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  1. it’s all about that clout **** man like FAKE FRIENDS ALL THE TIME man like a room full of fake people is just like nothing dude, real ass

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      stop talking to yourself

  2. What kind of ban are you appealing? Admin Minecraft Usernames SpaceOfAids Ban Reason Harassment, appeal in six months. Players Involved Space By your own understanding, why are you banned? I know appeal was supposed to be 9th but I didn't realize (thought it was 2nd) until I was like done this and there's not an easy way to copy paste this ban appeal since it's a form and not just a post. So hopefully just don't respond (or get an fm to hide it or something?) until 9th and then reveal it? Or I guess you'll put 'denied' and let me re-post after the 9th? **** sucks yo. ALSO, don't know if I should tag anyone so I just tagged myself. I repeatedly made insulting and harassing posts towards another player on LotC, even after being told to stop. Why should you be pardoned? I still feel the 'Joe Arpaio was pardoned and he ran concentration camps' is a good enough defense, but alas. Nvm I realize that implies he deserved a pardon which is wrong my bad, I apologize. I was banned like a bit under a year ago, for 6 month and then an appeal. At the time I guess I was pretty fed up with certain things on LotC, including the seeming lack of ability for it to deal with the creeps of the server. I guess I tried to do other things to help change something I really do value (the server, not creeps), but nothing really worked and eventually I just tried to roast and insult those who I knew weren't good. Even after being told to stop and all that ****. While I still feel a distinct crawling on my spine when I see the names of certain people still active, I don't think I'm going to being very harass-eyagain. I just wanna say hi to the people in OOC who'll groan at seeing my first message (WORKER OF THE WORLD UNITE or maybe a dril tweet?), maybe RP a bit-- Even if my interest in RP is pretty lowish and I don't have much of a place on LotC anymore-- here and there. But I don't really have any interest or ability in making LotC less awful, so whatever, I'll just enjoy the ride and try my best to avoid that dumb stuff. Got more things to worry about. tl;dr Been a longish time, I don't have much interest in this ****, and won't do it again. What will you do to prevent similar circumstances that led to your ban? Think it's pretty simple to figure out how not to do similar things-- Server doesn't really deserve my caring, the ghouls whom take advantage of my toil do. So, don't repeatedly post things that you shouldn't, especially not doing it after you are told to stop. It's not too difficult and I don't think I should have a problem (especially since I had a pretty long time of relative quiet on the ban front for a few years there!). Avoiding being a bit to heavily invested in LotC would also be good, even if it is something that I've loved since I was like 14. And I've got more things in life to worry about than Minecraft, so that should be pretty easily. Adult life sucks yo. Discuss why you believe that following the Community Guidelines is important to promote a healthy community. Ever heard the expression 'smelling your own farts?' The Bolshevik's had an expression which roughly translates to 'Abolish private property, kill landlords, take back your wealth from the rich, and venerate Uncle Joe.' I believe this quote perfectly encapsulates the sentiment expressed in the Community Guidelines. I will show this using the standard introductory, supporting, conclusion essay structure. No pasaran! The community guidelines prescribe you to be encouraging and open, much like a society without private property would be encouraging and open. Due to the fact that we all are just cogs in the brutal capitalist machines, and the myth of individual greatness is designed to encourage destroying yourself in the pursuit of that goal, we should all be able to take a step back and realize that together we are strong, divided we are not. Thus, taking a minute and helping those around you, or posting a positive message on someone's really cliche lore, is a good thing that we should encourage. Also, shoplift. Along with this, the community guidelines tell you to be independent and proactive. You don't NEED an event for roleplay, you just need to engage with your fellow Crafter! In the same vein, you don't need a landlord. In fact, killing your landlord is a perfect way to be proactive by becoming independent. Not one to promote violence against people who would kick you out of your home in an instant if it was legal (and even when it isn't), I of course don't mean to /actually/ slaughter the pigs like the swine they are, but rather to seek alternative arrangements. Housing co-operatives, squating, and communal living are all great ways to 'kill your landlord. And just like in real life, if the idea doesn't work you can always go on and leave it and pursue something else. You don't want the feds knocking on your door, and you don't want the mods sending you a discord friend request. Be able to create your own fun! Now, taking back your wealth from the rich might seem like a goal impossible to implement on Lord of the Craft, an incredibly hierarchical place. But no, ye of little faith, that is not true! The wealthy act as if taking your surplus value is fair, but that isn't the case! That is a lie, to try to convince you you don't deserve all you work for. And deceit is also a plague on Lord of the Craft! You must make sure to separate your lack of truthfulness in roleplay with a lack of truthfulness out of character. You won't get anywhere lying about things, especially ban appeals, so don't! (Yeah this one was a bit of a stretch but I tried). Finally, veneration of Uncle Joe is very simple. You've got brutal authoritarianism in the form of the General Secretary of the Soviet Union, an... Uh... There is absolutely zero parallel to Lord of the Craft, o-of course. So, uh... Try to maintain a separation between your character and you? Make sure to invest only a health amount of effort into roleplay? In conclusion, private property = being open and encouraging, 'killing' your landlord = being independent and proactive, and taking back your wealth = clearing away deceit. I hope I put enough effort in, I don’t have a lot more to say about it but I guess if not I’ll see ya’ll in another year or whatever.