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  1. What kind of ban are you appealing? Server Minecraft Usernames LordOfTheCraft Ban Reason No-Rp killing, interrupting PvP, raid-baiting, alting twice with VPNs. Players Involved Pond senor_tortuga grubgoth_wud Tornado_ By your own understanding, why are you banned? My original ban was given over a misunderstand of a situation that included me, tornado, wud, and pond (there was also the kid who was running but I can't remember who he was). The situation started when I downed tornado because I saw him chasing some unstatus’d kid and shortly thereafter rev’d him. He told me he was calling a GM but at the time I didn't understand the levity of the situation so i said yeah right and went on with my day after a little ooc banter. Just a few minutes after the confrontation I was banned for no rp killing and interruption of pvp. This ban was only supposed to last till July (a 2 month ban) but instead of waiting out my time I thought it would be a good idea to alt instead. After I decided to do this I quickly whitelisted two alts under different Ips, they were bumbullbee986 and PoliticianOfLove. A week or so after I got the account whitelisted I logged onto PoliticianOfLove without a vpn on and was caught, so I also told the Gm that bumbullbee986 was my alt and after that my ban was extended for a few more months. The GM handled the situation very well and was respectful throughout the discord discussion even though I did violate many rules. Why should you be pardoned? I believe that I should be unbanned because even though I did break the rules of the server, I have been banned for many months now and I plan on spending more time helping the community grow rather than tearing it down through childish gags. I understand that my actions prior to my ban did negatively impact many players on the server, and even if they did cause some to laugh, I now know that within the bounds of the rules there will be opportunities to create fun gaming for all parties involved rather than using others at the expense of my own playergroup. During the pursuit of this fun gaming I hope to be able to provide entertainment to all sides of a confrontation while minimizing the amount of discord or dissent between players. With this new mindset I believe I can disprove those who see me as a joke and further improve the roleplay experiences of all whom I encounter. What will you do to prevent similar circumstances that led to your ban? A key step I have taken in the prevention of future troubles between me and others has been my attainment of maturity. Before my ban I was childish, I didn't truly see the value of this server, at least not the extent that I see now. My absence has allowed me to take notice of this, and now that I have experienced the loss of my favorite past time, I wish reunite myself with the community and maybe even lead it down a path of refinement and good friendly fun. So in a jist, the growth of my character over the past few months has allowed me to reflect upon the misdeeds that I have committed and realize that all I have done up until now was tearing down a community that I took for granted, one that I now truly see value in- enough so that I wish to aid in its improvement. Discuss why you believe that following the Community Guidelines is important to promote a healthy community. Community guidelines provide a stable foundation for all to adhere to. They promote a sense of justice while also encouraging the offender to reflect on their actions and make the necessary changes so that they may once again become a productive member of the community.
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