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  1. change the color of the text so anton and i can read it. we aren't as young as we used to be... (even if he helped consult) (also looks good so far..)
  2. Father Temesch of the Lectorate neatly folded the pink patterned polos for the High Pontiff under orders of Harold. Hopefully the Pontiff comes soon and isn’t embarrassed to look so fashionable. “I wish I could fit into theses, Harold.”
  3. Lector Ioannes Novellen-Temesch read out the missive to Father Paco, and when he was done reading, he remarked with a slight laughter, "At this point, godfather, I ought to make my claim to the throne. Everyone has had their piece of the pie!"
  4. Franz Nikolai, Nikita's father, pondered suicide from the halls of the von Alstreim estate. His father and his motherdied too young, now his favorite daughter died too young. His guardians, Franz and Irene, had died. His best friend had died. Everyone seemed to die around the man. Maybe the next life would offer him release. He took a knife into his hands.
  5. Father Temesch, being someone who never respected the fine art of gravel digging, took some pick swings against it. They were going to make it.
  6. Father Temesch brandishes his blackened mace. To protect the lives of Du Loc with his own is now he imagines his final rest to be. But first… he had to decode the dwarfen tongue. And by that, he meant trying to understand the the sentence, ‘oi ye lubbin dulocian umei fe do taxes and muh grudges book of.’ So far the priest had been successful in decoding the enemy messages.
  7. Father Temesch, in a letter to the Count of Temesch in the Empire, remarked about the current situation in Du Loc with the phrase, “It’s over!”
  8. is there any religion and/or worldview on lotc (whether you partake in or not), that you look at oocly which you really respect or like?
  9. tatakae

    1. Milenkhov


      eren yaeggaaaagagagagagagg

  10. A loyalist of Sutica and Savoy spent his days drinking in his life - but when Corwin found his 'stepfather' in the Seven Skies, he smiled. "Ave, True to Olivier."
  11. yeah i get you left the team because you don't like me anymore but you really think that's gonna stop me from spamming you over the dumbest stuff? moron.
  12. I’m down bad milen

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      same man, unironically

  13. i made this recommendation a while back in june to the mod team, it's a good idea
  14. The only thing we’re allowed to do is believe that we won’t regret the choice we made.

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      he was the anti-hero all along, consume the blackpill

  15. add muskets and keep talking to me our chat thanks?
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