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  1.  Enjoy, you bald bastard.

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      Amordrin 🃏

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      edit; y'know i'm 50 seconds in and i already think this song is too long

  2. I went from thin to THICC, from eating scraps to ratatouille, from trash to CASH.
  3. When you hitting her from behind and she gives you this look 


  4. 1100 mina!" Shouts a bald elf
  5. I don't know what you GMs do. I don't know what made you want to be a minecraft game moderator. If you are looking for an xrayer, I can tell you I only use kill aura. But what I do have are a very particular set of hacks, hacks I have acquired over a very long career. Hacks that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you stop this mineman police force right now, that'll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don't, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you. ((Tis just a meme, i dont have HACKEROOS, but give me rep for this high quality post))
  6. OOC: Incest not allowed on my mineman rp
  7. please, please, please no option B!1111!!!!!!!
  8. IGN Name: b3dw4nsg0d_t0rT In Character Name: Tajo the Bald Race: Elf Age: 35 Nation: War Nation of Krugmar ( Festival will begin at 3:00 PM EST, August 5th)
  9. The Jin Family A painting of the great golden warrior of the Hou-Zi Jin. History Jin was the first son of the second son of Hou-Shen, Hou-Da. He had golden eyes like his grandfather and a slender build like his father. But what gave him his name was the brilliant golden pelt that he wore. Jin had a harsh childhood, having been born in the middle of a war. His father was always out fighting and his grandfather was their king. All around him were strong figures who cast shadows over him. In spite of the greatness that surrounded little Jin, he grew up to be quite the Hou-Zi. Jin had to learn to fight along with the rest of the young Hou-Zi, they were being groomed to fill the places of those who had died in battle. They were going to be the empire's next soldiers. Jin soon found out that his grandfather had died when his father and uncles came back from war. This crushed the little Hou-Zi’s hope as he saw him not only as a king, but as their immortal god. One who could not die. He felt that if Hou-Shen could not do it then it was pointless. Soon after their return Jin was forced to flee the jade city along with his father and the rest of the Hou-Zi. The young golden Hou-Zi stuck with his father during their exile along with many other Fei-Zhu. After the century of exile Jin had grown much. He was no longer the frightened little Hou-Zi but he now led a band of exiled Fei-Zhu along with his father and younger brothers. The lifestyle they had adapted to fit Jin better, he liked the wandering and scavenging, it was an escape. No more war, pain, and fighting with the elves. Soon his hatred for the knife ears vanished, and the memories of the fighting faded as well. But that changed when Hou-Shen came back. Now his grandfather was more brilliant than ever, in his new form he formed the Hou-Zi into an empire once more, burning the images of victory and conquest into their minds. They soon began to rebuild. Jin soon threw away his primal ways and embraced his grandfather like the rest, he helped rebuild the city of jade and his thirst for vengeance soon followed. Jin frowned at the new advances that his people had made, he found the armor tasteless, the weaponry cruel and unneeded. But despite his loathing towards the new technology he fought alongside his brethren. Killing elves and leading fleets of Hou-Zi. Soon the golden warrior made a name for himself and won a place among the empire's elite. Many saw that he was just given it because of his heritage but Jin decided to prove them wrong. He was not a young Hou-Zi anymore, he was wise and tactical. Though along with his new position came responsibility. And when his men were slaughtered by the wood elven seeds he took it personal. He watched as his forces were decimated, the elven marksmen picking them off like flies, and the druids commanding the woods to crush his men and bury them alive. He was forced to pull back his men and flee, with only a fraction of his men and a broken spirit Jin returned home in defeat. Though he soon returned, with a stronger resolve and better men. He fought back the seeds and killed their men. The fight seemed to never end, neither side could get the upper hand. Though, in an unexpected twist he was called back to the jungles of Asul, and with him he brought his forces. All of Hou-Zi united into a grand army once more, they soon set sail for the island of Malin, for a grand fight with the elves. Jin fought valiantly, cutting down many elves and defending his brethren. But he was wounded, a wood elven druid constricted him, grew vines about his body and broke him down. He was wounded and unable to fight for the rest of the battle. News of the defeat and his father’s death reached the wounded Jin. He felt ashamed that he could not fight, that he got thrown out of the battle so early on. Sent back home aboard a ship littered with the corpses of his brethren. Useless. Jin, the once great golden warrior recovered, but now he was old, and a cripple. He had one child left living, the rest had died in the previous wars. He decided to pass on his name as his son shared his golden pelt, and eyes. Thus the Jin family began. Out of death and destruction. But the old golden warrior had not died yet, he droned out his sorrows through meditation, training with the monks. They saw him as a watered out old man, one without hope in life. The monks showed him how to manipulate chi, and thus he lived out the rest if his days meditating and learning the ways of chi manipulation with the monks. Appearance Golden in fur and eyes, the Fei-Zhu of the Jin family were brilliant. Another trait shared by the children of Jin is their night black skin. Some believe that this is the living reminder of the original Jin’s sorrow. His pain and loss. Those of the Jin family who do not share these traits are branded with the name Da. Those of the Jin family are far from purists but they feel that one without the traits of Jin instead take after Jin’s father, Hou-Da. Thus they are branded with that name instead of the name Jin. Culture The Jin family is one of fighters, as their ancestor, Jin the golden warrior was one of the greatest generals and fighters in the empire they try to stick to that namesake. The family goes on regular hunts, not for sport but to sharpen one's senses in times of peace. Many descendants of Jin also take an interest in Chi manipulation, specifically the way of sun, or the way of crane. As these are the most combat centered forms of chi manipulation and the Jin family is a family of fighters. Family Lead: Jin-Gaio Elder(s): N/A Family members: N/A Da(s): N/A OOC Name: Race: Age: Backstory: To be part of this family you need to be a descendant of Jin, so keep that in mind when doing your backstory.
  10. Deal" The hou-zi would write back to the tired elf
  11. Drawing of the elven lady by Don'ki Jin, her captor. Pretty elven lady who can change eye color for sale! She would make a good slave, stubborn but willing to listen. Contact members of the Don'ki family for more info or come to Hou-Zi empire on foot to exchange woman for mina. [!] After the original statement would be a list of words written in charcoal -A sum of 800 mina in hard cold cash. -One set of enchanted iron armor -One sapling Those are the items that must be delivered to the Don'ki family for her release, if this is not met then she shall remain Hou-Zi property and work the rice fields.
  12. From the depths of Asul, screams and beating of chests could be heard. A descendant of the great Donkii-Kong would rise, clad in the traditional garbs of the Donkii family he would make his way towards the ruins of the once great city of jade, Jing-Taiyun. The golden-furred hou-zi would beat his chest in anger, kicking a nearby tree branch only to break his hand-esque pinky toe in a fit of rage. He would fall to the ground and whimper, consumed with pain and rage at the destruction of the city and death of his family by the hand of hooded elven mages. He could still remember the words of their leader before his father, Donkii-Long was stabbed through the back. “Heh, its nothing personal kid.” -=+=- The golden-furred hou-zi would rise from the ground, he would limp a few paces forward before he stopped and began to scream his resolve at the trees “Donkii-Sun will no hide in jungle! Donkii-Sun will fight elf scum, kill elf scum, bring glorious power to Hou-Zi race!” The descendant of Donkii-Kong would soon after crumple to the ground, exhausted from his long hike and the cursed city. “Donkii-Sun remember family, family that die to hands of hooded elf!” He would shed a tear for his lost little brother and his slaughtered family as he rose to his feet, heading off to find a ripe banana tree and eat his sorrows away with the intoxication fruit. ((Just a little backstory for my Hou-Zi Donkii-Sun. I hope to have fun rp with you guys in the future! Leave a +1 <3))
  13. ((you forgot the part about eating the rabbit RAW))
  14. #AttuneTajo GIVE ReP
  15. Life is a wave, one that does not discriminate as we are all one with everything that surrounds us, we are not spectators in the play of life but we are actors. We are not pebbles pulled by the current of life but we are the drops of water. Many western philosophies make it seem that the universe has an order, a supreme being that rules above (The trinity to Christians, Jewish YAHWEH, ect) Then we are told that we are stewards, this puts us in a position where we look down on nature and strove to control it, we build spiraling masses of concrete and iron upon beautiful valleys and carve down mountains. We are taught that nature is 'unpure' and we need to control it. That our natural desires are against out well being even though they are what keep us going. We need to see that we are not 'stewards' of nature but we are part of the great wave. We need to see that maybe tearing down and building what we DESIRE is not the best way. We are all one with nature, actors in its play and we are even made up of the same stuff as the blades of grass that we mow and trample upon. "A good architect builds utop the hill, molds the building like a work of art to fit the hill, a bad architect bulldozes the hill and builds on its ruins"