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  1. Who is the magic teacher that teaches wingardium leviosa?
  2. Suggest what Fireheart’s profile pic should be 🙂

    1. MCPancakes


      tythus deep throating his pepsi, pick mine now its the best

      Edited by MCPancakes
    2. Heero


      yes said plankton

  3. Hello. As some of you are aware I am going to win this months contest for having most modreqs completed this month. Not only am I going to be able to change Fireheart’s forum profile picture to what I want, I will also be able to change his discord profile picture. So this thread is here so that you, the people of LotC, can voice your opinion on what you believe his profile picture should be. The most upvoted ones I will add to a poll post at the end of the month, where i WILL choose the number one voted for option for his forum profile pic. I’m leaving the discord picture to myself. Rules: The picture can’t break server rules or community guidelines so obviously nothing graphic or super crazy. Below I will include a list I have created so far of my own pictures, let me know if you like any of them. 1: Bucket Baby 2: Bath Baby 3: Unpleasant to look at baby 4: Jiggly Trump 5: Melon baby 6: Mike Stoklasa 7: Rich Evans 8: Miniature Bill Clinton 9: Luigi Meme 10: Horse Baby 11: Very high quality Fallout meme 12: Chicken Little 13: Omar Grimmer’Lak’s pocket Admin 14: Tommy Pickles Please post any suggestions you may have!!!!!!
  4. Join Omar’s land if you want to help landscar a 50x50 area next to Haelun’or


  5. I agree with calling off the redo. If there has to be a redo then due to the mass amount of issues I’d believe it would have to at least be of the entire battle itself. A bunch of rp already happened after the fact, killing that for everyone is also an issue. Curon declared independence from Oren, that’s pretty massive. Reminds me of the Haelun’or coup a few years ago where the Imperial Legion seized control of Haelun’or with Aerialkebab and the rp was voided after a few hours then unvoided. Either way good luck to both sides with whatever is to come.
  6. Taliah Sintel stares at the paper for a split second before commenting “I didn’t read any of this and there is no way I am going to read this.”
  7. Name of settlement: Omar Grimmer Do you promise to uphold the glorious rules of the Pumpkin Empire?: I promise Why do you secretly wish you were born as a halfling?: So that I could fit into smaller places. How can your settlement aid the halflings in their cake production?: I can provide some pumpkins and jack o lanterns. Ten reasons why shoes are bad: They get smelly. Washing them makes it worse They take up space. Too many sizes how am I supposed to know what to pick?! They aren’t comfortable! Stop the breeze from touching me tippy toes! Can’t rub punkin oil on my toes if I have shoes on! Weigh me down! They look stupid! Halfins don’t need shoes why should I need shoes?!!!?
  8. Join



    If you want to build on this disgusting land next to Haelun’or. https://gyazo.com/7ccb5acc5b048c26480bd7acdcdd02e3

  9. Taliah Sintel coughs a few times before stating “All who wish to live and build here may! Simply agree to the rules, that is all that needs to be done!”
  10. Political image.



    1. Medvekoma


      This isn’t a political image, this is a palace image.

    2. Panashea


      I can’t talk on the local lotc discord, and when i log onto the server it keeps spamming /auth even though nothing happens. This will probably get more attention here rather than my post.

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