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  1. LoTC's Next Top Model

    LoTC's Next Top Model

  2. LoTC's Next Top Model

    Playable CA Race Lore - Drakul, Serfs Of The Stone Serpent

    ha edit: also, in the genus guide, Zephonim is mispelled as ‘Zephonym’.
  3. LoTC's Next Top Model

    [Narthuzvurkat] Charter Application

    yeah im there too but i dont need to use colours like these obnoxious retards
  4. LoTC's Next Top Model

    On running and rulechanges

    Yeah when i’m in bad rp and i might actually get punished i need two attempts to bail from rp while other people are typing, otherwise i actually might need to face drawbacks or negative rp. This helps so much because now i can be as much of a bad person as i want and frick the guards, man, i’ll just run- what’re they gonna do, they have to let me. Everyone’s rp experience is increased by this rule that can’t possibly be made negative whatsoever, it is a purely good rule! also, the fact you can start pvp before the countdown ends with no drawback is a great rule, because i can’t win if the tables are fairly set, and i need rule-approved underhanded tactics in order to assert my absolute dominance.
  5. like you use largeaquafina lol edit: also yeah right more dom gms -1
  6. Why am i following you? I dont even know who the **** you are lmao, care to enlighten me?

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    2. _Hexe_
    3. LoTC's Next Top Model

      LoTC's Next Top Model

      its past your bed time

    4. MarioMixer


      Your all dirty high elves, and i am morally superior 

  7. LoTC's Next Top Model

    Return of the Ferals

    yeah well now we have both well only vampires now but still
  8. LoTC's Next Top Model

    [✓] Kani DLC 1 - $6.99 USD

    can you stop breathing
  9. alex hello E>

    1. LoTC's Next Top Model

      LoTC's Next Top Model

      its past your bedtime

    2. sophia


      damn that's how you greet me after 2 years... classic alex

  10. LoTC's Next Top Model

    [Community Review] Server Rules Rewrite

    if you're allowed to fight back after running during a countdown what's the point of the countdown?
  11. LoTC's Next Top Model

    Abyssus's Lore Master Application

    more dom staff like yeah right -1
  12. LoTC's Next Top Model

    Frequently Asked Questions: Admin Edition

    Bit late here, but I still feel like this needs to be pointed out, I think it's fairly obvious that either 501 is really bad at interpreting data, or deliberately misrepresenting this point. If 200 players have been accepted this year, and continue to actively play, and the player count is roughly the same at most times as it was at the start of the year, as shown by the following graph from the same post I quoted this from... That means about 200 players have /stopped/ playing. New people are coming in, old people are going out, and the average is exactly the same. There hasn't been any /growth/, because as many players are leaving as joining. It's a flat line. I don't think 501 is that stupid or bad at data interpretation, but I've been wrong before. I don't think it was even complicated to see what this dude was saying, if I was able to figure it out, as a burnt out dropout with an IQ of like sixteen, after all the swimming in bottled iced tea my brain has been doing. Edit: Also this. 200/1600 is not 28.5% It's 12.5% And if he was referring to retention rate as of right now, you literally cannot see if a player has decided to stay in the first month, or however he's deciding a player has stuck around. I'd say you could only consider a player in for the long haul after three months. I've met plenty of new players that drop LoTC after about a month and a half.
  13. LoTC's Next Top Model

    SpiffyTaylor's Lore Master Application

    more dom staff like yeah right -1
  14. LoTC's Next Top Model

    Recent Concerns and Administrator Expectations

    you're a cool dude i'm gonna sub to your stream again
  15. LoTC's Next Top Model

    stupid loser desires lore master