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  1. hi i write a void magic. i constantly get complaints about how life evo is the "most restrictive magic on the server" and i've come to the conclusion that most people just arn't very creative and blame that on lore rather than trying to think of new ideas themselves. void magic is by far the most creative and freeform of all magics, with the ability to literally make your own spells (magnum opus) and pretty lax rules about freeform enchantment, as well as cross-compat between magics giving you fun and whacky abilities for pairing certain magics together. the sky's the limit, problem is most people want an escalator.
  2. this is a very bizarre point, since every magic crafted item is made by a ritual of mages. it's not like artificers are literally screwing things together, they're also using enchantment and shit, and they are the best and specifically binding mana to items. like making arcanium. why do artificers have better ability making grand artifacts and better enchanting, if eminents are dramatically better at all of the aspects of putting mana into an item, so much so they are noticably better at making arcanium? overall this ability doesn't make much sense to be held by an eminent, the /casting/ focused feat, as opposed to the one who literally just bind mana to items, speaking as an eminent. this ability has no connection to any of the other things eminents does. if anything, an eminent, the best casters and most capable of doing whacky spells and casting forever with big flashy magic, should probably be more along the lines of what classybells said of combining multiple magics together. i still think that ability would be completely unattached to what eminents do otherwise, but it's a unique ability reflective of what eminents actually do, rather than a random numerical buff to a random void magic thing that's uninteresting and disconnected. overall pretty against this, even as an eminent who mostly does crafting. it doesn't fit. i agree eminent absolutely needs a buff, but this isn't the way to do it.
  3. ignoring the "you shouldn't encroach on other magics" thing i half-agree with mechanically, shouldn't this be an artificer ability instead? you know. the /crafting/ one.
  4. good change. making the magic more based around the familiar helps to solidify the theming. would an exalted celestialist then be able to channel this blessing around themselves, or do they not gain this spell? this one's pretty good. properly devastating for four emotes. i have a particular balancing problem with the enhancements, though. g/b should get a new effect, as it is directly worse than b/p in all circumstances. let's run through a combat simulation; Magician casts bind on Warrior, using green aura. Warrior moves 2 blocks turn one (total distance, 2.) Warrior moves 2 blocks turn two. (total distance, 4.) Warrior moves 2 blocks turn three. (total distance, 6.) the spell ends and he resumes movement. Magician casts bind on Warrior, using purple aura. warrior moves 2 blocks turn one. (total distance, 2.) warrior moves 2 blocks turn two, before then being shoved back two blocks before the spell ends. (total distance, 2.) warrior, using normal movement, moves 4 blocks. (total distance, 6.) on a distance moved graph, they go equal (unless they sprint, in which g/b wins... but theyre also not attacking, so it's moot. youd also just be able to catch them since you have two emotes to set up around them (or kill them)). however, b/p can also throw someone off a precarious cliff, or into a wall, or over a table, or something. i think b/p is fine balancing-wise, though, so g/b should get some type of new affect instead. this one's cute. i might add some type of restriction to it, as familiars remain slightly faster than people, but if they're still tethered to within however many blocks of the celestialist, it's probably fine. both of the imbuements are neat, neither are direct upgrades, playing with mechanics a bit. i approve. this solves a lot of problems with familiars on it's own. a vulnerable nexus that you have powerful spells come from is perfectly viable. this would /probably/ be fine, but i'd need to see it written to fully gauge. long jump is a cute idea, but compare it to similar translo spells. general minor acrobatics is fine conceptually, but you'd need to redline it to non-combat and give some type of example uses. i think it'd be within constraints of balance to shed it for a spell, but it'd mess with theming and overlap. functionally, that wouldn't be too different from barrage, and it also detracts from g/b as slow and defensive. i think it's best just keeping it as a 'reaction' when you're struck. i'd say to lean into emotions. calmness, serenity, etc. what that would actually mechanically do is... i don't know. but that's the avenue i'd try to explore, if you change it. in terms of problematicness, it sorta oversteps with what radiance does. but it's also unable to affect 99% of players and is (presently) just something to gank et creatures with, and et are at full discresion to say "actually this voidal horror is special" or smth if it'd be too problematic, much like how radiance does. i think two slots + your 'voidal feat' slot might be fine, with the changes presented. as a whole, two other random compatible magics + scion is almost certainly stronger than celestialism always, so 2+feat feels fine. >second post evark raises a good point about adding in a requirement of ro permission, but other than that 20 is perfectly fine for a magical nexus point. they fill different niches, but hold very similar aesthetic and relative purpose. additionally, artificers /can/ create pets for other people via bound items. maybe it just needs a change of name, but that could hurt the concept as much as it might help it. a bad name can kill the vibe... might just be a grin and bear it problem. this is a decent solution imo. shouldn't be too problematic, considering theres those witcher ripoff cell phone things void mages can already use, so there's precedent for such an ability to be allowed within voidalism. however, locking it between two people (at the side effect of being stronger) is a fair tradeoff, and with a limited amount of rituals being able to be performed within a period of time, i see no reason it's not acceptable. i like this idea a *lot*. very in favour of it, but the timescale is a bit off. a week is a really ******* long time. i'd say scale it to the area affected, but i don't know the aoes i'd suggest. 15x15 in 3 days, up to... i dunno. 30x30 in a week? in preperation for the eventual void vs void gangwars between celestials and horrors.
  5. long and critical post incoming. apparently that's all i write anymore... i think most of these spells need to get cut down by like 2/3rds. a lot of this also takes away from the voidal feats, just doing what several of them do, but outright better, and combined. anti-horrors, cool. no comment. edit: an additional thought after posting. having space-like casting is fairly common in void mages, since you can kinda do it however you want. some part of me is worried that these folk would be discriminated against or otherwise told "yeah you can't do that anymore". not really something within your control, but a thought i had nonetheless. unlike other applications of melding i'll get into later, i have no significant problem with this one. suitably weak for what it does. arcanify is fine, though i'd change the wording of this line; i'd change this to specify that the blessing requires actually casting a blessing, and is not initially given to them upon casting arcanify alone, as this phrasing implies merely casting arcanify grants you these blessings. (i'm writing this out of order so that's why familiars are next) while out of combat they can be as far away as possible, i'd specify that if combat begins and the familiar isn't reasonably close to the celestialist, they need to resummon it. familiars are just straight up better conjuration, while taking from the defining ability of voidal artificers. i think this should be removed outright, and they should be largely defenseless in combat to prioritize protecting them. unfortunately, they don't particularly need to be protected, as; this is insanely tanky. a group of five dudes gangstabbing a celestial familiar would take two turns to kill it. they're tankier than people, and you have no reason /not/ to have them be able to fly. could just have them perch on a low roof and be functionally immortal, unless you decide to leave it afk there for six combat turns while these five guys pull bow bows and shoot it twice each. it is, in basically all situations, significantly easier to kill the celestialist than their familiar. i'd lower this health down to like... three? or keep it at ten and make thanhium/other anti-void things do like five damage, so there's at least /some/ counter, but these materials are still relatively rare so it's doubtful it'd ever actually happen. i appreciate this, though. i had a similar redline in conjuration, but the lt at the time of writing made me remove it. while out of combat they can be as far away as possible, i'd specify that if combat begins and the familiar isn't reasonably close to the celestialist, they need to resummon it. blessing is just insane. if it were added, it'd be the strongest spell on the server, bar none. most of the individual blessings are ******* crazy in different ways, which i shall now elaborate; this... is honestly fine. i'd suggest adding a redline clarifying the interaction between this and arcane foci, though. (namely, is it +3 then x2, x2 then +3, or does the focus take priority?) the other parts of red, though... this would be a nightmare to work around during any non-combat event, and i'd hate to be the et stuck running it with someone going *channels ((okay what's going on here, what's the next clue)) every third emote. i think this is borderline unsalvagable as well, and will likely contribute to legal metagaming and other bad faith and uninspired rp. i'd heavily redline this to just be flavour, if not remove it outright. i think this design is also pretty cringe, tbh. "i become superman for one emote because i casted a blessing thirty minutes ago" would be super ******* annoying to fight against, and it has basically no cost whatsoever. it would also lead to people trying to do matrix style arrow dodges and shit like that. an aside that fits heres but applies to blessing as a whole; the indefinite duration is problematic. i get that you can't cast anything else while doing it... but a void mage can still use a bow. a bow is still a deadly weapon. or, you could just enchant like four sticks with fire evo spells and one with a translo spell, and then have a super strong blessing that makes you stronger than a normal person while teleporting around and casting spells anyway. and if something bad happens and you need to use your get out of jail free superhuman reflexes card... you can now start casting your /actual/ spells. you're not any weaker now, just stronger differently. and this is only when casting it on yourself... but you can cast it on two other people. who do not have the no casting drawback, and can do all the crazy shit they want, while keeping these superpowers. this is very strong, and i cannot overstate it enough. if any individual blessing were added to any other magic, it'd be a contender for the strongest spell... and this has /five/ of them, each very strong. red isn't even the strongest, it's like... third. anyone, onto the next colour. this is actually ******* mental. like, it's insane how ******* crazy this is. this needs to be completely and outright removed. this is outright complete /immunity/ to melee, if you play correctly. if you minmax as hard as possible, this will always be part of it. and you can cast it on /three/ total people, keep in mind. you don't even need a real weapon! just throw rocks at people! since melee is the only thing that requires no buildup to do, you end up just winning most fights off of this alone. break their concentration when they try to cast a spell since they can't catch you! or just... run up and stab them! ******* crazy. ******* insane. this one cannot be salvaged. an entirely different buff needs to go here. just bless someone with kani, or an arcane scion (if you can, scions can't /become/ celestials, but i don't see that they can't be blessed). (as an aside, i'd add a redline to blessings specifying that only people capable of being a celestial can receive a blessing, but then that would be used as a metagaming tool, so :shrug:. maybe people can only bless people who they know don't violate the code and therefore can't knowingly bless voidstalkers, scions, dark mages, azdrazi, etc.) (i wasnt able to quote this part for some reason so i made do) this is problematic for all the reasons i'd listed regarding superhuman in the red aura section, except it's both a stronger effect and tied to a stronger passive. i also think this should be either removed or heavily nerfed. i appreciate the redline indicating it can't be used to dodge, but people will find a way to be cringe with it. this is basically the only passive upside of being an eminent, now available in an aoe : ). overall i think this piece steps on eminents a *lot*, but i admittedly may be biased as an eminent user. as a whole, this is probably fine balance wise, but it does raise the question of "why would you become an eminent when this exists", but to be fair eminent is easily and by far the weakest voidal feat. this one's also fine, but everything i said above also applies to it. doing two at once here because these two passives are much more closely tied than the other. i believe this is the strongest blessing, other than possibly yellow. unlike yellow, i think this one is very easily salvagable. regenerating repulsing weightless half-plate is obviously highly overpowered. my solution would be to add some form of restriction to movement while wearing it (nothing severe, just no acrobatics). additionally, if you choose to explode, it ends the blessing instead of regenerating the armour. these changes would still leave it as very strong, but make it not borderline impossible to fight one on one. also basically makes you a fromsoft boss; knight that sheds armour to become a caster. no problems here. this one does exactly what it should. i'd add a redline specifying that since their attacks count as enchanted weapons, they suffer the same drawbacks as enchanted weapons, i.e. being blocked by wards and such. other than that, no comments. for blessings as a whole... i don't think they should be indefinite, but that's a personal point. additionally, while these may technically all be subspells of the greater blessing main spell, and functionally exist as five different spells. for the magic as a whole, this may necessitate requiring additional slots. while the magic as a whole functionally occupies your 'voidal capstone' slot (the mutually exclusive voidstalker, eminent, artificer, and scion, which are each unobtainable while holding this magic) may count as an additional cost, the vast similarities and overlapping powers contained (largely in respect to eminence and artificery) somewhat negates this point. additionally, i believe scion and artificer should both be moved from "barring exaltism" to "barring celestialism as a whole". why give a partial gift to someone unworthy? scion in particular also exacerbates several balancing issues, as i previously discussed, while artificers have severe ability overlap, namely in the form of a different system of familiars. the magic would be better off restricting these combinations, imo. it adds either unnessecary balancing complications or excessive clutter to keep them combined. onto other spells. i'll try to say less, since my major complaints have now all been issued, and now it's just down to identifying problems. this one's fine. this is a perfectly balanced blaster ability. however, i would add that this counts as the caster casting, even though it's coming out of the familiar, so people arn't casting one spell as a magician and a second spell as their familiar at the same time. if this is the intended interpretation as what should be allowed, it really shouldnt be. these two i'm on the fence about. they should be fine, but they trigger a balance alarm in me. i'd keep an eye on em. this one starts to bridge on problematic. it's a direct upgrade to transfiguration wards in every regard, aoe, things it blocks, health, all for the same cast time. /however/, this i would classify as a problem regarding how transfig desperately needs an amendment and abjuration is functionally useless if youre not trying to ohko an atronach (or, ironically, using it to kill spells from this magic, but celestial on celestial violence should rarely happen on paper, if i'm reading the theming right), and i think this shelter spell at the baseline is fine. this one is outright problematic, though. this is an insane level of power, with little real counterplay. "i cast a shield, and if you break it i just kill you while you're stunned!". it completely halts combat and slows the pace of everything, and just isn't very fun to be against. i'd remove the stun, bare minimum. this one's cute. i like this one. overall i think shelter is fine (short of green mode), and the magic it overlaps with is just outright underpowered, but it's something worth considering nonetheless. standard attunement ritual, no problems there. now, we move onto exalted. as a whole, i think exalted is basically fine, actually. since there's less combat spells, there's less for me to criticize from a balance perspective, and most of the flavour is interesting or the applications unique. overall i have no problem with this, although i'm biased towards resource management. most of this is fluff and all well and good. the requirement of ooc consent is very, very important here, and i just want to shout out actually adding it. i am on the fence with this one. in theory it's a cool flavour ability which lets people communicate stuff. in reality i can see it as a tool for metagaming used wrong and not understood by the players or lt presiding over it. i would add some form of visual connection to compensate, like an ethereal tether connecting all those involved to the celestialist, and while everyone can send a message to the celestial, the celestial can only send out one message at a time. so sanctify mechanically is fine, but i believe the actual cleansing should have some form of cost. a required material focus that is consumed, or some long-term-but-not-permanant debuff applied to the celestial after cleaning the corruption. otherwise it'd fall into the same problem a lot of the other corrupt/cure dichotomies do, where corruption means nothing because it can be instantly cleansed with little effort by the right people. as a cleansing spell, though, it's perfectly servicable. perfectly fine spell, though niche. no comments. as a spell, i don't mind it. as the conj writer it bothers me /slightly/ in a likely irrational way. "void magic cannot heal" has been a long-time thing, the void simply isn't meant to do it, that's for other magic types. that's why conjurations healing exists in such a limited capacity. this healing being so overall /good/ bothers me, though the long term to heal and such make it reasonably well balanced. i am irritated by this for petty reasons. the one change i'd suggest is that one can only be under the effects of one instance of grace at a time. something-something the strain is too great on the body something-something. so if someone is completely mangled, they still need alternative care in addition to grace. as a whole, i like this. i /might/ suggest fleshing out how different emotions influence the outcome, or ritual failure scenarios, or so on, but that may detract from the freeform nature of it. conceptually, though, i dig it. i have a nitpick and a balance suggestion. i'd suggest changing this to 'An arcanium trinket' rather than an ingot. from arcanium lore; -One cannot make “Arcanium Ingots”. The item is either forged or pre-made before being Arcanium Enchanted. while there's nothing stopping you from making an ingot of gold and then turning it into an ingot, it's kinda goofy. this is the nitpick. so, a radius of 40 is just ******* huge. like, ridiculously huge. that's an area of over 5k blocks (in a circle). its like a third of a nation capital tile. for visualization, heres some screenshots i took measuring this radius in celianor. i suggest cutting the radius in half at all levels, which would make the distance portrayed in the spoilered photos the total range, which is still a decently large area. then reduce the required distance between roots (and any other distance based metrics involved in gardens) by the same factor. in terms of the actual abilities and functions of the celestial garden, i think it's pretty neat. very cool. the redlines seem solid at a glance, and it doesn't seem abusable. i approve. this one's iffy for me, specifically the no required emotes to telepath at an infinite distance at night. there should be some type of tell both ways when telepathy is going on (no matter time of day), and not requiring any buildup at night is just asking for some "draw out the roleplay until it's mechanically night and then send a telepathic message to my bff to bring a full metasquad to where i am" type abuse in it's current incarnation. other than this clear abuse case, i have no strong opinions on this ritual. i like this one a lot. like, a /lot/ a lot. i'd just add a redline/mechanic specifying that the celestialist and their familiar split after they take their avatar action, which i believe is intended, and that they're not permanantly in this avatar mode. another teaching ritual, i have little to comment on. it is a teaching ritual. and that's everything... while i may have been largely critical, i'm actually quite fond of this. some months ago, i began writing a draft for an update of celestialism (shoutout to our mutual friend @Zarsiesfor consulting with me on that, even if i never ended up finishing it), and it's interesting to see where our interpretations of modern celestialism differed and alligned. mine was themed around void knights, while you've gone with white witches. the main focus of my concept was celestial-bound items with powers, where you took a greater focus in emotions and connections. both of our takes were obligatorily good, had a combat focus around displacing and moving people rather than hurting them, as well as a focus on rituals, and as a sort of toolbox magic set against voidstalkers and horrors as a whole. completely irrelevant, but it was interesting to see where our thought patterns aligned. other than the balance concerns i have, i'm fairly excited to see something like this return to the server, even if I as a dirty eminent wouldn't be able to use it. excited to see where this goes.
  6. MC Name: AnythingGoes Discord: Skele'nnit#4976 Image: Description of Image: ic painting Dimensions: 2 tall 1 wide
  7. hey, conj guy here. reconstruction requiring player signature was something i was already planning on adding, i'm just a very slow writer. +1 from me. regarding beastmelding emote counts, this is largely a side effect of my personal abstention of one emote spells. i don't know how, but somebody's going to powergame or smth with one emote crab claws, and it's going to come back to me, as conj things always tend to do. on a more objective level, it's substantially more powerful than any other existing one emote spell (at least, in the void sector, dark magic probably has some crazy one emote drops). however, i don't necessarily disagree that it takes too long to cast, either. my proposed edit would be something along the lines of "if using one or two beastmelding jing, two emotes is required. for each additional beastmelding jing used, one additional emote is required". something like that but written less weird because i'm just train of thoughting this. regarding casting while jing being used, i have no strong opinions on this. it's sorta a holdover from a different era, when voidal weakness was per magic and not just for having void magic at all and it was meant as a replacement for weapons rather than a replacement for armour, a simpler time before scions and such. this one's probably fine. overall i'm good with this, just hesitant with dropping the floor to one emote for beastmelding.
  8. so, another problem i brought up briefly but didn't wholly touch on is the matter of scale/progression. comparing conj to other voidal magics doesn't really work because it's not really like them, at all. it doesn't need a freeform casting spell... because they're /all/ the freeform casting spell. some more freeform than others. by t3 you've already gained access to every spell in the magic, you just get better with time. with this scale in mind, while you're struggling to conjure a ladybug with conj, or maintain a full goat's leg with disjointed, you're making five perfect recreations of the human body with this spell. you're a master of anatomy greater than that of druids and on par with your masters because someone said "what if made dead guy in void?" to you and you became a t1. personally, narratively, i have a great deal of issue with this spell as well, disregarding all the other absurdity at higher tiers. at ever level, i believe it does a disservice to the rest of the magic (but i'm old fashioned and like visible character growth and progression, which is why i wrote it the way i did. i know a lot of people can't stand lessons or whatevs and just want magic powers, and this would contradict them.). the problem extends behind balance and into the theming and aesthetics of the magic, that the most powerful of mages can maintain a couple of guys worth of matter tops... unless they suddenly decide they want to dam a river or something and summon hundreds of corpses to block it. vibe is more important than balance, imo. you can do all of these. literally all of these other than the beating heart. why can you not do these just because you can also use it as a gun? there's nothing stopping you. albeit the blood rain would end quickly (as it would with this spell as well, unless you're suggesting another possibility is a persistent blood raincloud), but the rest is wholly valid. having "combative" doesn't mean it can ONLY be used it combat any more than having "enchantable" means it can only be used as an enchant. the tags are lore-writer assigned and don't have any actual bearings on the capability of the spell, they're just a quickhand for what they can and can't be used for, which is why some magics/cas don't even use them. they're just for reference, not hardline rules. if it would fix confusion, i do have one coming final amendment to conjuration i've been stewing on, and i can add "non-combat" as a tag to remaining spells that don't have it. it does exactly as i intend it to for non-combat and combat as well, because if you want to summon say, a dead body worth of material... there's a different spell that already does that. disjointed is just for piecemeal. a hand. a bunch of teeth. blood. flower petals. a couple branches. whole body? terrestrial. whole tree? perennial. disjointed isn't a combat spell with some flavour thrown in, it's a flavour spell with a combat capability. honestly this might make me sound like an *******, but i've helped a lot of people with conj and experienced a lot of questions people have had, and i think conj's biggest problem is it's too long and people don't want to read it so they don't (not to call out any team in particular, but two of the additions the lt requested for the conj amendment were things that were already in the lore). and that's alright! that's why we have the guide! they're required for lore for a reason, even if noone uses them (i think because they're not advertised anywhere, which is why i put the link to the conj guide in the lore). by FAR the most questions i get is regarding what you can and can't do with terrestrial, purely because it's the only magic split into combat and non-combat and people wonder if they're doing something wrong. it's why with the amendment i didn't split the other magics up, too. having four spells twice, one with a handful more redlines and an altered mechanic, does NOT reduce confusion, it breeds it. like i said before, you can't really compare conj to the other voidal magics, as well. they have freeform spells as an exception to their normal spells. flamethrower and smoke cloud from fire evo, for instance, are very specific very direct applications of fire done exactly one way. flame art (or whatever it's called) is an exception to that rule, since every other spell is more or less "this is exactly how you use it". conj does not require a specific freeform spell, since within conj /every/ spell is the freeform spell. we don't need a quartered off "this is the freeform spell for flavour stuff", because each spell is that. want to make a cherry blossom tree to brood leaning against? can do partner! want a bear? heh, how about a bear with moss fur and antlers, and big ol bat wings that it can't actually use because it's too heavy? meat rose! swarm of bees that live in your clothes to keep you warm! and all of these but the bear are three emotes or less! the magic is /only/ freeform spells. it's why i didn't add a dedicated freeform spell in the first place. jing's another story, jing confused the shit out of people and that one was on me, but since the amendment people seem to understand it, at least from what's forwarded to me. if you or anyone else has problems with it, come talk to me. i'm down to be the conj tutorial and explain things. also while i'm spoiling shit i'm taking way too long to write, i intend to make reconstruction jing (and only reconstruction jing) player-signable with my final conj balance pass. i meant to do that last time but i'm also a big dumbfuck and forgot.
  9. hey, conj lore guy here. this is already a function of disjointed conjuration, which already does much of what this spell does, to a lesser extent. you can have stuff just float by you, summon stuff just laying on the ground, etc. albeit to a lesser extent than what is presented here. overall i don't hate the idea of non-combat super corpse summoning, but i do have a few problems with this particular execution. 1. "at player discretion" for emote counts doesn't really work. people will just two 2, maybe 3 emotes, no matter the scale they're doing. 2. the scale here is ABSOLUTELY horribly excessive. conjuration is meant to be a more difficult and complex and taxing form of evocation. it should not be able to summon a swimming pool worth of blood when water evo can't even do that. 20 cubic meters is an outright absurd amount, we're talking literal TONNES of material being conjured, of a more complex material, to a greater scale than other magics can do, as a basic entry level ability. roughly fifteen people can fit in a cubic meter if you really jam them together (not alive or in whole chunks, but you're conjuring dead people anyway). this is the mass of /three hundred/ corpses worth of viscera you'd be summoning in a handful of emotes. even if we throw that out and only count whole corpses, it's still in the dozens. you're creating a full terracotta army. i cannot stress just how absurd this scale is. 3. despite being labled non-combative, this is an extremely strong combative ability. it'd be the best combat ability conj has, hands down, due to a combination of the above problems. someone attacking the gates? i fill the entire gates with 20 cubic meters of corpses, forming a huge impassable wall of dead bodies, possibly for three emotes since it is at my own discretion. >- Upon entering combat, makeshift conjurations will vanish back into the void. This still allows me to cast after combat, and there's no narrative reason why a simple entry level spell would be impossible to use in combat, so the spell kinda falls apart here. i also see no reason why i'd ever conjure up this absurd quantity of material if it's not for a combat scenario. >- Cannot be used destructively, and will vanish should another work against them. This would also need clarification regarding that. Does all of it disappear if you damage one part, or just that part? If I summon, say, fifty thousand rats (the approximate amount of dead rats you can fit in 20 cubic meters), and someone steps on one of them, do the other forty nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine rats disappear as well, or just the first one? 4. more nitpicky, but it's something other spells can already do. just want a quick organ or two? Disjointed's your boy! also only takes two emotes! need a full corpse? normal terrestrial conjuration can make full corpses! like, three emotes for a human corpse. this spell being added would drain away from the versatility of other spells by being strictly better than them (there would be no reason to ever use disjointed outside combat if there's a non-combat spell that's thousands of times better). due to these complaints, i cannot be anything but outright negative to it's addition in it's current incarnation. however, as i said earlier, i'm not against it /conceptually/. as such, i'd propose two different fixes; 1. if you wish to preserve the identity and theme of this spell as it is now, i'd add it in as an elevated/alternate form of disjointed conjuration, which as i've discussed already serves the same purpose as this spell. lock it behind tier 3, have a maximum size of 2x2x2 blocks, and have a scaling amount of weight/mass to be conjured within that space. i'd use a scale of t3 = 75 pounds, t4 = 150 pounds, t5 250 pounds, but that's just me. let it keep the pseudo-chimeric-alteration parts of having extra big or warped organs and body parts and such. it'd mess with the progression somewhat, but not enough it'd actually bother me. changes in this vein (not neccesarily these changes, but it absolutely needs to be cut down by at least 70-80%) would change me from negative to it's addition to neutral, since it's something the magic can already do and i don't particularly mind either way if it's added. 2. alternatively, you could lean into the semi-combative idea i'd mentioned in my third bullet point up there, using the extreme volume of conjuration as the theme of the spell. have it be imprecise, bodies fused together to make a great wall, or if you're a wood-witch type a whole bunch of trees and branches knotted over each other to make a barricade, or mushroom wall, or barnyard bash, or whatever you like. two or three emotes of dedicated work to break down, 3 or 4 emotes to cast, you'd have a great spell. i'd still move it to t3 in this incarnation, but i could see keeping most of the rest of the spell mostly the same, other than changing redlines + mechanics to match. you'd lose the original flavour of the spell this way, but as it's already something other spells in the magic do (as i've said countless times now), i don't see it as a big loss, plus it'd gain a flavour all it's own. changes in this vein would make me go from negative to it's addition, to positive to it's addition. overall the spell absolutely needs changes, and as it stands doesn't bring much new to the table, but i'm interested to see how it turns out or any changes you do end up making. cheers.
  10. now that im done with the conj amendment hope yall are excited for conj 2

  11. it's crazy there's like three pages of people essentially arguing whether or not raids need to conform to war goals and no official staff member has said yes or no on it
  12. the auctionhouse existing has literally changed magic learn rates. i know so many ******* people who only take magics to make enchanted items and sell them on the auctionhouse. on the other hand, grinding for blocks is a ******* NIGHTMARE, and i don't think preserving the travelling cobblestone merchant's rp market is worth losing the convenience for normal players to obtain blocks, considering anyone with staff friends just has their shit built in lc anyway. no signed items, please.
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