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  1. Runesmithing 2: Electric Boogaloo

    Sweet jimmy on crackers Josh.
  2. Automatons, Animii

    Bruh this isn't magic based like nah
  3. Hey I'll have you know my wife is a ******* log.
  4. AMA

    why the hell do u want me to change my discord profile picture
  5. [CA] Daeva

    can confirm. Am spoop boi
  6. Pending. PM me on Discord at Fitermon#5365 for your interview.
  7. Pending. PM me on Discord at Fitermon#5365
  8. [MA][Iconoclasm]countessem

    Not an MArt, forums are fudgy on phones. App pending until TA made and accepted.
  9. Ventus is literally spook AF. He'd be ok I guess.
  10. PM me on Discord at Fitermon#5365 for your TA interview.
  11. [Earth Evocation] [ST] Lurcano'Gorkil

    Dingleberry supreme souffle.
  12. Packing Bags

    Rilath rubs a hand against his chin. "... ***** supposed to collect my taxes."