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  1. ****ing on boats.
  2. Sure lets do it (i was at work sorry im late lark)
  3. Minecraft name/s: Fitermon / TheMagicPlugin Age: 18 Timezone: -5 GMT / EST Discord: Fitermon#5365 What is your availability: Any time after 3 or 4 PM EST during the school year, and during the summer it varies. There’s a block of time I’m not available in July or early August until 6 PM or so due to work. Tell us an issue you currently experience on the server:It’s not a large issue admittedly, rather a minute one, but an issue nonetheless. There have been a number of times where a GM is called in to investigate a player powergaming, and they needed to call an LM over to prove if something was powergamed or not, such as a magic, or the use of an ancient artifact, and sometimes these things should be handled more expediently than they are able to. Of course there are chats that have GMs and LMs, and there are ways to contact the other teams for assistance, but the problem remains that there is definitely room for improvement in these cases. Although it is a rather niche issue, I’d seek to address that if I became a GM, including not only direct inclusion in such situations, but also in furthering and improving the interactions and dynamics between various staff teams to help make the server run more like a well oiled machine at times. How do you feel individual GMs should present themselves personally and collectively as a team?:GMs should present themselves in most cases as professionals that represent the pinnacle of what the server has to offer in terms of demeanor, behavior, and attitude. For example, a GM should not wantonly disregard the rules and basic conduct that players are expected to follow, but rather go beyond that and act as paragons of the sort, being players that the others can look to and think “They’re a good member of the community, are cool-headed, and definitely hold a level of professionalism.” I do say in most cases, however, because at the same time I do believe that in private, or in non-personal and non-LotC related settings they should be free to do as they please, such as making fun of eachother in a teamspeak channel, acting foolishly on a server for another game, et cetera. However, at no time should any of this ever contradict the Lord of the Craft mission statement, rules, or guidelines for Game Moderators. What are your finest and worst traits?:My worst traits are definitely that I can at times be tootalkative, inadvertently speaking over others or rambling on the same point, that I can go off on tangents when given one topic to discuss, and that I can be un-serious at moments without catching myself and recognizing such situations. As for being talkative, this issue moreso applies to cases where verbal discussion is present, such as team meetings and discussions, which at worst would merely require a simple reminder to quiet down and listen. Tangential discussions occurring is linked to the first weakness, which at times can be beneficial, is also at times harmful and can detract from an overall main point, which I intend to work on. Finally, as for not being serious at proper moments, this issue is significantly if not effectively reduced to the point where it holds no damaging effects on myself or others, as I’ve worked on in the past year improving myself to the point where I’ll recognize what situations require what mindsets and attitudes to go into, including my perception of how the individual and aggregate GM team should work, making it rather unideal to linger and persist with such a flaw. As for my finest traits, I can do an ungodly amount of work as long as given idle distraction or purpose to do so, such as writing out a fifteen page document as long as I have somebody to talk to, some music to listen to, or some greater incentive to achieve such, all of which are easily achievable given that the penultimate goal of being a GM would be to achieve such greater incentives with my work. Additionally, communication and organization is a strong suit of mine. For instance, without disclosing too much of the project, on the Magic Team I helped Aelesh organize over seventy different roles to team members based off of knowledge in certain subject manners and equal workload to the best of my ability, and constantly have people peppering me with questions or issues which I freely discuss with them, either verbally or textually. So this trait is moreso channeling a bad trait into something positive. Why are you the best candidate for the Game Team?: I’ve been on the Magic Team for over a year, as well as the Lore Team for a few months now. In addition, I’ve been on the server for years, and within the past year have been fairly well acquainted with many people who held the role of GM in the past. While this may not give flat out proof that I am the best candidate, I believe my previous staff roles, as well as previous achievements on the server, be it lore related or not, allow for me to be able to fulfil the role effectively. Furthermore, I believe I’d be able to cooperate and work with those on the team, as well as being able to carry over any previous knowledge of being on a staff team or working with GMs to more effectively fulfil the role. Finally, if it is not the case, the trial period can easily filter me, or anybody else not meeting standards, out of the team.
  4. Only ****er to let his whole team die in Bedwars but still clutch a win. +.5
  5. The various magical guides and lore pieces that need it are going through updates/rewrites as we speak.
  6. Accepted.
  7. Accepted.
  8. Accepted.
  9. Accepted.
  10. Neat little fact here, the "Parrot Update" post has these viewers... While this has these viewers... Food for thought.
  11. <#