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  1. If you're never coming back like they all say, can I have your aether please

    Edited by ChaseusBelli
    1. BrandNewKitten


      I second this. Spread the love to someone you care for!

  2.  Delete my forum account permanently please. Thank you! I want 0 chance of ever returning. So hardware / ip ban me as well as my minecraft accounts, thanks.

    @Pun @Fireheart @TarreBear @Telanir

    1. LackingVibes


      you COULD say please

    2. Youngie5500


      Woah. What happened?

    3. Nitrox911


      Potts is leaving because they got rid of /money top

  3. PM me on discord Connor#0476 if you are going to play Classic wow as a Hordie NA and want to join a guild

  4. APPLICATION MC Name: Potts24 Persona Name: Bubbee Grimmer Persona Age: 5 Slot #: 5B
  5. bana, mo-mana, banana fana. fo fana, be bi bo bana.....ana!
  6. Mina Scavenger Hunt!!!



  7. It doesn’t work that way either. If someone is punished say for minor griefing once then they pugsy say 5 people in the next month then they are only given a 1st infraction punishment for that pugsy. The minor griefing one wouldn’t have any effect on it.
  8. There are currently 19 unopened loot chests left in the world.

    Here are their general locations.

    Fenn wall (Found by FlemishSupremacy)

    Curon Ice (found by Olistaf)

    Druid Fishing  (found by Squakhawk)

    Haelun'or shaft (found by PCSlow)

    Urguan (Found by FlemishSupremacy)

    Krugmar land (Found by FlemishSupremacy)

    Unknown Ruins

    Sewers (found by DarkSalvo)

    Aegrothond (Found by FlemishSupremacy)

    Haense (found by DarkSalvo)

    Cloud Temple (found by Olistaf)

    Dragur Library (found by CrowBill)

    Wildlands!!! in a treeee (Found by Darksalvo)

    Lake Ruins  (found by Orenlol)

    Renatus (found by Squakhawk)

    Fenn snow Pillar (found by Flemishsupremacy)

    South island vipers nest jackpot (Found by DarkSalvo)

    Mysterious island (found by Orenlol)

    cave to mysterious island (found by FlemishSupremacy)

    BrandyBrook Treasure (Found by Tha_Mystery_Man / Porkgasm)

    Corner of the world (Found by Atrex)

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    2. Salvo
    3. Salvo




      Found the wilderness chest.

      Edited by Salvo
    4. Potts244


      Every chest has been Found : )

  9. Last chance to vote for Fireheart’s profile pic


  10. Thanks for the guide @Aquaquean and @TarreBear ? This is very epic! Hopefully the techs won’t have to answer as many questions now.
  11. Tunnel Snakes just rule that much.
  12. 1: Bucket Baby 2: Ok Retard (Submitted by @Etherealxx 3: Omar Grimmer’Lak’s Pocket Admin 4: Fireheart Mouse (Submitteed by @NoZaku 5: New Vegas meme 6: Milk Bath (Submitted by @JokerLow 7: For Honor Ricardo meme (Submitted by @Sykogenic Good luck to all submissions !!!
  13. Taliah Sintel stares at the Invite for a moment “I’m going to come armed to the teeth and eliminate every single one of you with an Omar Grimmer’Lak certified snowball cannon.”
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