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  1. Accepted.
  2. Pending... 1. Clarify what and where the runes are located. 2. Clarify what occurs when a golem is damaged. 3. Put a teency bit more effort into the structure of the app, it seems a bit too bullet-pointy.
  3. Denied. Alongside a lack of time with the magic, reconnecting and disconnecting that many times would produce most likely catastrophic results on the individual in question. Further discussion with the MT can be done if so pleased.
  4. Accepted.
  5. Pending... 1. Mention Poison and its significance. 2. Mention the wars with Elves more.
  6. Accepted.
  7. Accepted.
  8. "James Montoya didn't do nothing!" shouts a violent protestor.
  9. Fixed.
  10. Magic applications were re-implemented to the server in order to further organize who possesses what magics, ensure that powergaming of magics can be dealt with more swiftly and easily in terms of who is powergaming what, and who is responsible be it the student, teacher, or both, and to ensure players hold a firm grasp of magical lore before being able to roleplay or spread knowledge of such to assist in preventing future cases of powergaming and metagaming magics. A further response can be granted by the LT/MT team managers if requested. You would take the creature application template, and fill in your information, such as the character's name, age, race, et cetera. You then briefly explain the lore behind the creature and how to roleplay them out, in this case being sprites. If one cannot find a teacher for a magics, then one of two things will occur. If it is a locked magic, such as shade magic, transfiguration, or Ascended magic, it cannot be done, and they must simply go about finding a teacher. If the magic is self-teachable, the prospecting mage is able to tutor and instruct themselves in the magic and progress assuming they've provided themselves with ample information in roleplay, be it from former mages, tomes and books on the topic, or witnessing another mage's lessons. A list of magics that can be self-taught can be found here.
  11. Link the application.
  12. I'm not saying it's motivated by "lol you salty breh." I just think it's redundant to have something called the Tome of Power if the aforementioned "Power" isn't from the "Tome" it's explicitly stated to be from. As for letting people other than Zarsies review it, I believe that should be easily implementable, but I do not think it's reasonable to shift the ability to learn from the Tome away from the Tome itself, instantaneous or time-taking. In regards to saying this because "I have the book," I do not, and am actually trying to steal it from Jax's character in roleplay. Perhaps actually enforce the tome's requirement to be used or it'll be taken from its holder to prevent hoarding as opposed to making the tome from THE Tome of Power into the Tome of Suggestion For Quicker Power. As for the emotes needed, I'm moreso concerned of potential use in combatitive/other similar situations where one can potentially abuse the quick speed of making a portal to simply escape and avoid roleplay without having had prior preparation and time. Jax's statement I disagree with, but I will also just as steadily argue against Tox's statement the only reason I wrote this is because of my bias towards the tome, given I am restricted any access to it in roleplay as well, and am similarly trying to steal it to distribute to a different group of players. No harmful intent was meant to be given off by a very concise, statement-based opinion on what the Tome of Power should do, and if you still believe this to be "salty" then let me know what can be improved upon, @ski_king3 & Aehab