those who seek mercy, but I will never be wary to bloody my blade. With my intentions clear, my oath remains until I pass into the next life or I am relieved of my duty." ♛ ____________________________________________________________________________ ♛ An artist’s depiction of the High Princess Valyris, blessing a wounded knight. The Codex of Nelecar is a group of phrases that outline the majority of the tenets under which the knightly order is expected to function. While supposedly dating back to the ancient days of Haelun’or, under the Lion Okarir’sil’s reign, it is written as a series of statements about what a true knight is, from the perspective of Nelecar. The knightly order accepts the Codex as truth in matters of chivalry despite the likely apocryphal nature of the Codex’s creation. The tenets it lays out are clear: undying loyalty to the state, love for its citizens and ruler, and paradoxical advocation of mercy in the face of the brutal violence one commits. [Text from the Codex of Nelecar] "To be a knight, is to be unfaltering in the pursuit of destruction against enemies of our sovereign. To be a knight, is to put yourself beneath the state and recall the meaning of nationalism. To be a knight, is to pride yourself on your perfect form and adore your own body. To be a knight, is to scorn intrigue and underhanded means. To be a knight, is to reclaim the idea of mercy and show it to the undeserving. To be a knight, is to defend the weak from harm. To be a knight, is to be accountable for one’s actions and to act in good faith even if no eyes are on you. To be a knight, is to provide alms for the needy and allow the idea of socialism to enter your soul. To be a knight, is to be the embodiment of virtue and honor. ♛ ____________________________________________________________________________ ♛ Upon swearing the Nameday’s Oath and being knighted, an individual may expect the following privileges from obtaining knighthood: ♛ The title of "Sir" or "Dame" depending on sex. ♛ The ability to display one’s sigil and adorn a cape of their house on their armor. ♛ The ability to request an audience with the sovereign. ♛ The ability to request a trial by combat if one is accused of a crime. ♛ The ability to duel other knights to solve disputes. ♛ The ability to elevate oneself to the status of nobility through knightly ambitions. ♛ A magically enchanted weapon custom crafted for the knight. ♛ A horse bearing the colors and sigil of the knight. ♛ ____________________________________________________________________________ ♛ An artist’s depiction of Lord Thalon Nullivari, riding his horse into battle against orks. Mar’sil (Laurir Sil) ♛ The Laurir Sil, or more commonly known among the Order as the Mar’sil is the leader of the knightly order that is under the patronage of the royarch. The figurehead of the Order of the White Gryphon, tasked with overseeing the development of new knights, squires, and pages. Acting as a liaison between the Order and the Princess, the Knight Paramount structures the duties of the royal retinue, explorations, and other duties held by knights of the Order. Additionally, he provides a bridge between the knights and populace of Fi'andria and holds a public role so that the Order is properly represented in the Celian Court. Naeri’sil ♛ The Naeri’sil is the second seat on the Order. Their duty is the delegation of work and tasks to the other knights as passed to them by the Mar’sil. The Grandmaster must rely on the Naeri'sil, just as the Naeri'sil must rely on the Acaln'sil.Additionally, the Naeri’sil must be a current member of the high-nobility within Celia’nor and be of pure noble blood to hold the position. Acaln’sil ♛ Meaning "golden sword," the Acaln’sil is the rank that all warriors who dwell within the city of Fi’andria strive to attain. They are the knights of the royal lineage, sworn to the Prince or Princess leading the Celian populace. They are considered to be the most devout, righteous, and honorable Mali’aheral, dedicating their lives to the protection of Celi’anor. Often the Acaln’sil are tasked with patrolling the roads, assisting peasants with the cultivation of their lands, and guarding the royal family. Additionally, they are seen as high officers in times of war and assist the Mordu’lar in training, delegation of tasks, and fight alongside the military in periods of strife. Tilru’sil ♛ Tilru’sil are the squire equivalent of the Order of the White Gryphon. Their duties are to their Acaln’sil and are viewed as apprentices to the knights. They must be from an established and recognized noble Talonnii or are brought forth through sponsorship as a representative of the family. They endeavor to one day be elevated to the status of Sir or Dame. ♛ ____________________________________________________________________________ Lord Thalon Nullivari, Grandmaster of the Order of the White Gryphon, Virar of Celia’nor, Lord of Eld Roth, Mar’sil, Laurir Sil, Royal Advisor, Champion of Wer Relgas, The Beast. Lady Éowyn Nullivari-Ibarellan, Naeri’sil of the Order of the White Gryphon, Lady of Caer Raywyn, the Noble Lighthouse. Valyris Ibarellan, Princess of Celia’nor, Queen of Gladewynn, Princess of the Alders, Princess of Alderyn, High Empyrean Princess, Sole-Proprieter of Gladewynn, Protector of the High Elves, High Magus of the Arcanic Court, etc.
  9. dogbew moment

  10. i love the st. ilya muromets banner, really sick.

    1. Knight of Elken

      Knight of Elken

      thanks! :D rus aesthetic is very often overlooked in my opinion, but it shouldn't be, because it is very cool

  11. The Wise-Sayings of the Tribunal Written by Kathivmor Dedicated to Beowulf the Betrayed, The An-Gho, and Serinath An depiction of the author and their friends resting on a beach in Savoy, 1905. Here is a collection of thoughts, sayings, and proverbs offered by teachers far beyond my own wisdom on life. While incomplete, I hope they offer you a deeper understanding of life as they did for me. [An excerpt of 'The Wise-Sayings of the Tribunal'] "How may a race be won if the runner yields before it is done?" The An-Gho "The Lord God provided two miracles for which we should forever rejoice: that we were born and that we have a protector in the Titan." Serinath "To war is to purge. To purge is to purify. To purify is to be godly. To be godly is to be like our father in the skies." Beowulf the Betrayed "The only thing more frightening than a lie is an elf speaking the truth." Beowulf the Betrayed "Individuality is the death of love." Serinath "Death is a lie." The An-Gho "Trust not the words of the poet, for their words are empathetic, but to be so, they are half-truths." The An-Gho "Death is the ultimate reward for a warrior." Beowulf the Betrayed “No matter how far the fire is spread, all flames are alike, and all fires burn the same, the only difference being the scope of that fire. So there is no difference in fire, all is unity - even in strife. So here the An-Gho wonders, how it is that it can be Arbiter, when itself is a flickering flame, among rows upon rows of flickering candles - just as he. So what is a man? So what is a man? A man is nothing.” The An-Gho "Have you ever considered the birds of the sky?" "No, I have not, teacher." "They were free the moment they were born. How I envy even birds for their lack of shackles!" Serinath to Beowulf the Betrayed "Serinath was a teacher and a friend to me. Bringing me truths I had never known as a king.But he never let me know peace while he taught. He trained my mind while sword fighting, making me recite lessons, beating me whenever I messed up a proverb or hit. I scowled at these beatings and his yelling when I did not meet his standard. However, when I slayed ten combatants in a trial and solved endless riddles, my teacher revealed this to me. ‘The teaching of discontentment is paramount as it breeds a desire for refinement. Refinement is the path of our Father, for the world is constantly being refined to be in his Image.’" Beowulf the Betrayed "Beware of enlightenment, for knowledge will be all our undoing." The An-Gho "Nothing haunts my dreams more than a peaceful life in idyllic fields." Beowulf the Betrayed "Peace is the only state of being we may pray to achieve in this life." Serinath "Existence is a pitiable thing." The An-Gho "In the end, I will forgive you where you failed to forgive a crime you imagined I had committed- and had destroyed me for it." The An-Gho in reference to the righteous. "To yours, I am terrifying. To mine, I am beautiful. Will you judge mine based on our appearances however? Will we be nothing but a testament to the descendant preference of aesthetic beauty rather than the heat of our hearts and our aspirations to make better this troubled world." The An-Gho "Self-control is understanding you are nothing but a piece in the Titan’s plan." Beowulf the Betrayed "Do you consider yourself a warrior?" "I do, teacher." "Then know war in itself is futile. I learned this too late. While we revere the physical, never forget that the spiritual is where the deceiver triumphs over us. Fight, then, with prayer always." Serinath to Beowulf the Betrayed "By accepting this charge, you acknowledge that you will die. Your purpose is to die. You will become mighty, you will wield powers beyond your comprehension; but this power is borrowed, and its price is your death at its master’s command." Beowulf the Betrayed "As if we were busts or statues for kings, the Nephilim are icons for our father. To represent the Warden of the world, there is no greater honor." Beowulf the Betrayed The An-Gho, intercede for us.
  12. That's right... This world... is cruel. It hit me that living was like a miracle.

    1. ThatFunkyBunch


      Idk if this is a meme or reference or just genuine self reflection but I love it. I use to be mad at life, mad at god for giving me the cards I was dealt. It took nearly dying and sobriety to realize that I am lucky to have even been dealt a hand, and allowed to sit at the table to play them.  

      Keep on keeping on.

    2. Netphreak


      Life is a *****, that much is true. But the real beauty is how we decide to react to that *****. Keep on keeping on! Keep your head up high and don't let society knock you down.

  13. The Plague That Is Individuality Written by Kathivmor In honor of Beowulf the Betrayed and the An-Gho An depiction of dragons flying overlook by knights standing on a cliffside in the ancient days, 1904. "The world is stirring, Ainsley... Can you feel it?" - Beowulf the Betrayed [An excerpt of 'The Plague That Is Individuality'] [...] When an ancient one, whose name was Serinath in times of yore, was asked this very question of individuality, his response was simple. "Individuality is the death of love". While very metaphorical in its wording, the ancient one is blunt about its meaning. The love of oneself defeats the love of others. You focus on yourself; consuming delicacies and soaring on the wind to find pleasure. But pleasure is not the end state of Man. Nor is it the wish of God through the Holy Titan that we commit our lives to this. It was the wish of the Deceiver who granted us thoughts that were not intended to be there. In the early days of creation, men formed brotherhood in order to aspire beyond their individuality and love for themselves. And with that, great feats were accomplished and tasks overcome by mere togetherness in this fight. When you read of the saints—of St. Owyn and before, do you read them glorifying themselves? No, you see them raise others up by building a nation that functions and prospers. The cursed Harren attempted to derail St. Owyn's journey and force him to face the 'fate' of the Deceiver's will. But St. Owyn knew the path and burned the evils of Adun with the help of Azdromoth. A fire raging into the night; a reminder to leave this self-pursuing path. Gone are those glorious days where we lived free in the collective. Now are the days ridden by both the greed of dwarfs placing themselves onto Man and the self-love of elves placing themselves onto Man. While the other descendants may have learned the truth, Man fell into our sins. But with this knowledge, there is no pain or anger that should be felt. For out of the darkness, the Firstborn decided to enlighten us and offer us one more chance at the path of redemption. For while the Lord had gifted those who worshiped him a heaven to those who die, why not pursue a heaven for those who live? This may only be achieved when we look past our wants and passions, to form a collective that advocates for true justice. Gone should be the days of deceit and vanity. The days of the collective and brotherhood should be ushered into existence by us. Drop your false wants and join in togetherness to tackle the spiritual shackles chained to us by the Deceiver. Much like the beginning of this world, any challenge thrown at us may be overcome if we are one. Like a body, we are the arms that should live and breathe for this purpose, while the head, Azdromoth, guides us to this end. When the world stirs beneath the wings of the Holy Titan, recall that every whip of his wing is nothing more than a reminder of this pure state we used to be in. A reminder of our origin and what we should strive to be once more. Beowulf the Betrayed, pray for us.
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