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    Your application has been: On behalf of the server and Community Team members, I’d like to welcome you to LOTC! As soon as this is posted, you should be whitelisted onto the server. Contact me or make an /creq if there’s any issues with whitelisting or similar. Feel free to browse the Wiki, and you can also join our New Player Discord, which is a wonderful place where you can ask questions to our various staff teams, meet other server players, and learn about new roleplay opportunities for all character races! The new player discord is a great help in getting you situated into our server. I hope you enjoy your time on the server, and if you ever have any questions or need help please feel free to contact me here on the forums, through my discord (errent#2236), or by /msg (Doom321) in-game. Happy roleplaying!
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    Changed Status to Under Review
  5. Players/Group Requesting: Orcs and Clan Laklul What kind of Event are you looking for?: Laklul, the lesser spirit of swamps ascension into being an independent spirit free to rule the swamps and bogs how he wants, breaking apart from Freygoth and becoming his own entity without being under the boot of another spirit. Nothing will change powerwise, no real great end game goal, just a swamp spirit becoming his own master 🙂 Approximately, what time/date you want the Event to take place?: Free to discuss times, but would like it to be within the next few months Organizer's Discord: errent#2236

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  7. Doom321

    A Tired Orc

    Bogrum’Lak, after being given Rex, climbed up the Rex’s castle, up the stoney cold steps and into the warm, dim lit throne room, there he sits down in content and comfort, he sits there for a few hours before pulling out his journal, flipping open the crude leather book and onto the rough linen pages, he recalls fond memories of times past, his mentor and guide as an orc, Shreck’Lak, who helped him when he was a young tusked orc, the memories of training and being the right hand man, along side his brother, Elder Tawdnug’Lak. With Shreck’Lak and Elder Tawdnug’Lak, Bogrum’Lak would find endless fun and enjoyment in being apart of the Clan Lak, always happy to wake up and journey, fight and talk with his brothers, everyday was a day for Laklul and Krug in the old orcs eyes, as they grew slightly misty as he recalls Tawdnug’s death, flipping the page to spare him the trouble memories of his slain brother, coming across the great Grubgoth Wud. The Greatest Grubgoth, and the closest friend, Bogrum would fill the hole Tawdnug left with the endless entertainment of Wud, the simple, brutish Olog who would serve nothing but delicious grub and fill the bellies of all Uruks was one of Bogrum’s closest friends, if not the only friend outside of Lak Bogrum trusted his entire life to. Wud was someone he trusted dearly and would always be glad to see him no matter what, as he was the greatest Olog to have ever lived. Pain gripped Bogrum’s heart as he recalled the old memories, flipping the page and coming across another newer orc, that of the bald orc Tajo. He was at first unimpressed by Tajo but after numerous time spent together, Bogrum grew to respect and eventually become friends with Tajo, admiring his skill and actions, he was always happy to go on hunts and kill people brutally with Tajo’s savage skill at his side, Bogrum remembered those times . But as the old orc flipped through his journal, he looked around in his throne room. Empty. He looked to his left, expecting to see the shambling obease figure of Grubgoth Wud, giving him fresh meat and saying some wise proverb like “Eat Halfing.” But he wasn’t there, and as Bogrum would look to his left for the old Laklul members who he stood side by side with, through the destruction of the Dark Shamans and Ugluk, through wars and uprisings. Expecting to see the Valiant Elder Tawdnug’Lak, Swampgoth Shreck’Lak and his newest friend, Tajo the bald elf. He saw no-one. Bogrum looked down at his scars, and at his journal. closing his eyes and snapping the journal shut, wrapping it in the sinew string of an animal. he placed it in the burning brazier next to him, the wisps of memories crackling and burning under the flame, he sat back down on the cold throne, in his empty hall and closed his eyes, clenching his fists as a tear dropped from his face. Bogrum was alone.
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      this meme caused me physical hurt realizing I have lost all my old friends 

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  10. you ******* lied to me and rin about becoming schekle lawyer bastard

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  11. when did I find a ******* chest
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