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  1. The Bryophites By Fabien Lmr The Bryophites are a race of humanoid plant people created through the intercession of Cerridwen. Their body retains the look of their former race; though their body shares a similar appearance, it is made of plants not its former flesh. From wry root hair, to yucca husk skin, the Bryophites are truly and wholly sapient plants. They are turned this way through a process of reconstruction, caused by Verridian moss. The transformation from Descendant to Bryophite is permanent, but if the descendant is cut out of the cocoon, their body will perish and their soul will flow into the soulstream (this is not a PK unless wanted; the monks can revive them). But if the process is complete, then they are a Bryophite till death. Creation The Bryophies are plant-men, a people like no other. Flesh rendered to plant, Descendant to something more. By Max Davenport Since the birth of the four brothers, Descendants have roamed land, sailed the seas, scarred the earth, and tainted the air. Though, a few of them were blessed by the Aspects (Druids), the majority embrace their unnatural side. Practicing voidal arts and changing the face of their world forever, through civilization. The Aspects saw all this, all those who thought nothing of the destruction and abuse they caused, but they also saw those who fought for the wilds, their Druids. They charged their Druids to keep the balance, to not strive to wipe the descendants off the earth, but to find the sweet spot of harmony. Though Cerridwen did not feel fulfilled with this, she wanted descendants to fully see her work in creation; how they to are tied to the land. Soon the aspect, loved by all of nature, sent one of her favored Mani to bring her a dwarf. He was a short man, tied to the earth through both his mines and stature. The aspect induced a deep sleep upon the Dwarf and wove a cocoon of leaves around his body. Over the course of the next few months, his body changed. First his long beard took on the form of thick roots, then his skin started to turn green and fibrous. When he finally awoke and tore free from the cocoon he was now truly tied to nature, the first Brypohite. Though he was different than the Bryophites of today, as he possessed pseudo-druidism prowess gifted to him by Cerridwen herself. When Cerridwen saw what she had created, she cast him out into the world, pleased. The Dwarf never returned to the warm mines or crowded cities, as he found the thought of returning to be revolting. He lived for many years, well over the average age for a dwed thanks to his mother bestowing him the skin of a plant and also the longevity of one. In the beginning of his ‘new’ life, he used the gifts with pride and humility, as was intended. But as he was a Dwarf, cursed by Iblees with greed, soon he craved more than was given to him. He used his newfound prowess to weave his body into the form of a moss, low lying, and close to the round like the dwarf, but with a darker side. The moss was truly him, and he wanted power over the lands which he dwelled in. The new moss possessed the power to drag even the biggest of beasts into a deep sleep through its spores. With this power to easily subdue any organism, the moss quickly spread. Bringing down entire herds of deer and packs of wolves with ease. Cerridwen saw this and grew angry, finding that her creation was still tainted with the curses of Descendants, she stripped all the Dwarf’s power and in return made the moss into a means for life. This new moss had a new power, not one for destruction and power, which the Dwarf so craved, but a power to change a Descendant into something more, a Bryophite. Verridian Moss By Ivan Shishkin Verridian moss, this magical construct of Cerridwen, grows in the dampest and darkest corners of a forest and holds quite spectacular properties. Made from the flesh of the first Bryophite, the moss has the power to turn sapient creatures such as Descendans and Hou-Zi into plant-men. It works by pulling the creature into a deep sleep, such as Cerridwen did so long ago. The moss then proceeds to slowly grow over their corpse over the course of a few days. After the overgrowth is complete, the moss seems to eat away at the creature, eating away at all its flesh and bones over the course of a month, until there is nothing left. But this is not a true death, as from the moss grows a new body, one made purely of plant matter. Reproduction By TStark As the Bryophites were made through the intercession of Cerridwen, Goddess of Life, they are able to procreate. One explanation for why Bryophites are able to procreate is that they have a superior soul like other Descendants, even if their blueprint has been changed, thus allowing them to pass on a bit of their soul and regenerate the damage.The child of a Bryophite will always be of their original race, so if the Bryophite was an orc and they have a child with another orc, then the child is of course, an orc. The same rules apply for half breed Descendants. Though, if the Bryophite is the mother, then the pregnancy seems to last a few extra months. Bryophites and Magic By HubPages Bryophites are unable to learn any voidal arts, as drawing from the void is too strenuous on their plant bodies. But if a Bryophite was to attempt to learn voidal arts, they would find that the plants which make up their body would start to wilt, and as they grow more proficient in the magic, they would slowly rot to mush and die (PK, and same with necromancy). As well as voidal arts, they are unable to become an Azdrazi as they are literally plants, and dragon plants are a no go. Though they can not learn voidal arts, or become an Azdrazi, they are able to learn most dietific magics and most dark arts, save for necromancy and the Paladin’s magic. These plant people also find that it is easier for them to learn druidism, as they are closer to nature than their Descendant counterparts. Though some forms of shamanism such as fire elementalism are found to be near impossible to master, all other shamanistic feats are plausible. Behavior By cactus-art As Bryophites were not born in the form of a plant, but rather transformed, they keep their personality, and previous knowledge from their old life. But, the transformation does not leave them entirely the same. Many Bryophites find that they are more at peace in woods and groves, and find highly populated cities to be uncomfortable. Like their mother, they are truly neutral creatures. They can lead peaceful lives, but most can be seen becoming quite aggressive and agitated at the destruction and senseless killing of natural organisms. Their plant-esque appearance gives them the look of a passive creature, but those who have met a Bryophite, have found that is not the case. Along with their tempers and personalities, all Bryophites are sugar addicts, they crave sugar in all forms, from sugar water to tasty cookies. This is due to their body’s need for foods high in energy and calories, as their less productive stomachs have an easier time with these sweets, which they seek out almost addictively. Soul By Louis Parsons A Bryophite has a soul much like their descendant brethren, though their blueprint is changed through the process of deconstruction and regrowth. As their body holds the same rough shape, the deconstruction of the Descendant does not destroy the soul, but holds it safe and edits their blueprint. This is why Bryophites sometimes lose their memories, as the blueprint was tweaked to turn their body from that of flesh to that of plant matter. As Bryophites still have superior souls, and their blueprints were just modified, all Bryophites can learn magic. Though some of these magics, such as voidal evocations are detrimental to the Bryophite and can be life threatening. Alchemy and Bryophites From All alchemical ingredients from a Bryophite seem to be fresher, more potent, and spoil slower than the traditional ingredients. All alchemical ingredients of a Bryophite hold the same symbols of their traditional counterparts. Many Bryophites find that they house a number of uncommon or rare herbs, giving them an edge on traditional alchemists who have to manually find their ingredients. All the ingredients that a Bryophite houses comes with their transformation, they can not grow new plants after the initial turning. Bryophites are capable of housing poison as well, one example is the spores that a Bryophite can release. These spores are less potent versions of the spores which the Verridian moss uses to induce sleep, and in high doses can lead to partial body numbing. Bryophite blood is also a useful alchemical ingredient, as it is packed with nutrients. Extra Notes on Anatomy By Bryophites weight around the same as they did in their fleshy lives, though their anatomy is completely different. Firstly, they can eat meat and plant matter alike, as they have pseudo-stomachs that use the same process as a Venus fly trap to dissolve and gain nutrients from flesh and other matter. With this less efficient stomach, they tend to have a ferocious appetite and tend to drink double the amount of water as they did in their previous life. Though their bodies are completely made up of plant material, they tend to function in the same way. Even though Bryophites are made up of plant material, they are usually made up of the more durable stuff. Often with roots for hair, or even cactus husk for skin. As their bodies can house an array of alchemical ingredients, they seem to always have fresh ingredients handy. Bryophites do not sleep but they tend to meditate in the sunlight during the day. Since Bryophites are plants they do not breathe in oxygen, instead they take in carbon dioxide like other plants and breathe out oxygen. As Bryophites are made of plant matter they can regrow limbs just as a plant can regrow a stem, though this process will usually take a year to fully regain the limb. Recap The moss is not a parasite, but just a means for the transformation. All races can become a Bryophite. The entirety of a Bryophite is changed, from blood turning to a plant blood which functions in the same way as normal blood, but carries CO2 instead of Oxygen. Bryophites can eat meat, and are omnivores. Bryophites are not purely passive creatures, they can and are in most cases just as aggressive, or even more aggressive when witnessing the destruction of natural resources and organisms, as their former selves. Bryophites get dehydrated faster than normal Descendants, but they seem to be just as resilient to heat and cold as a normal Descendant of their former race. A Bryophite has a deeper connection to nature than its Descendant counterpart. A Bryophite can have children, though for female Bryophites, the pregnancy lasts a few months longer. Bryophites weigh the same as their previous race, and retain their strength. Bryophites live for an average of 100-200 years longer than their Descendant counterparts. Bryophites are serious sugar addicts. Red Lines Bryophites can not grow their bodies at will. The player has 1 IRL week to reverse the changes. A Bryophite does not regenerate any faster than other Descendants, though their limbs can regrow at a slow pace (1 irl day per limb). A Bryophite’s body can not be manipulated by druidism, but blight healing is able to cleanse them as they are made of plant matter. A Bryophite can not learn voidal arts, necromancy, and find it nearly impossible to make a pact with a fire spirit, thus making fire elementalism a no go. Bryophites are unable to become an Azdrazi. A Bryophite would find it near impossible to become a paladin of Xan, as Xan would see them as an abomination. A Bryophite can not have any bark on their skin, though resilient non-tree plants can make up their body. You must already have a character to play a Bryophite as it is a transformation (requires a CA). Bryophites retain the curses and blessings placed on their former race. A Bryophite can not be made of flame resistant plants. If a Bryophite is cut off from sunlight for prolonged periods of time, they would start to feel weak, and very sick, but it would not kill them. Bryophites lose motor skills as they are turned from flesh to plant matter, so the newly reborn Bryophite is uncoordinated. Though flexibility and coordination can be relearned. The fruit grown on a Bryophite can be no larger than a grape, and if a Bryophite eats their own fruit they gain no nourishment. They can release poison spores which can cause partial numbing in the body of a descendant (will never rend them unconscious), though these spores do affect the Bryophite as well, not nearly to the extent of a normal descendant. A Bryophite can grow alchemical ingredients on its body, though they can not add new plants to their body after the initial transition. OOC Bryophites are really cool creatures with extremely outdated lore. As of right now there is only one active Bryophite and I would like to see that change. I hope you can all see the rp possibility with Bryophites and how fun they can be. Make sure to +1 and leave criticism in the comments so I can change the lore accordingly. Special thanks to: Clayphish-Ideas and EXPERT advice, stuff really helped the whole thing come together. Flambo-Ideas and criticism that helped me improve the work. Delmodan-Help with origin, and criticism that allowed me to make the changes I needed to make. Sybbyl0127-Wrote the lore before this rewrite, which gave me a ton of inspiration. I do not know how they put up with my pestering
  2. Josh's Magic Team Application

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    Why was my Admin application not accepted?
  4. Courtesy of Lumiin and MrPepsiWaffles
  5. Looking for Girlfriend

    [!] In all the hair salons and spas of Axios are posted notices with little roses pinned to them Hi my name is Tajo the Bald, yes I am bald but do not judge a book my its cover. I am looking for a girlfriend, one who can feed me chocolate and tuck me in at night. Thanks ((This is not meme post, pls only post real girl phone numbers, or the LOTC equivalent birding addresses in comments, thanks)) <3
  6. Put a lock on the elven race

    I vow to make a more in depth forum post as this one doesn't explain much
  7. Ito orrar’sae

    “Nature is inherently wild” That statement pounds through the huntsgoth’s mind as he lays on the back of the wolf, listening to its heartbeat and panting as it bounds across the loose desert sands. Suddenly the beast stops in its tracks, leaning down to the ground and rubbing its nose in the sand. At this the huntsgoth lethargically rises from his resting position and surveys the land they are hunting on. “Desert, sand, cactus, and more sand” He huffs as he keeps his gaze fixed on a mirage off in the distance, the wavy air above the sand dancing about as the ground below holds its lake-esque look. The wolf looks up and starts to bound across the desert landscape once again with sand plastered across its nose and drool forming in the corner of its mouth. The huntsgoth pulls a long strand of handled bear sinew as well as a desert ironwood bow, while he does this, he looks down from the mirage for a while and strings the bow for use. But when he looks up there seems to be a figure off in the distance, slowly, moving across the mirage ‘lake’. The huntsgoth rubs the back of the wolfs head as he pulls free an obsidian arrow from its quiver and his gaze fixed on the mirage. As they near the figure, the mirage dissipates and the beast catches sight of the duo bounding through the sands. The huntsgoth nocks the arrow and hits his heels against the wolf’s flank as the beast in the distance bounds away as well, finding cover behind a large dune. As the duo cuts the corner, the beast lashes out, catching the huntsgoth off guard and toppling him off the wolf, initiating the hunt. As the huntsgoth scrambles in the sand, nocking the arrow once again the wolf and lion fight tooth and nail. The beast that they tracked down is a prideless lion, a young male but still a formidable foe. As the huntsgoth observes this, hedraws back the sinew strong and takes aim, heaving himself up from the sandy ground below as the wolf and lion battle. “ern ceru chirr, laureh kathir!” The huntsgoth shouts in broken elven as he releases the arrow towards the lion, the obsidian tip whistles through the air before making a soft thud as it sinks deep into the lion’s side, just below its front limb. The lion lets out a short and hoarse roar as the arrow makes impact; seeming to falter in its fight with the wolf. With a show of might and fury the wolf takes the lion by the neck, biting down hard on its windpipe while the punctured flesh where the arrow stuck in pours forth a deep red ichor. As the lion is brought down by the wolf, the huntsgoth pulls forth a short obsidian dagger and finishes off the desert beast. ((This is the first of a few rp posts that I will put out in the next week or two, as you can see they are themed around hunting, +1 and comment :))
  8. The Creature Index [2017]

    Umadu By Serge Kruskop Habitat: The Umadu call the savannah shrublands and the harsh desert their home. Size: 7-9 feet tall and 2800-3500 LBS Diet: Cactus, trees, yucca, and most other vegetation that grows in the arid climate which the Umadu calls home. Temperament: They have a group mentality, as when they are in a group of 5+ individuals they are more aggressive, but if caught alone they will be skittish and timid. Brief summary of the creature Characteristic: (Behaviour, Reproduction, Gathering food) The Umadu is quite intelligent as they need to be quick thinking to survive in the harsh environments in which they live (Around the same brainpower as an elephant). They live in family groups of 5-12 individuals; while together, they seem to be much more aggressive and more likely to stick for a fight. But if caught alone, they are timid and cautious. The mating habits of the Umadu is quite peculiar, as they do not mate with males from the same family group, rather, they mate with members of other families. As the savannah is home to many different species of wry trees, they are adapted to eating the leaves of these trees and they also do enjoy eating cacti as well. Origin: The Umadu are great herbivores of the savannah and desert. They have wandered the landscape long before any nations rose from the dust and are vital organisms needed to maintain the natural balance of the land they roam. Weaknesses: They can be killed like any other ordinary organism. LM Approval Required: No If playable, what are redlines? Have no extraordinary properties as they are just ordinary animals. They can be tamed, and possibly even domesticated.
  9. Nonexistant Lore Infringement

    I love you no matter what color you are.
  10. [Chi Manipulation] [MA] Jin Gaozu

    MC Name: Senor_Tortuga Character's Name: Jin-Gaozu Character's Age: 50 Character's Race: Hou-Zi What magic(s) will you be learning?: Way of the Crane Chi Manipulation Teacher's MC Name: BestLeeSinWorld Teacher's RP Name: Shen-Li Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: NOPE Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yesser Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: NOPE
  11. [Chi Manipulation] [MA] Jin Gaozu

    MC Name: Senor_Tortuga Character's Name: Jin-Gaozu Character's Age: 50 Character's Race: Hou-Zi What magic(s) will you be learning?: Way of the Crane Chi Manipulation Teacher's MC Name: BestLeeSinWorld Teacher's RP Name: Shen-Li Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: NOPE Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yesser Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: NOPE
  12. Admin Team application

    IGN(s): (List all of your accounts that are white-listed on LotC.) Senor_Tortuga Age: (14+ is a requirement.) 16 Timezone: (Example: GMT.) Time is a construct of civilization, I go by the position of the sun. Discord: (Your current Discord username, example: Test#1234.) Senor_Tortuga#5944 What map did you join during?: (Example: Axios) AXIOS Do you have access to a microphone?: (Yes / no.) heckie yes Average daily playing time?: (How much time on average do you spend on the server?) 25 hours Have you held any LotC staff position(s) before? If so, for how long?: (Discuss what position(s) you have held before. If the answer is none, put N/A.) uh prolly not Why do you want to be a dope ADMIN????: (Discuss briefly why you want to be an ADMIN.) I want to abuse pex and spawn in mina for personal use. Have you applied for this position before and been denied? If so, link the application: (Link any previously denied ADMIN APPS.) heckie naw Anything else you want to tell us?: (This is optional.) I have eaten dog meat before, tasted pretty good.
  13. Star's "Pay for my LC" Skin Shop

    Request Type(See Prices.) Outfit Skin Type(Alex/Steve?): Steve Character Name(Curious.): Tajo the BALD Character Race: 'Old' Elf Character Age: 44 Character Gender: Male Character Hair Color: BALD Character Skin Color: Tan Character Eye Color: Brown Character Hairstyle: BALD Character Description: A bald elf with a 4 pack, as not everyone can have a 6 pack. Character Outfit Description: Some hide draped over his shoulders sewn together with sinew. His chest is bare, but he is wearing some cloth pants padded with more hide. Color Pallet: IDK Reference Picture(You need one in order for me to even consider it.): Basically just new clothes on the skin I already use.
  14. The Light of the World

    Oh day of fire and sun,Pure as a naked flame,Blue sea, blue sky and dunSands where he spoke my name; Laughter and hearts so highThat the spirit flew off free,Lifting into the skyDiving into the sea; Oh day of fire and sunLike a crystal burning,Slow days go one by one,But you have no returning.