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    Solid 1/10
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  6. Ban Report On Overlord2305

    I can attest to them doing abrasive argumentation in OOC when they cause their own issues in RP and don't wish to deal with them, including the reason they had a week ban in the past for a similar situation, as well as strangely sexualized RP such as trying to sleep with Inquisitioners' character in the past despite his protests, resulting in her character breaking my character's daughter's arm when we prevented her character from chasing after Inquisitioners' character.
  7. Erythian Stars Original Lore: Introduction Erythian Stars were an old piece of lore written well back in 2013 that have some fairly interesting concepts, even if taken from palantir from Lord of the Rings, but these things are never seen on the server nowadays. To keep it short, this is supposed to re-introduce these mystical objects in some form that allows for them to be more accessible to the overall player base while not becoming an overused or overpowered tool on the server. Erythian Stars are simply mystically empowered glass orbs centered by a rare gem that display either sight, sound, or emotion present on the opposite end of two connected Stars, for either mundane purposes such as checking in with a friend that lives far away or for more extreme purposes such as overwatching the border of a known area harboring great evil. An Active Erythian Star Forging A Star Foring a star is relatively simple, but the cost of creating one is great. All that is needed is a glass orb around the size of a head, a valuable gem such as an emerald or diamond within its center, and a willing participant. The participant must sacrifice either their sight, hearing, or capacity to feel emotion on any powerful level and bind the sacrificed sense as well as a small fragment of their soul to the object, permanently binding the emotion or sense to the newly forged orb. While this requires a fair bit of study into the soul and its workings, the damage done is minimal and does not create any form of phylactery of the sort as the soul’s severed part turns into energy to power the orb. As a result only one Star can be made per person, and anyone that is used in the orb’s creation will be mildly affected by holy magics that cause damage to beings with damaged or irregular souls. Finally, the orb does not gain any durability, so it’d be as easy as shattering glass to destroy it, making these useful orbs quite costly. Stars Of Andun The Stars of Andun, or Stars of Emotion, do as the name implies and links the emotions of those on either end of the two-way system. If anyone were to grab onto one star, they’d feel either nothing - as in most cases - or either the emotions of the person holding onto the other star, entirely replacing their own for the duration. Similar to the other Stars, a link must be formed by having the creators of each star come together and willingly unify the two artifacts, the link being unbreakable and irreplaceable when formed. Guidelines Only emotion passes through each Star. Touch is required on both ends for this Star. The respective creators of each Star must bring both gems together and willingly merge them, binding them in a similar way to creating the Erythian Stars. Even if one Star is destroyed, the other can never be re-linked, making the process one to be considered if this route is to be taken with the Star. Stars of Cearm Finally, the Stars of Cearm, or Stars of Sound, transfer sound between two orbs in a radius around it instead of vision or emotion. Touching these stars have no special effect unless both are touched at once, in which case the user will not hear anything they’d normally hear, but rather whatever the person on the opposing Star heard, and vice versa. As with the other Stars, a link is required between two Stars. Guidelines Only sound passes through each Star. The respective creators of each Star must bring both gems together and willingly merge them, binding them in a similar way to creating the Erythian Stars. Even if one Star is destroyed, the other can never be re-linked, making the process one to be considered if this route is to be taken with the Star. Stars Of Ansíen The Stars of Ansíen are ones designed with the intent of viewing an area, the area being either another Erythian Star or a Tower of Sántorr. Two linked Erythian Stars would act as if the two users of the mystical orbs were in the same room as one another, their vision being projected on either end. The two Stars must be linked with each creator’s willing consent and both stars present in the same area, effectively melding the two gems into one half of the same whole. The benefit of this is that the opposite gem can view the area where they’re located by simply looking at the other star, while the downside is that no sound or other senses pass through the star, making it only useful for visual use. Guidelines Only sight passes through each Star. The respective creators of each Star must bring both gems together and willingly merge them, binding them in a similar way to creating the Erythian Stars. Even if one Star is destroyed, the other can never be re-linked, making the process one to be considered if this route is to be taken with the Star. The other scenario in which a Erythian Star would be classified as a Star of Ansíen would be linking a star to a Tower of Sántorr, or a “Viewing Tower” in common terms. This requires the Starforger to bring the Star to a functioning Tower of Sántorr’s peak where the Star can be linked to the tower. After doing so, the Star will display a similar all-around view of the area around the tower. Guidelines Any number of Ansíen Stars can link to a Tower of Sántorr, unlike linking two Stars together. The Tower of Sántorr must be in functional condition, meaning an abandoned one or decrepit one will not be able to link to a star. Given the restrictions of mechanics, these are meant to be used for ET and events only if needed. Artist's depiction of a Tower of Sántorr Tower of Sántorr Finally, a Tower of Sántorr is a megastructure that appears in the world as an anomaly, the creation and requirements of what is and isn’t being unknown to both the first Starforgers as well as the common world as well. Instead, these towers seem to form out of anything, including the tallest tree in a forest, a guard tower in a city, or even the highest hill in the countryside. As a result finding one is near impossible without some form of supernatural aid, and creating one is an even more impossible task. However it’d seem in times of dire need that these towers in one way or another reveal themselves. Guidelines These can not be created by anyone, and rather come and exit existence as one arbitrarily, or at least with no discernable pattern. These are meant to be used as a more unique way for ET to gather players for events, where a few Stars of Sight can be used with a tower. This would prevent an ET having to have a character track down every last involved member or simply send a metagaming message to the player. Due to the sporadic nature of the towers, it’d seem they’re only active when required of them, meaning one formed for an event cannot be used outside of the event’s duration to metagame an area’s state.
  8. Grand Opening - The Library Of Dragur

    A spoopy boy puts down a post-it note with his information. ((Fitermon | Fitermon#5365))
  9. Lore Submission: Lugandans

    Lugandan Nookels This would be a creature from the far away islands of Sahnicland, a peninsula with varying strange technologies such as animal-golem hybrids and varying climates such as a grassy zone, an icy zone, et cetera. These creatures are incredibly intelligent, herd-like animals that are known for a powerful, paralyzing saliva they spit with great force, adorable looks, and the ability to spread a potent, uncurable disease that causes those to contract it to both suffer and also have a moment of enlightenment, what the Nookel tribe calls “knowing the way.” The males have a fiery red coat of hair, and the females have an oceanic blue coat of quills on their backs, although the herd overall can both breed with any female race. They usually focus on one woman for this task, the one they call a “queen” that they defend. If a false “queen” approaches, then the Lugandans will spit at them viciously. These creatures also tend to attract others of their species, making them a formidable foe. Redlines Spit can only be done with an accompanying “Ptoo” noise, else the spit does not fire. There can only ever be one queen per Lugandan Nookels tribe. You must have the disease to know the way. They’re inspired to conquer foreign lands. A CA is required to RP these creatures as they’re incredibly powerful and can easily be abused without good RPers.
  10. Ugandan Knuckles Art Store

    Ugandan Knuckles Color: bleck Queen of Choice: da queen do u know da wae: i hab ebola, i kno da wei
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  12. New Character Ideas

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  13. Beardmancy

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