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  1. If you're never coming back like they all say, can I have your aether please

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      I second this. Spread the love to someone you care for!

  2.  Delete my forum account permanently please. Thank you! I want 0 chance of ever returning. So hardware / ip ban me as well as my minecraft accounts, thanks.

    @Pun @Fireheart @TarreBear @Telanir

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      If you’d like to invoke GDPR, email dev@lordofthecraft.net

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      Woah. What happened?

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      Potts is leaving because they got rid of /money top

  3. PM me on discord Connor#0476 if you are going to play Classic wow as a Hordie NA and want to join a guild

  4. APPLICATION MC Name: Potts24 Persona Name: Bubbee Grimmer Persona Age: 5 Slot #: 5B
  5. PM me, @Keening or @Zacho when you are available to setup your region. You will need 3,500 minas and your list of region owners.
  6. bana, mo-mana, banana fana. fo fana, be bi bo bana.....ana!
  7. (RP) Thank you to all who participated! If you still have mina vouchers to trade in or Treasure hunter badges to collect then please contact me! Anyone who found 5+ chests qualifies for a treasure hunter badge! (OOC leaderboard information) DarkSalvo – 20 chests 17 common 1 uncommon 1 rare And the secret Missing chest lesamourai – 8 chests 6 common 2 uncommon SoulReapingWolf – 7 chests 4 common 2 uncommon 1 ultra rare NordicGod – 5 chests 4 common 1 uncommon Raphael_Payne – 5 chests 4 common 1 ultra rare ItzDragoon – 5 chests 5 common ZachSlayer – 4 chests 4 common Zidoax – 3 chests 3 common Porkgasm – 2 chests 1 common 1 uncommon Awarded treasure hunter’s badge for bravery in the field of battle. ferdaboys69 – 2 chests 2 common Fiorire – 2 chests 2 common AC130_ABOVE – 2 chests 2 common Flapman – 2 chests 1 common 1 rare BoxBoiy – 2 chests 1 common 1 uncommon Charles_Grimlie – 2 chests 2 common Phersephatta – 2 chests 2 common common_carp – 2 chests 1 common 1 uncommon Fearthethiccness – 2 chests 2 common Scientist301 – 1 chest 1 common Fwied – 1 chest 1 common 1_language_1 – 1 chest 1 common Cantonic – 1 chest 1 common Notbowie – 1 chest 1 common EtherealX – 1 chest 1 common crim_crim – 1 chest 1 common Doom321 – 1 chest 1 common Softninja – 1 chest 1 common _Oldmangloom – 1 chest 1 common TrendE – 1 chest 1 common Max_Ghost21 – 1 chest 1 common OrenLOL – 1 chest 1 common Utaria – 1 chest 1 common Jakraes – 1 chest 1 common MauryTTF – 1 chest 1 common Cowmoonist – 1 chest 1 common James2K – 1 chest 1 uncommon SquakHawk – 1 chest 1 rare FrequentMoth – 1 chest 1 rare _TheBananaLord_ – 1 chest 1 rare BiSc0 – 1 chest 1 ultra rare aiden0023 – 0 chests Awarded with a treasure hunter’s badge for bravery in the field of battle. And finally, chest # 100 the big jackpot goes to KaiserThoren! Who found 1 chest during the scavenger hunt! Congratulations! Click here for the finished google sheet
  8. Jackpot has been found by KaiserThoren! Congratulations! @Kaiser
  9. Thank you to everyone who participated! Congratulations to all treasure hunters who found loot, or dedicated themselves to the hunt!
  10. All scavenger chests have been found!!!
  11. It’s an RP event with that rule being enforced via GM powers to stop someone from just banditing treasure hunters who don’t turn in their vouchers right away.
  12. Mina Scavenger Hunt!!!



  13. (RP) Professor Grimmer’laks Scavenger hunt! How’s it going everyone, Taliah Sintel and Omar Grimmer’lak here, so basically we have too much money… and we’re kind of bored. So we decided, hey why not hide a bunch of random chests in the world filled with money vouchers?! So that’s exactly what we did. And it’s up to you! The brave treasure hunters of Arcas to find our lost, purposely, treasure! Good luck! (OOC) Basic information regarding the loot chests! 1: There are 5 rarities of chests! Common : 100 minas (Quantity 81) Uncommon: 300 minas (Quantity 10) Rare: 1000 minas (Quantity 5) Ultra Rare: 3000 Minas (Quantity 3) Jackpot: 25000 minas (Quantity 1) 2: Only the person that originally finds the voucher may turn in the voucher! This means you can’t kill someone and take their vouchers. As I will be able to see the original looter. 3: There is a public Google sheet so that you can track all of the chests that have been found, and who found them! The chests are scattered throughout a lot of the world, although each nation generally has a few in their regions to make it fair. And because I don’t want to waste peoples time going crazy in the ocean only 5 chests are in ocean ruins / sunken ships #70,71,72 and #80,81 The reward for whoever finds the most chests is the ever elusive TURTLE HELMET Anyone with 5 or more chests found also qualifies for a Treasure Hunter Badge 🙂 Example of what a scavenger chest looks like. Example of what a mina voucher looks like. Contact Potts24 to turn in mina vouchers right after you find them so I can update the google sheet! Thanks 🙂 The HUNT STARTS NOW!!!!
  14. It doesn’t work that way either. If someone is punished say for minor griefing once then they pugsy say 5 people in the next month then they are only given a 1st infraction punishment for that pugsy. The minor griefing one wouldn’t have any effect on it.
  15. There are currently 19 unopened loot chests left in the world.

    Here are their general locations.

    Fenn wall (Found by FlemishSupremacy)

    Curon Ice (found by Olistaf)

    Druid Fishing  (found by Squakhawk)

    Haelun'or shaft (found by PCSlow)

    Urguan (Found by FlemishSupremacy)

    Krugmar land (Found by FlemishSupremacy)

    Unknown Ruins

    Sewers (found by DarkSalvo)

    Aegrothond (Found by FlemishSupremacy)

    Haense (found by DarkSalvo)

    Cloud Temple (found by Olistaf)

    Dragur Library (found by CrowBill)

    Wildlands!!! in a treeee (Found by Darksalvo)

    Lake Ruins  (found by Orenlol)

    Renatus (found by Squakhawk)

    Fenn snow Pillar (found by Flemishsupremacy)

    South island vipers nest jackpot (Found by DarkSalvo)

    Mysterious island (found by Orenlol)

    cave to mysterious island (found by FlemishSupremacy)

    BrandyBrook Treasure (Found by Tha_Mystery_Man / Porkgasm)

    Corner of the world (Found by Atrex)

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      Found the wilderness chest.

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    4. Potts244


      Every chest has been Found : )

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