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  1. Griffith of Gwynon heard the news from the Vicechancellor personally at the front of the Cathedral of Ex. Godfrey. An hour before, he saw his bestfriend conduct an announcement on--- he felt awful. He zoned out through the whole homily of Jude, thinking about how tired he was. How awful of a soul I am, not listening to my friend.. Rage was all that was within his heart. When he at last saw the body, he could not bear the sight of it. It was all too much. He ran from it and stood within the hallway, “Manfried, I meant to tell you who I am-- when you were to die. You were supposed to die of old
  2. Cardinal Gawain remarked to Cardinal Ailred, "May the children of God find this beneficial, and brother- tell my friend Cardinal Adelric that we ought to hold mass together in his blessed duchy!"
  3. Beyzana of the Yetevychi stood at a distance, observing Phanagoras from over his left shoulder as he wandered before inevitably siting himself. They eventually walked and then sat next to him, silent, as both watched the fire flickered about.
  4. "Olivier... what a scholar! He is proof you can raise a child to be a warrior and poet! Those Nordlings will never know what's coming!" Cardinal Gawain remarked to his unwilling brothers in the cloth.
  5. "Kill every Nordling and burn down Elysium! Water that stupid godforsaken tree while you're all at it!" Cardinal Gawain screeched from his Cathedral. "I HATE ALL NORDLINGS!!!"
  6. Let no one mourn; the death of one soldier is not a great loss to the republic.

  7. Cardinal Gawain Briarwood, FSSCT, smashes his hand against the desk, screaming at the news of the dead children that arrived at this desk. "Curse the ISA, they didn't kill enough women and children! I should go to the general and tell him to get troops that aim a little lower!"
  8. Cardinal Gawain remarked in a letter to the Vicar of God, "Excellent work, your holiness. May we have to write about many more saints and blessed in the future."
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