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  1. Adamc2000 Ama

    Is homosexuality a sin to your religion????
  2. The Trash Gobo's Departure (And Free Trash!)

    Tajo the Bald cries tears of joy as he awaits the prophetic ruler of all Descendants, Lil'Trashy.
  3. That of Tusk and Claw

    Niiruk'Lur sits in his den surrounded by beasts of all shapes and sizes as he polishes his boomerang in anticipation of the raids to come.
  4. The GMs who handled @Space ban report should be removed from the team instantly, the obvious biased and blatant lack of professionalism makes me gag. SAD!!!

    1. Jaeden


      yeah **** that guy bad gm tbh

    2. DPM



    3. Space


      tortuga you've literally told me you think bullying is good for people what

  5. The Tailor

    Minecraft username: Senor_Tortuga Character race (N/A if not applicable to the skin): TRUE Elf Type of skin you're after (Armour/Clothing/Other): clothing/ bald head LINK to possible artwork to base skin off of: pretty much this but use the skin I have atm as a base and work off that skin color ect Intended use for skin (Personal/ Guild/ Event/ Other): Tajo the DUCKIN Bald Offered price: 3000 mina and this
  6. [Elementalist] [MA] Yollyy

    Yes I will be teaching this student.

    FOR FREYGOTH Three figures stand around the illuminating fire, sharing a pipe as the intoxicating effects of THUNDERKRUG take hold of them. Smoke and let sleep take hold of you. Said the shaman in blah, dozing off soon after. Following the words of the shaman, the two other figures in the room each took a drag from the pipe, bringing them into a deep sleep. Though, they were not met with the usual restful dreams, but they were taken to the Immortal Realm. Falling was the first sensation that came, the duo fell for what seemed like an eternity plummeting down through what seemed to be adark tunnel. Their screams seemed to be echo-less, though as they continued to fall a bright light could be see glimmering from down below. Suddenly, before the duo reached the light they awoke, in a field of light green grass surrounded by towering trees which seemed to stretch as far as the clouds. The realm of Freygoth. The first one to get up was the BALD elf, groggily rising to his feet as his uruk companion, Mug cheerfully squealed with joy at the sight of far off piggies. A ways off from the restless Descendants was a deep pool, fed by a tumbling and foaming waterfall. The duo made their way towards the water’s bank to wash their faces and such when the ground started to rumble, spooking the birds of the air and beasts of the land which flocked to the grove in abundance. What erupted from the crystal clear pool was a grand dolphin, soaring through the air as its skin shined a light that rivaled the BALD elf’s own head's shine. The orc and elf stood there with jaws DROPPED, watching the creature soar through the air and back into the water from where it came. Why have you entered my domain mortals? Booms the voice from deep within the water, seemingly coming from the glorious and godlike dolphin. In return the bald man speaks while his bald head gleams a glorious and luminous light and his uruk friend daydreams of the intoxicating THUNDERKRUG. I have come to speak with you of the current state of your domain! The elven man says with vigor, awaiting a response from the spirit. Then speak of it. She responds plainly. The BALD Huntsgoth rubs his hands together as he speaks. Unnatural forces encroach on your land, the void, Iblees’ spawn, and other beings, as descendants twisted by aenguldaemons or not greedily tear at your domain. It is clear to those we choose to look that the islands are plagued with the unnatural, and to make matters worse a clan called LAK seeks to replace you with a glorified toad! The bald man says to no one in particular, as the spirit is in no tangible form at the moment. Suddenly the realm rumbles and the trees claw for the sky, cutting out the sun and causing a wary darkness to fall down upon the duo. Soon black wolf with piercing red eyes strides from the forest, staring intently towards the duo as a booming voice comes from its figure. You think I do not know of these Inconveniences! And what can a petty mortal like you do to help me! While you sit hear blabbering they have stolen another one of my minions! The voice roars as the wolf grows larger and the nearby trees begin to sway violently. You are powerless! As the voice spoke the largest of the nearby trees came crashing down towards the duo, aiming to crush them under its weight. Though somehow the duo manages to evade the tree, be it the spirits intervention or pure luck, the BALD man ends up diving into the pool as Mug flails back, narrowly escaping death by TREE. A bargain can be made. The bald man gurgles as he rises to the surface. A bargain? Inquires the spirit as a lesser pack of wolves emerges from the woods surrounding the small grove. While the wolves encroach on the two, the elf rises from the banks of the pool and pleads with the spirit. Yes, a bargain. One to bring glory and power to your domain. Kill the mages! Kill the blasphemers! and return power to your domain! And as for the Laks, they need to be taken care of. And what will you do with those Laks? The spirit inquires slightly amused while the lesser wolves stay at bay and the BALD man speaks. Take back those spirits who have listened to the blasphemy of the Lak clan and forsaken your domain. The spirits will praise your name as the Lak clan crumbles! That is my side of the bargain, what will be yours? The BALD man says with confidence as the wolf’s frame twists into the form of a snake, moving at near untraceable speeds to constrict the man. What issssss it you desssire? Questions the snake as it slowly constricts its body around the elf. I seek to be your avatar among man, to spread your domain and offer up praise! The BALD elf says weakly as the constricting POWER of the snake holds him in place. Hmmm, a boon to tame wild animalsss. Though to maintain the boon you must keep your pact, offering up many sssacrificesss. States the snake as it uncoils, releasing the Bald elf before moving to touch his forehead with the tip of its tail. To sssseal the pact, you sssshall be called Niiruk, a sign of your new devotion. The snake hisses approvingly as the tip of its tail glows a bright green light, sending the BALD elf and Mug back to the mortal world. PRAISE FREYGOTH
  8. 1 yr + some ama

    Can you turn me from a sOLiD 6/10 PVPR to a SolId 8/10?
  9. Hûn’Zna

    Moans as he watches Eath and Falum do Krug-Fu spars. He continues to rub, and rub his BALD HEAD as he shines it intensely. @Man of Respect @Humanistic
  10. [Denied] Chorale_'s AT Application 6.0

    +1 heck yeah, this dude needs to be on AT. What he said about the server being composed of old players is true, we really have a bad rep of getting new players to stay.
  11. [Actor]Lumiin

    +1 good rper and a nice guy
  12. [Denied]a historical analysis of gender in ancient china

    +1, I clicked on this post because I genuinely though this was about gender politics/history
  13. Senor_Tortuga's Lore Team Application

    does not mean I have not read the lore, but I see where you are coming from as I have no actual rp experience with the magic
  14. Senor_Tortuga's Lore Team Application

    No man i like you and jolly oocly, i do not even care about the stuff that happened in the past, but i was just saying that those r the peeps u thought about in the reply. Like I was salty af with jolly back then, and i was for the 7 months after that, nut i put a band-aid over it. Yeah and tbh i was not salty at all with u cuz i never rpd with you b4 or after that.
  15. Senor_Tortuga's Lore Team Application

    AKA you and jollyb