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  1. They’re trying to play it both ways, which wouldn’t hold up in court. Going ‘We take full responsibility and ownership of everything you make...’ as well as ‘We cannot be held responsible for anything you upload...’ ****. Also, they cannot legally prove that you agreed to these terms if you don’t use the forums, and only play on the server. Also, Mojang’s Eula has a lot of the same general lines in it, and Mojang would definitely beat out Lord of the Craft in any possible court case. /Also/, Lord of the Craft is registered as a non-profit, so they can’t do ****-all with that ‘copyright’ they own in the first place. /Also Also/, that isn’t how copyright works in the first place, because that **** has to be registered. Fair Use is the exception, not the rule, as a sternly american law, and Tythus LTD is situated in the UK. Basically I don’t think whoever updated the rules actually knows how copyright works whatsoever and just wrote that **** in to try and seem official. Eulas don’t hold up in court regardless (at least in terms of surpassing other laws; twitter can decide to write in that a violation of their terms results in the death penalty, and any killings they decide to hand out under that eula would be treated entirely as murder, regardless of the status of accepting that eula), so it’s a big nothing. I imagine this was just done so flam (and the lore team as a whole) can say that all lore is his and he can do whatever he wants with it without the consent of the original writer.
  2. The freebuild is borderline non-existant and a twenty minute walk from spawn, and the Biome diversity on this map is absolutely non-existant.
  3. youll be back in like three months [REDACTED] lol also yeah keep me out i’m not bitter hahahaha
  4. This is just like thirty new abilities with no real thematic link for the explicit purpose of making ascended way stronger. There’s no universal identity here. It’s all just “Okay Ascended can do ice stuff now, and also pull some anime enhancer moves out, also they can turn into ghosts and touch ghosts, oh also they can do bard things to regenerate all of their mana, making them effectively able to cast infinately, also they can do bard things to buff themselves and other” Why? This just seems like an excuse to go ‘Our magic is ran by a god so it can do literally anything’!
  5. remember that poll that was made about whether supremacy_ops should be removed from lore lead, and despite having over 95% yes votes and over three hundred total votes it was disregarded and the admin team said “lol it was just a meme xd”


    i miss those days

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    2. VonEbs


      Stranger than fiction

    3. JoelTheGinger


      sadly this isn’t a democracy 😕

    4. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      I remember when Cappy said on a forum post that this isn’t a democracy, aka the opinion of the majority didn’t matter. I recall Ops a very biased player towards high elves 

  6. popped a bonner innit, blud ran down the tackies, no lorry ta pick me up gobsmacked in Britannia, shoulda stayed a gypsy fer the community left alone now, me mum ain’t called pour un out fer me, love
  7. when zarsies originally made the update with pacting and boons and everything, originally the five pactlords were dragons. eventually he decided to remove that, after me and some others had problems with the “it’s dragons at the top of the food chain even for warlocks for some reason” thing, and he retro-actively re-added that here. the zar’rokul are the things you make pacts to, and they’re now all un-retconned to be dragons again.
  8. we’ve already has spaceships, the internet, and teleporters but guns are too far lol idiot have you ever even heard of techlock phil lol you goddamn moron hahahah fr tho you have a habit of not really teaching things outside of your immediate circle, and when you’re trying to add something as broad as “firearms”, i see no point when only the magic-and-construct-and-ca stacking squad of regulars will likely be the only benefactors. the lore is good and all, but if it gets accepted it should be broadly available, instead of “you need an ma to do this even though literally anyone could if they just followed an ikea manual”, which would make it extremely limited and by extension irrelevant, and by farther extension shouldn’t be added given the lore team’s current “everything inactive gets axed” approach.
  9. Why am i following you? I dont even know who the **** you are lmao, care to enlighten me?

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    2. _Hexe_
    3. LoTC's Next Top Model

      LoTC's Next Top Model

      its past your bed time

    4. MarioMixer


      Your all dirty high elves, and i am morally superior 

  10. yeah well now we have both well only vampires now but still
  11. alex hello E>

    1. LoTC's Next Top Model

      LoTC's Next Top Model

      its past your bedtime

    2. sophia


      damn that's how you greet me after 2 years... classic alex

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